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Thick 12mo, original stamped pigskin, with Grolieresque pattern, and dated 1595. Herborn (Nassau), 1594

Scarce. Sebastian Cabot in 1544 executed a map of the then known world, which was copied by Clement Adams in 1549. The original map had letterpress, describing in detail the map and the progress of discovery. Only one copy of the original is known. Chytræus reprints it in extenso, with only one or two slight variations-for instance, the date of the discovery of Baccalos (probably Newfoundland) he states was 24 June, 1594, at the fifth hour, the year being an evident transcriber's slip for 1494 (his preliminary preface is dated Oct., 1593). Hakluyt reprinted this version of Adams, but altered some of the chapters considerably, and the date of the discovery is changed to 1497. The value of this reprint by Chytræus of these early descriptions by Cabot is, of course, apparent. Chytraeus' real name was Nathan Kochhoef.

189. D'AVEZAC (M.) Les Navigations Terre-Neuviennes de Jean and Sébastian Cabot. pp. 20: Examen Critique (Nicholl's Life of Sebastian Cabot), pp. 7. gether in 1 vol. Royal 8vo, cloth. Scarce. Paris, 1869


190. HARRISSE (HENRY). John Cabot, the Discoverer of North America, and Sebastian his Son: a Chapter of the Maritime History of England, 1496-1557. Facsimiles of maps and documents. Stout 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1896 The Discovery of North America. By John Cabot. The alleged Date and Landfall, etc. Crown 8vo, half calf. Lond. B. F. Stevens, 1897


192. The Date of Cabot's Discovery of the American Continent, and an Alleged Forgery of Chatterton; Cabot's Discovery of North America. The Dates connected with the Voyage of the Matthew of Bristol: a Reply (to the above) by G. E. Weare. Printed for the Author. Bound in one vol. 12mo, cloth, pp. 12+8.

Lond. Reprinted from Notes and Qneries, 1897 193. HORSFORD (E. N.) John Cabot's Landfall and the Site of Norumburga (Amer. Geog. Soc'y), 6 facsimile maps, N. Y. 1885; The Landfall of Cabot, by J. P. Howley (Geog. Soc'y of Quebec), 2 facsimile maps, 1889; Cabot's Landfall (being a second article by Prof. Howley in Mag. of Amer. History), map, N. Y. 1891; Jean Cabot, par l'Abbé J. D. Beaudouin (Le Canada-Français par les Professeurs de l'Univ. Laval), Quebec, 1888. 4 pieces in one vol., royal Svo, calf.

The question whether Cape Breton was the first land visited by Cabot is discussed in these papers.

191. MAJOR (R. H.) The True Date of the English Discovery of the American Continent under John and Sebastian Cabot. 4to, cloth, 26 pp. (Reprinted from the Archæologia.) Lond. 1870


195. NICHOLLS (J. F.) Life and Discoveries of Sebastian Cabot of Bristol, Discoverer of America, etc. Portrait and reproduction of the 1544 map. Square post 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1869

196. SCOTT (E.-Translator). "The Cabot Roll": The Customs Roll of the Port of Bristol, A.D. 1496-99. Transl. from the original MS. discovered at Westminster Abbey. With an Introduction by A. E. Hudd. 3 facsimile plates. In publisher's half morocco portfolio.

Only 150 printed.

Bristol, 1897

197. STEVENS (HENRY). Sebastian Cabot - John Square 12mo, limp cloth.

[blocks in formation]

Bost. 1870

Only a very small number printed. A literal reading of the title is, Sebastian Cabot minus John Cabot equals nought.

198. TARDUCCI (F.) John and Sebastian Cabot: a Biographical Notice, with an Appendix of Documents, etc. Transl. by H. F. Brownson. Portrait. Svo, cloth.

Detroit, 1893 199. WEARE (G. E.) Cabot's Discovery of North America. Maps, etc. Post 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1897


200. WINSHIP (G. P.) Cabot Bibliography. 12mo, half Presentation copy, with the author's autograph in[Providence, R. I.: Privately printed] 1897


Only a very few copies privately printed.

201. Cabot Bibliography, with an Introductory Essay on the Careers of the Cabots, based upon independent sources. 8vo, cloth. (The enlarged and published edition.) Lond. 1900

202. A Volume of Pamphlets on the Cabots, including L'Atterrage de Jean Cabot au Continent Américain, par H. Harrisse, 1897; The Voyage of the Cabots, by S. E. Dawson, facsimile maps, 1897; Bristol in the Days of the Cabots, by W. R. Barker, illusts., 1897; John and Sebastian Cabot, by N. E. Dionne, 1898; Winship's John Cabot and the Study of the Sources, 1898; Magazine articles by Harrisse, the Marquis of Dufferin, etc. Bound in one vol. 8vo, cloth.

203. Various Pamphlets on Cabot's Discovery, by Justin Winsor (N. Y. Hist. Soc., 1896); G. P. Winship (Worcester, Mass., 1900); Bishop Howley (St. Johns, 1897); Archbishop O'Brien and S. E. Dawson (Royal Soc. of Canada); E. R. N. Mathews (Lond. 1896); and E. Hodges (Lond., n. d.). Portraits, maps, etc. 7 pamphlets, 8vo, cloth (one in paper).

204. CALLAHAN (J. M.) American Relations in the

Pacific and the Far East, 1784-1900. 8vo, half calf, gilt bands. (Johns Hopkins Univ. Studies.) Balt. 1901 205. CAMPBELL (DOUGLAS). The Puritan in Holland, England, and America: an Introduction to American History. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. N. Y. 1892

206. CANADA. The Struggle for the Great Valleys of North America. By Justin Winsor. Extracted from his Critical and Narrative History. Illust. Royal 8vo, half calf.

207. CANADA AND LOUISIANA. By A. McF. Davis. Extracted from Winsor's Narrative and Critical History. Illust. Royal 8vo, half calf.

208. CANADA-FRANCAIS (LE). Revue publiée sous la direction d'un Comité de Professeurs de l'Université Laval. 4 vols. royal 8vo, half calf. Quebec, 1888-91

Complete set. Includes: Le Pays de Grand Lacs au XVIIe. siècle, par Benj. Sulte; Coup de Eil sur l'Acadie, par H. R. Casgrain; La Traite des Pelleteries sous Champlain, par N. E. Dionne; etc., etc.

209. CANADIAN CLUB OF NEW YORK. Canadian Leaves: Papers on History, Literature (etc.). Edited by G. M. Fairchild. Illusts. Square royal 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1887 Includes: The Great Canadian North-West, by J.C. Eccleston; The Heroines of New France, by J. M. Lemoine; Echoes from Old Acadia, by C. G. D. Roberts; The Humorous Side of Canadian History, by J. W. Bengough; etc.

210. CANADIAN ECONOMICS: being Papers read at the Montreal Meeting of the British Association, 1884. Maps, charts, etc. 8vo, cloth. Montreal, 1885

Includes: The Fisheries of Canada, by J. Z. Joncas; Canadian Agriculture, by W. Brown; The Economic Minerals of Canada, by W. H. Merritt; Canadian Finance, by J. McLellan; History and Condition of Education in Manitoba, by G. Bryce; Gold (and, Coal Mining in Nova Scotia, by E. Gilpin; The Distribution of Canadian Forest Trees, by A. T. Drummond; Population, Immigration and Pauperism in Canada, by J. Lowe, etc., etc.

211. CANADIAN (FRENCH). Buies (Arthur). Anglicismes et Canadianismes (from L'Electeur of Jan. 7, 1888). Crown 8vo, full limp roan. Quebec, 1888



Another copy. Cloth.

Clapin (S.) Dictionnaire Canadien-Francais;

ou, Lexique Glossaire des mots, expressions et locutions. 8vo, cloth.

Montreal [1894]

An effort to establish the relations existing between the old French, the Norman patois, and the native dialects.

214. CANADIAN INSTITUTE. Transactions, Vol. 6, Semi-Centennial Memorial Volume, 1849-99 (Oldest Written Records of the Iroquois, Algic Legends, Contest for Lake Erie, etc.), portraits, etc.; Transactions, October, 1890 (Gov. Simcoe's Diary, 1793, the Hurons, etc.). 2 vols. royal 8vo, half calf and paper. Toronto, 1899-1900

215. CANADIAN LITERATURE. Prose Writers of Canada, by S. E Dawson, Montreal, 1901; Littérature Nationale, by N. Legendre; Canadian Folksongs, by Wm. Wood; Felix Arvers and the Famous Sonnet, by Louis Frechette; Sonnet Rustiques, by P. Le May. (All transactions of the Royal Society of Canada.) 5 pamphlets, 8vo, cloth.

216. CANADIAN METHODISTS. Centennial of Canadian Methodism. (Historical Sketches of the Methodist Church in Upper and Lower Canada, by H Johnson; Methodism in the Eastern Provinces, by J. Lathern; etc.) Portraits, etc. Post 8vo, cloth. Toronto [1891]

217. CANADIAN PARLIAMENT (EIGHTH). Personnel of the Senate and House of Commons, 1896. With portraits and Biographies of the Members. Royal 8vo, full morocco, gilt extra, gilt edges. Montreal, 1898

218. CANADIAN PARLIAMENTARY COMPANION, 1872-81, and various other years to 1901. 18 vols. 16mo and crown 8vo, cloth and morocco. Montreal and Ottawa

219. CANADIAN POETRY. National Ballads of Canada, imitated and transl. from the Originals, by "Allid." 12mo, boards, pp. 15. Montreal: Privately printed, 1865


Songs of Old Canada, transl. by Wm. McLennan, Montreal, 1886; Poems, by John McPherson, Halifax, 1862; Songs of a Wanderer, by C. Ryan, of the 100th Royals, Ottawa, 1867; Hoosier Ballads, by B. S. Parker, Chicago, 1891; Thayendanega, by J. B. Mackenzie, Toronto, 1898; etc. 8 vols. crown 8vo, cloth. Many presentation copies.

221. Songs of the Great Dominion, edited by W. D. Lighthall, Lond. 1889; Lays of the True North, and other Canadian Poems, Lond. 1899; Tecumseh, a Drama, by Ch. Mair, Toronto, 1886; English and Latin Hymns, by Silas Tertius Rand, Halifax, 1888; and others. 10 vols. crown 8vo, etc., cloth, etc. Many presentation copies.

222. The Feast of St. Anne, by P. S. Hamilton, Montreal, 1890; Canadian Idylls, by Wm. Kirby (A. L. S. inserted), Welland, Ont., 1894; Hesperus, and other Poems, by Ch. Sangster, Montreal, 1860; The Legend of the Roses, by S. J. Watson, Toronto, 1876; and others. Some illust. 12 vols. crown 8vo, etc., cloth. Many presentation copies.


223. Poems written in Newfoundland, by Henrietta Prescott, Lond. 1839; Waifs in Verse, by G. W. Wicksteed (A. L. S. inserted), Ottawa, 1891; Addenda, by the same; Estabelle, and other verse, by J. S. Thomson, Toronto, 1897; Among the Millet, by Arch. Lampman; etc. 12 vols. crown 8vo, etc., cloth.

224. The White Stone Canoe, a Legend of the Ottawas, by J. D. Edgar, Toronto, 1885; Lake Lyrics, by W. W. Campbell, St. John, 1889; Eos, and other Poems, by N. F. Davin, Regina, N. W. T., 1889; Poems and Lyrics, by J. K. Foran, Montreal, 1895; and others. Many illust. 12 vols. crown 8vo, etc., cloth. Many presentation copies.

225. CANALS AND RAILWAYS. The Canals of Canada, by T. C. Keefer, Montreal, 1894; Canadian Canals, by Wm. Kingsford, Toronto, 1865; Railways of Canada, Annual Report, 1897-98, Ottawa, 1899; etc. 5 pamphlets, 8vo, etc., cloth.

226. CANNIFF (DR. WM.) The Medical Profession in Upper Canada, 1783-1850: a Historical Narrative, etc., including some Biographies. Portraits and views. Thick 8vo, cloth. Toronto, 1894

Pioneer medical men from the time of Wolfe's Conquest in 1759, early scourges of small-pox and cholera, etc.


227. BROWN (RICHARD). History of the Island of Cape Breton. With some Account of the Discovery and Settlement of Canada, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. Front. and large map (torn), and plan. 8vo, half roan. Lond. 1869




Another copy (lacks the large map). 8vo, half

The Coal Fields and Coal Trade of the Island of Cape Breton. Geological maps and other plates. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1871

230. CAPE BRETON MISSION. A Brief Sketch of the Cape Breton Mission. With a Notice of the late Mrs. Mackay of Rockfield. Small 4to, cloth (26 pp.).

[Edinburgh]: For Private Circulation, 1851

231. DES BARRES (LIEUT.-COL.) A Statement submitted by Lt.-Col. Des Barres for Consideration. Respecting his Service from 1755 to the Present Time-in the Capacity of an Officer and an Engineer during the War of 1756-The Utility of his Surveys and Publications of the Coasts and Harbours of N. America, intituled, The Atlantic

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