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1341. WONDERS OF ACOUSTICS (revised by Robert Ball], illust., 1870; The Adirondacks, illust. [S. R. Stoddard], 1882; The Old Brewery and the New Mission House at the Five Points, N. Y. 1854; and others. 20 vols.

1342. WRIGHT (G. F.) Man and the Glacial Period. Illust. Post 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1892 1343. YALE. Valedictory Poem, by Alonson Benedict, 1821; Lecture (before Medical Students) by Jon. Knight, 1835; Address before the Beethoven Club, 1841; and another. 8vo, unbound. (5 pieces) New Haven, 1821-42

1344. YESTERDAYS IN THE PHILIPPINES [Stevens], illust., 1898; Guide to the Adirondacks [Wallace], illust., 1875; Adventures in the Hunting Grounds of the World [Meunier], illust., 1870; and others. 15 vols.

1345. YIDDISH. A Dictionary of the Yiddish Language. By Alex. Harkavy. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1-98


1346. ANTIQUES. Ancient Greek Copper Ladle, and several other pieces of Ancient Brass Ware, Saracenic, etc. (5 pieces.)

1347. ARAB FLINT-LOCK. A fine old Arab FlintLock, inlaid with various colored Ivories (requires slight repairs).

1348. ARMOR. Full-length Figure in Armor, with Helmet on Oak stand. Apparently complete, though needs slight repairs.


A bundle of 12 Assegais, Throwing Spears, etc.; also Zulu Shield. (13 pieces.)

1350. BOOK-CASE. Walnut. 5 shelves, 2 doors. Size, 7 ft. x 4 ft. (Needs slight repairs.)


Black walnut. Inside and shelves veneered with a pretty light-colored wood. 5 shelves, 2 doors, each divided into 12 lights. Size, 7 x 4 ft. (Lacks 6 shelf supports.)


Mahogany (veneered). 3 shelves, 2 doors. Size, 4 ft. 8 in. x 3 ft. 3 in. (lacks bottom piece and shelf supports; one door loose and one glass cracked).


Solid oak, divided into 3 sections of 33 inches each long, and containing 4 movable shelves to each section. Size, 6 ft. high x 9 ft. long. No doors.


x 11 in. wide.

Oak. 2 compartments, each 16 in. in height
Size, 38 in. x 14 in.

1355. CARD INDEX CABINET in oak, 15 in. high x 19
in. broad x 13 in. wide. Neatly made and in choice con-

1356. DEER'S HEAD, 10 tines, stuffed and mounted;
also Pair of Horns, 10 tines. (2 pieces.)

1357. GUN. Double-Barrelled Percussion Gun, made by
R. S. Clark.

1358. JAPANESE SWORD, in handsome lacquered and
decorated sheath; also a smaller ditto, with wooden case
and mounted with ivory.

1359. MALAY KREESE and some similar short swords.
(6 pieces.)

1360. MAORI WOODEN SWORD. Carved and deco-
rated in the Native manner.

1361. MISCELLANEOUS. Philippine Hat; Pair of Cana-
dian Snow-Shoes; etc., etc. (8 pieces.)

XVIII. Century, made at Springfield (little rusted, other-
wise in good state); also Powder-Horn. (2 pieces.)

1363. OLD ARAB FLINT-LOCK (lock a little rusted).
1364. OLD DOUBLE-EDGE SWORD. Antique pattern.
1366. RUSSIAN BRASS WORK. Water Jug, with stand
(needs slight repairs).

1367. STAND OF WOOD, richly decorated in embossed
gold, silver and colors, floral and Arabesque style. Choice
specimen of Saracenic work, probably from some old Moor-
ish building in Spain. About 3 ft. 6 in. high.

1368. TERRA-COTTA VASE, amphora-shaped, 16 in.
high. Probably made by the Navajo Indians.

1369. TOBY JUG, in brown earthenware. Glazed figure
of a pug dog.

1370. WATER-COLOR DRAWINGS: General Quarters,
1891; Field-Equipment, 1892; Armored Cruisers stripped
for Action. By J. O. Davidson. Framed and glazed. (3

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Conditions of Sale

I: TERMS CASH. The highest bidder to be the buyer; in all cases of disputed bids the lot shall be immediately re-sold.

II: Books are sold per volume, other articles per piece, unless otherwise stated in the catalogue, and bids must be made accordingly.

III: Goods purchased at the sales must be removed from the premises within one week; in default of which the Auctioneer will reserve the right of re-selling them at the cost of the purchaser.

IV: Bids will be faithfully executed by the Auctioneer and used only in competition. All unlimited bids should come through Agents.

V: Books are presumed to be perfect unless otherwise stated. Imperfect books (not so described) may be returned within three days.

Anderson Auction

Successor to Bangs & Co.

(Established 1833)

No. 5 West 29th Street, New York

UNEQUALED facilities for the handling and sale
of Books, Manuscripts, Paintings, Etchings
and Engravings, Autographs, Coins, Stamps, etc.

Sales of Private Collections
a Specialty

Extract from the Will of Edmond de Goncourt: (Trans.)

"My wish is that my Drawings, my Prints, my Curiosities, my Books-in a word these things of art which have been the joy of my life-shall not be consigned to the cold tomb of a museum, and subjected to the stupid glance of the careless passer-by; but I require that they shall all be dispersed under the hammer of the Auctioneer, so that the pleasure which the acquiring of each one of them has given me shall be given again, in each case, to some inheritor of my own tastes."

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