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481. The Right Moral Influence and Use of Liberal Studies. A Discourse delivered after the Annual Commencement of Geneva College, August 7th, 1833. 8vo, original cloth (spotted throughout).

482. ican Scholar.

N. Y.: Henry Ludwig, Printer, 1833 The Advantages and the Dangers of the AmerFIRST EDN. 8vo, original cloth.

N. Y.: Wiley & Long, 1836



483. WARNER (CHARLES DUDLEY). My Summer in a Garden. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original cloth.


Bost. James R. Osgood & Co., 1871

Backlog Studies. FIRST EDN. Illust. 12mo,

original cloth (some pp. spotted).


Bost.: James R. Osgood & Co., 1873 Baddeck, and That Sort of Thing. FIRST EDN. Bost. James R. Osgood & Co., 1874

16mo, original cloth.




In the Wilderness.


Being a Boy.

crown 8vo, cloth.




FIRST EDN. 16mo, original Houghton, Osgood & Co., 1878 FIRST EDN. Illusts. Square Bost. James R. Osgood & Co., 1878 With A. L. S. referring to this particular work inserted. The American Newspaper: an Essay. FIRST 32mo, original cloth.


James R. Osgood & Co., 1881
A Roundabout Journey.

8vo, original cloth. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1884
Studies in the South and West. FIRST EDN.
Crown 8vo, original roxburghe binding (back trifle broken).
N. Y.: Harper & Brothers, 1889
The Work of Washington Irving. FIRST EDN.
24mo, cloth. N. Y.: Harper & Bros., 1893
The Golden House: a Novel. FIRST EDN.

490. Portraits. 491.

Illusts. by W. T. Smedley. Crown 8vo, original roxburghe N. Y.: Harper & Brothers, 1895




The People for whom Shakespeare Wrote.
Illusts. 12mo, original cloth, uncut.

N. Y. and Lond.: Harper & Bros., 1897
That Fortune: a Novel. FIRST EDN. Crown

8vo, original roxburghe binding.

N. Y. and Lond.: Harper & Brothers, 1899



494. WHIPPLE (EDWIN P.) Essays and Reviews (on Macaulay, Daniel Webster, Byron, Wordsworth, etc., etc.). FIRST EDN. 2 vols. 12mo, original cloth (some pp. spotted). N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co., 1848

495. Washington and the Principles of the Revolution: an Oration before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston, July 24th, 1850. 8vo, original wrappers, pp. 30. Bost. J. H. Eastburn, 1850


Eulogy on John Albion Andrew. 8vo, original
Bost. Alfred Mudge & Son, 1867

wrappers, pp. 36.

497. 12mo, cloth.

498. original cloth.


Literature of the Age of Elizabeth. FIRST EDN. Bost. Fields, Osgood & Co., 1869 Success and its Conditions. FIRST EDN. 12mo, Bost. James R. Osgood & Co., 1871 Outlooks on Society, Literature and Politics. FIRST EDN. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut.


Bost. Ticknor & Co., 1888 With 2-page A.L.S. from Author to William Winter inserted.



500. WHITTIER (J. G.) The Shepherd's Calendar, with Village Stories and Other Poems. Fronts (stained). 12mo, cloth, and label. Lond. John Taylor, 1827

From the library of J. G. Whittier, with presentation inscription to the poet, dated Dec. 25, 1847.

501. [-] Specimens of American Poetry. With Critical and Biographical Notices. By Samuel Kettell. (With poem, "The Sicilian Vespers," by Whittier.) 3 vols. 12mo, original boards and label, uncut (recased and rebacked with cloth). Bost. S. G. Goodrich & Co., : 1829

502. The Yankee, or Farmer's Almanac for 1831. (With "The Spirit of the North," by Whittier.) 12mo, stitched, uncut. Bost. Willard, Felt & Co. [1830]


Not mentioned by Foley.

The Literary Souvenir, edited by Alaric A. Watts. Plates by FINDEN, GOODALL, etc. 18mo, original watered silk binding, gilt edges (little worn at joints and edges).

Lond.: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, 1831 Contains Whittier's "The Indian Girl's Lament" and "Song" by Bryant.



Cheever (Geo. B.) The American CommonPlace Book of Poetry, with occasional notes. FIRST EDN. Fronts. 12mo, original boards, uncut (roughly rebacked). Bost. Published by Carter, Hendee & Babcock.


Balt. Charles Carter, 1831

Includes poems by Whittier, Longfellow, Holmes and Bryant. Scarce with the frontispiece.

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The Yankee; the Farmer's Almanack for 1832. (With the Poems, Bolivar and "The Cities of the Plains," by Whittier.) 12mo, uncut and unopened. Bost. Willard, Felt & Co. [1831]

Not mentioned by Foley.

506. [] The Literary Remains of J. G. C. Brainerd. With Sketch of his Life by Whittier. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original cloth and label. Hartford: P. B. Goodsell [1832]

50%. [] The History of Haverhill, Mass. By B. L. Mirick. Folding view. Post 8vo, original half cloth and boards, with label, uncut.

Haverhill: Printed and published by A. W. Thayer, 1832

Rare. One of the finest copies ever offered at auction. It is well known that Whittier was the real author of this volume. 508. The Anti-Slavery Record. Vol. I. for 1835. [Illusts. (With Poem by Whittier.) 12mo, original cloth (foxed). N. Y.: R. G. Williams, 1835 Lectures of George his connection with FIRST EDN. Crown

509. [ ] Garrison (Wm. Lloyd). Thompson. Also, a Brief History of the Anti-Slavery Cause in England. Svo, original cloth (foxed throughout).


Isaac Knapp, 1836

From Whittier's library, with his sister's (Elizabeth H.) autograph on title.

510. [-] Holmes (Oliver Wendell). Poems. FIRST EDN. Crown Svo, original figured cloth (back trifle broken, foxed throughout, and several leaves stained, affecting the text). Bost. Otis, Broaders & Co., 1836 Whittier's copy, with his book-label.

12mo, original cloth N. Y. Published by the

511. [] The Anti-Slavery Record. Vol. II. for 1836. (With Poem by Whittier.) Illusts. (some margins damp-stained). American Anti-Slavery Society, 1836.

512. [] Reception of George Thompson in Great Britain. 16mo, half leather and boards.

Bost. Isaac Knapp, 1836 From the library of J. G. Whittier, with the poet's autograph on front cover. Whittier was once mobbed while in company with Thompson.


513. Proceedings of the Fourth New-England AntiSlavery Convention, held in Boston, May 30, 31, and June 1 and 2, 1837. 8vo, sewn. Bost. Isaac Knapp, 1837

Some of the resolutions were introduced by Whittier.

514. Poems written during the Progress of the Abolition Question in the United States, between the years 1830 and 1838. FIRST EDN. With fronts. and vignettes. 12mo, original cloth (some pp. stained).

Bost. Published by Isaac Knapp, 1837

515. [] History of Pennsylvania Hall, which was Destroyed by a Mob, 17th May, 1838. (With "Poetical Address" by Whittier.) Illusts. 8vo, original paper covers (back frayed and name on front cover).


Phil. Merrihew & Gunn, 1838

Very scarce in wrappers.

516. [] Retrospects of Western Travel. By Harriet Martineau. 2 vols. 12mo, original cloth and labels, paper covered (text time-stained).

Lond. Saunders & Otley; N. Y.: Harper & Bros., 1838

From the library of J. G. Whittier, with the autograph sig nature of the poet (in pencil) five times, on title and end papers. Also many passages marked and marginal notes.

Whittier may have intended to use these passages as he did those from Miss Martineau's "Society in America," in "Views of Slavery and Emancipation, N. Y., 1837," which he edited.

517. [-] Narrative of James Williams, an American Slave. Portrait. 12mo, half cloth (not original, title stamped in two places). N. Y. and Bost.: I. Knapp, 1838


Second issue.

Poems. 12mo, original cloth (few margins damp-stained, otherwise a fine copy).

First edition. Very scarce.

Phil. Joseph Healy, 1838


519. [] The North Star: the Poetry of Freedom, by her Friends. 16mo, original red roan, gilt edges.

Phil. Printed by Merrihew & Thompson, 1840 Scarce. "Edited anonymously by Whittier, who, in addition to the prefatory note and the poem, pp. V.-VII., contributed the poem, "The Exiles; a Tale of New England," "The World's Convention." and, almost certainly, "Granada." Among the other contributors were Whittier's sister Elizabeth, James T. Fields, and John Pierpont. Arnold catalogue. The Edward Hale Bierstadt copy, with the fine bookplate engraved by French.

520. [-] The Pro and Con of Universalism. By Geo. Rogers. 12mo, half roan (one cover loose). Utica, N. Y. :

Published for the author, by O. Hutchinson, 1840.

From the library of J. G. Whittier. Presentation copy to his sister, Elizabeth Whittier.



521. [—) A Visit to the United States in 1841. By Joseph Sturge. FIRST EDN. 8vo, original cloth (cloth soiled). Lond Hamilton, Adams & Co., 1841 Contains historical sketch of the Old-School Abolitionists, an article on the Destruction of Pennsylvania Hall, etc., by Whittier. Scarce.

522. The Anti-Slavery Pickwick: a Collection of Speeches, Poems, Dialogues and Songs, intended for use in Schools and Anti-Slavery Meetings. By John A. Collins. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original wrappers (name, etc., on title, and some covers stained). Bost.: H. W. Williams, 1842 Two poems by Whittier, "Stanzas," and "Stanzas for the Times.

523. Poems. paper label.


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Lunt (George). The Age of Gold, and other FIRST EDN. 12mo, original boards, uncut, with Bost. William D. Ticknor, 1843 From the library of Whittier, with his surname on flyleaf, probably in his sister's handwriting.



Lays of My Home, and other Poems. 12mo, original boards, uncut, and with the label. Bost. William D. Ticknor, 1843 525. [] The Stranger in Lowell. FIRST EDN. 12mo, new boards, with cloth back (a little cut down).



Bost. Waite, Peirce & Co., 1845

The American Liberty Almanac for 1846. Crown 8vo, sewn. Hartford: W. H. Burleigh [1845]

Includes "The Branded Hand," by Whittier.

527. [-] The Opal. A Gift for 1846. Edited by Jno. Keese. Plates (one lacking). (With Poems "My Soul and I," and "The Wife of Manoah to her Husband," by J. G. W.) Post Svo, leather, gilt (loose in covers).

N. Y. J. C. Riker, 1846

Presentation copy from J. G. and Eliz. H. Whittier. Inscription and one correction in poem in the poet's autograph. 528. [-] Solitary Hours of Fancy and Feeling, and other Poems. By Jas. M. Macrum. 12mo, cloth.


Dublin: James McGlashan, 1846 Presentation copy from the author to J. G. Whittier. Voices of Freedom. Fourth and complete edn. 12mo, original cloth (covers stained, touching slightly margin of title). Phil. Thos. F. Cavender, 1846 As is well known this is the genuine first edition, with signature of Salmon P. Chase on title.


The Opal for 1847. (With the Poems-"Worship," by Whittier, and "Birds of Passage," by Longfel

low.) Hand-colored engravings. Svo, stamped leather, gilt (somewhat rubbed and loose in covers).

N. Y.: J. C. Riker, 1847

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