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54. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bibliotheca Americana. Histoire, Geographie, Voyages, Archæologie et Linguistique des Deux Ameriques et des Iles Philippines. Par Ch. Leclerc. With prices. Royal 8vo, cloth.

Paris, 1878 55. Bibliotheca Catholica Americana. A List of Works by Catholic Authors and published in the U. S. By Rev. Jos. M. Finotti. (Part I., 1784-1820.) 8vo, cloth, uncut.

N. Y. 1872 Catalogue of Books, Maps, Plates, Autographs, etc., relating to America. With Bibliographical and Historical Notes by Fred. Muller. With prices and illusts. 8vo, half morocco.

Amsterdam, 1872 57. BONNEY (MRS. C. V. R.) A Legacy of Historical Gleanings. Numerous portraits and facsimile autographs. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.

Albany, 1875 Colonial history. The War of 1812, Battle of Queenstown

Heights, Gen. Wayne's Campaign, etc., etc. 58. BOSTON ALMANACS for the Years 1838, '39, '12 and '43. Plans of the city and woodcuts, some of which are crudely colored. 4 vols. 18mo, original cloth. Bost.1838-43

59. BOSTON LEGAL DOCUMENT. Deed of certain land in Boston, from Jonathan Tyng to Samuel Searle. Folio, vellum (worn in the folds), dated Oct. 12, 1700.

The land is described within the Province of Massachusetts Bay, “situate in Boston near unto a certain hill there commonly cald Short Hill being in the Townshire of Dunstable abbutting upon Merrimac River by the late Supt, Parker's land Northward

bounded by John Cuimings Westward .. and running by Beal's land to a heap of stones by Andrew Cook's N. W. corner to a great pine tree marked A

etc., etc.” It is signed by Tyng (one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Boston), witnessed by Addington Davenport, and recorded at Charles Towne Oct. 17, 1700, by Sam'll Phipps, sworn to before Jos. Addington. An unusually

interesting combination of famous early New England names. 60. BOSTON. History of East Boston, with Biographical Sketches of its Early Proprietors and an Appendix. Portraits, views, pedigrees and maps. Thick royal 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Bost. 1858 61. The Charter and Ordinances of the City of Boston, with the Acts of the Legislature relating to the City. Collated and revised. 8vo, sheep.

Bost. 1834 62. BOWDOIN COLLEGE. General Catalogue of Bowdoin College, and the Medical School of Maine, 1794-1894, including Historical Sketch of the Institution by G. T. Little. Illusts. Cloth.

Brunswick, 1894 The catalogue gives date, place of birth, etc., of every graduate.



63. BRADFORD'S HISTORY " of Plimoth Plantation” from the original MS. Portraits and facsimiles. Royal 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1898 64. BRAINERD FAMILY. The Genealogy of, in the U. S. With numerous Sketches of Individuals. By Rev. David D. Field. Portraits. Svo, cloth.

N. Y. 1857 65. BRINCKERHOFF (JORIS DIRCKSEN). The Fam- Tharder loose. ily of, 1638. Map, views of houses, etc. Royal 8vo, original wrappers.

N. Y. 1887 66. BRYANT (WM. CULLEN). A. L. S., 1 Nov. 10, 1864. To the Secty. of the Young Men's Rep. Club on Lincoln's election: “It will do more to hasten the close of the war than twenty battles.”

67. BURNHAM. Genealogical Records of Thomas Burnham, the Emigrant, and his Descendants. By R. H. Burnham. Portraits, views, facsimiles of documents, etc. Royal 8vo, half roan.

Hartford, 1884 68. BURNSIDE (A. E.--Federal General). A. L. S. (short (5 lines). N. Y. 1867.

69. BURT (W.-U.S.N.). A. L. S., 3 pp. 4to, Phil.1812. To Major Jas. Caldwell. Long and interesting letter on the political outlook.

70. CABLE (GEO. W.) The Creoles of Louisiana. FIRST EDN. 8vo, cloth. Fine copy.

N. Y. 1881 71. CABOT. John Cabot's Landfall in 1497, and the site of Norum bega. A Letter to Chief Justice Daly, by E. N. Horsford. Plates of views, plans, etc. Imp. 4to, original wrappers.

Cambridge, 1886
Large Paper copy of the original edition, printed for private

circulation only.
72. CADWALADER (THOS.-Brigadier Gen., late
Com'r Light Brigade). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to, Phil. 1805. To
U. S. Paymaster, regarding the distribution of State monies.

73. CAPE COD. A Trip Around Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, South Shore and Historical Plymouth. By E. G. Perry. Numerous illusts. Square royal 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1898 74. CASS (LEWIS-Gov. of Mich. and Western Pioneer). 2 A. L. S., 1814 and 1826, A. N. S. (1858), the two former on official business. (3 pieces.)

75. CATALOGUE of the Library of John A. Rice. With printed prices. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. N Y. 1870

776. Catalogue of the Joseph J. Cooke Collection. Both Parts. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco. With the prices.

N. Y. 1883

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77. CENTRAL AMERICA. Charnay (D.) Ruined Cities of Central America. Heliotype illusts. 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1880 Excerpts from the numbers of the North American Review

containing these articles. 78. CHACE (DUDLEY-U. S. Senator from Vt.). A. L. S., 1 p. folio, 1816. To the Paymaster-General.

79. CHAUNCEY (COMMODORE ISAAC). A. L. S. 3 pp. 4to. Portsmouth, Nov. 19, 1815. “I am now waiting for a wind to proceed to Boston ... that place of 'steady habits' and 'correct principals ’,” etc.

80. CIVIL WAR. The Great Rebellion: a History of the Civil War in the United States. By J. T. Headley. Numerous illusts. 2 vols. thick 8vo, full roan, gilt edges.

Hartford, Conn., 1864 81.

Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac. By William Swinton. FIRST EDN. Engravings and maps. 8vo, half calf (slightly loose).

N. Y. 1866 82. Lossing (B. J.) Pictorial History of the Civil War in the U. S. of America. Hundreds of wood engravings by Lossing and Barritt. 3 vols. imp. 8vo, half calf.

Phil. 1866; Hartford, 1868 83. — The Military Operations of Gen. Beauregard in the War between the States; Personal Sketch and a Narrative of his Services in the War with Mexico, 1846-48. Ву Alfred Roman. FIRST EDN. Portraits. 2 vols. thick 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1884 84. McClellan's Own Story. By Geo. B. McClellan. Portrait. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1887 85. General George H. Thomas. A Critical Biography by Donn Piatt, with concluding chapters by H. V. Boynton. Portrait. 8vo, cloth.

Cinn. 1893 86. Original Water-Color Drawing: Sinking of the “Alabama," by Dalziel. 12 x 9 in. Framed and glazed.

87. CLARKE FAMILY. The Descendants of Nathaniel Clarke and his Wife Elizabeth Somerby, of Newbury, Mass. By Geo. K. Clarke. Portraits and views. Svo, cloth.

Bost.: Privately printed, 1902 88. CLAIBORNE (GEN. F. L.- War of 1812). A. L. S., 1 p. folio. Baton Rouge, May 13, 1813. To Secty. of War, asking for remuneration for hurriedly called out militia.

89. CLAY (HENRY). A. L. S. 2 pp. 4to. 1846. Long and interesting letter; mentions his defeat for the Presidency in 1844, his financial affairs, etc.

90. CLINTON (DE WITT—long Mayor of the City, and Gov. of N. Y.). D. S., 1 p. folio, Albany, Apl. 24, 1818, with stamp. A Lieutenant's commission for Wm. W. Spencer.

91. CLINTON (GEORGE-First Gov. of New York). D. S., with fine signature and seal, Feb. 1, 1792. Captain's commission, countersigned by the secretary, Robt. Harpur (formerly of King's (now Columbia] College).

92. COGGSWELL FAMILY. The Cogswells in America. By E. 0. Jameson. Numerous full-page steel portraits. Royal 8vo, cloth.

[Bost. 1884] 93. COLES (ABRAHAM). Biographical Sketch, Memorial Tributes, and Selections from his Works (some hitherto unpublished). Edited by J. A. Coles. Illust.

Illust. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1892 94. COLLEGE FRATERNITIES. Tenth General Catalogue of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity. Engraved front. Thick imp. 8vo, cloth.

(Bethlehem, Pa.] 1888 95. Greek Letter Men of New York. Compiled by Wm. J. Maxwell. Views and numerous portraits. Crown Svo, half crimson morocco, gilt top edge.

N. Y. 1899 96. COLONIAL WARS. Society of Annual Registers of Offlcers and Members, 1893-94. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

N. Y. 1893-94 97. Society of. Annual Register of Qfficers and Members, with Index of Ancestors and Descendants. pp. 275-422. 8vo, half morocco.

N. Y. 1896 98. COLORADO RIVER of the West, and its Tributaries, Exploration of, 1869-72. Numerous illusts.

Wash. 1875 99. COLUMBIA COLLEGE. An Historical Sketch of Columbia College, 1754-1876. [By J. H. van Amringe.] 12mo, cloth.

N. Y. (1876) 100.

N. Y. General Catalogue of Officers and Graduates, 1754-1900, with lists of ungraduated matriculants, 1758–1897, laid in. 8vo, cloth. (As one piece.)

N. Y. 1900 101. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. Index of Graduates from 1777 to 1887. Excerpt from some book. Royal 8vo, wrappers.

102. COLUMBUS AND VESPUCCI. Facsimile Reproductions of the Spanish and Latin Letters of Columbus, 1493, and the First Four Voyages of Vespucci, 1505-6, with Translations, Introductions, etc. Together 3 vols. Small 4to, original wrappers.

Lond. 1893


· 103. CONDICT (LEWIS—Com. for settling the N. Y. & N. J. Boundary line). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Wash. 1817, to Col. Robt. Butler.

104. CONFEDERATE NEWSPAPER. No. 13, Vol. I. of the Christian Banner, Fredericksburg, Va., July 14, 1862, with an account of the Capture of Vicksburg; Gov. Jeff Thompson's proclamation to Mississippi, etc.

105. CONFEDERATE STATES NAVY. History of the Confederate States Navy from its Organization to the Surrender of its last Vessel. By J. Thomas Scharf. Iilust. Thick &vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut.

Albany, 1894 106. CONNECTICUT. Early Annals of Newington, comprising the First Records-Early History of the Parish,

etc. By Roger Welles. 8vo, cloth, with the original covers bound in.

Hartford, 1874 107. Inscriptions on Tombstones in Milford, Conn., erected prior to 1800, together with a few of aged persons who died after that date. Transcribed and annotated by N. G. Pond Illusts. 8vo, cloth, uncut, original wrappers preserved.

New Haven, for the Colony Historical Society, 1889 108. Field (David D.) A History of the Towns of Haddam and East Haddam. Svo, ONLY 200 COPIES PRINTED, cloth, UNCUT. Middletown, 1814-Reprinted N. Y. 1892 109.

Souvenir History of the Town of Bristol. Numerous portraits and illusts. Small folio, limp boards.

Meriden, 1897 110. CONQUEST OF MEXICO. Solis (Don Antonio De). Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, poblacion y progressos de la America Septentrional. Folio, old limp vellum.

En Madrid, 1748 111. CORWIN FAMILY. The Corwin Genealogy in the U.S. By E. T. Corwin. 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1872 112. CROSBY FAMILY (A). Josiah Crosby, Sarah Fitch and their Descendants. By Nathan Crosby, of Lowell, Mass. Royal Svo, cloth.

Lowell, 1877 113. CURTIS (GEO. T. AND GEO. W.) A. L. S., 3 pp. 8vo, 1871, of Geo W. Curtis, mentions the President (Grant); L. S., 1 p. 4to, 1878, of Geo. T. Curtis. (2 pieces.)

114. CUSHMAN (CHARLOTTE-noted Actress). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, N. Y. 1838, to F. C. Wemyss, mentions playing at the Park Theatre.

115. DANA (RICHARD HENRY-American Poet). Card autographed (1876 at the age of 89).

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