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Poem. "To Edward and Elizabeth Gove, on the Fifty-fifth Anniversary of their Marriage, 29th of 8th mo., 1872." 4 pp. square 12mo, folded; 19 stanzas of 4 lines

each, with printed signature.

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Full fifty years ago you took
Each other's hand in meeting.
No wedding guests by railroad came-

No telegrams sent greeting.

Here, in a plain, old-fashioned way
Your common life beginning,

While Edward cut his salt-marsh hay
Elizabeth was spinning."

Mr. and Mrs. Gove were venerable Quaker friends, living in an adjoining town, but members of his Meeting. The Poem is not found in any Collection of Mr. Whittier's writings, and has never been re-printed. Mr. Herbert, of Boston, printed about 100 of these in 1892, and but very few copies are known at the present time.

578. Genealogy of Two Branches of the Whittier Family, 1620-1873. By D. B. Whittier. With chart. 8vo, paper covers. Bost. Alfred Mudge & Son, 1873 From Whittier's library, with attesting slip, signed by S. T. Pickard.


By D.

579. [-] Idyls of Strawberry Bank: Poems. Augustus Drown (with Letter by Whittier). Illusts. 12mo, original cloth. Portsmouth (N. H.): For the author, 1873

Not in Foley.

580. [] Brigham (G. Nelson). The Harvest Moon, and other Poems. Portrait. 12mo, original cloth.

Cambridge: Printed at the Riverside Press, 1874 Presentation copy from the author to J. G. Whittier, with former's autograph inscription.

581. signature.

"Sumner": an Ode of 47 stanzas, with printed 8 pp. small 4to, ribbon-tied. n. p., n. d. [1874]

One of only a few copies printed for use at the Memorial services for Charles Sumner. This copy was found in Whittier's desk, with a few others, one of which bore alterations in his handwriting. It varies somewhat from the poem as finally included in his Works. Not described in Foley. No copy has ever been sold at auction before. Accompanied by an exceedingly interesting typewritten statement, including copy of a letter from Phillips to Whittier, about the reception of the Ode at the Commemoration.

582. [-] A Memorial of Charles Sumner.



Royal 8vo, original cloth.

Fine por

Bost. 1874

Contains the original poem, by Whittier, on Sumner, of fiftythree verses.

Child Life in Prose. Edited by Whittier. FIRST EDN. Illust. Post 8vo, original cloth, gilt edges. FINE COPY. Bost. James R. Osgood & Co., 1874 With Preface and an original tale, "The Fish I Didn't Catch," by Whittier. Scarce; in good condition.


584. [] Little People of God. [- -]

Edited by Mrs. G. L. (With "The Child and the Poets," by Whittier.) Illust. 22mo, original cloth. Bost. Shepard & Gill, 1874

Not in Foley.

585. Souvenir of Lexington. (With the Hymn "Lexington-1775," by Whittier.) Illusts. Royal 8vo, original wrappers. Bost.: Jas. R. Osgood [1875] Hazel-Blossoms. FIRST EDN. Fronts. and


vignettes. 12mo, original cloth.


Bost. James R. Osgood and Co., 1875 Hazel-Blossoms. Front. 12mo, original cloth. Bost.: J. R. Osgood & Co., 1875

First edition.


"Whittier's copy."

Helen Eliza Garrison: a

Memorial. Photo

graphic portrait. Svo, original cloth. Cambridge: [Privately] printed at the Riverside Press, 1876.



Includes a letter from Whittier.

Mabel Martin: a Harvest Idyl. Numerous illusts. by Anthony, after various artists. 8vo, original cloth, gilt Bost. James R. Osgood and Company, 1876 First complete edition, with prefatory note by the author. Mabel Martin: a Harvest Idyl. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original cloth.




Bost. James R. Osgood and Co., 1876
Edited by J. G. W.

Songs of Three Centuries.
8vo, original cloth.

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Bost. Jas. R. Osgood & Co., 1876 With an interesting 4-page A. L. S. from the author to Lucy Larcom (in envelope) laid in. 'I enclose thee a check for $50 her share in the proceeds of the sale of this particular work for six months." I see that Longfellow has given us all a place in his Poems of Places' for N. England.' Again The death of Bayard Taylor was a great surprise and shock to me. was a very true friend of mine. I have known him since his early boyhood."

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592. Indian Civilization: a Lecture. By Stanley Pumphrey, of England. With Introduction by John G. Whittier. FIRST EDN. Folding COLORED map. 8vo, original wrappers.

Phil. The Bible and Tract Distributing Society, 1877 593. [-] A Memorial of Fitz-Greene Halleck. Proceedings connected with the Unveiling of the Poet's Statue in Central Park, New York. Portrait and illusts. (With Poems by Whittier and Holmes, and Letters by Emerson, Lowell, Longfellow, Holmes and Whittier, and an Address by Bryant.) Royal 8vo, original paper covers, uncut. N.Y.: Printed for the Committee by Amerman& Wilson, 1877. Fine copy. From the library of Jas. Grant Wilson.


594. Fitz-Greene Halleck. Poem written for the dedication of the Halleck Statue in Central Park, N. Y., May 15, 1877. 3 pp. 8vo, 14 stanzas of 4 lines each. (Accompanied by a printed invitation and the order of exercises.) (As one piece.)

First appearance in print of this poem. A very limited number were privately printed for the author, being probably intended for the Committee (headed by W. C. Bryant) and special guests.

595. The River Path. Illusts. engraved by ANTHONY, after various artists. Square crown 8vo, original cloth, gilt edges (trifle foxed).

Bost. James R. Osgood and Company, 1878 First issue in separate form.

596. The Vision of Echard, and other Poems. FIRST EDN. 12mo, original cloth, gilt top edge (name erased from title). Bost. Houghton, Osgood and Company; The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1878.


Autograph letter inserted from Whittier to [Charles F.] Coffin [of Lynn], dated from Amesbury, Aug. 3, 1873, introducing General Howard, and making mention of the Howard University at Washington. A printed version of the letter is also inserted, referring to it as 'characteristic of the man (Whittier) in his relations with his friends.”

Bronze Group Commemorating Emancipation. With Original 8-verse Poem by Whittier. Fronts. 8vo, paper, pp. 75.

[Bost ]: Printed by order of the City Council, 1879 598. [-] An Autobiography of the Rev. Josiah Henson (Mrs. Stowe's "Uncle Tom"), 1789-1879. (Introductory Note by Whittier.) Portrait. 12mo, original cloth.

First edition.

Bost. B. B. Russell & Co., 1879 599. William Lloyd Garrison and his Times. By Oliver Johnson. With an Introduction by Whittier. FIRST Portrait. 12mo, original cloth.


Bost.: B. B. Russell and Co., 1879 Laid in is an A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo, 1886, from the author, "Here is the promised outline of my life"... There is no other narrative in existence such as I now send you," etc.

600. The Sword and the Pen. Published in the Interest of the Soldiers' Home Bazaar. Nos. 1–10 (all pubd.). Illusts. Original cloth. Bost. Horace P. Chandler, 1881 Letters from Whittier, Holmes, and Lowell; and selections from Emerson's unpublished writings; also contributions by Aldrich, etc.

601. The King's Missive, and other Poems. FIRST EDN. Portrait. 12mo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co., 1881


602. (Copy of a Letter.) Leaflet, 3 pp. imp. 8vo, Amesbury, 5th mo., 1882, with printed signature. (A little ragged at margins.)

A Broadside printed by Whittier at the age of 75, giving brief account of his life to save time and answer the questions of his many correspondents. Scarce. Not in the Arnold catalogue.

603. The Bay of Seven Islands, and other Poems. FIRST EDN. Portrait. 12mo, original cloth, gilt top, uncut. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co., 1883


The William Harris Arnold copy, with book-label.

John Greenleaf Whittier: a Biography. By F. H. Underwood. FIRST EDN. (With Letters here first published.) Portrait and illusts. hole in back).


12mo, original cloth (nailJas. R. Osgood & Co., 1884

605. Jack and the Pulpit. Edited by Whittier. FIRST EDN. OF THE FIRST EDN. Colored illusts. and facsimile A. L. S. 8vo, original half cloth and boards (contains portrait of Whittier). [N. Y.]: R. Worthington, 1884

Fine copy. Scarce.

606. [] The Dedication of the Washington National [Monument, Feb'y. 21, 1885. (With Letter by Whittier.) Front. Royal 8vo, original cloth.

Wash.: Government Printing Office, 1885

607. Proceedings at the Presentation of a Portrait of J. G. Whittier to the Friends' School, Providence, R. I., Oct., 1884. (With Sonnets by Lowell, and Letters by Lowell, Whittier, Holmes, Curtis, aud others.) Portrait and illusts. 8vo, original paper covers.


Cambridge: Printed at the Riverside Press, 1885 Upham (Wm. P.) Account of the Rebecca 8vo, original wrappers, uncut.

Nurse Monument.


Salem: Printed at the Salem Press, 1886 Three letters by Whittier, and original and altered stanza.

Printed Broadside Poem, "Revelation." 1 p. folio, 11 stanzas of 4 lines each. [Amesbury, 1886] The proof sheet of this poem (to which Whittier added one verse).


Saint Gregory's Guest, and Recent Poems. 12mo, original vellum covers, uncut. Bost. and N. Y.: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886 Laid in is a stanza in Whittier's autograph from the poem "The Two Elizabeths," and differing slightly from the printed



611. Winthrop (Robert C.) Privately Printed Ode on the Occasion of Queen Victoria's Jubilee. 2 pp. 4to, folded sheet, 5 stanzas of 9 lines each.

Bost.: Privately printed, 1887

Bears inscription "Hon. John G. Whittier, LL.D., with the best regards of Robt. C. Winthrop, Brookline, Mass., June 20, 1887."

612. One of the Signers: a Poem read at the Unveiling of the Josiah Bartlett Statue at Amesbury, July 4, 1888. FIRST EDN. Portraits, view and facsimile of 3 verses. Small 4to, original wrappers. n. p., n. d. [Amesbury, 1888]

613. Annual Re-Union of the Emery Family, in the Meionaon, Tremont Temple, Boston, Sept. 14, 1887. 8vo, original wrappers.

Taunton: Davol's Steam Printing House, 1888

Includes a letter from Whittier.

614. "For the Unveiling of the Statue of Governor Bartlett" Poem. Proof sheet, 8vo, 8 stanzas of 4 lines each, with corrections in Whittier's handwriting. Accompanied by envelope addressed to the printer and initialed by Whittier. (As one piece.) n. p., n. d. [Amesbury, 1888]

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The title of this poem was afterwards changed to One of the Signers," and the poem itself much changed and lengthened to 13 stanzas. This proof is therefore a unique Whittier item. Only one or two copies were made for the use of the reader of the poem at the unveiling of the statue, and these had the changed title and additional verses.

615. The Captain's Well. Folio, imitation leather binding. Ledger, Jan. 11, 1890.

Illust. by Howard Pyle.
Supplement to the N. Y.

Only a few copies bound in this style.


N. Y. 1890

The Last Eve of Summer. Poem. 9 verses of 4 lines each. Proof sheet, 1 p. 8vo, dated Aug. 31, 1890. The 6th verse, as follows, shows some changes from the published form:



"The sense of change and mystery drawing nigh

Beneath this sundown sky

No words outworn suffice on lip or scroll:

The soul would fain with soul.'

At Sundown.

FIRST EDN. Pretty illusts. by

E. H. Garrett, and portrait of Whittier. 12mo, cloth, gilt Bost and N. Y.: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1892 Contains prefatory note and seven poems not included in the private edition of 1890.


Personal Recollections of J. G. Whittier. By 16mo, cloth.

Mary B. Claflin.

N. Y.: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co. [1893]

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