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tional Papers concerning the Province of Quebeck (Appendix to the preceding). 2 vols. 8vo, original half calf.

Lond. 1775-76

Baron Maseres was Attorney-General of Quebec from 1766 to 1769, and a noted lawyer and politician. His integrity was such that he was requested by the Protestant settlers of Quebec to represent their claims in London. He showed active sympathy with those political reformers who were prosecuted by the Government, once making a visit to Cobbett when he was in gaol, in his sheriff's wig and gown, to express his sympathy. Charles Lamb gives an interesting account of him in his essay on the Inner Temple Benchers, describing him as always wearing the costume of the time of George II., with three-cornered hat, tye wig, and ruffles.

These two volumes are two of the most important of his publications, containing much valuable historical information. Scarce.

943. [] The Canadian Freeholder: a Dialogue shewing the Sentiments of the Bulk of the Freeholders of Canada concerning the late Quebeck-Act, etc. 3 vols. 8vo (the two first volumes in half russia, bindings broken, the third in good condition in full calf, gilt). Lond. 1776-79

First editions and very scarce. The first volume was origi. nally issued with the title as above, but the second and third volumes added "in three dialogues."

944. [-] A Volume of Pamphlets, all by this author, containing: Du Gouvernement, des Mours, et des Conditions en France avant la Révolution, Lond. 1795; Translation of a Passage in a late pamphlet of M. Mallet Du Pan intitled Correspondance Politique, Lond. 1796; Questions sur lesquelles on souhaite de sçavoir les Réponses de M. Adhémar, et de M. de Lisle, et d'autres Habitants de la Province de Québec, Lond. 1784; View of the English Constitution, transl. by Masères from Montesquieu, Lond. 1781; Second edn. of the Moderate Reformer, or a Proposal for abolishing . . . abuses that have crept into the Church of England, Lond. 1794. Bound in 1 vol. 8vo, original old calf. Masères' own copy, with his autograph, and date March, 1797. 945. Occasional Essays on Various Subjects, chiefly Political and Historical, extracted partly from the Publick Newspapers. . . and partly from Tracts published in the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King Charles I. and II., etc. 8vo, original half russia. Lond. 1809

Among the Essays are: A Proposal for Reconciliation with the Revolted Provinces of North America; On the state of North America after the Capture of Cornwallis; Thoughts on the Independence of America, and the best Manner of Acknowledging it; the First Two Charters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay; Votes and Proceedings of the town of Boston in Oct. and Nov., 1772, containing their grievances; Account of the Noblesse, or Gentry in Canada, in 1775; On the Slave Trade; etc.

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946. BARRY (JOHN S.) History of Massachusetts. 1, The Colonial Period; 2, The Provincial Period; 3, The Commonwealth Period. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth (a little worn, name on title of Vol. 1). Bost. 1855-57 947. BAY STATE MONTHLY (THE). Vol. 1 (containing many Historical and Literary Papers). Portraits and illusts. 8vo, cloth. Bost. 1884


The Register Book of the Lands and Houses in the "New Towne " and the Town of Cambridge, with the Records of the Proprietors of the Common Lands. Small 4to, cloth.

Royal 8vo, cloth.

Cambridge: By Order of the City Council, 1896 949. GILMAN (A.-Editor). The Cambridge of 1896: a Picture of the City and its Industries. Numerous illusts. Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1896 The Beginnings of Cambridge, by John Fiske; Life in Cambridge Town, by T. W. Higginson; The Gambrel Roofed House, by Oliver Wendell Holmes; Harvard University, by C. W. Eliot; etc.

950. HIGGINSON (T. W.) Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the War of 1861-65. 2 vols. royal 8vo, cloth. (Presentation copy from the author.) Bost. 1896

951. HOSMER (JAMES K.) Life and Times of Thomas Hutchinson, Royal Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Portrait, view, and facsimile. 8vo,cloth. Bost. 1896

952. [HUTCHINSON (THOMAS).] A Collection of Original Papers relative to the History of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay. 8vo, sheep. Bost.: T. & J. Fleet, 1769 The rare original edition. On the back of title is pasted the bookplate [reprint?] of Isaiah Thomas, the noted publisher and book-seller.

953. The History of Massachusetts, from the First Settlement thereof in 1628 until the year 1750, Third edn., with additional Notes and Corrections, 2 vols., Salem and Bost. 1795; The History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the year 1750 until June, 1774, Lond., J. Murray, 1828. Together 3 vols. 8vo, half calf.

Complete set of Hutchinson's History of Massachusetts, with Thornton's Index of Persons and Places bound in at the end of the third volume. Autographs of E. C. Hutchinson on titles of Vols. 1 and 2.

954. Diary and Letters, with an Account of his Government of the Colony during the difficult period preceding the War of Independence. Edited from original documents by P. O. Hutchinson. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth (library label removed from cover of Vol. 1).

[Vol. I., Lond. 1883; Vol. II., Bost. 1886]


955. MERRILL (E. H. M.-Editor). Cambridge Sketches, by Cambridge Authors. Plates. 8vo, cloth. Bost. [1896] 956. MINOT (G. R.) Continuation of the History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the year 1748. 2 vols. in 1. 8vo, cloth. Bost. 1798-1803 The original two volumes of Hutchinson's History ended with 1750, the concluding portion not being published until 1828. This History of Minot's was intended as a continuation of Hutchinson's and concludes with 1765, the author's death leaving it unfinished.

957. MASSACHUSETTS STATE LIBRARY. Catalogue. (1048 double-column pages.) Royal 8vo, cloth. Bost. 1880

958. POCUMTUCK. History and Proceedings of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, 1870-89. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Deerfield: Pub. by the Assoc., 1890 Historical Papers, Legendary Tales, Williams' Indian Captivity, etc.

959. MASSIE (JOSEPH). An Historical Account of the Naval Power of France, from its First Foundation. . . with a State of the English Fisheries at Newfoundland for 150 years past... to which is added a Narrative of the Proceedings of the French at Newfoundland from the reign of King Charles. . . first printed in 1712. 4to, half roan, pp. 195. Lond. 1762

Very Scarce. Massie was a noted collector of pamphlets. most of which he left to the British Museum. In his treatises on the conflicts with other powers he advanced the theory, which has been so ably expounded by Capt. Mahan and others, that the way to obtain power is to gain command of the sea. It is interesting to find this advocated 150 years ago. The Narrative" is a reprint of the very scarce Letter from a West-India Merchant to a friend at Tunbridge," published in 1712.



960. MASSON (L. R.) Les Bourgeois de la Compagnie du Nord-Ouest: Récits de Voyages, Lettres et Rapports inédits relatifs au Nord-Ouest Canadien. Avec une Esquisse Historique, et des Annotations. Both Series. 2 vols. royal Svo, half morocco. Quebec, 1889-90

The interesting Narratives, Letters and other Documents are mostly in English, occupying 412 pages of First Series and the whole 499 pages of the Second Series, and including valuable documents hitherto unpublished of Sir Alexander MacKenzie, and others, relating to explorations and settlements, the Indians, etc.

961. inserted.

Another copy. 2 vols. royal 8vo, half calf, map (Presentation copy.) Quebec, 1889-90

962. MATHER (COTTON). Magnalia Christi Americana; or, The Ecclesiastical History of New-England, from its First Planting in the Year 1620 unto the Year of our Lord 1698. Folio, contemporary calf (rebacked). Lond. 1702 Good copy, with the Original Map and the two leaves of advertisements. One of the Earliest Issues, with the errors of pagination uncorrected.

963. MAUNDEVILLE'S TRAVELS. The Voiage and Travaile of Sir John Maundeville, Kt. Reprinted from the edition of 1725. With Introduction, Notes, and Glossary by J. O. Halliwell. Facsimiles of the original illusts. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1883

964. MAURAULT (ABBÉ J. A.) Histoire des Abenakis depuis 1605 jusqu'à nos jours. 8vo, half; morocco, gilt back and edges. (648 pp.) Slight damage to title. Scarce. Sorel, 1866 965. MAXWELL (JAMES CLERK). Scientific Papers. Edited by W. D. Niven. Portrait, plates and diagrams. 2 vols. 4to, cloth. Cambridge [England], 1890

The Theory of Electric Currents maintained without Permanent Magnets; On Color Vision; Faraday; Molecules; Soap Bubbles; the Atom; the Telephone; Elastic Solids; the Theory of Colors and Color Blindness; the Constitution of Saturn's Rings; Mathematical Papers, etc.

966. [MAY (THOMAS).] Historia Parliamenti Angliæ Breviarium. Authore T. M. 16mo, limp vellum.

[Lond.?] 1651

This was originally written in Latin, and translated later into English. It was intended as a continuation of his history of the Parliament during the Civil War.

967. MAY (SIR THOS. ERSKINE). The Constitutional History of England, 1760-1871. Sixth edn. 3 vols. crown 8vo, cloth.

Lond. 1878 The Constitutional History of England, 17601860. With Supplement, 1861-71. 3 vols. crown 8vo,



Lond. 1889


Treatise on the Law, Privileges, Proceedings and Usage of Parliament. Eighth edn. Thick 8vo, calf. Lond. 1879

970. Treatise on the Law, Privileges, Proceedings and Usage of Parliament. Tenth edn. Edited by Sir Reginald F. D. Palgrave and A. Bonham-Carter. Thick royal 8vo, cloth.

Lond. 1893

Presentation copy from Sir Reginald Palgrave, with Autograph Letter and inscription.

971. MEIGS (W. M.) The Growth of the Constitution in the Federal Convention of 1787.


8vo, cloth. Phil. 1900

972. MEN OF THE DAY. A Canadian Portrait Gallery. Edited by L. H. Taché. Portraits (4to photos) and biographical sketches of 34 contemporary men, including Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir John Bourinot, etc. (a few duplicates). (As a lot.) Ottawa, 1890, etc.

973. MEN OF THE TIME. A Dictionary of Contemporaries. Biographical sketches. Twelfth edn., revised. Thick post 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1887

974. MERCURE FRANÇOIS (LE). Chronologie Septenaire de l'Histoire de la Paix entre les Roys de France et d'Espagne, 1598-1604; Mercure François (the preceding title was changed with this vol.), 1610-15, 1617-19; additions to 1623 and the year 1624; additions to 1626 and the year 1627; 1627-28; 1632 and the year 1633; 1635-37. Bound in 11 vols. (10 in half calf neat, the other in vellum). 12mo. (The volume for 1626-27 lacks title and a leaf or two at end; 1627-28 lacks 32 pp. at beginning.)

Paris, 1605-39 [one vol. Cologne, 1615]

The vol. for 1626 contains Lallemant's Jesuit Relation; 1633 contains Emery Du Caen's expedition to Quebec, "Relation de ce qui s'est passé en la Nouvelle France," and Champlain's Journey; in 1628 is an account of Richelieu's Canada Company of the One Hundred; and other pieces relating to Canada.

975. Duplicate of the vol. for 1617-19 in the previous lot. 12mo, half calf (lacks title and some leaves at end).

976. MEXICO. BAKER (F. C.) A Naturalist in Mexico, being a visit to Cuba, N. Yucatan and Mexico. Maps and plates. Post 8vo, cloth. Chicago, 1895 Archæological Studies among the Ancient Cities of Mexico. By Wm. H. Holmes. Part I. Monuments of Yucatan. Numerous folding plans. Royal 8vo, half calf. (Field Museum.) Chicago, 1895


978. MILES (H. H.) History of Canada under the French Régime, 1535-1763. Maps and facsimile plans. Post Svo, half calf. Montreal, 1881

979. MILLS (WESLEY). The Nature and Development of Animal Intelligence. Post 8vo, cloth (with presentation inscription from the author on title). Lond. 1898

980. MILTON (VISCOUNT) AND CHEADLE (W. B.) The North-West Passage by Land; being the Narrative of an Expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific through British Territory. Maps and plates. Svo, cloth (used copy). Lond., n. d.

981. MINNESOTA in the Civil and Indian Wars, 18611865. Published under the auspices of the Legislature of Minnesota. Imp. 8vo, half morocco, gilt back.

St. Paul, 1890

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