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1. ACROSS AMERICA AND ASIA. A Journey Around the World and a Residence in Arizona, Japan and China. By R. Pumpelly. Map and illusts. 8vo, cloth. N.Y.1870

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2. ADAMS FAMILY. History of, with Biographical Sketches of 'Distinguished Descendants of the Several American Ancestors. By Henry Whittemore. Portraits. Royal 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1893

3. ALASKA. Along Alaska's Great River. The Exploring Expedition along the Yukon River, 1883. By F. Schwatka. Numerous full-page illusts. and cuts. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. [1885]

4. Report of the International Polar Expedition to Point Barrow, Alaska. With numerous illusts., some of which are finely colored. 4to, cloth. Wash. 1885


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Klondyke: Truth and Facts of the New El Dorado. By A. E. I. Sola. Fully illust. Roy. 8vo, cloth. Lond. [1897]

6. ALMANACKS. Gabriel and John Nathan Hutchins' Almanacks from 1793 to 1811. Bound in 1 vol. 12mo, old calf (some leaves torn and missing). (Sold as it is.)

N. Y. 1793-1811

7. AMERICA. The American Negotiator; or, The various Currencies of the British Colonies in America and the West Indian Islands, etc., etc. Tables. By J. Wright. Svo, Lond. 1761



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John Cabot's Landfall in 1497, and the site of Norumbega. Letter to Chief-Justice Daly. By Eben N. Horsford. Facsimiles of rare maps, plans, etc., and views. Royal 4to, original wrappers. Cambridge, 1886

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9. The Ship-Yard of the Griffon: a Brigantine built by La Salle, 1679, above the Falls of Niagara, etc. By C. K. Remington. Views and maps. Royal 8vo, cloth.

Buffalo, 1891


Commemoration of the Fourth Centenary of the Discovery of America. Columbian Historical Exposition, Madrid. Report upon the Collection Exhibited. G. Brinton. Portraits and illusts. 8vo, cloth.

By Dan'l Wash. 1895

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11. AMERICAN BOOK PRICES CURRENT. for 1897. Svo, buckram.

Vol. 3,

N. Y. 1897

12. AMERICAN BOTANY. Notes on the later Extinct Floras of North America, with descriptions of some New Species of Fossil Plants. By J. S. Newberry. 8vo, origi[N. Y. 1867]

nal wrappers.

Excerpts from annals of the Lyceum of Natural History. 13. AMERICAN COLLEGE FRATERNITIES. A Descriptive Analysis of the Society System in the Colleges of the U. S. With an account of each. By Wm. R. Baird. Front. Post 8vo, cloth. Phil. 1879

14. AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Annual Reports and Proceedings, 1893, '95, 1900 and 1901. Together 6 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Wash. 1894-1902

15. AMERICAN HISTORICAL RECORD (THE), and Repertory of Notes and Queries concerning the History and Antiquities of America, and Biography of Americans. Edited by Benson J. Lossing. Fully illust. 3 vols. thick small 4to, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut, and with the original covers bound in. Phil. 1872-74

Fine set. All ever published.


16. AMERICAN LITERARY AUTOGRAPHS. of Kate Field; John G. Saxe; H. T. Tuckerman; H. R. Helper (2); C. C. Anthon; J. P. Durbin; etc. (9)

17. AMERICAN MAPS. Collection of 55 Maps of various parts of North and South America, with a few Plans of Towns and Villages. Mounted on leaves of an old folio book, unbound (some frayed at edges).

Nearly all eighteenth century maps, some twenty or so published 1744 by N. Bellin.

18. AMERICAN MERCHANTS. Lives of. By Freeman Hunt. 18 engraved portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf.

N. Y. 1858

19. AMERICAN, MISCELLANEOUS, ETC. A. L. S. of Ed. Eggleston; Washington Allston; Benj. Silliman; Lewis Tappan; J. D. Evans; A. Barnes; Chief Justice Brewster; Capt. Doubleday (fired the first gun at Sumter-signature); Jas. Cooper; etc., including D'Aubigne and L. De Lisle. A few are signatures only. (27)

20. AMERICAN MOUNTAIN SCENERY of the West. Granite Crags. By C. F. G. Cumming. Interesting fullpage plates. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1884

21. AMERICAN NAVY. A History of the United States Navy from 1775-1893. By Edgar Stanton Maclay. FIRST EDN. Numerous illusts. 2 vols. thick 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. N. Y. 1894

22. The Steam Navy of the U. S. History of the Steam Vessel of War in the U. S. Navy and of the Naval Engineer Corps. By F. M. Bennett. Numerous illusts. Thick Svo, cloth. Pittsburgh (Pa.), 1896 Reminiscences of the Old Navy, from the Journals and Private Papers of Capt. Ed. Trenchard, etc. By Edgar S. Maclay. 8vo, cloth. (Pres. copy from the author.) N. Y. 1898


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24. AMERICAN ORIENTAL SOCIETY'S JOURNAL. Vols. 16 to 22, inclusive. 12 vols. 8vo, bound in cloth, unNew Haven, 1896-1901 25. AMERICAN POLITICIANS, STATESMEN, ETC. A. L. S. of S. J. Randall; Caleb Cushing; (another, L. S.); Cassius M. Clay; J. P. Bradley; Horatio Seymour; Wm. Slade (Gov. Vt.); Geo. M. Dallas; Ed. Everett; Jno. B. Gough; etc. (including 3 signatures). (16)

26. AMERICAN REAL ESTATE. The Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide. From Vol. 31 [1883] to Vol. 61 [1898], strongly bound, buckram (31 vols ), and from Vol. 62 [1898] to 72 [1903] in Nos. as issued (except one No., March 21, 1903). Small folio. (Sold as 42 vols.)

N. Y. 1883-1903

27. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. [Holmes (Oliver Wendell)] Memorial of Bunker Hill, containing an original poem, "Grandmother's Story of Bunker-Hill Battle," by Holmes 8vo, paper. Bost. 1875


Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army, 1775-83. By F. B. Heitman. Royal 8vo, sheep (back wanting). Wash. 1893


Register of the District of Columbia Society, Sons of the Revolution, 1896. Edited by Wm. J. Rhees. Portrait. Royal Svo, cloth, uncut. Wash. 1896


Life of John Paterson, Maj -Genl. in the Revolutionary Army. By Thos. Egleston. Portrait, maps and illusts. Royal Svo, cloth, uncut. N. Y.: Putnam, 1896

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The Chevalier De Pontgibaud. A French Volunteer of the War of Independence. Transl. and edited by Robt. B. Douglas. Portrait engraved by Thevenin. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Paris: Carrington, 1898

Printed on vellum paper.



New York in, as Colony and State. Records arranged by Jas. A. Roberts. Portraits and facsimiles. 4to, cloth. Albany, 1898

33. Memoirs of Maj.-Genl. Heath, by Himself. New edn, with Illustrations and Notes. Edited by Wm. Abbatt. To which is added the Accounts of the Battle of Bunker Hill by Generals Dearborn, Lee, and Wilkinson. Portraits. 4to. ONE OF 75 NUMBERED LARGE PAPER COPIES, in sheets, ready for binding. N. Y. 1902

34. AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES. Universities and their Sons: History, Influence and Characteristics of American Universities; with Biographical Sketches, etc. Edited by Gen. Joshua L. Chamberlain, and others. With hundreds of fine portraits and views. 5 vols. thick 4to, half morocco, gilt edges. FINE SET. Bost. 1898 35. AMERICAN VIEWS. Camera Mosiacs. A Portfolio of National Photography. Hundreds of illusts. morocco, gilt, gilt edges.

36. AMHERST COLLEGE. General Catalogue, including the Officers of Government and Instruction, the Alumni, and all who have received honorary degrees, 1821-1890. 8vo, cloth. Amherst, Mass., 1890

Oblong 4to,
N. Y. 1894

37. ARBITRATIONS. Moore (J. Bassett). History and Digest of the International Arbitrations to which the United States has been a party. Many large folding maps. 6 vols. Svo, original sheep. Wash. 1898

38. ARCTIC. Schwatka's Search. Sledging in the Arctic in Quest of the Franklin Records. By W. H. Gilder. Maps and illusts. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1881

39. ARTHUR (CHESTER A.) L. S. 1 page, 4to. N. Y., Nov. 3, 1862. Written when Quartermaster General.

40. ASTOR (JOHN JACOB-Founder of the Astor Family). A. L. S. 1 page, 4to. N. Y. 1832. Declining to make a loan of $25,000, "unless the State pay me."

41. ASTOR PLACE RIOT. Account of the Terrific and Fatal Riot at the Astor Place Opera House, with the Quarrels of Forrest and Macready. Fronts. 8vo, paper, pp. 32. N. Y. 1849

42. AUTOGRAPH ALBUM. Post Svo, full morocco, containing the signatures (mounted)-in some cases with sentiments--of about 75 well-known names in American Literature, Politics and History, from 1865-75, including Whittier, Longfellow, Holmes, Bryant, Bret Harte, Grant, Sherman, Webster, Greeley, Ristori, Charlotte Cushman, Von Bulow; a delightful little pen-and-ink portrait, with signature of Thos. Nast, a Poem signed "H. H.” of Helen Hunt Jackson. (As 1 piece.)

A. L. S.,

43. BAINBRIDGE (COMMODORE WM.) 2 pp. 4to, 1824. To Gen. Dearborn, letter of condolence on the death of Col. Lee. Portrait. (As 1 piece.)

44. BANCROFT (GEORGE--Historian). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo, 1862; 2 L. S., 1858 and 1876. All in regard to books. (As 3 pieces.)

45. BANDELIER (A. F.) Contributions to the History of the Southwestern portion of the United States. Map. 8vo, boards, uncut (Arch. Insti. of America Papers).

Cambridge 1890

46. BANK OF NEW YORK. A History of the Bank of New York, 1784-1884, compiled from official records and other sources, at the request of the Directors, by H. W. Domett. Views of the bank, engraved portraits of presidents, and facsimiles of bank-notes. Small 4to, limp morocco, gilt top edge.

N. Y. 1884

47. BARRON (COMMODORE JAMES--Killed in a duel by Com. Decatur). L. S., 1 p. folio, U. S. Navy Yard, Phil. 1833. To the Secty. of the Navy. Rare signature.

48. BATTLE OF QUEBEC (THE); The Bostonian Ebenezer [Mather]; Description of the New Netherlands [Donck]; and The Destruction of the Tea [Hutchinson] (all Old South leaflets); and other miscellaneous pamphlets. (50 pieces, as a lot.)

19. BEECHER (HENRY WARD). A Discourse delivered at Plymouth Church, Nov. 25th, 1847. pp. 27.

8vo, paper, N. Y. 1848

One of Beecher's earliest sermons. Very scarce. He was appointed pastor of Plymouth Church in 1847.

50. BEMIS FAMILY. The Bemis History and Genealogy. An Account in greater part of the Descendants of Joseph Bemis, of Watertown, Mass. By Col. T. W. M. Draper. Small 4to, cloth. San Francisco: Privately printed, 1900 Presentation copy from the author, with inscription.

51. BENTON (THOS. H.--Author, etc.). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, 1858, regarding the settling of some financial affairs after the Mexican War. With engraved portrait. (As 1 piece.)

52. BERGEN FAMILY. The Bergen Family; or, The Descendants of Hans Hansen Bergen, one of the Early Settlers of New York and Brooklyn, L. I. With Genealogy, etc. By Teunis G. Bergen. Portraits, views, etc. Thick 8vo, cloth. Albany, 1876

53. BERRIEN (JNO. MCP.--Senator and U. S. Atty. Gen.). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Savannah, 1827, regarding the printing of a Debate.

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