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218. ENGRAVINGS. A Series of 19 Engravings by Giuseppe Mochetti of Incidents in the New Testament. Circular. Small 4to, half roan. [183-]

219. IRVING (GEORGE W., 1771-1850-Diplomatist). √ A. L. S., 1 p., 4to, in reference to French and American Affairs of State. Addressed to S. Bourne, U. S. Consul at Amsterdam, dated from Paris, June 3, 1813.

At this time he was Special Minister to Denmark.

220. ESSAY on the Malignant Fever introduced into the West Indies, 1793-96, by Dr. C. Chisholm, 2 vols. 8vo, Lond. 1801; Compleat History of Ancient Amphitheatres, folding plates, Lond., n. d. [circa 1750]; and 3 others. Together 6 vols. 8vo, calf, etc.

221. EVERETT (A. H.-Statesman, Diplomatist, Author). ~ A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, dated from The Hague, 3 June, 1816, with fly-leaf bearing address.

222. EVERETT (EDWARD). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, 1828, to Wm. Wirt, recommending Mr. G. S. Bourne. Portrait.

223. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED BOOKS. Browne (Irving). An Account of some Books containing Extra-Illustrations in a Private Library. Photo-portrait and other illusts. Royal 8vo, original blue cloth (faded). (ONLY 25 COPIES PRINTED FOR PRIVATE CIRCULATION.) Troy, 1874 Autographed presentation copy from the compiler-collector.

224. FAMILY ROMANCE. Yorkshire Family Romance. By Fredk Ross. Fronts. 8vo, cloth. Hull, 1891 ✔225. FASHION PLATES. Godey's Lady's Magazine. ✔ Vol. XXV. With colored fashion plates. 8vo, half morocco. Phil. 1842


226. FAXON FAMILY. The History of the Faxon Family, containing the Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Faxon, of Braintree, Mass. Map. Post Svo, cloth.

Springfield, Mass., 1880 ✔227. FAY (T. S.) Ulric; or, The Voices. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original boards (lacks label).

N. Y. 1851

228. FEE FAMILY. A Brief History of the Fee Family; with Biographical Sketches of their Descendants. Portraits. Svo, paper, pp. 71. Chester, S. C. (privately printed), 1901 ✔ 229. FEMALE POETS OF AMERICA [Griswold], portraits, 1863; Maud Muller [Whittier], illust., 1867; Lectures on the British Poets [Reed], 2 vols, 1858; and others. 10 vols.


230. FERNS-British and Exotic. By E. J. Lowe. 479 most beautifully colored plates. 8 vols. royal 8vo, original cloth. Lond. Groombridge, 1867


✓ 231. FIELD (EUGENE). Echoes from the Sabine Farm. 44 By Eugene and Roswell Martin Field. Royal 8vo, cloth, Chicago, 1893


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No. 279 of 500 copies issued.

An Auto-Analysis. Square crown Svo, boards, (No. 77 of only 350 copies issued.) Chicago, 1896 Field Flowers. A small bunch of the most fragrant of Blossoms, gathered from the Broad Acres of Eugene Field's Farm of Love. Illust.

/ 232. uncut. ✓ 233.

Royal 8vo, cloth.
Chicago, 1896

Post 8vo, half vellum
N. Y. Scribner, 1896
First edition. Large Paper. No. 61 of 150 copies issued.
The Tribune Primer.

With original illusts. ↓

Bost. 1900

Second Book of Tales.
and boards, uncut.

J 235.

40 by J. C. Frohn. 12mo, cloth.

With an Appre

✓ 236. The Stars: a Slumber Story. ciation of the Child Love of Field by W. M. Clemens, and a Sketch of his Life. Royal 8vo, boards, with cloth back. (No. 184 of only 210 Large Paper copies.) N. Y. 1901 J 237. The Stars: a Slumber Story. FIRST EDN. LARGE PAPER COPY, OF WHICH BUT 210 WERE PRINTED. Cork 8vo, original boards, UNCUT. N. Y. 1901

An Appreciation of Eugene Field by W. M. Clemens is prefixed.


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238. FIELD (HENRIETTA D.) AND R. MARTIN. The Muses up to Date. Designed title in red and black. 12mo, original cloth. (5 copies.) Chicago, 1897 239. FIELDS (JAS. T.) Blographical Notes and Per(Ksonal Sketches; with unpublished fragments from Men of Bost. 1882

Letters. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

240. FIRE-WORKS. Cutbush (Jas) A System of Pyro(P techny, designed for Exhibition and for War. Plate. 8vo, old calf (binding broken and water-stained throughout).

Phil. 1825

✔241. FISHERIES, GAME AND FOREST COMMISSION of N. Y. First Annual Report of, 1895. Colored plates. 4to, cloth. Albany, 1896

J 242.

The same. Third Annual Report for 1897. Beautifully colored plates of birds, fishes, etc. 4to, cloth (small presentation stamp on title). Albany, 1898

✓ 243.

The same. Fourth Annual Report for 1898. Beautifully colored plates of birds, fishes, etc., etc. 4to, cloth. Albany, 1899 The same. Seventh Annual Report for 1901. Numerous beautifully colored plates of birds, fishes, animals, etc. 4to, cloth. Albany, 1902


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✔245. FOLK-LORE.
Ross. 8vo, cloth.

Legendary Yorkshire.

Edition limited to 500 copies.


Bygone Sussex. By Wm. E. A. Axon.
merous illusts. 8vo, cloth.

By Fredk.
Hull, 1892


Bygone Cumberland and Westmoreland. By
Daniel Scott. Front. 8vo, cloth.
Lond. 1899

NuLond. 1897

Bygone Northumberland. Edited by Wm.
Andrews. Front. Svo, cloth.
Lond. 1899

249. FOREST PICTURES IN THE ADIRONDACKS [Hows], illust., 1865; Silhouettes and Songs, illustrative of the Months, edited by Ed. E. Hale, illust., 1877; The Evergreen (with original contributions by "Fiona Macleod," G. Setoun, and others), illust., Lond. 1895; and others. vols.

253. FRENCH HUMOUR. Bois. 84 humorous engravings.

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✔ 250. FORTIFICATIONS. Maps showing the Works of

Defence constructed under the Fortification Acts from 1860
to 1867. 6 maps in folio leather case.
[Lond] 1869


251. FOSTER'S Gentleman's Experienced Farrier, 1786; ✔
George Macdonald's The Disciple, 1867; Dr. Taylor's Dulce
Domum; and 7 others. Together 10 vols. 8vo, etc., cloth.
/ 252. FRENCH ART. The Life and Works of Jean Leon
Gerome. By F..F. Hering. Introduction by Augustus St.
Gaudens. Folio, decorated cloth, gilt, morocco back, gilt
N. Y. [1892]
Fine unused copy, with portrait of the artist and 19 full-page
Goupil plates, and numerous other illustrations, some in tint.
A beautiful work.


Les Amours de Mr. Vieux
Oblong 8vo, half bound.
[Paris, circa 1845]

Probably inspired by the Cruikshank suite of "Captain Bateman illustrations.


254. HANNON (THEO.) Au Pays de Manneken-Pis. Études Modernistes. 66 43 dessins naïfs" par AMÉDÉE LYNEN. 8vo, half crimson morocco, gilt top edge, with original pictorial wrappers preserved. Au Pays de Manneken-Pis. [Bruxelles]: Kistemaeckers, 1883

255. Halévy (Ludovic). The Abbé Constantin. With numerous fine illusts. by Madeleine Lemaire. 4to, wrappers, uncut, enclosed in cloth case, with silk ties.

Paris, 1888

Hervieu (Paul). Flirt (in French). With
numerous fine illusts. by Madeleine Lemaire.
half blue morocco, richly gilt, gilt top.

Royal 4to,
Paris, 1890

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257. FRENCH HUMOUR. Bourget (Paul). Cosmopolis Roman. Edition du Figaro. With full-page colored illusts. and vignettes. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. Paris, 1893

✓ 258.

Feuillet (Octave). Le Roman d'un Jeune Homme Pauvre. Etched portrait and colored front. on Japan vellum, and other illusts. by Méaulle. Imp. 8vo, three-quarter crushed levant, gilt top, uncut.


Paris: Quantin, n. d.
Millaud (Albert). Fantaisies de Jeunesse.
With 2 original etchings in tint by M. H. De Hem. 8vo,
half crushed levant, uncut.
Paris, 1866

✓ 260.

Schultz (Jeanne). La Neuvaine De Colette. Numerous interesting full-page illusts. and vignettes by Emile Bayard. Small 4to, three-quarter light green crushed levant gilt, gilt top, uncut. Paris, n. d. 4261 Florian Tables Illustrées, par J. J. Grandville; Suivies de Tobie et de Ruth. Avec la vie et les ouvrages de Florian par P. J. Stahl. Numerous fine woodcuts. Royal 8vo, morocco back, gilt edges. Paris, n. d. 4262. MONTESQUIEU. Le Temple de Gnide, suive de Cephise et l'Amour. Préface par le Bibliophile Jacob [Paul Lacroix]. Reproductions of LE MIRE's engravings after EISEN. Royal Svo, half blue levant morocco extra, gilt top edges. LIMITED AND SIGNED EDN. Paris: Willem, 1879-80 263. FRENCH POETRY. Recueil de Poésies pour les Jeunes Filles, par Mme. De Witt, née Guizot. Crown 8vo, half morocco, gilt top edge. Paris, 1894


Historical Account of the Sufferings and Death of the Faithful Confessor and Martyr, M. Isaac Le Fevre, an Advocate of Parliament, who after 18 Years' Imprisonment, died a Slave in the French King's Galleys. Crown 8vo, shabby old half binding (little soiled). Lond. 1704

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265. FRENCH REVOLUTION. Letter bearing the au-✔ tograph signature of John S. Bailly as Mayor of Paris. page, folio. Dated from Paris, August 31, 1791. RARE. This scholarly astronomer was appointed Mayor July 14, 1789, and was guillotined November 11, 1793, with circumstances of insult and barbarity" disgraceful to his persecutors.

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266. FRENCH NOVEL. Un Homme Libre, par M. Barrès. Crown 8vo, half morocco gilt, gilt top edge. Paris, 1889 ✓ 267. De Baisers en Baisers, par Louis De Caters. Crown 8vo, half morocco, gilt top edge. Paris [188-]

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268. FROUDE (JAMES ANTHONY). The History of England, from the Fall of Wolsey to the Death of Elizabeth. 12 vols. post 8vo, cloth, gilt tops. N. Y. Scribners, 1881

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Historical Art Furniture. Specimens of English, French, German and Italian Workmanship, from the Middle Ages. Drawn from the originals. 60 plates (several specimens on some). 4to, loose in cloth portfolio, with ties. N. Y. [recent]

270. GA

ALLATIN (ALBERT, 1761-1849-Statesman). A. L. in the third person, advising the U. S. Consul [at Amsterdam] of his arrival there with [James A.] Bayard. 1 page, 4to, with flyleaf bearing address. Great Doelen Hotel, 4th March, 1814.

Of special interest, having been written on his momentous journey to St. Petersburg, to treat for peace with Great Britain. 271. GENEALOGY. Robert and Solomon Keyes, of Watertown and Newbury, Mass., 1633 and '53, and their Descendants, and others of the name. By Asa Keyes. Portrait. 8vo, cloth. Brattleboro (Vt.), 1880


The Bontecou Genealogy. A Record of the Descendants of Pierre Bontecou, a Huguenot Refugee from France. Compiled by John E. Morris. 8vo, cloth.

Hartford, Conn., 1885


273. GENERAL BUTLER in New Orleans [Parton]; Gurney on the West Indies; Magazine of the Fine Arts, 1821; and 13 others. Together 16 vols. 8vo, etc., cloth.

274. GEOMETRY, ETC. I. C. S. Reference Library; Arithmetic, Elements of Algebra, Logarithms, Geometry, and Trigonometry. 8vo, half morocco. Scranton, Pa. [1905] ↓ 275. GERMAN LANGUAGE (THE). A History of. By Chas. W. Super. 8vo, cloth. Columbus, O., 1893

276. GIBBON'S Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 4 vols.; Marshall's Christian Missions, 2 vols.; Fanning's Hydraulic Engineering; and 11 others. Together vols. 8vo, cloth, etc.


277. GIRONDISTS. History of the Girondists. By A. J de Lamartine. Transl. Portraits. 3 vols. post 8vo, cloth. (Bohn's Library.) Lond. 1886

278. GOETHE. Die natürliche Tochter. Trauerspiel V von Goethe. FIRST EDN. 16mo, original boards (back broken). Tübingen: Taschenbach auf das Jahr 1801 ✓ 279. GOSSE (P. H.) Romance of Natural History. Front. Svo. EDITION LIMITED TO 210 SIGNED AND NUMBERED COPIES ON HAND-MADE PAPER. Half canvas, uncut.

N. Y. 1902

280. GOWER (LORD RONALD). Joan of Arc (Life and Times, with an exhaustive Bibliography). FIRST EDN. With fine etchings. 8vo,original buckram, uncut. Lond. 1893

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