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Anderson Auction

Successor to Bangs & Co.

(Established 1833)

No. 5 West 29th Street, New York

UNEQUALED facilities for the handling and sale
of Books, Manuscripts, Paintings, Etchings
and Engravings, Autographs, Coins, Stamps, etc.

Sales of Private Collections
a Specialty

Extract from the Will of Edmond de Goncourt:



My wish is that my Drawings, my Prints, my Curiosities, my Books in a word these things of art which have been the joy of my life-shall not be consigned to the cold tomb of a museum, and subjected to the stupid glance of the careless passer-by; but I require that they shall all be dispersed under the hammer of the Auctioneer, so that the pleasure which the acquiring of each one of them has given me shall be given again, in each case, to some inheritor of my own tastes."


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The Hurst Sale

A Letter of Appreciation

The American Security and Trust Co. of Washington, D. C., being named as the sole executor of the estate of the late Bishop John Fletcher Hurst, chose The Anderson Auction Company as the medium for the public sale of his choice collection of Books, Autographs, and Manuscripts. In due time the sales were effected, the aggregate proceeds amounting to $56,500.

In connection therewith, the following extract from an unsolicited letter received from the Executor may prove of interest:

"It seems proper that I should express to you our entire satisfaction with your management and conduct of the sale. The cataloguing, on which so much depended, was admirably done, and the amount realized was fully up to the highest estimate of the value of the collection.

I have heretofore congratulated you personally on the success of the sale, and now beg you to accept this expression of our appreciation of the excellent service rendered in this connection by your Company

to ours.

Yours very truly,






BBOTT (JNO. S. C.) Lives of the Presidents of the U. S. (Washington to Johnson). Full-page plates. 8vo, stamped roan (slightly rubbed). Bost. 1867 2. AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE in organic connection with Savings Bangs, Land-Credit, and the Commutation of Debts. By P. Mayet. From the German by Rev. A. Lloyd. Post 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1893 3. ALASKA. Schwatka (Fredk.) A Summer in Alaska. Portraits, maps, views, etc. 8vo, cloth. St. Louis, Mo., 1893 4. ALLEGRI (ALES.) Rime & Prose, riviste ed aggiunte. 8vo, old vellum (some leaves discolored). Amsterdamo, 1754 5. AMERICAN CITIZEN (THE) [Hopkins]; Dunglison's Medical Dictionary; Views and Interviews on Journalism [Wingate]; and 7 others. 10 vols. 8vo, etc., cloth.

6. AMERICAN LITERARY. A. L. S. of Caroline M. Sedgwick (with 3 portaits), Sarah J. Hale, 1856; John Fanning Watson ("Annals of Philadelphia"), 1822; and broadside with biographical sketch of Lafayette, containing engraved portrait. (As a lot.)

7. AMERICAN NAVY. The Pictorial History of, com- " prising Lives of its Distinguished Commanders. By John Frost. Numerous portraits and illusts. 8vo, cloth (slightly ripped). N. Y. 1854 8. AMERICAN PRACTICAL BREWER AND TANNER (THE). The whole process of Brewing, Wine-Making, Tanning, etc. By Jos. Coppinger. 8vo, boards, uncut. Fine


N. Y. 1815

9. AMERICAN PRESIDENTS. Lives and Portaits of the Presidents of the United States, from Washington to Grant. The Biographies by E. A. Duyckinck. Engraved portraits by ALONZO CHAPPELL, and facsimile of the Declaration of Independence. 4to, original cloth, gilt edges. N. Y. [1873]

10. AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Pennsylvania in the Revolution. Battalions and Line, 1775-83. Ed. by J. B. Linn and W. H. Egle (Vol. 1, pp. 794). Portraits. 8vo, half Harrisburg, 1880 the Surrender of Numerous illusts.



The Yorktown Campaign and
Cornwallis, 1781. By H. P. Johnston.

Svo, cloth.

N. Y. 1881

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