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1344. ROBERTS (CHAS. G. D.) The Book of the Native. Poems. FIRST EDN. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. Autograph letter of the author inserted. Toronto, 1896 History of Canada. FIRST EDN. Map, etc. Bost. 1897 1346. ROBERTS (MORLEY). The Western Avernus; or, Toil and Travel in Further North America. Plates. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1896

1345. 8vo, cloth.

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1347. ROBERTSON (W.) History of America. Seventh edn. Maps and plates. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth (stamp on titles). Lond. 1796

1348 The History of the Discovery and Settlement of America. With Biographical Sketch, list of Spanish works, etc. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1858

1349. ROCHEFOUCAULD-LIANCOURT (DUC DE LA). Voyages dans les États-Unis d'Amérique fait en 1795, 1796, et 1797. FIRST EDN. Portrait inserted. 8 vols. 8vo, original calf, gilt. Paris: L'An VII. de la Republique [1799] With large two maps extending to Ohio, and showing the roads. The work contains the narrative of Johnson's captivity among the Indians, taken almost from his own dictation; a long description of a visit to Jefferson at Monticello; sketches of New York, with notices of Hamilton, Burr, etc. The travels included Canada.

1350. ROEBUCK (J. A.) The Colonies of England: a Plan for the Government of some of our Colonial Possessions. Map. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1849

1351. ROGER (CHAS.) The Rise of Canada from Barbarism to Wealth and Civilization. Vol. 1 (all published), 1527-1824. 8vo, cloth. Quebec, 1856

1352. ROGERS (MAJOR ROBERT). A Concise Account of North America. Containing a Description of the several British Colonies on that Continent, including the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton . . . to which is subjoined an Account of the several Nations and Tribes of Indians residing in those parts, as to their Customs, Manners, Government, Numbers, etc., containing many useful and entertaining facts never before treated of. 8vo, original calf.

Lond. 1765

First edition of the famous ranger's account of North America. A good deal of space is taken up with the description of the various Indian tribes, including an account of the White Indians of the Mississippi. In his historical and geographical portion he seems to have had a special antipathy to the Jews, for he finds them in New York, Rhode Island, and other places, and speaks of them in contemptuous terms. Of Rhode Island especially he says that "the Province is infested with a rascally set of Jews. . . who are a pest not only to this, but the neighbouring provinces." Rogers at the publication of this was alone in London, and neglected, and may have had some unpleasant experiences to account for his prejudices.


1353. Journals, containing an Account of the several Excursions he made under the Generals who commanded upon the Continent of North America during the late War. With Introduction and Notes. By Franklin B. Hough. Crown 8vo, boards, uncut. Apparently a set of the proof sheets roughly bound. Albany: J. Munsell, 1883

1354. ROLT (RICHARD). An Impartial Representation of the Conduct of the several Powers of Europe engaged in the late General War... from... 1739 to 1748. 4 vols. 8vo, old calf. Lond. 1749-50

1355. ROSS (A. M) Memoirs of a Reformer, 1832-92. Portrait. rown 8vo, oth. Toronto, 1893

Slavery reminiscences, with facsimile letters of Whittier, John Brown, etc.

1356. ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE. Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, Vol. 1, 1869 to 1902 (with an extra number for 1901). 35 vols. crown 8vo, cloth (2 in paper). Lond. 1870-1901 1357. Catalogue and First Supplementary Catalogue of the Library (Works relating to the British Colonies, Early Voyages, etc.). 2 vols. imp. 8vo, half calf.

Lond. 1895-1901

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1358. ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY. The Geographical Journal for the years 1873; March, 1895-96; various numbers for the following years, iucluding 1901; and the Year Book and Record for 1898 and 1899. Maps, etc. 42 Nos. (Sold as a lot.) Lond., v. d.

1359. ROYAL SOCIETY OF CANADA. Proceedings and Transactions. First Series, complete in 12 vols., 4to; Second Series, Vols. 1-6, royal 8vo. Numerous portraits, maps, views from rare books, prints and manuscripts. Together 18 vols. Uniformly bound, full morocco extra, gilt backs, panelled gilt sides, inside gilt borders, gilt edges.

Montreal, 1883-1900

Handsome set of this valuable collection.

1360. Another set, to 1901. 19 vols. (9 vols. half red morocco, 10 vols. in cloth). Montreal, 1883-1901

1361. Five Forts of Winnipeg; Journeys in Rupert's Land; Assiniboine River and its Forts, all by Bryce; Ganong on St. Lawrence Cartography to Champlain; Fleming's Expeditions to the Pacific; Keefer's Winter Navigation on Lower St. Lawrence (illust.). 5 vols. 4to and Svo, cloth. 1889-98

1362. The Cabot Legends, portrait; Cartography of New Brunswick, by W. F. Ganong, maps; Baronets of Nova Scotia, by Sir E. M. Mackenzie, maps, etc.; Thos. Hutchinson; Chas. Heavysege, by L. J. Burpee (A. L. S. laid in); etc. 8 pamphlets, Svo. Montreal, 1897-1901

1363. RUSSELL (W.) The History of America, from its Discovery by Columbus to the Conclusion of the late War. Illust. with 51 plates and maps (including maps of New England and New York, Nova Scotia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc.; the portraits including Franklin, Washington, Sir Henry Clinton, Burke, Columbus, Almagro, Cortez, Ralegh, and others; and among the views are, View of Fort George and New York, Quebec, Mexico City, etc.). 2 vols. 4to, original leather. Lond. 1778 1364. RUSSELL (W. H.) Canada: its Defences, Condition, and Resources. Map. Post 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1865 1365. RYERSON (EGERTON). "The Story of My Life": being Reminiscences of Sixty Years' Public Service in Canada. Edited by J. G. Hodgins. Portrait and illusts. Stout 8vo, cloth. Toronto, 1883

1366. S ABINE (LORENZO). Biographical Sketches of the Loyalists of the American Revolution, with an Historical Essay. 2 vols. 8vo, original cloth. Bost. 1864


1367. SAGARD THEODAT (GABRIEL). Histoire du Canada et Voyages que les Frères Mineurs Recollects y ont faicts pour la Conversion des Infidèles depuis l'an 1615. Avec la Dictionnaire de la Langue Huronne. Nouvelle Edition, publiée par E. Tross. 3 vols. post 8vo, half moParis, 1866


Reprint of the extremely rare original edition of 1636, with the facsimiles of the leaves of Huron music. 1368. SAINT MAURICE (F. DE). Choses et Autres. (Contes et Récits.)



De Tribord à Babord. Trois Croisières dans le Golfe Saint-Laurent. Post Svo, half calf. Montreal, 1877

1370. Notes pour servir à l'Histoire de l'Empereur Maximilien. Portrait. 8vo, half calf. Quebec, 1889 1371. Loin de Pays: Souvenirs d'Europe, d'Afrique et d'Amérique. 2 vols. 8vo, half cloth, gilt bands.

Quebec, 1889

1372. Les États de Jersey et la Langue Française.. Exemple offert au Manitoba et au Nord-ouest. Crown 8vo, cloth. Montreal, 1893

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A La Brunante:
Crown 8vo, half
Montreal, 1874


La Gaspésie. Promenades dans le Golfe SaintLaurent. I., Nouvelle Écosse; II., Le Nouveau Brunswick; III., La Gaspésie. Front. 8vo, boards. Montreal, n. d.

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1374. SAYINGS OF OUR LORD. AOгIA IHCOY. Sayings of our Lord from an Early Greek Papyrus. Discovered and edited, with translation and commentary, by B. P. Grenfell and A. S. Hunt. Facsimiles. 8vo, boards, pp. 20. Lond. 1897

1375. SCAIFE (W. B.) America: its Geographical History, 1492-1892. With Supplement entitled, Was the Rio del Espiritu Santo... the Mississippi? Map. 8vo, cloth. (Johns Hopkins Studies.) Balt. 1892

1376. Florentine Life during the Renaissance. Svo, cloth. (Johns Hopkins Studies.) Balt. 1893

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1377. SCHOULER (JAMES). History of the United States of America, including the History of the Civil War (Vol. 6), 1783-1865. Map. 6 vols. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1880-99

1378. SCHUYLER (EUGENE). Turkistan: Notes of a Journey in Russian Turkistan, Khokand, Bokhara, and Kuldja. 3 maps and numerous illusts. 2 vols. post 8vo,


N. Y. 1877 1379. SCOTLAND. ANDERSON (D.) Scottish Folk-Lore. Post 8vo, cloth (A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo, of author inserted).

Toronto, 1899

1380. ANDERSON (P. J.-Editor). Roll of Alumni in Arts of the University and King's College of Aberdeen, 1596-1860. View. Royal 8vo, cloth. (Aberdeen University Studies, No. 1.) Aberdeen, 1900

Valuable for genealogical and bibliographical purposes.

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1381. BURNETT FAMILY (THE). The Family of Burnett of Leys, with collateral branches. Edited, with Index, etc., by Col. J. Allardyce. 21 portraits and plates. Royal 8vo, wrappers, pp. 389. (Aberdeen University Studies, No. 4.) Aberdeen, 1901


MACDONALD (J.) Place Names of West Aberdeenshire. Royal 8vo, cloth. (Aberdeen University Studies, No. 3.) Aberdeen, 1900

1383. MACFARLANE (W.) Genealogical Collections concerning the Families in Scotland, made by Walter Macfarlane, 1750-51. Edited from the Original MSS. by J. T. Clark. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. (Scottish Historical Society.) Edinburgh, 1900 1384. MICHIE (J. C.) The Records of Invercauld, with Notes and Index. Map, portrait, and plates. Royal Svo, wrappers, pp. 523. (Aberdeen University Studies, No. 5.) Aberdeen, 1901

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MUNRO (ALEXANDER MACDONALD). Records of Old Aberdeen, 1157-1891. Reproductions of rare views, etc. Vol. 1. Royal 8vo, cloth. (Aberdeen University Studies, No. 2.) Aberdeen, 1900

1386. SCOTT (E. G.) The Development of Constitutional Liberty in the English Colonies of America. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1890

1387. SCOTT (SIR WALTER). Tales of a Grandfather: being Stories taken from Scottish History and the History of France. Fronts. and vignette titles. 12 vols. 12mo, half roan (rubbed). Edinburgh: Cadell, 1829-31 1388. SCROPE (C. R.) Life of Lord Sydenham, with a Narrative of his Administration in Canada. Portrait. 8vo, half calf. Lond. 1843 1389. SEELEY (J. R.) Natural Religion. By the Author of "Ecce Homo." 8vo, cloth (cover stained).

Lond. 1882


1390. AMOS (A.) Report of the Trials in the Courts of Canada relative to the Destruction of the Earl of Selkirk's Settlement on the Red River, with Observations. Plan of the Red River Settlement in 1816. 8vo, calf, gilt back.

Lond. 1820

1391. [HALKET (JOHN).] Statement respecting the Earl of Selkirk's Settlement upon the Red River in North America, its Destruction in 1815 and 1816, and the Massacre of Gov. Semple and his Party, with Observations upon a recent Publication entitled, “A Narrative of Occurrences in the Indian Countries," etc. Map. 8vo, original boards, uncut and unopened, as issued, pp 294. Lond. 1817

Extremely rare in this choice state. This is one of the scarcest and most important of the accounts of the destruction of the Red River Settlement, the Massacre at Fort Douglas, etc. 1392. A French translation of the Preceding. [By Hugues Heney of Montreal.] 8vo, half calf (apparently no map was issued with this translation). Montreal, 1818

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1393. MACDONALD (A.) Narrative respecting the Destruction of the Earl of Selkirk's Settlement upon Red River in 1815. 8vo, half roan, pp. 14. Lond. 1816

1394. M'DONELL (ALEXANDER). A Narrative of Transactions in the Red River Country, from the Commencement of the Operations of the Earl of Selkirk till the Summer of the Year 1816. Large map. 8vo, original printed paper covers, uncut, as issued.

Lond. 1819

Very rare, especially in this choice original state. Comprises the Northwest Company's defense of the charges made by Lord Selkirk.

1395. MERCATOR. Les Communications de Mercator sur la Conteste entre le Comte de Selkirk et la Compagnie de la Baye d'Hudson d'une part; et la Compagnie du NordOuest d'autre part. Extraites du Montreal Herald, et traduites. 8vo, half roan (small corner of title torn off).

Montreal, 1817

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