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74. CIVIL WAR. Grant and Sherman, their Campaigns ✔ and Generals, by Hon. J. T. Headley, engraved portraits, battle scenes and maps, 8vo, sheep, N. Y. 1865; Life of Stonewall Jackson, by A Virginian, portrait, crown 8vo, cloth; and another. Together 3 vols.

75. Davis (Jefferson) and Stephens (Alex. H.); L. S. of Jefferson Davis, War Dpt. 1855, regarding land for the Washington Aqueduct, and an A. N. S. of Stephens while M. of C. from Georgia. (5 lines and signature.) (2)

76. L. S. of Gen. Forrest and of Gen. R. Delafield, with an A. L. S. of Governor A. H. Colquitt of Georgia, and a curious letter describing the experiences of a refugee from Missouri in 1862. (4)


A. L. S. of Gen. M. J. Wright outlining his career during the War; a similar letter from Gen. O. M. Wilcox of Tennessee; another from Gen. W. C. Wickham; an amusing letter from Thos. Corwin, one from Reverdy Johnson, etc. (5)


Endorsement of Gen. Thomas, recommending anappointment to Lincoln; A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo, from Gen. Viele to Lincoln; A. L. S., 2 pp, 8vo, 1842, from Gen. Winfield Scott (with 2 portraits) regarding a Revolutionary ancestor; copy of a telegram sent by Andrew Johnson, 1862; A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to, 1869, John Sherman to Gen. Grant; and others of W. Wilberforce, Gen. Hawley, etc. (13)


Various letters from soldiers, appointments, recommendations for promotions, etc., including a sketch of Gen. J. K. F. Mansfield by his Son. (15)


Various General Orders from Gens. Grant, Sherman, Banks and Irwin; a certificate of stock in the Traders' Bank, Richmond, Va., 1860; and various R. R. Freight receipts (some on Confederate paper) issued in Virginia and North Carolina: a receipt for the Soldiers' Fund Tax of Virginia, etc. (16)


Various papers, including receipts for ordnance, quartermaster's stores; a pass from Fortress Monroe, Va., to Baltimore in 1864; frank of Gen. Marcy; A. L. S. 4 pp. 4to, from Geo, C. Ticknor to Gen. Heath, 1865, full of army gossip, etc. (18 pieces, as a lot.)

82. CIVIL WAR GENERALS. A. L. S. of the Federal Generals, Rufus King, G. W. Morgan, E. L. Molineux, H. W. Benham, and H. A. Barnum. (5)


A. L. S. of Gens. Sickles, Wadsworth, Viele, Hobart Ward, and a L. S. of Gen. Burnside. (5)

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Thick 8vo, cloth.

FIRST Hartford, 1897

84. CLEMENS (S. L.) Following the Equator. EDN. Illust. 85. CONFEDERATE NEWSPAPERS. "The South," ✓ Baltimore, Oct. 26, 1861, containing an account of the battle of Ball's Bluff, the Completion of the Telegraph to San Francisco, etc.; 2 copies of "The Independent," New York, 1860, containing the first appearance of a poem by Mrs. Browning; 6 War envelopes, with portraits of Gen. Anderson of Ft. Sumter; Muster Roll of U. S. Cadets for September, 1842, Signed by R. Delafield and others. (As a lot.)

86. CORRESPONDENCE between Goethe and Carlyle [ed. by C. E. Norton], Lond. 1887; Political and Official Papers [Kennedy], N. Y., 1872; Memoirs of Richard B. Sheridan [Moore], Chicago, 1882; and others. 10 vols.

87. CRITICAL STUDIES ["Ouida"], 8vo, cloth; Gay's Fables, with Introduction by Austin Dobson, 1883; SnowImage [Hawthorne], 1852; and others. 10 vols.

88. CROKER PAPERS. The Correspondence and Diaries of the Rt. Hon. J. W. Croker. Ed. by Louis J. Jennings, Portrait. 2 vols, 8vo. N. Y. 1884 Important contribution to English Literary History, 1780


89. CROTCHETS AND QUAVERS [Maretzek], 1855; Breeding, Training of Dogs [Butler], 1870; The Life of Gus. Vaughan Brooke [Lawrence], 1892; and others. 10 vols.

90. CURTIS (GEO. TICKNOR). A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo, 1869, to Pres. U. S. Grant, endorsing Ethan Allen as U. S. District Attorney.

91. CURTIS' BAY, its Superior Advantages, etc., 1874; The Hudson [Wallace Bruce], illust., 1881; Facts and Fakes about Cuba [Bronson], illust., 1897; Fruits of Solitude [Penn.], N. Y. 1813; and others. 10 vols.

92. CYCLING. By Viscount Bury and G. Lacy Hillier. With numerous illusts. Small 4to, half roan, uncut.

Lond. 1887

93. DAVENPORT'S GAZETTEER, or Geographical

Dictionary of North America and the West In-
Balt. 1833

dies. Maps and cuts. 8vo, sheep.

94. D'AUBIGNÉ (J. H. MERLE). History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century. Transl. by H. White, with revisions and additions by the author. Portrait. 4 vols. 12mo, original red cloth, gilt edges. N. Y. [184-]

95. DELAWARE WATER GAP (THE). Its Scenery, Legends, and Early History. By L. W. Brodhead. Photo. illusts. 12mo, cloth. Phil. 1867

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96. DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA [De Tocqueville], 1877; Early Letters of Thomas Carlyle [dited by C. E. Norton], 1886; Four Frenchwomen [Austin Dobson], illust.; and 10 vols.


97. DIBDIN (THOS. F.) The Library Companion; or, The Young Man's Guide and the Old Man's Comfort in the Choice of a Library. Thick 8vo, half crushed levant, uncut (portion of title missing). Lond. 1825


Section Edition, improved.

Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany. Engraved portraits and vignette views, some on India paper. 3 vols. 8vo, new half green morocco, uncut (title defective, and stained in places). Lond. 1829

99. DICKENS (CHAS.) Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Full-page plates by "Phiz." 2 in one vol. 8vo, half cloth.


N. Y. 1839

Dombey and Son. FIRST EDN. 40 plates by 8vo, half calf (soiled, stained, and a few plates cut into; binding rubbed). London: Bradbury & Evans, 1848 Pickwick Papers. FIRST EDN. 41 (should be 43) illusts. by Seymour and "Phiz;" russia gilt (binding worn and stained). With 20 plates loosely inserted from an early Philadelphia edn. Sold as it is. Lond. 1837



Pickwick Papers, Sketches by Boz, Martin Chuzzlewit, Oliver Twist, Christmas Stories, Dombey and Son, Little Dorrit, and others.

vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt.

Numerous illusts. Together 16

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103. DICTIONARY OF PHRASE AND FABLE. By Dr. E. C. Brewer, to which is added a concise Bibliography of English Literature. Crown 8vo, original half roan.

Phil. [1894]

104. DISEASES OF CATTLE IN THE UNITED STATES [Commissioner of Agriculture Report, 1871]; New Granada, by Holton; Memoir of Frelinghuysen [T. W. Chambers]; and 9 others. Together 12 vols. Cloth, etc.

105. DOUGLAS (GEORGE). The House with the Green Shutters. FIRST EDN. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y., 1901

106. DRAMATIC. A. L. S. of Mme. Janauschek, Barry Sullivan, H. I. Montagu, and A. N. S. (third person) of Chas. Mathews. With engraved portrait of Sullivan. (4)

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The Inde

pendent Whig. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14 and 15. Small 4to, unbound (stained and some margins cut down and wormed). Phil. S. Keimer, Jan.-April, 1729


An almost contemporaneous issue of a London anti-HighChurch paper, written by Thomas Gordon and John Trenchard. The Philadelphian printer believed it to be the work of Lord Molesworth.

108. EARLY AND LATE PAPERS [Thackeray]; Dictionary of Congress [Lanman]; Lift and Campaigns of Napoleon [Doggett]; and 7 others. Together 10 vols. Crown 8vo, cloth, etc.

109. EARLY PRINTING. Cicero. Orationes Diversæ. ROMAN LETTER, long lines, marginal annotations by a contemporary scholar. Folio, old vellum (few margins mended and last leaf backed). Venetiis: Nicolaus G. [irardengum], 1480

According to the collection given by Hain (*5124) this copy is perfect, but a leaf is obviously lacking in the first gathering. Books from the Venetian press of this printer are rare, his productions there only numbering thirteen in all, from 1479 to 1482, when he removed to Papie. Proctor, No. 4464.

110. Liber sententiarum magistri PETRI LOMBARDI, cum conclusionibus magistri Henrici Gorichem. Gothic letter, double column, printer's device in white on a black ground. Folio. Contemporary binding of stamped calf over wooden boards, border of the interlaced cable pattern enclosing central panel of similar design with conventional flowers freely introduced, metal clasps and fittings complete (the back restored and 15 leaves of Table, etc., lacking).

Venetiis: Octaviani Scoti, 1489 A RARE EDITION of the fameous "Book of Sentences, unknown to Hain, Copinger, Proctor, and other authorities on early typography.

111. EARLY WEST Across the Continent.

A Journey to

the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons and the Pacific States. By Sam'l Bowles. Map. 12mo, cloth.

Springfield (Mass), 1866 112. EGAN (PIERCE). Walks Through Bath. . . . A Complete Guide to the City and Vicinity. FIRST EDN. 21 full-page views. 12mo,, half calf. Bath, 1819

113. ELLIS (EDW. S.) The People's Standard History of the United States from the Landing of the Norsemen to the Present Time. Copiously illust. with portraits, early views, maps, etc., some colored. 6 vols. royal 8vo, half roan.

Cinn. [1900]

114. ENCYCLOPAEDIC DICTIONARY (New revised). Edited by Rob't Hunter and Prof. Chas. Morris. Numerous illusts. (some full-page and colored). 4 vols. thick imp. 8vo, half russia (one cover damp-stained). Bost. 1897

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115. ENGLISH HYMNS: Their Authors and History. By Sam'1 W. Duffield. 8vo, original cloth (binding faded).

N. Y. 1886

116. ENGLISH LITERATURE, Cyclopædia of; a History, Critical and Biographical, of British Authors, from the Earliest to the Present Times. Edited by Robt. Chambers. Illust. 2 vols. royal 8vo, cloth. Phil. 1854 117. ENGLISH NOBILITY. Various autograph letters / (some in third person), mostly about 1890, including an A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to, 1836, from Lord Minto on Admiralty business; others from Lords Brougham, Halifax, the Countess of Dudley, etc. (13)

118. EVERETT (EDWARD). Orations and Speeches on various occasions. Portrait. 2 vols. thick royal 8vo, cloth (stained). Bost. 1850



FIELD (EUGENE). A Little Book of Tribune Verse. Hitherto Uncollected Poems, Grave and Edited by Jos. G. Brown. Royal 8vo, half crushed levant, uncut, large paper, limited issue. Denver, 1901 120. FIELDING (HENRY). ́ An Enquiry into the Causes of the Late Increase of Robbers, etc. Second edn. 12mo, old calf (one cover loose). Lond. 1751

121. FIRST NAPOLEON (THE), a Sketch [Ropes]; The Whittier Year Book [1895]; Memorials of Col. J. H. Kitching, 1873; and others. 10 vols.

122. FISHERIES, GAME AND FOREST Commission, N. Y. State. Report for 1895. Colored plates of Fishes, etc. Imp. 8vo, cloth. Albany, 1896

123. FLORENTINE CHURCHES. Giamboni (L. A.) Diario Sacro e Gvida Perpetva per visitare le Chiese della Città di Firenze. Small 4to, old parchment. In Firenze, 1700 A singular guide, detailing the various Indulgences to be gained at particular periods.

124. FLOWERS. Paxton's Magazine of Botany. Vol. 14. Numerous beautifully colored plates of flowers. 8vo, morocco gilt, gilt edges.

Lond. 1848

125. FEDERALIST (THE), a Collection of Essays [ed. by H. B. Dawson], 1865 (poor copy); The Early History of Springfield [Morris], 1876; The Life of Sam Houston, illust., 1855; and others. 10 vols.

126. FOREST OF ESSEX (THE). Its History,Laws, Administration and Ancient Customs, and the Wild Deer which Lived in it. By Wm. R. Fisher. Maps and illusts. Small 4to, half roxburghe, uncut.

Lond. 1887

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