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574. SHELLEY, a Critical Biography [Smith], 1877; Anecdote Biographies of Thackeray, Dickens, Chorley, La Planché, etc.; The Last Poems of Alice and P. Cary, 1873;

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and others. 10 vols.


575. SHERIDAN (RICHARD B.) Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of. By John Watkins. Portrait. 4to, half calf (poor binding). Lond. 1817 576. SINGER (S. W.) The Text of Shakespeare Vindicated. 8vo, original cloth, uncut. Scarce.

Lond. Pickering, 1853 577. SLAVERY. A Preliminary Essay on the Oppression of the Exiled Sons of Africa. By Thomas Branagan. Characteristic front. 12mo, original sheep.

Lond. Privately printed, 1804

✓578. SLEEPING-CAR (THE) [Howells], 1883; The Poems

of Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1862; Hawthorne (Life, etc.) [Fields], 1876; Noah Webster (Amer. Men of Letters) [Scudder], 1882; and others. 12 vols.

579. SONG AND LEGEND from the Middle Ages [McClintock], 1893; Young Folks' History of the Civil War [Champlin], illust., 1881; Adventures in Fairy Land [R. H. Stoddard], illust., Bost. 1856; and others. 10 vols.


580. SONS OF THE REVOLUTION. Year Book of the Society in the State of New York, numerous historical portraits, facsimiles of autographs, etc., 4to, N. Y. 1893; Massachusetts Socy. of Sons of the Revolution, Historical Memoranda, portrait, royal Svo, Bost. 1899. Together 2 vols. Cloth.

✓581. SOUTH (THE), Legends of. By Somebody who desires to be considered Nobody. 12mo, cloth.

Balt. For the Author, 1869

582. SOUTHERN WAR POETRY. Poems: Patriotic, Religious, Miscellaneous. By Father A. J. Ryan. FIRST EDN. Portrait and plates. Post 8vo, cloth. Balt. 1880 History of Spanish Literature. By Geo. Ticknor. Library edn. 3 vols. 8vo,



N. Y. 1849

584. SPEILMAN (M. H.) The History of "Punch."✔ Numerous facsimiles after Leech, and other eminent illustrators. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. N. Y. 1895 ✓585. SPENSER (EDMUND). Works. With Observations on his Life and Writings. Portrait and engraved title. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Lond. 1840

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586. SPORT. Lawrence (Richd.) The Complete Farrier, and British Sportsman, interspersed with Sporting Anecdotes, and Account of the most Celebrated Horses. Engravings of famous racehorses and hunters, copied from paintings exclusively for this work. 4to, half calf (binding badly broken, and stained in places).

Lond. 1816

588 SPORT with Gun and Rod in American Woods and Waters. Edited by Alfred M. Mayer. Engravings of ani Look mals, views, hunting scenes, etc., SOME PROOFS ON JAPAN PAPER. Imp. 8vo, original cloth, uncut (1 plate missing, another damaged, and covers loose). N. Y. [1883]


The Wild ✓

√587. Harris (Capt. W. Cornwallis).
Sports of Southern Africa: being the Narrative of a Hunt-
ing Expedition from the Cape of Good Hope to the Tropic
of Capricorn. Map and 26 FINELY COLORED plates of
natives, BIG GAME and HUNTING SCENES, after drawings by
the author. Royal 8vo, original red cloth, gilt edges (back
edge of binding split, and slightly foxed). Lond. 1844

In the first rank of books on African sport.

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589. SPORT IN EUROPE. Edited by F. G Aflalo. Numerous full-page and smaller illusts. from drawings by THORBURN, CALDWELL, and E. F. T. BENNETT, and from photographs. Royal 8vo, original buckram, gilt top edge. N. Y. 1891 Edited by

Frances E. Slaughter. Numerous illusts. from photos. and
old prints. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.
Westminster, 1898
✓591. STEDMAN (E. C.) The Prince's Ball.
Illusts. Post Svo, cloth (binding defective).

N. Y. 1860

592. STERNE (LAURENCE). Letters to his most inti- ✓ mate Friends; with a Fragment in the manner of Rabelais, and Memoirs of his Life and Family. Portrait after B. West. 3 vols. 16mo, half morocco. Lond. 1776

✓ 593. STEVENSON (R. L.) The Amateur Emigrant. From the Clyde to Sandy Hook. 12mo, original cloth, gilt www top edge. Chicago, 1895

THE FIRST INDEPENDENT EDITION, the original having been rigidly suppressed by the author when but a few copies were printed.

594. STEWART (G. H.-General and Statesman). A.L.S. 1 page 4to. Balt. 1842. Personal.


595. STODDARD (R. H.) The Book of the East. WWW EDN. 12mo, cloth. Fine copy.


Bost. 1871

✓ 596. STOCKTON (FRANK R.) The Dusantes. FIRST V Loth EDN. Crown 8vo, cloth, UNCUT. N. Y. [1888]

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√597. STOTHARD (THOMAS). Life of Stothard, with
Personal Reminiscences by Mrs. Bray. Illust. Square 8vo,
boards (a little used).
Lond. 1851
Progress Descriptive Sonnets by Rev. Geo. Townsend.
Portrait and 17 plates, after Stothard. Small 4to, cloth
(loose in covers).
Lond. 1840

599. STOWE (MRS. H. B.) Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin, FIRST EDN. The May Flower, FIRST EDN., portrait Bible Heroines, colored front. 3 vols. imp. 8vo, etc.

Bost. and N. Y. 1853-88


600. Illusts. 601.

Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands.
2 vols. 12mo, cloth.

Dred, 2 vols., 1850; The Minister's Wooing,
1859; Palmetto Leaves, 1873; Oldtown Folks, 1869.
FIRST EDNS. Together 5 vols. Crown 8vo, original cloth.
602. STRAUSS (D. F.) Nouvelle Vie de Jésus. Trad.
de l'Allemand par A. Nefftzer et Ch. Dollfus. 2 vols. 8vo,
half crimson morocco, gilt top edges.
Paris [187-]

The only authorized French translation, 603. [SURTEES (R.)] Handley Cross. illusts and 100 woodcuts by Jno. Leech. cloth back, uncut.

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Bost. 1854

With 17 colored
Post 8vo, boards,
Lond. 1903

LARGE PAPER. One of 100 copies for England, on Japan

604. SURVEYING. Mandy (V.) Mellificium Mensionis; or, The Art of Measuring. Portrait by WHITE, and folding and other diagrams. 12mo, half calf (rubbed). Lond. 1727

605. TALE OF A TUB (A.), [Swift], N. Y. 1857; The Longfellow Birthday Book, 1882; Laus Veneris [Swinburne], N. Y. 1871; Moore's Irish Melodies, N. Y. 1821; and others. 10 vols.

606. TALES OF OLD ENGLISH LIFE [Collier], 1870; Abbeys, Castles and Ancient Halls of England and Wales [Timbs] (Vol. I. only), Lond.; Monographs, Personal and Social [Houghton], 1873; and others. 10 vols.

607. TAYLOR (BAYARD). Hannah Thurston. FIRST
EDN. 12mo, cloth.
N. Y. 1864

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✓ 608.
At Home and Abroad: a Sketch Book of Life,
Scenery and Men. Engravings. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth.

N. Y. 1870

609. TESTIMONY of a Refugee from East Tennessee [H Bokum], Phil., 1863; The Election Law in N. Y. State [J. T. McDonough], Albany, 1900; Report of the Chicago and Rock Island Railway, July, 1857, N. Y.; and others. Pamphlets. (About 50 pieces, as a lot).

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610. THACKERAY (W. M.) The Book of Snobs [contains seven chapters not in the English edition]; Men's Wives [FIRST EDN. IN BOOK FORM], 2 copies. Together 3 vols. 12mo, original red cloth (binding worn and some leaves stained). N. Y.: Appleton's Popular Library, 1852 611. The Luck of Barry Lyndon. FIRST EDN. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. N. Y.: 1853

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The National Shakespear Committee and the V
Late Mr. Thackeray. Post Svo, stitched (pp. 23).
Lond.: Jos. Clayton [1864]

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A RARE PAMPHLET, containing numerous contemporary press notices relating to the effort on the part of the Shakespeare Committee to exclude Mr. Thackeray from the office of Vice-President. Interesting as showing up the mean artifices resorted to by some of his brothers of the pen.

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✓ 614. THACKERAYANA. Notes and Anecdotes. About 600 illusts. by Thackeray, depicting incidents in his school life, etc. Crown 8vo, original cloth. Lond. Chatto, 1875

Portrait of Thackeray. Only 200 printed, this beN. Y. 1903

FIRST EDITION, which was suppressed owing to its infringing copyright.

✓ 615. THACKERAY'S Newcomes, FIRST EDN., 2 vols. (poor copy; sold as it is); Clarke's Pompeii, 2 vols. ; and 3 others. Together 8 vols. 12mo, etc.

616. THATCHER (B. DUSSEY, 1809-1840-Author of A. L. "Biography of North American Indians," etc.). intialled. 1 page. 8vo, with fly-leaf.

617. THEATRICAL An Interviewer's Album, comprising a Series of Chats with Eminent Players and Playwrights. By G. O. Seilhamer. Portraits (1 missing). 16 Parts Royal 8vo, original wrappers. N. Y. 1881

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A Memoir of the Professional Life of THOMAS

ABTHORPE COOPER. By J. Norton Ireland. Facsimile of autograph letter, and reproductions of playbills. EXTRAILLUSTRATED by the insertion of fifty portraits, views and playbills. 8vo. ONLY 190 COPIES PRINTED.

N. Y. The Dunlap Society, 1888

The portraits consist of contemporary engravings and reproductions of photographs, etc., some from private plates, and others, of which but 12 impressions were taken. The playbills record impor tant appearances of Cooper, and include a very rare one of a performance at Park Theatre, New York, Oct. 26th, 1808. Folded in sheets ready for binding.

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619. THEATRICAL. Small Folio Scrap-Book, containing upwards of 500 Playbills, Programmes, etc., of Performances at various New York Theatres and other places of amusement from 1882 to 1898; also a number of theatrical press clippings, Portraits of Actors, Tickets of Admission, Signatures of Actors, etc., etc. Shabby half binding (the back broken).

620. Life of Edwin Forrest, by James Rees; Leaves from an Actor's Note Book [Vandenhoff]; Mimic Life, or Before and Behind the Curtain [Ritchie]; and another. 4 vols. crown 8vo, cloth (covers of Vandenhoff broken).

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621. Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons, interspersed with Anecdotes of Authors and Actors. By James Boaden. 5 portraits after paintings and rare engravings. EXTRAILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 78 engraved and other portraits, chiefly of celebrated players and dramatists. Crown Svo, unbound.

/ 622.
Doran's Annals of the English Stage, with
Memoirs by R. H. Stoddard, 2 vols.; Pascoe's Dramatic
List, 1879: Crotchets and Quavers [Maretzek], N. Y. 1855.
Together 4 vols. Crown 8vo, cloth (names on some titles).

J 623. — An Actor's Tour [Bandmann]; Essays and a
Drama [E. G. Holland]; Autobiography of an Actress
[A. C. Mowatt]; and 3 others. Together 6 vols. Crown
Svo, cloth.

624. THEATRICAL BIOGRAPHY. Live of Mrs. Clive; of Thos. Betterton; of James Quin. Portraits. 3 vols. post 8vo, boards, uncut. Lond. 1887-88

j625. Life of Mrs. Cibber; Life of Anne Catley
(Privately printed); Life of Mrs. Abington; and another.
Portraits. Together 4 vols. Crown 8vo, vellum, uncut.
Lond. 1887, etc.

626. THEATRICAL BOQUET (THE). Containing an
Alphabetical Arrangement of the Prologues and Epilogues
published by Distinguished Wits from the time of Cibber.
Frontispiece representing Garrick in the character of a
drunken sailor, drawn and engraved by ISAAC TAYLOR.
12mo, old sheep (back restored).
Lond. 1780


627. THEOLOGY. Dr. Tyng's Family Commentary on the Four Gospels (5 copies); Trollope's Analecta Theologica, 2 vols.; Lady Ferguson's Life of Bishop Reeves (2 copies); and others. Together 12 vols. 8vo, cloth.

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628. Barnes' Notes on Portions of the New Testament, 9 vols.; Peabody's Christian Days and Thoughts; Goulburn's Personal Religion; Paley's Evidences; and 22 others. Together 34 vols. 12mo, cloth, etc.

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