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321. FISKE (JOHN). The Destiny of Man viewed in (P¢

the Light of his origin. FIRST EDN. 12mo, cloth. Bost. 1884

322. — A History of the United States for Schools, ✓ with Topical Analysis, Suggestive Questions, and Directions for Teachers. By Frank A. Hill. Maps, portraits, and other illusts. Svo, cloth.

Bost. 1895 323. FITZGERALD (EDWARD). The Life of FitzgerSPE

ald. By Thomas, Wright. Large-type library edn. Ilust. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut.

N. Y.: Scribner's, 1904 de 324. FRETZ FAMILY. A Brief History of the Fretz sthe Family. By A. T. Fretz. Illust. Post 8vo, cloth.

Elkhart, Ind., 1890 V 325. FRUITS OF LEISURE; or, Essays written in the v Am Intervals of Business. First American edn. 12mo, cloth.

N. Y. 1851

Fine copy

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326. [GRANT (ANNE).1 Memoirs of an American

Lady, with Sketches of Manners and Scenery in America as they existed previous to the Revolutions. 8vo, original cloth.

N. Y. 1836
Scarce edition of this interesting book.
327. GREELEY. The Life of Horace Greeley, Editor of
the New York Tribune. By J. Parton. Portrait of Greeley,
and drawing representing "Young Greeley's Arrival in New
York.Small 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1855
The scarce first edition of this interesting book.
✓ 328. GREENE (NATHANAEL). History of Great Britain,
James I. to the Revolution, 1688. New edn., revised, with
Complete Index. 8 vols. 8vo, original calf. Fine copy

Dublin, 1780 With contemporary autograph signature of Nathanael Greene (sic) in each volume, above which also in each volume) appears the signature “ Harriet Eliza Ward.” Though, iu' this instance, the signature of Nathanael Greene differs somewhat from the ordinary facsimiles of the General's autograph, the late owner avers that the volumes were had from a member of the family and believed to be authentic.

And the credence due to this statement seems to be further strengthened by the fact that General Greene's family married into, and was for years on terms of close intimacy with, that of Governor Ward of Rhode Island; by the spelling of the name “Nathanael ” (which is uncommon), and by the knowledge we have from his Biographers, who concur that Hume was one of the General's favorite authors, See B.F. French's “ Biographia Americana,” p. 131, in reference to Gen'l Greene. –

His portable library consisted of Hume, Locke, Shakespear, Milton, and others, etc., etc.” (Believed to be genuine, though sold not subject to return.)


329. HA

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✓ HALE (EDW E.) Tom Torrey's Tariff Tales.

FIRST EDN. Square post 8vo, cloth. Bost. 1888 330. HAMILTON (ALEX.) Life and Epoch of: a Historical Study. By Hon. Geo. Shea. Revised edn. Portrait and facsimile. Thick 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1881 331. HART (JOIIN-Sig. Decl.) Autograph Bill of John Smith to the Province of New Jersey (1761-62), for building the Secretary's Office at Perth Amboy. Signed by John Johnston, Hendk Fisher and John Hart. Oblong 12mo. 332. Document certifying that Ellis Cook had served 51 days as Deputy in the Provincial Congress of New Jersey, 1776. Signed by John Hart and Theo. Elmer; also on verso by John Combs and John Fell. Oblong 32mo. ✓ 333. HARVARD. Two Lectures on Comets, read in the v Chapel of Harvard-College, Apl., 1759, on Occasion of the Comet which appeared in that Month. With an Appendix. By John Winthrop. Post 8vo, unbound. Bost. 1759

334. An Oration on Eloquence, pronounced at the Anniversary Commencement of Harvard University, July 16th, 1794. By Joseph Perkins. 8vo, unbound, pp. 8.

Bost. 1794 335. Facts and Documents in relation to Harvard College. By Hollis and others. Crown 8vo, unbound.

Bost. 1829 336. Curiosity: a Poem, delivered at Cambridge before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, Aug. 27, 1829, by Charles Sprague. 8vo, original paper covers, uncut. Bost. 1834

Presentation copy, inscribed: Presented by the Author to

D. O. Macomber, July 27, 1837.337. The Horse Shoe: a Poem spoken before the Phi Beta Kappa Society in Cambridge, July 19, 1849, by John Brooks Felton. 8vo, original boards, paper label, uncut.

Cambridge: John Bartlett, 1819 The scarce first edition of this interesting poem. 338. HAVERHILL (Mass.). The Story of a New England Town, 1640–1890; A. Record of; The Settlement of Haverhill. Fully illust. Thick royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt top.

Bost. 1891 ✓ 339. HAWAII. Memoir of Henry Obookiah, a Native of the Sandwich Islands, who died at Cornwall, Conn., 1818. Portrait. 16 mo, half roan.

N. Y [ca. 1840) 340. HOLLAND (J. G.) Plain Talks on Familiar Sub ✓ jects. FIRST EDN. .Small 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1866 341. HOLMES (ABIEL-Father of Oliver Wendell). A Sermon delivered before the Mass. Missionary Scty., May 29, 1804. 8vo, unbound, pp. 28.

Cambridge, 1804



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2 343. HOSMER (BURR G.)



342. HOLMES. Oliver Wendell Holmes: Poet, Littéra- v teur, Scientist. By William Sloane Kennedy. Portrait of Dr. Holmes. 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1883 First edition.


FIRST EDN. Pres. ✓ entation copy from the author. 12mo, cloth. Fine copy.

Cambridge, 1868 V 344. HOWELLS (WILLIAM DEAN). Venetian Life. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1867 Contains a new chapter, sketching the history of Venetian commerce and noticing the present trade and industry of Venice, in addition to which the author has amplified the chapter on the national holidays, and affixed an index to the chief historical persons, incidents, and places mentioned. The best edition.

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345. IMLAY

pp. 16.

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MLAY'S (G.) Kentucky (Vol. I. only, with only

one map, and that torn in half), N. Y. 1793; Cooper's History of North America (imperfect); and others. 12mo, calf, etc. (4 pieces.)

✓ 346. IMPERIALISM. The Imperialist. Vol. I., No. 1, April 10, 1869 (all ever issued). 8vo, paper covers, uncut,

N. Y. 1869 A very scarce item. Contains “ The Despotism of the Dollar,” The Progress of Monarchy in America,” etc. It also contains a very interesting account of the life and career of Brillat-Savarin, author of "Physiologie du Gout,which will

interest all lovers of fine dinners. 1347. INDIANS. “The Boston Gazette,” Monday, Aug. 28, 1769, containing an “Extract of a Letter from Fort Pitt, dated the 15th of July, 1769." Folio, pp. 4.

“ The Seneca Warriors have struck such a Terror in the Country People, that many Women and Children are already come into the Fort ... There is Reason to suppose the Lake In. dians will make Reprisals on the English for the Murder of Pondiack," etc. Also alludes to several skirmishes with the

Indians, scalpings, etc. 348. The Treaty between the United States and the Sachems, Chiefs and Warriors of the Wyandot, Delaware, Ottawa, Chippewa, Pattiwatima, and Sac Nations, signed by President George Washington and Gen. H. Knox, Secretary for the Department of War (printed in the NewYork Daily Gazette,” Thursday, October 8, 1789). Folio, pp. 4, as issued.

N. Y. 1789 An Indian item of extraordinary interest. This was one of the most important of the early Treaties with the Indians. It

fills nearly four columns. ✓ 349.

Lewis and Clark's New Travels among the Indians. FIRST EDN. Illust. 12mo, original sheep (imperfect, poor copy, sold with all faults).

Phil. 1809

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350. An Account of Sundry Missions among the Senecas and Munsees, with an Appendix. By Rev. T. Alden (portrait lacking). 16 mo, half roan. N. Y. 1827

351. The Annual Register of Indian Affairs within the Indian (or Western Territory. By Isaac McCay. 8vo, unbound.

Shawnee Mission, Ind. Ter., 1837 352. Seven and Nine Years among the Camanches and Apaches. An Autobiography. (By Edw. Eastman.] Post 8vo, cloth (soiled copy).

Jersey City, 1873 353. IPSWICH. A Sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of Ipswich (Mass.). By David T. Kimball. 8vo, unbound, pp. 44 (last page damaged).

Haverhill, 1823




354. JA

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AMES (HENRY). Society, the Redeemed Form

of Man. FIRST EDN. Post 8vo, cloth. Bost.1879 355. JEFFERSON (JOSEPH). Life and Art of. With' some Account of his Ancestry and of the Jefferson Family of Actors. By Wm. Winter. 8vo, cloth, uncut. N.Y. 1894

LARGE PAPER. No. 38 of only fifty copies printed, with ten

full-page illustrations on Whatman paper. ✓ 356. JEFFERSON

(THOMAS Eminent American Statesman). D. S. as Secretary of State, 1790. Folio, folded sheet.

357. JOHNSON (ANDREW). The Great Impeachment and Trial of Johnson. With portraits of Johnson, Chase, Grant, Butler, and others. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and unopened. Rare state.

Phil. 1868 358. JONES (JOHN PAUL). Life and Character of the Chevalier John Paul Jones, a Captain in the United States Navy. By John Henry Sherburne. With the fine portrait engraved by Raudon, Clark & Co., Albany, after Peale. Large 8vo, original boards, ENTIRELY UNCUT, AND WITH THE LABEL.

City of Washington, 1825 VERY RARE IN THE ABOVE-DESCRIBED STATE. The author

was connected with the Navy Department. 359. The Life and Correspondence of John Paul Jones, including his Narrative of the Campaign of the Liman. From Original Letters and Manuscripts in the Possession of Miss Janette Taylor. 8vo, original sheep. Fine copy of the scarce First edition.

N. Y. 1830


Fine copy.

360. LAFAYETTE. An Account of the Reception of

General Lafayette in Savannah, on Saturday March 19th, 1825; of the Entertainments given him; and of the Ceremonies, Masonic and Civic, on Laying the Corner Stones of Monuments to the Memory of Generals Greene and Pulaski. 8vo, sewed. Savannah: W. T. Williams, 1825

Original edition of this interesting Lafayette item. Fine

361. Memoirs of General Lafayette, and of the
French Revolution of 1830. By B. Sarrans, Secretary to
General Lafayette. Fine lithographic portraits of Lafayette
and Louis Philip 1st. 2 vols. 12mo, original boards, paper

N. Y. 1833
362. — New-York Spectator, New York, Friday, June
20, 1834. Printed within mourning borders. Folio.

Containing a long account of the death of Lafayette, includ-
ing English and French reports of his illness, death, and obitu-

ary notices.
363. LEE (MAJ.-GEN’L HENRY). A Funeral Oration

on the Death of George Washington ... delivered at the 혼

Request of Congress ... to which is subjoined an Eulogy.
By Judge Minot. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and un-

Lond. 1800
“Of the numerous orations on the Death of Washington,

this is considered the most meritorious.”—Sabin.
V 364. LEWIS AND CLARK. A Journal of the Voyages
and Travels of a Corps of Discovery, under Captains Lewis
and Clarke, from the Missouri River to the Pacific, 1804–
1806. By Patrick Gass. With Notes. 12mo, half sheep.

Pittsburgh, 1807
365. LINCOLN (ROBERT W.) Lives of the Presidents
of the U. S., with Biographical Sketches of the “Signers.”
Full-page portraits and numerous cuts. 8vo,sheep. N.Y.1837

366. LITERARY HISTORY OF INDIA (A). By R. W. Fraser. Front. Thick 8vo, cloth. N. Y.: Scribner's, 1898 ✓ 367. LITERARY HISTORY OF PERSIA (A), from the Earliest Times until Firdawsí. By Edward G. Browne. Front. Thick 8vo, cloth, gilt top. N. Y.: Scribner's, 1902 368. LITERARY HISTORY OF SCOTLAND (A). By J. H. Millar. Portrait of Sir Walter Scott. Thick 8vo, cloth.

N. Y.: Scribner's, 1903 369. LIVES OF THE FATHERS. The Fathers of the

Church. By the Author of “ The Life of S. Francis de
Em Sales,” etc.
3 vols. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

Lond. 1875
Lives of St. Clement of Rome, St. Ignatius, Tertullian, etc.


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