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549. SOUTHERN WAR SONGS, Camp-Fire, Patriotic and Sentimental. Edited by W. L. Fagan. Illusts. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1892

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/ 550. SOUTHGATE (HENRY). Many Thoughts of Many Minds. 8vo, full calf, gilt edges, long out of print. Scarce. Lond. 1865

551. SPECTATOR (THE). By Addison and Steele. Vols. 1 and 3 to 6. 5 vols. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1853 ✓552. STAFFORDSHIRE (ENG.). Place Names. Notes on. By W. H. Duignan. 12mo, cloth. Lond. 1902

✓553. STERNE (LAURENCE). Works, with Account of Life and Writings of the Author. Plates after HOGARTH and BUNBURY. 8 vols. 12mo, old tree calf, gilt. Lond. 1790 Bookplates of P. Sutton.


Letters to his most Intimate Friends. En- v graved title and front., after Stothard. 8vo, old calf, gilt (name on title). [Lond. 1798]

✓ 555. STEVENSON (ROBERT LOUIS). Black Canyon, Not I, and other Stories. Facsimile reprint of the rare A original. Printed on Japanese vellum paper. Only 100 issued. 16mo, half cloth, with ties.

N. Y. 1899

556. STEVENSON AND PARKER, Virginibus Puerisque, Across the Plains, The Merrymen, Dr. Jekyll, by R. L. Stevenson; Pierre and his People, An Adventure of the North, A Romany of the Snows, by Gilbert Parker. Together 6 vols. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top edges.

N. Y. 1896-1902
557. STOCKTON (FRANK R.) The Late Mrs. Null.
FIRST EDN. Post 8vo, cloth.
N. Y. 1886
Post Svo,
N. Y. 1898

The Girl at Cobhurst.

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553. cloth.


559. STODDARD (R. H.) Songs of Summer. FIRST
Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut.
Bost. 1857


Fine copy, with presentation slip of Epes Sargent in his autograph, inserted.

✓560. STUDIES IN MODERN SOCIALISM [Brown], 1886; Science and Sentiment [Porter], 1882; Life of Robert Haydon [Tom Taylor], 2 vols., 1853; People's Book of Biography [Parton], numerous portraits, 1868; and others.

20 vols.

561. SUMMERING IN COLORADO, illust., 1874; The Yosemite Guide Book, illust., 1870; William H. Seward's Travels around the World, illust., half morocco, 1873; and others. 15 vols.

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✓562. TAINE (HENRI).



Italy: Rome and Naples. Transl. by Jno. Durand. 8vo, cloth. 1868 Italy: Florence and Venice. Transl. 8vo, N. Y. 1869

✔564. TASSO (TORQ.) Jerusalem Delivered: an Heroic
Poem. Transl. from the Italian by John Hoole. Front.,
after STOTHARD. 2 vols. 8vo, tree calf.
Lond. 1792


✓565. TAYLOR (BAYARD). Travels in Greece and
Russia, 1859; A Journey to Central Africa, 1854; At Home
and Abroad (Second Series), 1862; The Lands of the Sara-
ALL FIRST EDNS. 4 vols. 12mo, cloth. N.Y.1854-62
566. Travels in Greece and Russia (name on title),
1859; The Lands of the Saracen, 1855; A Visit to India,
China and Japan, 1855. ALL FIRST EDNS. 3 vols. 12mo,
N. Y. 1855-59

✓ 567.

India, China and Japan; Africa; Views A-Foot; Eldorado, with colored views; Lands of the Saracen; Essays and Notes. Together 6 vols. Crown 8vo, half roan (one in cloth). N. Y. 1855-80


Travels. California and Mexico; Africa; India,
China and Japan; Home and Abroad (2 copies); Sweden,
Lapland and Norway; Lands of the Saracen, illusts. 7 vols.
post 8vo, cloth.
N. Y. 1861-63

569. THACKERAY (W. M.) The Newcomes; Philip; v The Virginians. In 6 vols. 16mo, half cloth. Lond. 1886

570. THIERS. The Government of M. Thiers, from 8th. February, 1871, to 24th May, 1873. From the French of M. Jules Simon. 2 vols. crown 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1879

✓ 571. THOMSON (CHARLES-Secretary of the Conti-
nental Congress). Life. By Lewis R. Harley. Illust. Post
8vo, cloth, uncut. ONLY 500 PRINTED.
Phil. 1900

572. THOMSON (JAS.) The Seasons; with Life and Notes. Numerous vignettes. Small 4to, half morocco, gilt. Lond. 1847 573. THOMSON (W. M.) The Land and the Book: Biblical Illustrations of the Holy Land. Illust. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1876 Life, Letters and Journals FIRST EDN. Portraits. 2 Bost. 1876

574. TICKNOR (GEORGE). of (edited by Geo. S. Hillard). vols. 8vo, cloth.

575. TID-BITS FROM ALL SOURCES. A Weekly Periodical (Vol. I.-Nos. 1 to 26, Aug. 23, 1884; Feb'y 14,

Han 1885). Numerous humorous illusts. 4to, stitched. (26

Nos. as a lot.)

N. Y. 1884-'85


/577. TRAVEL. Francis (H. E.) Land Fragmentary Letters. Illust.

Across the Meridians, v Imp. Svo, cloth. Privately printed] 1887 PRESENTATION COPY, with author's inscription.

[N. Y.:

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576. TORNADOES. Redfield (W. C.) On Whirlwind
Storms: with Replies to the Objections and Strictures of
Dr. Hare. Map. Svo, cloth.
N. Y. 1842

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✓ 578. TREATY OF GHENT (THE). (Reprinted from the magazine of American History, Nov. 1888.) Small 4to, wrappers. (34 copies, as a lot.)

✓ 579. TRUE AND THE BEAUTIFUL (THE), [Ruskin], 1877; James Hannington-History of his Life and Work [Dawson], 1887; John Todd, the Story of his Life, 1876; Silas Marner [Eliot]; and others. 20 vols.

580. TRUMBULL (BENJ., D. D.) General History of the United States of America, 1492-1792. Vol. I. (all published), exhibiting events from 1492-1765. 8vo, old calf (rubbed, and stained throughout). Bost. 1810 √581. TRUMBULL (JOHN). M'Fingal: an Epic Poem. With Introduction and Notes by B. J. Lossing. Portrait. Imp. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. N. Y. Putnam, 1860


✓582. TURKEY. By James Baker.
8vo, cloth.

2 maps and Index. N. Y. 1877

583. TYLER (ROBERT OGDEN). Memoir of Brevet Major-Gen. R. O. Tyler, with his Journal of Two Months' Travel in British and Farther India. Printed for private circulation. Portrait. Imp. 8vo, cloth. Auto. pres. copy from R. O. T. Phil. 1878

584. UNITED STATES BOOK, or Interesting Events in the History of the U. S. Compiled by J. W. Barber. Full-length portrait of Washington, and plates of historical incidents. 12mo, calf (rubbed, and little stained). New Haven, 1834 Various Issues of By John J. Knox. N. Y. 1884 586. UNIVERSAL HISTORY: the Oldest Historical Group of Nations and the Greeks. By Leopold von Ranke. Transl. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1885

585. U. S. NOTES. A History of the Paper Money by the U. S. Government. Facsimiles. 8vo, cloth.

✓587. VERNE (JULES), A Voyage Round the WorldIn Search of the Castaways, illust., Phil. 1874; The Expiration of the World, illust., N. Y. 1879; Denovan's The Heavens and the Earth, illust. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, etc.

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588. VIRGIL. The Eneid, translated into English Verse by John Conington. Crown 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1867

589. VIRGINIA. Official Letters of Alex. Spotswood, Lieut.-Gov. of the Colony of Virginia, 1710-22, now first printed. Portrait. Royal 8vo, paper, uncut. (Va. Hist. Soc. Pub.). Richmond, 1872 ✓590. VOLTAIRE. Works: a contemporary version, with Notes by Smollett; revised and modernized new translations by Wm. F. Fleming, and an Introduction by Oliver H. G. Leigh; a Critique and a Biography by Rt. Hon. John Morley. 43 vols. (including INDEX). 168 plates, comprising reproductions of rare old engravings, etc. 8vo, three-quarter morocco, gilt top edges (Index in buckram).

591. WALL

N. Y. Dumont [1901-3] ALL STREET. Fowler (Wm. W.) Ten Years in Wall Street; or, Revelations of Inside Life and Experience on 'Change. Illust. by A. Lumley. 8vo, cloth. Hartford, 1870 ✓592. WALTON (ISAAC) AND COTTON (CHAS). The Complete Angler. Memoirs and Notes by Sir Harris Nicolas. Engraved portrait and title and numerous illusts. after Stothard and Inskipp. Post 8vo, cloth. Lond.: Chatto, 1875

593. WARD FAMILY. A Memoir of Lieut.-Colonel
Saml. Ward, First Rhode Island Regiment. With a Gene-
alogy of the Ward Family. Portrait. Small 4to, original
N. Y. [Privately printed] 1875
594. WAR OF 1812. Perry (Com. O. H.) and the War
on the Lakes. By O. L. Lyman. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut.
N. Y. 1905

✓ 595. WASHBURNE (E. B.) Recollections of a Minister
to France, 1869-1877. Best edn. Illust. 2 vols. thick 8vo,
cloth (small inkspot on title).

N. Y. 1887

596. WASHINGTON (GEO.) Life of. By John Marshall.
Stipple portrait by Longacre, after Stuart. With atlas vol.
Together 3 vols. 8vo, original cloth, uncut (one vol.
Phil. 1832

597. The Writings of Washington, being his Corre-
spondence, Addresses, Messages and other Papers, Official
and Private, selected and published from the Original
Manuscripts; with a Life of the Author. By Jared Sparks.
Portraits and plans, etc. 12 vols. royal 8vo, half calf, gilt
tops, uncut.
Bost. 1837

By Washington
With numerous
N. Y. 1855-59

598. Life of George Washington. Irving. FIRST EDNS. of all the volumes. fine portraits. 4 vols. 8vo, original cloth.

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✓599. WEALTH OF NATIONS (THE) [Adam Smith]; Lombard Street, a Description of the Money Market, 1873 [Bagehot]; America before Europe [Gasparin], 1862; and others. 12 vols.

600. WEBSTER (DANIEL). Life of Webster. By Geo. Ticknor Curtis. Library edn. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, half

morocco. Fine copy.

N. Y. 1870


Great Speeches and Orations of. With an
Essay on Webster as a Master of Style, by E. P. Whipple.
2 engraved portraits. Thick 8vo, cloth.
Bost. 1879

602. WEBSTER (NOAH). A Collection of Papers on Political, Literary, and Moral Subjects. FIRST EDN. 8vo, cloth (one cover damp-stained). N. Y. 1843

✓ 603. WEST POINT. History of the Battle Monument at
West Point. With a list of the names of those inscribed
and commemorated by it. By C. W. Larned. Views. Svo,
half cloth, uncut.
West Point, 1898

✓ 604. WEST VIRGINIA: its Farms A and Oil-Wells, etc. By J. R. Dodge.

605. WHITTIER (JOHN G.) The With an Introduction by Whittier. cloth.

In War Time, etc.

Poetical and Prose Works. Portrait. 5 vols.
Riverside Press, 1882

✓ 606. Anal cloth.

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✓ 607.

Am post 8vo, cloth, gilt tops. Bost.

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and Forests, Mines v Post 8vo, cloth.

Phil. 1865

Patience of Hope.
FIRST EDN. 12mo,
Bost. 1863
12mo, origi-
Bost. 1864


608. WILBERFORCE (WILLIAM). Life of. By R. I. and S. Wilberforce. 5 vols. post 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1839

609. WILKES (CHAS.) Narrative of the U. S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-42. Maps and numerous fine engravings. 5 vols. decorated sheep, gilt. Phil. 1849

610. WILSON (PROF. JOHN-" Christopher North "). Works. Edited by his son-in-law, Prof. Ferrier. Portrait. 11 vols. (should be 12, Vol. 11 missing) crown 8vo, original cloth. Edinburgh, 1865

611. WOMAN'S HANDIWORK IN MODERN HOMES [Harrison], illust., 1881; Titian (Life, etc.) [Heath], illust., 1879; Raphael (Life, etc.) [D'Anvers], illust., 1879; The English Annual, edited by Mrs. Norton, illust., 1834; and others. 20 vols.

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