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1070. [WIX (EDWARD).] Six Months of a Newfoundland Missionary's Journal, 1835. Post 8vo, half cloth, uncut. Lond. 1836

1071. YOUNG (G. R.) Letters to the Hon. E. G. S. Stanley, upon the existing Treaties with France and America, as regards their "Rights of Fishery upon the Coasts of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, etc. Colored map, showing the rights granted to France. 8vo, morocco (title and map foxed).

Lond. 1834

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1072. ANNUAL REPORT of the Fisheries Department, St. Johns, 1894; Folk-Lore and Dialect, by Geo. Patterson, New Glasgow, n. d.; Explorations in the Schooner "Grampus" in 1887, by F. A. Lucas; etc. 4 pamphlets, bound in 3 vols. 8vo, etc., cloth and paper.

1073. TOCQUE'S Newfoundland as It Was, and as It Is in 1877-1878; Harvey's Newfoundland in 1897; Howley's Geography of Newfoundland, 1877. 3 vols.

1074. NEW HAMPSHIRE. Belknap (Jeremy). History of New Hampshire. Map. 3 vols. 8vo, full tree calf gilt, by Rivière. Phil. 1784; Bost. 1791-92

John Pickering's copy, with his autograph in each volume. First editions of each, with the list of subscribers, and the separately printed leaf with the copyright entries.

1075. NEW JERSEY. Calendar of Records in the Office of the Secretary of State, 1664-1703. Edited by W. Neilson. 8vo,cloth. (New Jersey Archives, Vol. XXI.) Paterson, 1899

1076. NEW YORK CITY during the American Revolution: a Collection of Papers, now first published from the [Tomlinson] Manuscripts (with a Topographical and Historical Introduction and Notes by H. B. Dawson). Ratzer's plan of New York in 1776-77. 4to, cloth, uncut. N. Y.: Privately printed for the Mercantile Library Association, 1861.

1077. NEW YORK FUNGI. Memoir of the N. Y. State Museum for November, 1900. Report of the State Botanist on Edible Fungi of New York, 1895-99. By Ch. H. Peck. Numerous colored plates. 4to, boards, Albany, 1900

1078. NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Vol. 3, N. Y. 1857; (Jogues Papers, Father Druillettes Journal in 1650, etc.), Vol. 14 (The Montresor Journals); Constitution and By-Laws, with Proceedings of the 2nd and 3rd Annual Meetings of N. Y. State Hist. Association, 1901-1902. vols. 8vo, cloth and boards.

1079. NEW YORK STATE. De Lancey (E. F) History of the Town of Mamaroneck, in the County of Westchester. Portraits, maps, etc. Imp. 8vo, paper, pp. 43 (needs binding). N.Y. Repr. from Scharf's History, 1886 With presentation inscription from the author.

1080. NIAGARA. Hall (J.) Niagara Falls, Past, Present and Prospective (N. Y. State Geological Report, 1843), map, 2 plates and woodcuts (22 pp.); 10th Annual Report of the Commissioners for Queen Victoria Niagara Falls Park, 2 colored maps and 18 plates. (79 pp.) 2 pieces, 8vo and royal 8vo, half calf. Albany and Toronto, 1895 1081. KIRBY (W.) Annals of Niagara [1640-1870]. 8vo, half calf, gilt. (Lundy's Lane Historical Society.) [Welland, Ontario], 1896 1082. NIAGARA HISTORICAL SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS. Battle of Ft. George (Trans. No. 1), by E. Cruik shank; Ft. Niagara, 1783-96, etc. (No. 2); Battle of Queenstown Heights, etc. (No. 4); War of 1812 (No. 5); Historic Buildings (No. 7); Family History (No. 8): Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, etc., in the Historical Room, Jan, 1899. Paper. (7 pieces.) Niagara, 1896-99

1083. NORTH AMERICAN NOTES AND QUERIES. Edited by E. T. D. Chambers. Vol. 1, Nos. 1-9. (Founded on Le Courrier du Livre.) Portraits, maps, etc. 9 pieces, 4to, original wrappers. Quebec, 1900-01 TERRITORY. Privy Council Papers. Report of Delegates appointed to Negotiate for the Acquisition of Rupert's Land and the North-west Territory. Svo, cloth, pp. 39. Ottawa, 1869



1085. ANDERSON (R. B.) America not Discovered by Columbus. A Historical Sketch of the Discovery of America by the Norsemen. Third edn., enlarged. Post Svo, cloth. Chicago, 1883

1086. BEAMISH (N. L.) The Discovery of America by the Northmen in the Xth Century, with Notices of the Early Settlements of the Irish in the Western Hemisphere. Map of Vinland, chart of the Discoveries of the Northmen and view of the Deighton Rock inscription. 8vo, old cloth.

Lond. 1841

1087. BEAUVOIS, STORM, RAFN, ETC. Beauvois, les Derniers Vestiges du Christianisme. . . dans le Markland et la Grande Irlande; Beauvois, la Norambègue; Découverte d'une Quartrième Colonie Precolombienne; Beauvois,


Markland et l'Escociland au XIVe Siècle; Rafn, sur la Découverte de l'Amérique au 10e Siècle, plates, 1843; Storm, Studies on the Vineland Voyages, 1889; and two magazine articles on the same subject, bound in one volume. 8vo, half morocco. 1843-92

1088. DE COSTA (B. F.) The Northmen in Maine: a Critical Examination of the Views of Dr. Kohl... and a chapter on the Discovery of Massachusetts Bay. Svo, cloth. Albany, 1870

Only 146 copies were printed for the author by Joel Munsell. This copy contains the two leaves which were reprinted, as well as the original leaves (pp. 107-8, 111-12). A presentation copy from the author to G. H. Moore.

1089. The Pre-Columbian Discovery of America, by the Northmen, with Translations from the Icelandic Sagas. 8vo, half calf. Albany, 1870

1090. GRAVIER (G.) Découverte de l'Amérique par les Normands au Xe Siècle. Plate of the Deighton Rock inscription, and 3 maps. Small 4to, half calf. Rouen, 1874 No. 35 of only 150 copies printed.

1091. HORSFORD (EBEN NORTON). Discovery of America by the Northmen. Address at the Unveiling of the Statue of Leif Eriksen. (With translations of the sagas of Erik the Red, and Thorfin, appendix containing various additional papers on the subject, etc.) Facsimile of rare maps. 4to, cloth. Bost. 1858 1092. The Problem of the Northmen. Letter to Judge Daly on Justin Winsor's opinion (that the Norsemen could only have reached Labrador). Second edn. Maps and illusts. 4to, cloth, pp. 23. Bost. 1890

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Sketch of Norse Discovery of America, plate and 4 facsimile maps, and woodcut; Review of "The Problem of the Northmen and the Sight of Norumbega," by Professor OLSON, and a Reply by E. N. HORSFORD, facsimile map. 2 vols. in one. Small 4to, half calf (29 and 22 pp., respectively). [Cambridge, 1891]

Only a very few copies of each privately printed.

1094. The Defences of Norumbega; and a Review of the Reconnaissances of T. W. Higginson, H. W. Haynes, Justin Winsor, Francis Parkman and E. F. Slafter. 22 facsimile charts, maps and other plates. 4to, cloth.

Bost. Riverside Press, 1891

1095. HORSFORD (EBEN NORTON AND CORNELIA). Leif's House in Vineland, and The Graves of the Northmen. Maps and illusts. 4to, cloth. (Laid in is Miss Horsford's "Vinland and its Ruins," pp. 17.) Bost. 1893


1096. HORSFORD (CORNELIA). An Inscribed Stone. 2 plates. 4to, cloth.

Cambridge, Mass.: Privately printed, 1895 Presentation copy, with an interesting four-page autograph letter from the author, referring to the book.

1097. Ruins of the Saga Time Travels and Explorations in Iceland in 1895, on behalf of Miss Cornelia Horsford of Cambridge. By T. Erlingsson. Large maps and numerous plates. Post 8vo, cloth, pp. 112. Lond. 1899 1098. KEYSER (R.) The Religion of the Northmen. (With a Chapter on the Discovery of America.) Transl. by B. Pennock. Post 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1854

1099. RAFN (CARL C.) Antiquitates Americanæ, sive Scriptores Septentrionales Rerum Ante-Columbianarum in America. Maps and plates, including facsimiles of old Norse MSS. in color. 4to, half roan.

(Hafniæ, Copenhagen) 1837 1100. Antiquitiés Américaines d'après les Monuments Historiques des Islandais et des Anciens Scandinaves. 2 maps. 4to, half morocco. Copenhagen, 1845 1101. Mémoires de la Société Royale des Antiquaires du Nord, 1840-44, containing Rafn, La Découverte de l'Amérique au 10e. Siècle; Supplement to the "Antiquitates Americanæ," transl. into the English by J. McCaul; Memoir of Einar Sockeson (fragment from the "Flatey Book" relating to Greenland); Antiquities at Fall River, by T. H. Webb; and other similar articles. Plates. 8vo, half roan.

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1102. REEVES (ARTHUR M.) The Finding of Wineland the Good. The History of the Icelandic Discovery of America. With phototype plates of the vellum MSS of the Sagas (the Flatey Book). 4to, half vellum. Lond. 1890

1103. SHIPLEY (M. A.) The Norse Colonization of America by the Light of the Vatican Finds. 8vo, cloth, 26 pp. Lucerne [1899]

1104. TORFEUS (THORMOD). Historia Vinlandiæ Antiquæ. . . . ex Antiquitatibus Islandicis in lucem producta exponuntur per Thormodum Torfæum. 12mo, in blue smooth morocco gilt, gilt edges. A fine specimen of binding. Havniæ, 1705

Scarce. The first book devoted wholly to the subject of the early Norse discoveries in America. The author was born in Iceland, and collected for the King of Denmark all the Icelandic manuscripts he could find; from these sources he wrote this history of ancient Vinland.


Another copy. Bound in modern morocco. A good copy, but not with quite such large margins as the preceding.

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History of Ancient Vinland: a Translation of
(the Preceding). By C. G. Herbermann. With an intro-
duction by J. G. Shea. 8vo, cloth.
N. Y. 1891
Only 100 copies printed.

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1107. WESTMAN (G. A.) Itinera Priscorum Scandianorum in Americam. Dissertatio . . . . in Reg. Acad. Aboënsi. 4to, cloth. pp. 24. Aboæ, 1757

The author thinks they possibly travelled as far south as Pennsylvania, if not even farther.

1108. NORWAY. The Official Publication for the Paris Exhibition, 1900. (Essays on Geography, Geology, Forestry, Mining, etc.) Transl. by J. Muir and others. Numerous illusts. and colored map. Royal 8vo, half morocco. Kristiania, 1900

1109. NOUVELLES SOIRÉES CANADIENNES. Recueil de Littérature Nationale. Edited by L. H. Tache. Various numbers, Vol. 3 (Nos. 1-4), 1884 to 1886. (11 pieces.) Montreal, 1884-86 Interesting contributions from Native Canadians concerning the history, literature, etc., of the country.


1110. ATKINS (T. B.) Selections from the Public Documents of Nova Scotia. Facsimile, etc. 8vo, full morocco. Halifax, N. S., 1869

Papers relating to the Acadian French and their removal from Port Royal, 1714-68; Papers relating to the War in North America, 1754-61; the first settlement of Halifax, 1749-56. 1111. — Another copy. Half morocco.


1112. ARCHIVES II. A Calendar of Two Letter-Books and one Commission-Book in the Possession of the Government of Nova Scotia, 1713-1741. Edited by A. M. MacMechan. Plan of the fort ut Annapolis Royal. 8vo, boards.

Halifax, 1900

A transcription of important papers relating to the Internal Administration of the Province during Walpole's long peace. 1113. [BROMLEY (WALTER).] A General Description of Nova Scotia. Illust. by a new and correct map. Svo, half calf. Halifax: Printed at the Royal Acadian School, 1823 Scarce. Erroneously attributed to Haliburton.

1114. CALNEK (W. A.) AND SAVARY (A. W.) History of the County of Annapolis, including Old Port Royal and Acadia. With Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of its early English Settlers and their Families. Portraits, map and illusts. 8vo, cloth. Toronto, 1897

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