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370. LONGFELLOW (H. W.) Excelsior. With 15 illusts. Bost. 1878 Square 12mo, original cloth.

Extremely scarce separately published edition. First edition with these illustrations.

✓ 371.
Evangeline: a Tale of Acadie.
Eyre. 12mo, ornamental cloth, gilt top.

Illust. by John
Lond., n. d.

372. LONG ISLAND. Griffin's Journal. First Settlers of Southold, Names of the Heads of Families, First Proprietors of Orient, Biographical Sketches, etc., etc. By Augustus Griffin. Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth (somewhat spotted). Very scarce. Orient, 1857

373. LOUISIANA PURCHASE (THE), and Our Title West of the Rocky Mountains, with a Review of Annexation by the United States. By Binger Hermann, Commissioner of the General Land Office. Portraits of Jefferson, Monroe, Seward, Polk, etc., and maps of the United States, Alaska and Hawaiian Islands. Large 8vo, boards.

Wash. 1898


Tam's Fortnight
Ramble, and other Poems. FIRST EDN. 12mo,
original boards, uncut.
Phil. 1847

375. MAINE. The History of Wells and Kennebunk, from the Earliest Settlement to 1820, with Biographical Notices. By Edward E. Bourne. Portrait. Thick 8vo, original cloth. Fine copy. Portland, 1875


376. MASONIC. D. S., on vellum, conferring the degree of Master Mason on Sir John Johnson. Original MS. in autograph of the Secretary, signed by John Bridgewater, Master; Meade Brasser, Sen'r Warden; Azor Betts, Junr's Warden; and John Blackler, Sec'y. With Masonic emblems at beginning in colors. 1 p. small folio. [N. Y.], June 25, 1777.

Early American Masonic MSS. are very rare.


✓ 377.

Illustrations of. [By Capt. William Morgan.] With an Account of the Kidnapping of the Author. 12mo, unbound (title spotted).



N. Y. For the Author, 1827 Narrative of the Facts and Circumstances relating to the Kidnapping and Presumed Murder of William Morgan, etc., etc. With an Appendix. 12mo, unbound. Scarce. Brookfield, 1827

379. MASSACHUSETTS. A Discourse shewing the Nature and Necessity of an Internal Call to preach the Everlasting Gospel. By Isaac Backus. 12mo, unbound.

Bost. 1754




380.- A Sermon preached before His Excellency Thomas Hutchinson, Esq., Governor. . . of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, May 26th, 1773. Being the Anniversary of the Election of His Majesty's Council for said Province. By Chas. Turner. Small 8vo, unbound. Bost. 1773

Autograph on half-title of John Cleaveland, Chaplain in the French and Indian War and the Revolution.

381. A Sermon at the Ordination of Andrew Eliot, of Fairfield, June, 1774. By his Father, A. Eliot. unbound.

8vo, Bost. 1774

382. A Sermon preached before the Honorable Council and House of Representatives of MassachusettsBay (Anniversary of the Election of the Council), May, 1776. By Sam'l West. Post 8vo, unbound. Bost. 1776

383. A Sermon preached before John Hancock, and Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Mass., Oct. 25th, 1780, being the day of the Commencement of the Constitution and Inauguration of the New Government. By Samuel Cooper. 8vo, unbound, pp. 55 (some pp. stained). [Bost.] Commonwealth of Mass. [1780]

A Sermon delivered at the Ordination of Rev.
Benjamin Bell, of Amesbury, Nov., 1784. By Sam'l Spring.
Post 8vo, unbound.
Newbury-Port, 1784

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385. A Sermon delivered at the First Church in Boston, Mch., 1785. By Charles Chauncey. Post 8vo, unbound. Bost. 1785

386. A Sermon preached Oct. 6, 1786, at the Interment of Rev. Isaiah Lewis, of Wellfleet. By Levi Whitman. 12mo, unbound. Bost. 1787

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387. A Defence of the Legislature of Massachusetts; or, The Rights of New England Vindicated. unbound.

Post Svo, Bost. 1804


Historical Collections relating to the History and Antiquities of Every Town in Mass. By J. W. Barber. Numerous full-page and smaller views and map. 8vo, sheep (somewhat spotted). Worcester, 1840

389. A Sketch of the History of Newbury, Newburyport and West Newbury, 1635-1865. By Joshua Coffin. Full-page portraits, facsimile, etc. Royal 8vo, cloth) few pp. time-stained). Bost. 1845



History of the Churches and Ministers and of
Franklin Association in Franklin Co., Mass. With Appen-
dix on the County. By Rev. T. Packard, Jr. 8vo, cloth.
Presentation copy from author.
Bost. 1854
Post 8vo,
Bost. 1867

A Sermon on the Death of Mrs.
Watson of Plimouth.

By Chandler Robbins.

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392. MATHER (COTTON). Magnalia Christi Americana; or, The Ecclesiastical History of New England, 16201698. 2 vols. 8vo, sheep. Hartford: Silas Andrus, 1820 393. MEDICAL. Plethora: the Disease of the Age. By Dr. R. C. Fisher. 8vo, paper covers. Chicago [1889]

An eloquent protest against over-eating, use of animal flesh,


394. MILITARY. A Concise System of Instruction, arranged and adapted for the Volunteer Cavalry of the U. S. By Geo. W. Behn. Portrait, folding plate, cuts and music. 8vo, cloth. Savannah (Ga.): for the Author, 1842 395. MILITARY MINUTES of the Council of Appointment of the State of New York, 1783-1821. Hugh Hastings. Fronts. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth. ↓ 396. MISCELLANEOUS. atrical Programmes, etc., etc.

397. MITCHELL (D. G.) Seasons. By Ik. Marvel. rocco, gilt top.

The scarce First edition.

Compiled by Albany, 1901 A Collection of modern The(As a lot.)

Dream Life: a Fable of the Front. 8vo, three-quarter moN. Y. Charles Scribner, 1851

✓ 398. MORMONS. Origin, Rise and Progress of Mor-
monism. By Pomeroy Tucker. Illusts. Post Svo, cloth.
N. Y. 1867

399. MUSIC. A Treatise on Musical Sounds, and an '
Explanation of the Tonometer, by Samuel D. Tillman.
Large 8vo, cloth.
N. Y. 1860

Contains "S. D. Tillman's Tonometer, or Revolving Musical Scale, showing the relative position of all the True and Tempered Notes in the Major and Minor Modes in every Key now known." Printed in colors. Presentation copy from Prof. Tillman, with his autograph inscription.

400. NAPOLEON. Buonaparte: a Poem. 8vo, sewed. Lond. John Murray, 1814

The scarce FIRST EDITION of this interesting poem. Fine copy. 401. NAVAL BATTLES, ETC. A Series of Colored Views of Naval Battles between the French and English, 1778, etc.; also other Illustrations of Ships. Oblong 4to. (7 pieces.) [Ca. 1779]

402. NAVAL TRIAL. Proceedings of the Court of Inquiry appointed to inquire into the Mutiny on board the U. S. Brig-of-War Somers, on the High Seas. With a full Account of the Execution of Spencer, Cromwell and Small, portrait; also "Cooperage of the Tribune" (pp. 16), relating to J. F. Cooper's Libel Suit against Horace Greeley at end. Svo, stitched. N. Y. 1843

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403. NEW ENGLAND. A Sermon preached at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1774, being the Anniversary of the first Landing of our Ancestors in that place. By Gad Hitchcock. Crown 8vo, unbound. Bost. 1775


Discourse at Truro, Cape Cod, April 11, 1786, at the Interment of Rev. Caleb Upham. By Levi Whitman. 12mo, unbound. Bost. 1786

405. A Discourse, delivered in Bristol, Dec. 22, 1820, on the Anniversary of the Landing of our Ancestors at Plymouth. By Joel Mann. Post Svo, unbound.

Warren (Mass.), 1821


The N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register. Vols. 1 and 2. Illust. 2 vols. 8vo, half roan (stained, poor copies). Bost. 1847-48

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Supplement to the Ichnology of N. E.: a Report to the Government of Mass. in 1863. By Edward Hitchcock. Illust. Illust. 4to, cloth. Bost. 1865

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1 408. NEW

ENGLAND IMPRINT. Two Sermons preached at Rowley, West Parish, Feb. 10, 1754. By James Chandler. 12mo, unbound (cut close). Bost. 1754

✓ 409. NEW ENGLAND PRIMER. The N. E. Primer. Illust. 32mo, original wrappers (some pp. soiled).

Portland, 1841 ✔410. NEW HAMPSHIRE. History of the Seventeenth Regiment, N. H. Volunteer Infantry, 1862-63. By Lieut. Chas. N. Kent. With Appendix, containing war songs, etc. Portraits and plans. 8vo, cloth. (Presentation copy.) (Published by the 17th N. H. Veteran Assoc.) Concord, 1898

✓ 411. NEW JERSEY. Proclamation of George III., proroguing Session of the Provincial Assembly, 1770. With the Great Seal of the Province. Fine state.

412. History of the College of New Jersey, from its origin in 1746 to 1854. By John Maclean. Portrait laid in. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf. Phil. 1877


History of the Colony of Nova-Cæsaria, or New Jersey, from its first Settlement. By Samuel Smith. 8vo, cloth (map lacking). Reprint. Trenton, 1877

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414. History of Burlington and Mercer Counties, with Biographies of Pioneers and Prominent Men. By E. M. Woodward and J. F. Hageman. Numerous full-page portraits. Thick imp. 8vo, roan, gilt. Phil. 1883

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History of the Colony of Nova-Cæsaria, or New
Jersey. By Saml. Smith. 8vo, cloth.
Fine copy.

Trenton, 1890

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Best reprint (with maps and life of the author) of the extremely rare original.

416. — Weather Record for New Brunswick, N. J.,id 1847-1890. By P. V. Spader. Portrait. Royal 8vo. Shepher Somerville: Privately printed, 1890 417. NEW YORK. An Oration Pronounced before the Society of Black Friars, at their Anniversary Festival, in the City of New-York, on Monday, the 11th of November, 1793. By Samuel Latham Mitchell. 8vo, sewed, original blank leaf at end. N. Y. Printed by Friar M'Lean, 1793 The rare original edition of this notable oration, of which only 200 copies were printed for the Society. An early and most interesting reference to 'Domestic Slavery" is to be found on page 32. FINE COPY.



Jones's New-York Mercantile and General
Directory for the 30th Year of American Independence, and
of our Lord, 1805-6. Small 8vo, boards, sheep back (front
cover gone).
N. Y.: John F. Jones [1805
Fine copy of one of the rarest of the early New York Direc-
tories. Contains Shoemaker's "Astronomical Calculations
for July, 1805-July, 1806, in addition to important lists of
names and boundaries of streets, wards, etc., and other valu-
able information relative to the City of New York in 1805.

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First Annual Report of the Executive Com-
mittee of the N. Y. Magdalen Society. Fronts. 8vo,
paper, uncut, pp. 24 (stained).
Phil. 1821

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Map of the "State of New York, Divided into
Senatorial Districts." Colored map, large folio, in 16mo
full red roan case. With population for each Senatorial
District, according to Census of 1835.

Fine copy.


Historical Collections of, relating to the His- ✔
tory and Antiquities of every town in the State. By J. W.
Barber and Hy. Howe. Map and numerous illusts. Thick
Svo, sheep (joints cracked).
N. Y. 1845


"Map Showing the Position of the New-York
and New-Haven Rail Road, together with the
Road, Leased by the N. Y. & N. H. R. R.

Canal Rail
Co., 1857.”
N. Y. 1857

The first map showing the route of the New York and New
Haven Railroad. Interesting and scarce.

423. An Historical Sketch of Columbia College in the City of New York, 1754-1876. Post 8vo, half roan. N. Y.: Privately printed for the College, 1876

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