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The Hurst Sale

A Letter of Appreciation

The American Security and Trust Co. of Washington, D. C., being named as the sole executor of the estate of the late Bishop John Fletcher Hurst, chose The Anderson Auction Company as the medium for the public sale of his choice collection of Books, Autographs, and Manuscripts. In due time the sales were effected, the aggregate proceeds amounting to $56,500.

In connection therewith, the following extract from an unsolicited letter received from the Executor may prove of interest :

"It seems proper that I should express to you our entire satisfaction with your management and conduct of the sale. The cataloguing, on which so much depended, was admirably done, and the amount realized was fully up to the highest estimate of the value of the collection.

I have heretofore congratulated you personally on the success of the sale, and now beg you to accept this expression of our appreciation of the excellent service rendered in this connection by your Company

to ours.

Yours very truly,



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ELIANUS (CL.) Varia Historia, ad MS. Codices nunc primum recognita et castigata, cum versione Justi Vulteji. . . . Et Perpetuo Commentario Jacobi Perizonii. Frontispiece and small copper-plates. Old vellum (some marginal notes). Lvgdvni in Batavis, 1701 Highly esteemed and, at one time, a very rare and valuable edition.

Í 2. AFRICA. Timbuctoo, the Mysterious. From the
French of Felix Dubois. Maps and numerous illusts. 8vo,
N. Y. 1896
ports, Year Books, etc., of the Departments of Agriculture
and Forestry, and of the N. Y. State Agricultural Society.
Together 38 vols. 8vo, cloth, and some in original wrappers.

✓ 4. AINSWORTH (W. H.) Ballads: Romantic, Fantastical and Humorous. FIRST EDN. Illusts. by Jno. Gilbert. 12mo, cloth, uncut (slightly rubbed). Scarce. Lond. 1855 ✓ 5. ALBANY. Obediah Cooper's Indenture to Johannis Van Santen for a portion of his ground in the front of his lot. 1 p folio, with signatures and seals. March 28, 1727


Phil. 1882

6. ALLIBONE (S. AUSTIN). A Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors, from the earliest accounts to the latter half of the nineteenth century. 3 vols. royal 8vo, sheep (binding little worn). ✓7. ALPINE. Some Letters, containing An Account of What Seemed most Remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, etc. By G. Burnet. Crown 8vo, half polished calf, gilt edges. Rotterdam, 1686

8. AMERICA AND HER COMMENTATORS [Tucker- v man], 1864; The Chronicle of the Drum [Thackeray], illust, 1882; Life of Thomas Stothard [Bray], illust., 1851 (poor copy); and others. 10 vols

9. AMERICA [Burke (Edmund]). European Settlements in America. EMAN. BOWEN. 2 vols. 8vo, old calf cloth).

An Account of the Folding maps by (roughly backed with Lond. 1777

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10. AMERICANA. Lockman (John). History of the Cruel Sufferings of Protestants and others by Popish Persecutions. 12mo, old calf (rubbed). Lond. 1760

Contains account of Spanish cruelties in America. Curiously elaborate presentation inscription from the author on fly-leaf.

11. AMERICAN ART. Art Year Book of the New England Institute, Boston, 1884. Illust. with etchings, engravings, woodcuts, etc. Folio, vellum, uncut (a few of the duplicate plates missing). Bost. 18S4

No. 27 of only 40 copies printed for subscribers. In silk-covered case, with duplicates of the plates in four states, on Japan vellum, india paper, etc.


✓ 12. AMERICAN ATLAS. Historical, Chronological and
Geographical, to 1826. Numerous colored mups. Folio,
half roan (back chipped).
Phil. Carey & Lea, 1827

13. AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY. The National Cyclo- * pædia of American Biography, being the History of the U. S. as illustrated in the Lives of the Founders, etc. Hundreds of portraits. Vols. 1-4 (only). Thick royal 8vo, half morocco. 4 vols.

N. Y. 1892-3

Luther S. Livingstone. Vol. 7. 8vo, cloth.
✓ 15.
The same, Vol. 8. 8vo, cloth.


By N. Y. 1901

N. Y. 1902

✓ 16.

Another copy on LARGE PAPER. No. 22 of only 30 copies so issued. N. Y. 1902

17. AMERICAN CANALS. History of the Rise, Progress and Existing Condition of the Western Canals in New York State, 1788-1819; with History of Agricultural Societies, 1807-'20. By Elkanah Watson. Portrait, 2 maps and other plates. 8vo, boards, uncut (foxed and one cover loose). Rare. Albany, 1820 ✓ 18. AMERICAN CHARTERS, ETC. Forms of Government, containing an Abstract of the Original Charter of Maryland, The Bill of Rights, and Constitution of the State; Delaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, etc. 12mo, old half binding. Annapolis, 1827 ✔ 19. AMERICAN ENGRAVINGS. A Collection of books V containing Illustrations by DR. ALEX. ANDERSON. Together 16 vols. 12mo, etc., old calf and cloth bindings. 1816, etc. ✓ 20. AMERICAN FOREST TREES. Sixteen maps, colored," accompanying Report on Forest Trees of North America (showing sectional position of the various species). By Prof. C. S. Sargent. Large folio, loose, in half cloth portfolio.

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21. AMERICAN HISTORICAL PAMPHLETS History of the Town of Houlton, Me., 1804-83; History of the Town of Hampstead, N. H., for 100 Years [I. W. Smith]; Historical Discourse before the First Cong. Society in Harvard, Mass., 1882 [Seth Chandler]; and others. 8vo, etc., paper. (15 pieces.)

22. AMERICAN HISTORY. A Legacy of Historical Gleanings, compiled and arranged by Mrs. Catharina V. R. Bonnay. Engraved portraits, facsimiles of autographs, etc. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Albany, 1875 ✔ 23. AMERICAN MARINE. The "Cornelius Grinnell " Polka: a Descriptive Polka of the trip across the Atlantic. Composed on the voyage by H. Craven Griffiths. View of Cornelius Grinnell" on front cover. 8 pages, 4to.

the 66

N. Y. [1852] ✔ 24. AMERICAN NEWSPAPER. The Banner of the Constitution Edited by Condy Raguet. Vol. I. (with general Index). Folio, old half sheep (covers loose and small hole in one page). Scarce. Wash. City, 1829-30 / 25. AMERICAN ORACLE (THE). By Samuel Stearns. Comprehending an Account of Recent Discoveries in the Arts and Sciences, etc. 8vo (wants binding). N. Y. 1791

26. AMERICAN POLITICS. The Republican Party: its History, Principles and Policies. Edited by Hon. Jno. D. Long. Portraits. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1898

✓ 27.

Another copy.


Another copy.
10 copies.



Sermon preached be- ✔

fore the House of Lords, in Westminster Abbey, on Dec. 13, 1776, being the day appointed for a General Fast on account WW of the American Rebellion, by Richard, Bishop of Lichfield, etc. 4to. Bound with other Sermons of the period (covers lacking). Lond. 1777

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✓ 31. The Pictorial Field Book of. By B. J. Lossing.
FIRST EDN. With brilliant impressions of the hundreds of
woodcuts. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, cloth (fronts. missing, other-
wise a fine copy). Very scarce.
N. Y. 1851-52


Martyrs to the Revolution in the British Prison-
Ships in the Wallabout Bay. Folding map.
Folding map. 8vo, paper.
N. Y. 1855


RARE. The story of the New York Prisons and PrisonShips during the War for our Independence is the darkest in the history of our Revolutionary struggle."

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33. AMERICAN SLAVERY JUSTIFIED [Seabury]; Budget of Letters from Japan [Maclay]; Napoleon Bonaparte [Chafa]; Sketches of Travel in S. America; and 6 others others. Together 10 vols. 12mo, cloth.

34. AMERICAN STAGE. A Serious Inquiry into the Nature and Effects of the Stage. By Rev. Jno. Witherspoon: also Sermons by Dr. Miller and others. 12mo, boards (cracked), uncut. N. Y. 1812

35. AMERICAN THEATRE before the Revolution. History of. By Geo. O. Seilhamer. 4to, cloth, uncut.

Phil. 1888

36. AMERIKAS FÖRENTA STATER. Skildrade af Konni Zilliacus. Numerous illusts. of American towns, buildings, etc. 8vo, cloth. 1893 37. AMES (FISHER). Works of. With Notices of his Life and Character. Stipple portrait by D. Edwin. 8vo, old sheep. Bost. 1809

38. AMONG THE AMERICANS, and a Stranger in America [Holyoake], 1881; The Poetical and Prose Works of James Linen, 1865; The Bible in Spain, and the Gypsies of Spain [Borrow], N. Y. 1851; and others. 10 vols.

39. ANCIENT AMERICA in Notes on American Archæology. By J. D. Baldwin. Numerous illusts. 12mo, cloth.

N. Y. 1872

40. ANCIENT ORATIONS. Oratorvm Vetervm Ora-~ tiones: Eschinis, Lysiæ, Andocidis, Isæi, Dinarchi, Antiphontis, Lycvrgi, Herodis, etc. In harum editione quid ab Henr. Stephano Præstitum sit. Device on title. Folio, old limp vellum (binding broken and corners stained). [Parisiis], H. Stephanus, 1575 A good edition, with Latin translations of the orations. 41. ANCIENT SCULPTURE. A History of Ancient Sculpture. By Lucy M. Mitchell. With numerous illusts. 2 vols. square royal 8vo, half roan. N. Y. 1888

42. ANDRÉ (MAJ. JOHN). Andréana. Containing the Trial, Execution, and various matter relating to the History of André. 8vo, unbound, in sheets.

Phil.: H. W. Smith, 1865

One of an edition of 175 copies.
Another copy, in sheets.
Another copy, in sheets.



45. ANTWERP. Histoire de la Ville D'Anvers. Par Eugene Gens. Illuminated front., full-page illuminated plates of arms, views, etc. Royal 8vo, half morocco gilt, Anvers, 1861


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