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982. MINNESOTA HIST. SOC. COLLECTIONS. Vol. 6, Parts 1, 2, and 3 (Baker's "Sources of the Mississippi," The Hennepin Bi-Centenary, Indian Mounds, Sioux Outbreak, etc.); and Vol. 8, Part 3. Illust. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth and paper. St. Paul, 1887-98

983. Collections, Vol. IX. (the Ojibways in Minnesota), by J. A. Gilfillan; Civilization of the Ojibways, by H. B. Whipple; Hennepin's Discoveries, by S. M. Davis; Captivity Among the Sioux in 1862; Sioux Outbreak of 1862, M. N. Adams; etc.). Portraits. 8vo, cloth.

St. Paul, 1901 984. MISSISSIPPI. Brower (J. V.) The Mississippi River and its Sources: a Narrative and Critical History of its Discovery, with the Results of the Hydrographic and Topographic Surveys. Many maps and plates. Royal 8vo, half calf. (Minn. Hist. Soc'y.) Minneapolis, 1893

985. Shea (J. G.) Discovery and Exploration of the Mississippi Valley, with the Original Narratives of Marquette, Allouez, Membré, Hennepin, and Anastase Douay. Plates, including folding facsimile of the newly discovered map of the Mississippi, by Marquette. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. Redfield, 1852

Scarce. Mr. Shea has added copious biographical, historical and bibliographical notes of the greatest value.

986. MISSOURI. Owen (L. A.) Cave Regions of the Ozarks and Black Hills. Plans and views. Post Svo, cloth. Cinn. 1898

987. MITCHELL (DONALD G.) American Lands and Letters: (Leather Stocking to Poe's "Raven "). FIRST EDN. Over 100 portraits and plates. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1899 988. MOCKRIDGE (C. H.) The Bishops of the Church of England in Canada and Newfoundland: a Historical Sketch. Portraits and plates. 8vo, cloth. Toronto [1896]

989. MOLL (HERMAN). The Compleat Geographer; or, The Chorography and Topography of all the Known Parts of the Earth. Fourth edn. Maps. Folio, old calf (binding loose, and a few leaves waterstained). Lond. 1723

The American portion contains maps of the “Isle of California," New England and New France, New Spain, "Terra Firma," Peru, Brazil, the "Province of Rio de la Plata," and Chili.

990. MONRO (ALEX.) Statistics of British North America, including a Description of its Gold Fields. Crown 8vo, cloth (a few pp. stained).

Halifax, 1862

991. MONTCALM. Bonnechose (Ch. de). Le Canada François. Maps, portraits, views. boards (worn).

Montcalm et

Post 8vo, Paris, 1891

992. MONTESQUIEU (CH. DE). Œuvres Complètes; avec les Variantes des Premières Éditions, un choix des meilleurs Commentaires, et des Notes Nouvelles, par ÉDOUARD LABOULAYE. Portraits. 7 vols. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. Paris: Garnier, 1875-79

993. MONTPETIT (A. N.) Les Poissons d'Eau Douce du Canada. Colored plates of fishes and numerous illusts. in the text Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt bands. Montreal, 1897

994. MONTREAL. Beaugrand (H.) Le Vieux Montreal, 1611-1803. 13 full-page plates, mostly in color, by P. L. Morin. Large oblong folio, cloth. Montreal, 1884

The plates include Montreal after Champlain, 1611, in 164550, and plans of later dates to 1723, views of the Recollect College and Church of Notre Dame, at an early date, etc.

995. Broadside, signed by Jonas Hanway and others, dated from the New York Coffee House [London], 1766, asking for subscriptions for the sufferers from the great Fire in Montreal, May, 1765, and including a petition signed by prominent inhabitants of the city, giving an account of the fire. Two leaves, 4to, bound in limp boards. [Lond. 1766]

996. Bosworth (N.) Hochelaga Depicta: the Early History and Present State of the City and Island of Montreal. 12mo, half roan. Montreal, 1839 First edition of this early and rare description of Montreal, with the 23 views and maps.

997. Hochelaga Depicta; or, A New Picture of Montreal: the Early History and Present State of the City and Island of Montreal. Plans, views of old buildings, landmarks, etc. Edited by Newton Bosworth, with Additions. Crown 8vo, cloth (name on title). Montreal, 1846


998. Hodges (James). The Construction of the Great Victoria Bridge in Canada (a description and detailed account of its construction). Illust. with 60 large plates, including scale drawings, colored views, etc. Royal folio, half morocco, gilt. Lond. 1860

Sumptuously printed, the title in gold, and gold borders to each page.

999. Lighthall (W. D.) Montreal after 250 years. Numerous illusts., including reproductions from rare views. 12mo, cloth. No. 180 of the limited and signed edition. Montreal, 1892

1000. Plan of the Town and Fortifications of Montreal (with inset view), from the London Magazine, 1760; also The Isles of Montreal as they have been surveyed by the French Engineers, about the same date. (2 pieces.) 1760

1001. SANDHAM (A.) Ville-Marie; or, Sketches of Montreal, Past and Present. Views of old buildings, etc. Svo, half calf. Montreal, 1870 1002. MOODIE (S.) Roughing It in the Bush; or, Life in (Upper) Canada. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth (name on titles). Lond. 1852 Includes the experiences of the author, better known as Susanna Strickland (sister of the historian), during the rebellion of 1837.

1003. MORGAN (H. J.) Sketches of Celebrated Canadians and Persons connected with Canada, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Thick 8vo, cloth.


Quebec, 1862

Bibliotheca Canadensis; or, A Manual of Canadian Literature. Royal 8vo, half calf. Ottawa, 1867 1005. MORRIS (WILLIAM). The Heimskringla: the Stories of the Kings of Norway. By S. Sturleson. Transl. from the Icelandic by Wm. Morris and E. Magnusson. Map of Norway. 3 vols. post Svo, half roan, uncut. (Saga Library) Lond. Quaritch, 1893-95 Contains the Sagas relating to the discovery of Vinland. 1006. MORRISON (C.) History of the Year 1891, with Special Reference to Canadian Affairs. Numerous portraits and other illusts. Square royal 8vo, half morocco.

Toronto, 1892

1007. MOUNTAIN (G. J.-Bishop of Montreal). Songs of the Wilderness. Poems written in different parts of the territory of the Hudson's Bay Company, and in the wilds of Canada in 1844. 4 plates. 12mo, cloth. Lond. 1846

With explanatory notes.

1008. MUNICIPAL INSTITUTIONS. The Ontario Township, by J. M. McEvoy, map, Toronto, 1889; The Genesis of the Massachusetts Town, by Chas Francis Adams and others, Cambridge, 1892; etc. 7 pamphlets bound in 1 vol. half calf.

1009. MUNOZ (JEAN BAPTISTA). Historia del NuevoMondo. Portrait of Columbus and map. Tomo I. (all issued). 4to, original calf. Madrid, 1793

1010. MURRAY (H.) Historical and Descriptive Account of British America. Maps and woodcuts. 3 vols. 12mo, cloth. (Edinburgh Cabinet Library.) Edin. 1839

1011. MURRAY (J. C.) Solomon Maimon: an Autobiography. Transl. from the German. Post 8vo, cloth. (Presentation copy from the translator.) Lond. 1888

1012. MURRAY (W. H. H.) Daylight Land. Over 100 tinted illusts. 8vo, half calf. Bost. 1888

A humorous story of travel in the North-West.

1013 MYRAND (ERNEST). William Phips devant Québec; Histoire d'un Siège en 1690 (from original contemporary narratives). Portraits and facsimile plans. 8vo, Quebec, 1893

half calf. 1014. Noëls Anciens de la Nouvelle-France: Études historique. (With the music of some of the Carols.) 8vo, half calf. (Presentation copy, with autograph inscription.) Quebec, 1899

1015. NA ADAILLAC (MARQUIS DE). Pre-Historic America. Transl. by N. D'Anvers, and edited by W. H. Dall. With 219 illustrations. 8vo, cloth. Lond. Murray, 1885

1016. NAVAL. Les Us et Coutumes de la Mer, de la Navigation; du Commerce Naval, et Contrats Maritimes; de la Jurisdiction de la Marine. Avec un Traitée des Termes de Marine, Reglemens de la Navigation des Fleuves et Rivieres; et les Nouveaux Edits, Reglemens, Arrests, et Jugemens rendus sur le fait du Commerce de la Mer. 4to, old calf. Fine copy. Rouen: Jean Berthelin, 1671

In this collection of old "rules of the sea" will be found much interesting material. The explanation of maritime terms is of value as explaining old French narratives of the early voyagers. Some historical matter is included in places. In one (p. 129) it is stated that a Basque informed and directed Columbus where he could find the New World.

1017. NAVARRETE (M. F. DE). Coleccion de los Viajes y Descubrimientos que hicieron por Mar los Españoles desde fines del Siglo XV. Con varios Documentos Ineditos concernientes á la Historia de la Marina Castellana y de los Establecimientos Españoles en Indias. 5 vols. 8vo, half morocco (Vol. I., 1858; Vol. II., 1859; Vol. III., 1880; Vol. IV., 1837; Vol. V., 1837. Two maps in Vol. I., one map in Vol. III., and portrait (inserted) of Magellan in Vol. IV.

Complete set of this important collection. The first two volumes relate entirely to Columbus, and contain the first publication of Las Casas' Account of the first voyage of Columbus, compiled from the Admiral's own papers; the other vol. umes contain the voyages of Vespuccius, documents relating to the settlements in Darien, the voyage of Magellan, etc. 1018. NEBRASKA HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The Provisional Government of Nebraska Territory, and the Journals of Wm. Walker, Provisional Governor. Edited by Wm. E. Connelly. Map and portraits. 8vo, cloth.. (Special publication of the Nebraska Hist. Soc) Lincoln, 1899 1019. Transactions and Reports, with Historical Papers, Biographical Notices, etc. Vol. II. 8vo, cloth.

Lincoln, 1887


1020. ATKINSON (W. C.) A Historical and Statistical Account of New Brunswick, with Advice to Emigrants. Third edition, improved and corrected. Map. 12mo, moEdinburgh, 1844


1021. BAILLIE (T.) An Account of the Province of New Brunswick. Map. 12mo, original boards. Lond. 1832

1022. BATES (W.-Sheriff of New Brunswick). Companion for Caraboo: a Narrative of the Conduct and Adventures of Henry Frederic Moon, now under sentence of imprisonment in Connecticut, North America; containing an Account of his unparalleled impostures while in the New Brunswick Gaols. With a Description of New Brunswick and some Account of Caraboo, the Female Impostor. Portrait (corner water-stained). 8vo, calf. Lond. 1817

1023. BURTIS (W. R. M.) New Brunswick as a Home for Emigrants, with the best means of promoting immigration and developing resources. Crown 8vo, paper, pp. 50.

St. John, N. B., 1860

1024. COLLECTIONS of the N. B. Historical Society, No. 4 (Journal of Capt. Owen, James White papers, etc.), St. John, 1899; Bulletin of the Natural History Society of N. B., No. 19, St. John, 1901. 8vo, paper. (2 pieces.)

1025. COONEY (R.) A Compendious History of the Northern Part of the Province of New Brunswick and the District of Gaspé, in Lower Canada. 8vo, cloth.

Chatham, 1896

Reprinted from the rare original edition of Halifax, 1832.

1026. DE PEYSTER (JOHN WATTS). Address (the Loyalists of America) before the Historical Society of New Brunswick, in St. John, July 4, 1883. 8vo, boards, pp. 40. N.Y. 1883

1027. ELLIS (J. V.) New Brunswick as a Home for Emigrants, with the best means of promoting Emigration and developing the Resources of the Province. Crown 8vo, paper (First Prize Essay), pp. 60. Saint John, 1860

1028. GESNER (A.) New Brunswick, with Notes for Emigrants, comprehending the Early History of the Colony, an Account of the Indians, etc. Map and illusts. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1847

1029. HANNAY (J.) Life and Times of Sir Leonard Tilley being a Political History of New Brunswick, 1827Portraits and plates. 8vo, half morocco, gilt bands. Presentation copy, with the author's autograph inscription. St. John, 1897

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