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531. The Supernaturalism of New England. By the Author of "The Stranger in Lowell." FIRST EDN. 12mo, original paper covers, uncut. (No. XXVII. of Wiley &

Putnam's Library of American Books.)

N. Y. and Lond. : Wiley & Putnam, 1847

Fine copy of this scarce book.

532. [] The Princess: a Medley.


By Alfred Tenny

12mo, original boards, uncut (back missing).

Bost. William D. Ticknor & Co., 1848

First American edition. From the Library of J. G. Whittier, attested by slip signed by Sam'l T. Pickard.

533. Leaves from Margaret Smith's Journal in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, 1678-79. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original cloth, uncut.

Bost. Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1849 534. Poems (including many now first published and collected). Portraits and engravings after Leutze. 8vo, full original morocco gilt, gilt edges (title little spotted). Bost. B. B. Mussey & Co., 1849 Presentation copy from the publishers, dated Dec. 5, 1848.




Old Portraits and Modern Sketches. FIRST 12mo, original cloth (somewhat worn).

Bost. Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1850 Songs of Labor, and other Poems. 12mo, orig

inal boards and label, uncut.


Bost. Ticknor, Reed, & Fields, 1850 First edition. Fine copy.


Flora's Interpreter and Fortuna Flora. Mrs. Sarah J. Hale. Colored plates of flowers. 8vo, original cloth, gilt edges (binding worn at joints).

Bost. Benjamin B. Mussey & Co., 1850

Presentation copy from Elizabeth H. to her sister-in-law, Jane E. Whittier, with inscription, dated 4 March, 1851.

538. [ -] Jamaica in 1850; or, The Effects of Sixteen Years of Freedom on a Slave Colony. By John Bigelow. 12mo, original cloth.


N. Y. and Lond.: Geo. P. Putnam, 1851 From the Library of J. G. Whittier, with; label signed by S. T. Pickard.

Little Eva, Uncle Tom's Guardian Angel. Dedicated to Harriet Beecher Stowe. Poetry by Whittier. Music by M. Emilio. FIRST EDN. Vignette on cover. Royal 4to, sewed. Bost. John P. Jewett & Company, 1852 540. [-] Autographs for Freedom. (With "The Way," by Whittier.) Illusts. 12mo, original cloth.

Bost. J. P. Jewett & Co., 1853





The Chapel of the Hermits, and other Poems. 12mo, original cloth, uncut.

Bost. Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1853 Laid in is an exceedingly interesting A. L. S., 3 pp. 12mo, from Whittier to Lucy Larcom, Amesbury, 1858, 2 pp. personal and 1 p.... Has thee read Tennyson's new book (Maud') I have looked over it and do not like it. It seems affected in style and Alexander Smith-ish. It is a real falling off from the sweet and solemn beauty of In Memoriam.' It is a mawkish, morbid love story, utterly destitute of lofty purposes," etc., etc. Also with mention of Grace Greenwood.

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A Sabbath Scene. Illust. by Baker, Smith, and Andrew. 12mo, original wrappers, pp. 29 (wrappers a little soiled, and lacks small piece from top of front wrapper, and upper margins of 2 pp. stained).




Bost. John P. Jewett and Co., 1854 Third edition, with the twenty-second stanza of the first edition (1850) omitted. Scarce.

Literary Recreations and Miscellanies. FIRST 12mo, original cloth. Fine copy.

Bost. Ticknor and Fields, 1854

The Fight, Faith, and Crown: a Discourse on

the Death of Stephen Grellet, by C. Van Rensselaer. FIRST EDN.

8vo, original wrappers.

Phil. Henry Longstreth, 1856 Whittier's poem on the European tour of Grellet and Allen is appended.

545. [—] The Impending Crisis of the South. By H. R. Helper. 12mo, cloth. N. Y.: Burdick Bros., 1857 From the Library of J. G. Whittier, with the poet's name (not his autograph) on flyleaf.



The Panorama. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original Bost. Ticknor and Fields, 1856 Poetical Works (including ten poems now first published). Portrait. 2 vols. 16mo, cloth, gilt edges (one vol. slightly used, not companion vols.).



Bost. Ticknor & Fields, 1857


Oration by Thomas Chase, and Poem by John G. Whittier, delivered before the Alumni Association of the Friends' School at Providence, at their second Annual Meeting at Newport, 1860. 8vo, original wrappers.


Phil. Collins, Printer, 1860 The Whittier poem differs here from the final form as published in his collected works.

Home Ballads. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original cloth (stamp on title). Bost. Ticknor & Fields, 1860

Bookplate of H. B. Anthony.


550. [-] Cheever (George B., D.D.) The Guilt of Slavery and the Crime of Slaveholding. FIRST EDN. Crown Svo, original cloth (few margins little stained).


Bost. John P. Jewett & Co., 1860 Presentation copy from the author to John G. Whittier, with former's inscription.

The Uprising of a Great People.

From the French of Count Agénor de Gasparin, by Mary L. Booth. Crown 8vo, original cloth. N. Y. Charles Scribner, 1861 Presentation copy from the author to Whittier, with the former's autograph inscription.

552. [—] The Golden Hour. By Moncure D. Conway. FIRST EDN. Post 8vo, original cloth.

Bost. Ticknor & Fields, 1862 From the library of J. G. Whittier, and with the poet's name on flyleaf, probably in his sister's writing.


553. The Patience of Hope, by the author of A Present Heaven." With an Introduction by Whittier. 12mo, original cloth. Bost. Ticknor & Fields, 1862

554. Proceedings of the Alumni Association of Friends' Yearly Meeting School. With the Oration by Moses Cartland, and the Poem by Whittier. Svo, original wrappers. Providence: Knowles, Anthony & Co., 1863


In addition to the Whittier poem mentioned on title, there is another: "A Memorial. Moses A. Cartland." This is overlooked by both Arnold and Foley, although it is here first printed, and differs slightly from its final form.

Leaflet, "In War Time." 4 pp. 8vo, 17 verses of 5 lines each (should be 20), with MS. corrections by J. G. Whittier. [Amesbury, 1863]


The only copy known of this proof, with corrections by Whittier. Nearly the whole of the upper half of the last page is torn out, to destroy writing on the back, deleting two entire verses and a portion of two more. It differs materially from the published version.

In Memoriam Thomas Starr King. 8vo, orig

inal wrappers.

For the Benefit of the Sanitary Commission [1864] Poems by Whittier ("Thomas Starr King") and Bret Harte ("Relieving Guard-March 4, 1864”).

In War Time.

557. cloth, gilt top.


(new), cloth.

FIRST EDN. 12mo, original
Bost. Ticknor & Fields, 1864

National Lyrics. FIRST EDN. Illusts. 16mo
Bost. Ticknor & Fields, 1865



Prose Works. FIRST EDN.

Portrait. 2 vols.

12mo, original cloth. Fine copy. Bost.: Ticknor & Fields, 1866

560. Snow-Bound. FIRST ISSUE OF THE FIRST EDN. Portrait and vignette on title. 12mo, original cloth.


Bost. Ticknor & Fields, 1866 Laid in is a copy of a letter to " My dear Fields)" from Whittier. 'If ever 'Snow-Bound' comes to a second ed. I wd. like to make two or three alterations" and in doing so make my part of the book better correspond to thine.”

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Portrait and vignette on title. 12mo, original cloth.

Second issue of the First edn.


Bost. Ticknor & Fields, 1866

Laid in is a 3-pp. A. L. S. from Whittier to Lucy Larcom '(with the envelope in his autograph) "I am doing nothing at a great rate, come and help me. I too have dreamed of the Shoals and the Hills but they must come to me. They must return my visit now. Bring thy painting traps with thee, perhaps we may find a flower,” etc.

Maud Muller.

Illusts. by W. J. Hennessy. 8vo, original cloth, gilt edges. Bost.: Ticknor & Fields, 1867 First edition in separate form.


The Tent on the Beach, and other Poems. 12mo, original cloth. Bost. Ticknor & Fields, 1867


First issue of the first edition. With 2-page A. L. S. (in envelope) from the author), referring to this particular book, laid in. "I still have misgivings about," etc.

The Tent on the Beach. FIRST EDN. Third issue. 12mo, original cloth. Bost.: Ticknor & Fields, 1867 The Foote copy, with bookplate engraved by French.


Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyl. Vignette portrait by Andrew_after Hennessy, and illusts. by Linton and Anthony after Fenn. 8vo, original cloth, gilt edges (binding rubbed and title loose). Bost.: Ticknor & Fields, 1868

566. LOWELL (JAMES RUSSELL). Under the Willows, and other Poems. 12mo, original cloth (slight stain on title). Bost. Fields, Osgood & Co., 1869


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First edition. First issue, with slip of errata presentation copy Mary E. Carter from J. G. W." [hittier]. Inscription in another hand. Miss Carter was a lifelong friend of the


original cloth.

Among the Hills, and other Poems. 12mo, Bost. Fields, Osgood & Co., 1869 First edition. With interesting 4-page A. L. S. from the author (in envelope) to Lucy Larcom laid in.


568. [-] Divisions in the Society of Friends. By Thos. W. Speakman. 12mo, original cloth.


Phil.: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1870 Presentation copy from author to J. G. Whittier, with autograph inscription.

Ballads of New England. FIRST EDN. Illust.

Svo, original cloth, gilt edges.




Bost. Fields, Osgood & Co., 1870 Fine copy. Autograph presentation copy from the author to Mr. and Mrs. Currier.


A Memorial of Anson Burlinghame.
8vo, original wrappers in original paper slip-case.
Bost. Printed by order of the City Council [1870]
Hymn by Whittier (reprinted).

Poetical Works: complete edition (newly revised with additions). Portrait. 2 vols. Thick 12mo, original cloth, gilt tops. Bost. Fields, Osgood & Co., 1870

572. [] Winter Poems (with "The Pageant," by Whittier, first here printed; and other Pieces by Lowell, Longfellow, Holmes, etc.). Illusts. 8vo, cloth, gilt (covers loose and tear in 1 page).



Bost. Fields, Osgood & Co., 1871 Miriam, and other Poems. Fronts. and vignette FIRST ISSUE OF THE FIRST EDN. 12mo, original cloth. Bost. Fields,

Osgood & Co., 1871


gilt top.

The Journal of John Woolman: with an Introduction by Whittier. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original cloth, Bost. James R. Osgood & Co., 1871 Child Life: a collection of Poems, edited by J. G. Whittier. FIRST EDN. Illust Post 8vo, original cloth, gilt edges (cloth a little soiled).



Bost. James R. Osgood & Co., 1872 Laid in is an interesting A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo, from Whittier to Lucy Larcom (and with the addressed envelope in Whittier's autograph), inclosing check for her share of the copyright of Child Lives"; also criticising Emerson's "Parnassus.'




The Pennsylvania Pilgrim, and other Poems.
Illust. 12mo, original cloth.

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Bost. James R. Osgood & Co., 1872 Laid in is an A. L. S., 3 pp. 12mo, from Whittier to Lucy Larcom (with envelope in his autograph), 1867, Credulity thy name is woman. So, then, thee believed that report almost! Well, it may be true; but the first intimation of it came to me through the newspapers. They ought to know. I can't imagine how or when it started. It vexed me—but, of course, there was no help for it. It is the cruelest irony to congratulate a hopeless old bachelor within one year of sixty on such a prospect,"


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