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45. AMERICAN TRAVEL. Dwight (Timothy). Travels in New England and New York (1796-1811, with Observations Historical, Topographical and Statistical on the Indians, State of the Country, etc.). FIRST EDN. 4 vols. 8vo, boards (covers of Vol. 2 loose, though a clean copy, totally uncut and unopened). New Haven, 1821-22

"Designed for those who, a hundred years hence, may feel curiosity concerning their country," Book-label of the American Institute.

46. AMHERST COLLEGE, History of, during the First Half Century, 1821-71. By W. S. Tyler. Numerous portraits, views, etc. Thick royal 8vo, cloth. Springfield, 1873

47. ANCESTOR (THE). A Quarterly Review of County and Family History, Heraldry and Antiquities. Illusts. and portraits. No. 1, April, 1902. Royal Svo, boards, unLond. 1902


48. ANTI-JACOBIN (THE), or Weekly Examiner. (Edited by William Gifford, the first editor of the " Quarterly Review"). 2 vols. thick 12mo, calf. Lond. 1759

49. ANTIQUARY (THE): a Magazine. Walford. Vol. 1. Parts.

Edited by Edward N. Y. [Lond.], 1880

50. ARNOLD (EDWIN). Poems. ten for this Edition by the Author.

With Preface, writSmall 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1880

Contains translations of the "Gita Govinda," etc., and translations from the Greek poets.

51. AUTOGRAPHS. A 4to Scrap-Book, of about 30 leaves, on both sides of which are pasted cards, slips of paper, some A. L. S., etc., with the signatures, sometimes with the addition of a few lines, of prominent Americans, at the time of the Civil War. They include signatures of U. S. Grant, W. T. Sherman, Seward, Stanton, Greeley, Hooker, Ben Butler, Jefferson Davis, Alex. H. Stevens, Admiral Porter, Longstreet, H. W. Beecher, Tilden, Longfellow, short A. L. S. of Buchanan, Millard Fillmore. Gen. Burnside, H. Seymour, Gen. McClellan, John A. Dix, Reverdy Johnson, a signed card photograph of Richard Yates, engraved portrait, signed, of S. P. Chase, and a few other souvenirs such as a silk election badge of Tilden and Hendricks, a $10 Confederate bill, a colored Confederate envelope, card to the Impeachment of President Johnson, etc. Many of these cards are accompanied by stamped and addressed envelopes to the original owner of the collection. (About 150 pieces, as one lot.)

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52. BALDWIN (SAMUEL-Pastor of the Church in

Hanover). A Sermon, in Commemoration of the First Landing of the Fathers of New England. 12mo, unbound, pp. 39 (stained). Bost. 1776

53. BARBER (J. W.) United States Book; or, Interesting Events in U. S. History, with Biographical Sketches. By J. W. Barber. Portrait of Washington and numerous other engravings, views and maps. Post 8vo, sheep (somewhat time-stained). New Haven [1833] ✔ 54. BEECHER (HENRY WARD). Star Papers; or, Experiences of Art and Nature. 8vo, original cloth.

N. Y. 1855

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Scarce FIRST EDITION of the papers originally printed in the New York Independent with the signature of a Star. Contains A Sabbath at Stratford-on-Avon,' "Ruins of KennilworthWarwick Castle," etc.; and 32 country sketches.




Official Report of the Trial of Henry Ward Beecher, with Notes and References by Austin Abbott, of Counsel for the Defense; together with an Account of the Court and Biographical Sketches of the Judge, the parties, their Counsel, and some of their Witnesses. 8 portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1875


56. BELKNAP (JEREMY). A Sermon before the Convention of the Clergy of Massachusetts, Boston, May 26, 1796. Post 8vo, unbound. Bost. 1796 ✓57. BIBLIOGRAPHY. A Glance at [American] Private Libraries. By Luther Farnham. Svo, original paper covers. Bost. 1855

EXTRA ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 14 portraits and an A. L. S. of Edward Everett.


58. BIDDLE (SARAH). Some Letters of an American Woman concerning Love and other Things. Drawings by Annetta Gibson McCall and photographic reproductions of Stratford-on-Avon, Westminster Abbey, etc. Svo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. Phil 1902

59. BIOGRAPHIA AMERICANA; or, a Historical and Critical Account of the Lives, Actions, and Writings of the Most Distinguished Persons in North America, from the First Settlement to the Present Time. By A Gentleman of Philadelphia [B. F. French.] Engraved front. and portraits. 8vo, boards and label, uncut. N. Y.: Mallory, 1825

FINE COPY OF A RARE WORK. Contains 16 full-page portraits (stipple engravings) of James Lawrence, Wm. Smith, Joel Barlow, Commodore Wm. Bainbridge, Benj. Franklin (in outline), Alex. Hamilton, David Ramsay, Geo. Washington, Chas. Stewart, Benj. West, and others of America's most noted characters, by Edwin, Leney, Goodman Boyd, Scoles, etc., after Stuart, West, Wood, and others.

60. BOOKPLATES. Albany Society Library. A curious O plate. An Indian Aiming an Arrow at a Leaping Fox. Allen, 11. [Dated 1759.]


Lloyd Aspinwall. Old New York.
Edw. J. C. Atterbury.


✓ 63.

Avery, Samuel Putnam. Pictorial. Engraved by C. W. Sherborn. 1893.

✓ 61.

Java.✓ 62.



Including many rare examples, the property of a well-known
New York collector.

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64. Thos. Forrest Betton. 2 varieties. German Town, Pa. (2 pieces.)

Chas. Y. Bancker. Chippendale. Figure 4.

✓ 65. Allen, 53.

✓ 66.

✓ 67.

Chad [circa 1715.]

✓ 68.


Rev. Jonathan Boucher, M. A. Loyalist Clergyman of Va. in 1754. Allen, 95.

Thomas Bramston of Skreens. Armorial. Rare.

69. Allen, 115. ✓ 70.

David Brearley. Wreath.

M. Bruen. Clergyman in N. Y. Armorial. ✔

Robert Burrow. Fine armorial. [circa 1760.] 71. William Byrd of Westover, in Virginia. Jacobean on a shaded ground. Allen, 123. Allen, 123. Fine copy. RARE. [circa 1730.]


This fine plate was reproduced in the Ex-Libris Journal, Vol. I., p. 42. Byrd was a distinguished Virginian and was President of the Council of the Colony.


Hon. Wm. Carmichaell, Esq. Delegate to Congress, 1778-1780. from Maryland. Armorial. ✓ 73. Armorial. ✓ 74.

John Chadwick. Healey Hall, Lancashire, 1791.

Anthony Chamier (intimate friend of Dr. JohnChad son). Chippendale. Fine. Scarce. [circa 1770.] om

✓ 75.
✓ 76.
Chad thinned).
On ✓ 77.

Chauncey. Plain Armorial. Allen, 151.
Chester Library. Armorial-Chippendale (little
Very rare. [circa 1760.]

John Clark. Armorial. Allen, 163. Rare.
John Plomer Clarke. Fine Armorial. [circa 1788.]

✓ 78.


De Witt Clinton, Gov. of N. Y., 1817-1822.、 v P. R. Maverick, Sc. Allen, 171. Also his autograph sig

C nature (1 piece). RARE. 8

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✓ 81.

Collegium B. Maria prope Winton (Winchester had College). Early English College plate. Fine copy. Rare. [Ca. 1705.]

✓ 82.

Marquis Cornwallis. Fine armorial. [Ca. 1760.]
Francis Costigan, Esq.
Armorial Jacobean.✔


(One margin torn.) [Ca. 1720.]
✓ 84.
Wm. Cowper of Colne, Esq. Chippendale-✔
Armorial, dated 1728.

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✓ 80.

Cadwallader D. Colden, Eminent Lawyer, Mayor of N. Y., and author of "Memoir . . . of the New Yor Canals." Armorial. Allen, 176.

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(See Ex-Libris Jn. Vol. 3, p. 100.) Rare.

✓ 85.

John W. Crake. Library interior. Engraved by Will Foster. 1897. Proof on Japan vellum. Large Paper.

✓ 85*.

✓ 86.

Chad [Ca. 1770.] ✓ 87.

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✓ 88.


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✓ 90.
& Heath.

✓ 89.

De Messire Barthélemy Gabriel Rolland, Conseiller au Parlement, Président à la Première des Regnelis du Palais. Pictorial-Armorial, dated 1761.

Duke of Sussex. Armorial. Eng. by Perkins

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✓92. had Scarce.

✓ 93.


States Morris Dyckman, Distinguished New Yorker. Allen, 245. RARE.


Dyckman was an intimate friend of Major André.

Ex Libris M. A. Principis Burghesii. Armorial.

Another copy. Proof on hand-made paper.

T. Craster, M.A.


Fine copy.

[— Curtis, of Kent.] Armorial. [Ca. 1800.] Henry Davidson. Allen, 207. Ribbon and

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Samuel Farmar Jarvis. Pictorial. Allen, 424.
Cyrus W. Field; Hamilton Field; M. Field. (3)



Hattie D. Fellowes, N. Y. Armorial. Auto. on a fly-leaf of book.

96. Phillip Richard Fendall, Distinguished Attorney at Washington. Allen, 270. Armorial.

✓ 97.

H. W. Fincham, author of "English and American Bookplates." Pictorial. Eng. by C. W. Sherborn, but not signed.

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Engraved by E. D. French.


























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Grolier Club.


✓ 123.

Chetham's Library, Manchester.
Chad Fund. (2 pieces.)

✓ 124.
(2 pieces.)

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Lowell M. Palmer. Eng. by French.

William Augustus Brewer. Eng. by French.
E. P. Williams. Eng. by French.
Eng. by French.

Arnold Wood.

Charles Conover Kalbleisch.

Eng. by French.
Edward Hale Bierstadt. Eng. by French.
Marshall Clifford Lefferts. Eng. by French.
Robert H. McCarter. Eng. by French.
Eva Snow Smith Prescott. Eng by French.
John Page Woodbury. Eng. by French.
John Gerard Heckscher. Eng. by French.
Howard Willets. Eng. by French.

✓ 122.

W. A. Butterfield. G. L. Chamblis. Pictorial. Eng. by J. W. Spencely. 1897-99. (2)

A. Dwight Stratton. Eng. by French.
Mary Emma Plummer. Eng. by French.
Frank Evans Marshall. Eng. by French.
Caroline Seagrave Bliss. Eng. by French.
Lowell M. Palmer. Eng. by French.
A. C. Bernheim. Eng. by French.
James William Ellsworth. Eng. by French.
Lowell Melvin Palmer. Eng. by French.
Henry A. Sherwin. Eng. by French
Henry Rogers Winthrop. Eng. by French.
Charles H. Taylor, Jr. Eng. by French.
Lucy Coleman Carnegie. Eng. by French.

M. W. Collet, Phil. (1832?) Both varieties.

✓ 125.

by Maverick.

✓ 126.

Robert Holt

James Giles, of N. Y.

Festoon trophy. Eng. Allen, 306. Fine copy. [ca. 1780.]

Henry D. Gilpin, Phil. Signed by Childs.


/ 127.

Another copy, unsigned.

128. Grolier Club. Exhibition of Am. Bookplates, October, 1894. Card. Eng. by L. H. Horgan.

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