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Catechism. From the Original Edition of 1684, with an Introductory Sketch. 12mo, wrappers. No. 1 of only 100 copies issued.

Hartford, 1899 2. Connecticut Statute Laws: a Bibliographical List of Editions of Connecticut Laws from the Earliest

ssues to 1836. By Albert C. Bates. 4to paper, uncut. Hartford, 1900

No. 1 of only 102 copies issued. 3. The Hiding of the Charter. By Chas. J. Hoadley, Pres't Conn. Hist. Soc. 8vo, paper, uncut.

Hartford, 1900 No. 1 of only 100 copies issued. With paid cheque, auto

graphed by author, laid in. 4. — Acts and Laws of His Majesty's Colony of Connecticut in New England, 1702. 4to, half parchment and boards, uncut.

Hartford, 1901 No. 1 of only 100 copies issued. A finely printed facsimile of

the rare original of 1702. 5. Relations of the Pequot Warres. Written in 1660 by Lieut. Lion Gardener and now first printed from the original MS. With an Historical Introduction. Royal 8vo, paper, uncut.

Hartford, 1901 No. 1 of only 102 copies issued. 6. Thomas Short. The First Printer of Connecti. cut. By W. De Loss Love. Royal 8vo, paper, uncut. No. 1 of only 102 copies issued.

Hartford, 1901 7. Charles Jeremy Hoadley, LL.D. A Memoir. By W. N. C. Carleton. 8vo, paper, uncut. Hartford, 1902

No. 1 of only 102 copies issued.
8. The Warwick Patent. By Chas. J. Ioadley.
8vo, paper, uncut.

Hartford, 1902
No. 1 of only 102 copies issued.
9. List of Books printed in Connecticut, 1709-1800.
By J. H. Trumbull. 4to, paper, uncut. Hartford, 1904

No. 1 of only 102 copies issued.
10. ADAMS (JOHN). Familiar Letters of John Adams
and his Wife, Abigail Adams, during the Revolution, with
& memoir of Mrs. Adams. Edited by Charles Francis
Adams. Portrait of Mrs. Adams. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1876


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Portrait. Post 8vo

, cloth.



11. ADAMS (JOHN QUINCY). The Jubilee of the Con-
stitution: a Discourse (containing Ode by William Cullen
Bryant). 8vo, unbound (stained, no fronts.). N. Y. 1839

Life and Public Services of. By W. H. Seward.
Portr ait. Post 8vo, cloth.

Auburn, 1849
13. ADAMS AND JEFFERSON. Eulogy on, pro-
nounced in Hallowell (Me.), July, 1826. By Peleg Sprague.
Post 8vo, unbound.

Hallowell, 1826
V 14. ALLEN (COL. ETHAN). A Narrative of Col. Ethan
Allen's Captivity from the time of his being taken by the
British. Containing his Voyages and Travels, etc. Writ-
ten by himself. 12mo, original half calf and boards (several
pp. slightly imperfect and a few pp. spotted).

Walpole, N. H., 1807
Contains the list of subscribers at end.
15. ALMANAC. Hutchins' Improved: being an Alma-
nack and Ephemeris . . . for the Year of our Lord 1792. By
John Nathan Hutchins. 12mo, sewed, side and bottom
edges uncut.

N. Y.: H. Gaine [1791]
Rare. Contains two curious examples of early American
poetry, “Jona-H.: Account of Himself and Dame," and "The
Împossibility of Pleasing Every Body, or the Pastor and his

16. AMERICA. A Compendious Chronicle of the King.
dom of Portugal. By John Daunccy. 12mo, half roan
(front. lacking)

Lond.: Tho. Johnson, 1661
With a Description of Brazil, the Indians, Towns, Products,
etc., pp. 208–'16, and mention of Early Navigators, Discovery

of the West Indies, etc. Rare.
17. The Adventures of Robert Chevalier, called De
Beauchene, Captain of a Privateer in New-France. Ву
Mon. Le Sage, author of Gil Blas. 2 vols. 12mo, original calf.

Lond. 1745

Catalogue of the First Verisur
Editions of Bryant, Emerson, Longfellow, etc., collected by
William Harris Arnold. With the prices and purchasers'
names. 8vo, paper.

N. Y. 1901
✓ 19. AMERICAN BASTILE. A History of the Illegal
Arrests and imprisonments of American Citizens during the
Civil War. By Jno. A. Marshall. Illusts. 8vo, sheep.

Phil. 1869
20. AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY. The Twelve Stars of v
the Republic. Full-page steel portraits, etc. 8vo, cloth
(loose in covers).

N. Y. 1850
from Auctioneers' Catalogues by Luther S. Livingstone.
Vol. H. 8vo, original cloth.

N. Y. 1905
Fine copy, as new, of the latest volume.

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22. AMERICAN BOTANY. An Introduction to the
Natural System of Botany. By John Lindley. First Amer-
can edn. Edited, with an Appendix, by John Torrey. 8vo,
half calf, gilt back.

N. Y. 1831
At the end is a valuable Catalogue of North American
Genera of Plants, with the Number of Species Belonging to
each Genus as far as they are at present determined,” by John

Torrey (pages 342 to 392).
23. AMERICAN CONSPIRACIES. History of American Dach trahy
Conspiracies: a Record of Treason, Insurrection, Rebel-
lion, etc., in the United States of America, 1760 to 1860.

By Orville J. Victor. With 8 full-page engravings on steel
and 3 woodcuts. 8vo, original ornamental cloth. N. Y.[1863]

Scarce. Among the illustrations are “ Nat Turner and His
Confederates in Council ” and “Missourians Going to Kansas
to Vote” (engraved from drawings by Darley ); Map of
Detroit and Vicinity, 1763"; "Facsimile of Arnold's Pass to

André”; and André's Pen Photograph of himself.” Fine copy.


Complete Preceptor for the Violin, German Flute, Clarinet,
etc., etc. All finely engraved throughout. 6 vols. oblong
12mo, wrappers.

Phil. [circa 1820]
os the Town of Houlton, Me., 1804-83; History of the Town

of Hampstead, N. H., for 100 Years [I. W. Smith); Hishu

torical Discourse before the First Cong. Society in Harvard,
Mass., 1882 [Seth Chandler]; and others. 8vo, etc., paper.
(15 pieces.)
British Dominions in North America from the First Dis-

covery by Sebastian Cabot in 1497 to 1763. In 14 Books.
Colored folding map. 2 vols. in 1.

2 vols. in l. 4to, old sheep (many pp. defective at lower corner, though not impairing the text).

Lond. 1773
Separate History of each Colony, Plantation and Province,
including Florida, Louisiana, Canada, Labrador, Hudson's Bay,
Nova Scotia to the end of the French and Indian War; also
particulars of the aborigines of each district.


Also genealogical note by a later member of the family. AN
/ 27. Work and Materials for American History [by

Geo. H. Moore]. (The New England Synod of 1637, ACMain compt of Iroquois Indians, etc., etc.). All ever issued. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Only a small number printed.

[N. Y. circa 1879]




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28. AMERICAN HUMOR. Artemus Ward : His Travels. Part I., Miscellaneous; Part II., Among the Mormons. [By C. F. Browne.] 12 comic plates by Mullen. 8vo, original cloth.

N. Y. 1866 29. Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa. By Geo. W. Peck. 19 comic illusts. by Gean Smith. 8vo, original cloth.

Chicago: Belford, Clarke & Co., 1983 The extremely scarce FIRST EDITION. 30. AMERICAN MILITARY BIOGRAPHY, containing the Lives, Characters, and Anecdotes of the Officers of the Revolution; also the Life of La Fayette. With views of the Batlle of Saratoga, Capture of André, Battle of Stony Point, etc., by Tisdale, etc. 12mo, original calf (some pp. soiled) (Baker, No. 53.) Printed for subscribers.

[N. Y.?) 1825 31. AMERICAN NAVAL BATTLES. A Complete History of the Battles fought by the U. S. Navy from its establishment in 1794 (with Naval Songs). [By Horace Kemball.] Engraved front. and view and 19 full-page illusts. 8vo, half morocco.

Bost. 1831 32. AMERICAN NAVY. The Book of the Navy, comprising a General History of the American Marine, with accounts of the most celebrated battles, etc. By John Frost. Full-page engraved portraits and illusts. of naval engagements, etc. 8vo, sheep (cracked and some pp. waterstained).

N. Y. 1813 ✓ 33. AMERICAN POETRY. Humphreys (Col. David). Miscellaneous Works. 8vo, original calf.

N. Y.: Hodge, Allen & Campbell, 1790 The scarce FIRST COLLECTED EDITION, including “ Address to the Armies of the U. S. of America"; "A Poem on the Happi. ness of America”; “The Widow of Malabar, or The Tyranny of Custom, a Tragedy, imitated from the French of M. Le Mierre”; “ An Oration on the Political Situation of the U. S. of America in 1789"; and the Life of the Honorable Israel Put.

nam (146 pages). Ex-libris of Fullerton of Carstairs. 34. - Ambition—a Poem delivered at a late publick exhibition, at Cambridge, by Mr. Joseph Allen, Jun. Member of the Senior Sophister Class.”

Bost. 1792 Occupying two columns of the fourth page of the “Columbian Centinel, Extra,” Saturday, May 12, 1792. Interesting as an example of early American poetry, and also imp

Harvard College item. 35. The Trollopiad; or, Travelling Gentlemen in America. A Satire (in Verse) by Nil Admirari, Esq. 8vo, original cloth.

N. Y. 1837 The very scarce ORIGINAL EDITION of this amusing poetical satire on the abusive works of Mrs. Trollope and other transAtlantic critics of the time.


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36. Everest (C. W.) Babylon: a Poem. FIRST EDN. 8vo, unbound.

Hartford, 1838 ( 37.

Willis (N. P.) Sacred Poems. 24mo, original boards, gilt edges.

N. Y. 1847 cerchi Pretty edition. Scarce.

Brownell (Henry Howard). War-Lyrics, and other Poems. 8vo, original cloth.

Bost. 1866 Fine copy of the scarce FIRST EDITION of this notable volume of war poetry, including

Brownell's famous poems, “ The Bay
Fight” and “The River Fight.'
39. Pearl: a Centennial Poem. By Emma May
Buckingham. FIRST EDN. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1877 40. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Votes of the House of Commons, May 15, 1767, giving Resolutions concerning “Tumults and Insurrections” in the Colonies, and measures for their repression; also declaring that the House of Representatives of His Majesty's Province of New York have refused to make Provision for supplying with Necessaries His Majesty's Troops.” Folio, sewed, pp. 10.

Lond. 1767 Resolved, That Tumults and Insurrections, of the most dangerous Nature, have been raised and carried on in several of the North American Colonies . . . that the said Tumults and Insurrections have been greatly countenanced and inflamed by Votes and Resolutions passed in several of the Assemblies of the said Provinces, tending to destroy the Legal and Constitutional Dependency of the said Colonies on the Imperial Crown and Parliament of Great Britain," etc.

OF SUPERLATIVE INTEREST. 41. — "The Boston Gazette," Monday, Dec. 13, 1773. Folio, pp. 4.

Containing the resolutions passed at a “ Meeting of the Free-
holders and other Inhabitants of Marblehead, the 7th Day of
December, 1773,” in relation to “the late Measures of the East.
India Company in sending to the Colonies their Tea loaded

with a Duty for raising a Revenue from America."
42. -

A New Biographical Dictionary; or, Remembrancer of the Departed Heroes, Sages and Statesmen of America who have signalized themselves in the Revolutionary War. By Thos. J. Rogers. 8vo, boards and label, uncut (somewhat time-spotted).

Easton (Pa.), 1824 Very scarce in boards, uncut, with portrait of Samuel Adams

laid in. 43. American Military Biography, containing the Lives and Characters of the Officers of the Revolution. With Life of La Fayette. By E. S. Johnson. Engraved portraits and views. 8vo, sheep.

Cinn. 1834 44. The Military Heroes of, with a Narrative of the War of Independence. By Chas. J. Peterson. Numerous portraits, views and cuts. 8vo, morocco gilt, gilt edges.

Phil. 1849

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