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WAR OF 1812.

537. The Cabin Boy Wife; or the Singular and Surprising Adventures of Mrs. Ellen Stephens; dressed in male attire and obtained a berth on board of one of the steamers on the Mississippi River, etc.; also, The Surprising Adventures of Almira Paul, garbed as a male, served on several American and English ships without betraying her sex (and was present at several of the battles). Portraits. 8vo, wrappers, uncut, pp. 24 (some pp. soiled). RARE. N. Y. 1841

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538. The Friendless Orphan; an Affecting Narrative of the Trials and Afflictions of Sophia Johnson, the early victim of a cruel stepmother. 8vo, paper, uncut (some pp. stained), pp. 24. N. Y. 1841

Dressed in male attire, Sophie Johnson enlisted in the army, and the frontispiece shows the Battle of Bridgewater, 1814, where she was wounded, losing an arm.

539. Narrative of the Suffering and Defeat of the North-Western Army under General Winchester; Massacre of the Prisoners, Sixteen Months' Imprisonment of the Writer and others, with Indians and British. By William Atherton. 12mo, original boards, with leather back, and with the label on the side.

Frankfort (Ky.): Printed for the author, 1842

Fine copy. Rare. The author expresses strong feelings about the British . . . "By some it will be thought strange to find the savages, in point of feeling and humanity, placed above the British-but the truth ought always to be told.”

540. The Battle of Lake Erie, or Answers to Messrs. Burgess, Duer and Mackenzie. By J. Fenimore Cooper. FIRST EDN. Crown 8vo, paper (one cover gone and name on front cover). Cooperstown, 1843

541. Historical Sketch of the Second War between the United States and England. By Charles J. Ingersoll. Vol. I., embracing the events of 1812-13. 8vo, original cloth. Phil. 1845


Life of Stephen Decatur, a Commodore in the
Navy of the United States. By Alex. Slidel Mackenzie.
Fine portrait. Svo, original cloth.
Bost. 1846

Fine copy of the first edition, and a Large Paper copy, uncut and unopened. Only a few were printed on Large Paper.

Lives of Distinguished American Naval Offi-
By J. Fenimore Cooper. Vignette title. 2 vols. 12mo,
original cloth.
Phil. 1846


The scarce first edition. Contains the biographies of Bainbridge, Somers, Shaw, Paul Jones, Woosley, Perry, Dale and others.

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WAR OF 1812.

544. Reply to Kosciusko Armstrong's Assault upon Col. McKenney's Narrative of the Causes that led to Gen. Armstrong's Resignation of the Office of Sect. of War in 1814. By T. L. McKenney. 8vo, paper, pp. 28 (some pp. stained). N. Y. 1847

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By the author of "A History of the Indian Tribes of North America."

545. Life of Gen'l Lewis Cass, his Military Services in the Northwest, etc., with Sketch of Gen'l W. O. Butler. 2 portraits. Post 8vo, paper, uncut (some pp. dampstained). Phil. 1848


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Memoirs of the Generals, Commodores and Commanders who distinguished themselves in the American Army and Navy during the Wars of the Revolution and 1812. By Thomas Wyatt. With a large number of portraits. Royal 8vo, original cloth, gilt edges (some pp. soiled). Phil. 1848

547. A Sketch of the Events which preceded the Capture of Washington by the British, Aug. 24th, 1814. [By E. D. Ingraham.] 8vo, half cloth and boards. Phil. 1849 Naval Actions of the War of 1812. By James Barnes. With 21 illustrations in color by Carlton T. Chap8vo, cloth, gilt extra, gilt top, uncut. N. Y. 1896





Fine copy. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 28 portraits and views, including Capt. Hull (by Edwin), view of the "Constitution escaping from the British, by Hoogland (crudely colored), Com. Rodgers (fine oval stipple in uniform, by J. R. Smith) rare: Capture of the Frolic," by Seymour; Stephen Decatur, stipple in uniform by Edwin; Wm. Henry Allen, by Edwin; W. Bainbridge, stipple in uniform by Ed win, fine; James Lawrence, stipple in uniform by Edwin, fine; Lieut. J. T. Shubrick, by Gimbrede, rare; view of Perry's victory; Perry, by Edwin, stipple in uniform; Thomas Gamble; Capt. D. Porter, by Prudhomme; and others of equal interest and rarity. ALL OF THE EXTRA-ILLUSTRATIONS ARE CONTEMPORARY, the whole forming a volume of the highest interest relating to the War of 1812.

549. The Bombardment of Lewes by the British, April 6 and 7, 1813. By William M. Marine. Illust. 8vo, paper, pp. 41. Wilmington, Del., 1901

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The Citizen Soldiers at North Point and Fort
McHenry, Sept. 12 and 13, 1814 (Muster Roll). [By N.
Hickman.] Crown Svo, wrappers.
Balt., n. d.

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Manifest of the Charges Preferred to the Navy Department against Jesse Duncan Elliott, a Captain in the Navy of the U. S., by Charles C. Barton, 1839; Case of Somers' Mutiny, Defence of Alex. Slidell Mackenzie, Comm. of the U. S. Brig "Somers," before the Court Martial held

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WAR OF 1812.

at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1843; Minutes of Proceedings of the Court of Enquiry into the Official Conduct of Capt. Isaac Hull, etc., Washington City, 1822 (auto. of Charles Crillon Barton, U. S. Navy); etc. In 1 vol. 8vo, original sheep.

v. d.


Lives, Orations, etc., including many items with fine portraits engraved by the foremost American engravers.

552. WASHINGTON (GEORGE). An Oration on the Discovery of America, delivered in London, 1792, [with] a Description of the City of Washington. By Elhanan Winchester. Plan (imperfect). 8vo, half morocco, with the leaf of advertisement. Lond. [1792]

On pp. 75-76 an acrostic, George Washington, President of the United States of America." Scarce.

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Biographical Anecdotes of Gen. Washington (excerpt from the Literary and Biographical Magazine, 1792). Enclosed in half covers. 8vo. Lond. 1792

554. Address of George Washington to the People of the United States, presented 19th Sept., 1796. 24mo, original marbled wrappers. Fine copy. VERY SCARCE. Bennington, Vt.: From the Press of A. Haswell, 1797 555. The President's Address to the People of the United States announcing his intention of retiring from Public Life; etc. 8vo, half morocco.

Printed for J. Ormrod, 1796

Phil. THE RARE FIRST EDITION. Two other editions were issued here the same year, one For the Proprietors."


556. A Collection of the Speeches of the President of the United States to both Houses of Congress at the opening of every session, with their Answers; also the Addresses to the President, with his Answers, etc.; and an Appendix. 12mo, half crushed levant, gilt edges. Bost. 1796 557. Official Letters to the Honorable American Congress, during the War with Great Britain, by his Excellency George Washington. 2 vols. post 8vo, sheep.

N. Y. 1796

Epistles, Domestic, Confidential and Official,
from General Washington, with an interesting Series of
Letters, particularly to the British Admirals, Cornwallis,
Clinton, Carleton, etc., none of which have been printed in
the two volumes published a few months ago. With por-
trait (FINE IMPRESSION, Hart 217, engraved by Rollinson).
12mo, original calf. RARE. N. Y.: G. Robinson, 1796

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559. A Message from the President of the United States of America to Congress relative to the French Republic, delivered Jan. 19th, 1797. Thick 8vo, newly bound in half morocco, gilt top, other edges totally uncut (some margins soiled). RARE UNCUT. Phil. [1797]


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An Oration before the Inhabitants of the Town of Salem, Mass., on Washington's Birthday. By Benj. Pickman. 8vo, unbound, pp. 22, with the half title.

Salem, 1797 561. Essays on Physiognomy. By Jno. Caspar Lavater. Transl. by Rev. C. Moore. Numerous plates, including the scarce portraits of Washington and Franklin. 4 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt. Lond. 1797

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562. The Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia Almanac for 1798. Last page containing crude oval woodcut portrait of Wushington, and a Biographical Sketch. 12mo, sewn (margin cut from foot of one leaf), uncut. Phil. [1797]

563. "The Election of General Washington to the Presidential Chair." (English comment on his election, printed as an "Extract of a letter from London" in "The Massachusetts Centinel," Boston, May 27, 1789.) Folio, 4 Bost. 1789

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Interesting Washington item. Also contains an account of "a tour through the Western Territory, as far down the river Ohio as the Muskingum," by John Tracy, written for the information of those of his countrymen who are determined to settle in that part of the U. S."

564. A Poem Sacred to the Memory of George Washington. By Richard Alsop. Fine stipple portrait by Longacre after Stuart inserted. 8vo, new half morocco. Hartford, 1800

The author was the founder of the literary league known as the 66 Hartford Wits," which included in its membership Theo. Dwight, L. Hopkins and Benj. Trumbull (the historian of Conn.).

565. The Death of Washington: a Poem in Imitation of the manner of Ossian. By John Blair Linn. With portrait inserted. (Hart, 38.) Svo, half morocco (newly bound). Scarce. Phil. 1800

Interest attaches to the author, he having been a law student in the office of Alexander Hamilton.

566. [] The Farmers' Museum; or, Lay Preacher's Gazette, Monday, Jan. 27, 1800, printed within mourning borders and containing an interesting account of the "Funeral Honours paid to Gen. George Washington" on a

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recent occasion, including original hymns aud odes. 4 pp. folio. Walpole, N. H.: Priuted by David Carlisle for Isaiah Thomas, 1800.

Very interesting. "Simon Spunkey's Political Pepperpot; or, An Ode for New Year, a curious production in verse, which occupies the fourth page, ends with an eulogy of WASH


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567. The Washingtoniana; a Biographical Sketch of Gen. George Washington; an Account of the various Funeral Honors, etc., etc. With fine oval medallion portrait engraved by Tanner, after Savage (Hart, 218). 12mo, original sheep. (Auto. of Geb. Forney on title.) Balt. 1800

RARE. With the list of subscribers.


Public Expressions of Grief for the Death of General George Washington, at Dorchester. 8vo, old sheep. Tharlestown [sic], 1800

The discourses are by Oliver Everett, T. M. Harris, and a Masonic tribute. Each has separate title and the error in imprint is repeated. Scarce.

A Sermon occasioned by the Death of General
George Washington, preached Feb'y 22, 1800. By Peter
Thacher. 8vo, stitched.
Bost. 1800


A Sermon occasioned by the Death of Lieut.General George Washington . . . first delivered in Savannah, Ga., Jan. 19th, 1800. By Henry Holcombe, Minister of the Word of God in Savannah. Small 4to, original gray wrappers, UNCUT. [Savannah, 1800]

The author, a Virginian, fought as Captain in the Revolution, and was prominent in early literary and educational work in the South. Apart from its being an early Savannah imprint, this is one of the rarest of Washington eulogies.

571. An Address in Latin by Joseph Willard, President (of Harvard College, 1781), and a Discourse in English by David Tappan Hollis, Professor of Divinity (at Harvard College), delivered before the University in Cambridge, in solemn Commemoration of Gen. George Washington. With fine portrait (inserted). 4to, original wrappers.

[Cambridge]: Samuel Etheridge, 1800

The rare edition with the 31 pp. and a Large Paper copy. Presentation copy "From the President and Fellows of Harvard College to John Nichols, Esq. LL.D."

572. An Oration Commemorative of the Virtues and Greatness of General Washington, before the Grand Lodge of Penn. By Samuel Magaw. Portrait (inserted, Hart, 56). Svo, half morocco (newly bound, some pp. soiled). Phil. 1800 RARE. The author aided in establishing the Philadelphia Academy, aud was Secretary to the Convention of Penn. for several years.

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