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214. BRYANT (WM. C.) A Discourse on the Life,
Character and Genius of Washington Irving. FIRST EDN.
Post 8vo, cloth (few pp. loose).
N. Y. 1860

✓ 215. A Popular History of the United States, from the First Discovery of the Western Hemisphere by the Northmen to the End of the First Century of the Union of the States. By W. C. Bryant and S. H. Gay. FIRST EDN. Fully illust. 4 vols. thick royal 8vo, half green morocco, gilt. Fine set.

N. Y. 1876-81

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✓ 216. BURNET (WILLIAM-Colonial Governor of New York and New Jersey). D. S. 1 p. 4to. [ca. 1725]

217. BURROUGHS (JOHN). A Year in the Fields. Illust. Post 8vo, cloth. Bost. 1896

218. BURROUGHS (STEPHEN - Adventurer).
oirs [by himself], with Notes and Appendix.
2 vols. 12mo, sheep (stained).

219. CAREY (MATTHEW). Essays on Political Econ

omy; or, The Most Certain Means of Promoting the Wealth, Power, Resources and Happiness of Nations applied particularly to the United States. 8vo, original sheep. Phil. Carey & Lea, 1822

MemFIRST EDN. Albany, 1811


Contains Addresses of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of National Industry," "The New Olive Branch; or, an Attempt to Establish an Identity of Interest between Agriculture, Manufactures and Commerce," "Address to the Farmers of the United States," etc. The front fly-leaf contains an interesting contemporary portrait of Andrew Jackson, in pencil.

220. CATALOGUE of the Very Choice Library of Wm. F. Fowle of Boston. Priced in ink. 8vo, boards. Bost. 1864


of the Library of Frederick W. French. Priced in ink. 8vo, paper (covers soiled). Bost. 1901

222. CHARLESTOWN (MASS.). History of the First Church, Charlestown. With Notes. By Wm. I. Budington. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. Bost. 1845

223. CHILD'S SCHOOL BOOK. The Historical Reader, designed for the use of Schools and Families, on a new plan. By Rev. J. L. Blake. Numerous full-page engravings on wood. 12mo, original sheep, label.

Concord, N. H.: Horatio Hill & Co. [1825] Scarce. Contains curious and interesting woodcuts of the United States Capitol," First Landing of Columbus," "Landing of the Pilgrims,' Destruction of Tea at Boston," etc.

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224. CIVIL WAR. Mai-Jour General George Barnum McClellan, Militant-Homeopath to the Army of the Confederates, attacked, after his own mode, through Parallels. 12mo, pictorial paper covers, uncut. Lond. 1864

A bitter satirical attack in verse on General McClellan, with several pages of notes, in prose, at the end. VERY SCARCE.


Did General Meade Desire to Retreat at the Battle of Gettysburg? By George Meade, formerly Captain and Aide-de-Camp and Brevet Lieut.-Col. U. S. Army. 8vo, original paper covers. Porter & Coates, 1883 Scarce original edition of this important Battle of Gettysburg item. Presentation copy, inscribed "Compliments of Geo. Meade."


ง 226.
Dedication of the Monument of the Sixth
Penna. Cavalry ("Lancers ") on the Battlefield of Gettys-
burg, Oct. 14, 1888. Phototype of the monument. 8vo,
paper covers.
Phil. Privately printed, 1888

Scarce. Contains historical address to the Monumental Association, by Col. Frederick C. Newhall, valuable list of "Officers and Enlisted Men of the Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry who Died during the War, 1861-65," etc. Presentation copy, with Compliments of Geo. Meade," who took part in the dedica


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✔ 227. CIVIL WAR BROADSIDE. "The Highway of
American Civilization. A Discourse, preached at Music
Hall, Boston, July 14, 1861." By Rev. A. D. Mayo, of
Albany, N. Y. Large folio. No place or date [Bost. 1861?]

Notable Civil War sermon, delivered at the outbreak of the Rebellion. Scarce.

229. CLAY (HENRY). The Life and Public Services of Clay. By Epes Sargent. Portrait. Portrait. Enlarged edn. Svo, unbound.

N. Y. 1844



230. CLEMENS (SAMUEL L.) The Innocents Abroad;✔ or, The New Pilgrim's Progress. By Mark Twain. 234 illusts., many comic. Large 8vo, original cloth. FIRST EDITION. Fine, clean copy. Hartford, 1869

228. "What the Copperheads and their Southern Friends Say." Large folio. N. Y., n. d.

"Union Broadside, No. 2," issued by the Loyal Publication Society. Contains "Copperhead Catechism; or, Financiering Made Easy,' What the Southern Rebels Say of Northern Sympathizers," etc. Fine copy. Scarce.

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231. Mark Twain. His Life and Work. A Biographical Sketch. By Will. M. Clemens. 12mo, cloth. San Francisco, 1892 Following the Equator: a Journey Around the World. By Mark Twain. Front. portrait of the author and fm 192 other illusts., many full-page size. 8vo, three-quarters


Hartford and N. Y. 1897

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morocco, gilt top.


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233. COLONIAL WARS. Society of. Register of Officers and Members, 1897-98. Illusts. 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y.1898 WITH INDEX OF ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS, pp. 411-586. 234. COLORED AMERICANS. Narratives of Colored ✔ Americans. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1883

Contains several historical sketches, including an account of Phillis Wheatley, the African poet.

235. COLORED VIEWS. Nantes, Rheims, Turin, Tours, ✔ Poitiers, Cambray, and others similar. ALL COLORED. Oblong 4to. (25 pieces.) [circa 1779]

Interesting collection.

236. A similar collection, including Milan, Cadiz, Naples, Vincennes, Lyons, Versailles (several), and others. (25 pieces.) 1 237. A similar collection, Havre, Versailles, Notre Dame de Paris, Venice (several), and others. (22 pieces.)

238. COLUMBIAN PLUTARCH (THE); or, An Exemplification of several Distinguished American Characters (Washington, Penn, Franklin, etc.). Crown 8vo, sheep. Scarce. Phil. 1819

239. CONCORD (N. H.) Two Sermons-in Commemoration of the Organizing of the First Church in Concord and the Settlement of the First Minister. By Nath. Bouton. Svo, unbound, pp. 102. Concord, 1831

$ 240.
A History of the Fight at Concord, April 19th,
1775. By Ezra Ripley. 8vo, unbound, pp. 40 (spotted).
Concord, 1832
A Statistical Account of the Co.

By David D. Field. 8vo, unbound (some

Middletown, Conn., 1819


of Middlesex.
pp. soiled).


Statute Laws of the State, revised and enacted by the General Assembly, May, 1821. 8vo, sheep (somewhat spotted and one leaf slightly torn). Hartford, 1821 Hinman's (R. R.) Catalogue of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut (Nov. 5 only, pp. 685-801). Portraits. Royal 8vo, paper, uncut.


Hartford, 1856

244. Historical Notes on the Constitutions of Connecticut, 1639-1818, by J. H. Trumbull; Constitutions of Conn. as it now exists, with all amendments, etc.; The Three Constitutions of Conn., 1638-9, '62 and 1818, with Notes; Journal of the Constitutional Convention, 1818. vols. 8vo and royal 8vo, paper. Hartford, 1901 Life in Colonial ConnectiPortrait and views. Post New Haven, 1902


Sketches of Church cut. Edited by Lucy C. Jarvis. 8vo, cloth.

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246. CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. A Sermon Preached before the Honorable House of Representatives on the Day intended for the Choice of Counsellors, agreeable to the advice of the Continental Congress. By William Watertown (Ct.), 1775

Gordon. Post 8vo, unbound.

247. COSTUMES. Two Centuries of Costume in America, 1720-1820. By Alice M. Earle. Numerous full-page and smaller illusts. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt.

N. Y.: Macmillan [1003] 248. CRIME AND CRIMINALS. The Illustrated Police News: Law-Courts and Weekly Record. Sept. 23, 1865, to Dec. 29, 1866. Numerous large engravings on wood. Bound in one vol., large folio, three-quarters brown levant morocco, back neatly lettered in gold. Lond. 1865-66

Containing illustrated accounts of the most notorious crimes, sensations and scandals of the time-murders, abductions, suicides, divorces, lynchings, etc. Among the most sensational subjects treated in this volume are 'The Cavendish Divorce Case," "The Tichborne Case," The Escape of Stephens, the Fenian,' The Fenians' Attack on Capt. White," etc.



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249. The Illustrated Police News. Jan. 5, 1867, to Apr. 11, 1868. Numerous full-page woodcuts. In one vol., large folio, three-quarters brown levant morocco, back neatly lettered in gold. Lond. 1867-68 Contains "The Fenian Rising at Tallaght," "Remarkable Escape of a Woman from the Comanche Indians," "The Fenian Outbreak at Manchester," "Trial and Execution of the Three Fenians at Manchester," etc., all illustrated with sensational full-page engravings on wood, and including portraits of the three Fenians. The Manchester affair is the celebrated case which inspired Swinburne's famous poem, "An Appeal to England against the Execution of the Condemned Fenians."


The Illustrated Police News. Apr. 18, 1868, to July 10, 1869. Many full-page engravings on wood. In one vol., large folio, three-quarters brown levant morocco, back neatly lettered in gold. Lond. 1868-69


Contains Murder of the Deputy-Lieutenant of Westmeath," "Trial of the Notorious Madame Rachel,' 66 Execution of the Fenian, Michael Barrett," Indian Massacre in Lincoln Co., Kansas," "Life in a Modern Convent," etc., and numerous other sensational cases of the time.


The Illustrated Police News. July 17, 1869, to Oct. 15, 1870. Profusely illust. with full-page woodcuts. In one vol., large folio, three-quarters brown levant morocco, back neatly lettered in gold. Lond. 1869-70

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Contains Troppmann's Atrocious Murders," The Great International Boat Race between Oxford and Harvard," "The Battle of Sedan" (and other battles in the Franco-Prussian War), The Mordaunt Divorce Case," etc. The latter is the celebrated case in which the present King of England figured in a most sensational manner. It is illustrated with a number of very striking engravings on wood, one of which represents


'H. R. H. The Prince of Wales in the Witness Box."

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252. DANA (R. H.) A Poem delivered before the

Porter Rhetorical Society, Andover, Sept., 1829. FIRST EDN. Svo, unbound. Bost. 1829 ✓ 253. DAYTON (JONATHAN-Eminent American Statesman and Soldier in the Revolution, afterwards arrested for suspected complicity with Aaron Burr). A. L. S., 1 page, 4to, dated Easton, June 4th, 1779, relating to horses and saddles to be procured for himself, Gen'l Sullivan, Col. Brearley and Maj. Ogden (name of recipient cut from lower corner, otherwise in fine state).

254. DEARBORN (GEN'L HENRY-Soldier in the Revolution). A. L. S. to Hon. Meshech Weare, concerning the discharge of an enlisted soldier, 1 p. 4to, dated Exeter, Feb. 14, 1781.

255. DELAPLAINE'S Repository of the Lives and Portraits of Distinguished American Characters. Engraved front., title, and 12 full-page portraits by Maverick, Leney, and others. (Vol. I.) 4to, half roan.

Phil. 1815

256. EA ARLY AMERICAN MUSIC. Laus Deo! The Worcester Collection of Sacred Harmony. Engraved plates of music. Oblong 12mo, half sheep (2 pp. missing). Scarce.

Bost. Isaiah Thomas & T. Andrews, 1794





257. EARLY AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS. N. Y. Albany Minerva. Nos. 1 to 8 (all published), Jan. 1 to Ap. 8, 1828. 8vo, sewed, pp. 64. (As one vol.) Albany: J. Munsell, 1828 Excessively scarce. Issued by Joel Munsell, the famous Albany printer. Inserted is an interesting A. L. S of Munsell, in which he says: The Albany Minerva was my first enterprise. I was editor, proprietor, pressman, carrier, and all hands. I have never known another copy except the one I have preserved.” Among the advertisements is one announcing the appearance at the Albany Theatre on April 9, 1828, of Mrs.


Vernon and


the celebrated Clara Fisher.

258. The Albion; British and Colonial, and Foreign. Weekly News, Vols. 1, 3 and 6. 3 vols. small folio, old half calf (poor binding, one vol. lacks cover). N. Y. 1822-27 ✔259. American Citizen. Mar. 30 to Apr. 27, 1805 (Nos. 1,563 to 1,557, inclusive), and Jan. 1 to Mar. 31, 1806 (Nos. 1,793 to 1,869, lacking 6 Nos.). In one vol. Folio, boards, sheep back (loose in binding). N. Y. 1805-1806 Includes many important issues of this prominent political journal, which enjoyed an extensive circulation. It was edited and published by James Cheetham, the English Radical, who, escaping from the Manchester riots, came to America in 1798.

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