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Short but Sure TESTIMONY


All those Religions, Faiths, and Worships, that have been formed and followed in the Darkness of Apostasy:


For that GLORIOUS Light which is now risen, and shines

forth, in the Life and Doctrine of the despised QUAKERS, as the alone good old Way of Life and Salvation.


To Princes, Priests, and People, that they may repent,

believe and obey.


Whom Divine Love constrains in an holy Contempt, to trample on

Ægypt's Glory, not fearing the King's Wrath, having beheld the Majesty of Him who is invisible.

Published in the Year 1668.


To Princes, PRIESTS, and People.

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EHOVAH, the everlasting power, that spans out

the heavens with his span, and measures the waters in the hollow of his hand, before whom all nations, tongues and people, are less than the drop to the ocean, or the sand to the sea-shore; who said, “ Let “ all things be,” and they were, and by the same word of his might, preserves them to this very day, is holy, merciful, and just; and, as the most excellent part of the whole creation, made he man, “the image w of himself,” by investing him with that righteous principle, and innocent life, which gave him dominion and authority over all his works, allowing him to eat of every tree, saving that of the knowledge of good and evil, of which if he did eat, he should certainly die.

Happy had it been for Adam and his posterity, had he obeyed God's commands; but transgreslion by disa obedience getting entrance, he soon died to his innocent state, in which God created him, and became alive in the dominion sin had over him, being now as one without law: in whose fallen state all nations have been, and are, (let their professions seem never so great, and their facrifices never so many) that live in the disobedient nature, and so strangers to that immortality and life eternal, the first Adam became dead and darkened to by his transgression, and which the fecond Adain raises to the knowledge and possession of, by the power of his quickening spirit; yet where the devil (that subtil serpent) hath not totally extin-, guished the notion of a God, and the necessity of his VOL. I. L


being worshipped, it has been rather his interest than disservice, to put the selfish part of the creature upon facrificing, wickedly insinuating that none can be freed from sin, and that the performing of rites, duties, and ceremonies, is all God requires, and what is necessary to procure acceptance with him. Thus it was that murdering Cain became a facrificer, whose facrifice God rejected, because offered in the fallen, unrighteous, and accursed nature.

Such also were those generations who drew near to God with their lips, and to whom he said of old, “ To “ what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices un• to me; I am full of burnt-offerings, bring no more « vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me; - the new moons and fabbaths; the calling of the « assemblies I cannot away with, it is iniquity; even “ the solemn meeting: I am weary to bear them; and " when you spread forth your hands, I will hide mine " eyes; yea, when you make many prayers, I will o not hear, your hands are full of blood : wash you, “ make you clean, put away the evil of your doings," &c. Isa. i. II, 13, 14, 15, 16.

Therefore, Oye princes, priests, and people, the folid, necessary, and weighty question I have to ask you all, in the dread and fear of the everlasting, holy, Lord God Almighty, (by whose eternal Spirit the sense of your present state and condition I perfectly have received) is this: what nature, what heart, what fpirit, and what ground is it in which your religions, faiths, works, words and worships stand and grow ? is it the divine, not the fallen nature? is it the broken, not the stony heart? is it the contrite, not the formal fpirit ? is it the gospel increasing good, not old Adam's corrupt, thorny ground ? for this know, that no performances but by clean hands, and a pure heart, from whence 'evil doings are put away, can give acceptance with the pure God.

Come, answer me first, you papists, whose for many hundred years have fat exalted in the hearts


whose popes of nations, (God's temple) above all that is called God: what scripture ever made a pope, or gave authority to any one to lord it over the consciences of others, fince Christ enjoins that Christians should be brethren ? and by what warrantable tradition can he make, dispose, and depose civil empires? whence came your creeds, but from factious and corrupted councils, dyed in the blood of those who refused conformity ? what scriptures of the holy prophets, and apostles, or any tradition for the first three hundred years, mention a mass-book, speak of Peter's chair, and a successive infallibility, or say a wafer is corporally the flesh, blood and bones, which suffered without Jerusalem ? And where did they teach to adore images, consume many thousands and millions in building, carving, and painting outward temples, after Jerusalem (the type) was destroyed, whilst thousands of poor families languished through extreme poverty? when did they enjoin baby-baptism, churching of women, marrying by priests, holy water to frighten the devil, hallowing of bells to scare evil spirits, making and worshipping of crosses, erecting of altars? and where did they command bowings, institute musicks, appoint holy days, canonize saints, chaffer and merchandize about indulgences, pray for the dead, preach, or write for a purgatory ? and what book, or chapter, in the old or new testament, mentions the degrees of popes, cardinals, archbishops, deans, prebends, Jesuits, Franciscans, Dominicans, Ursulines, Capuchines, Benedictines, with other such like lazy nuns and friars, for the edification of Christ's church? but above all, when and where did they authorize, or indulge your cruel, persecuting, whipping, racking, inquisition, murdering spirit? whose popes, faith, church-government, and whole religion, were founded, and are maintained by inhuman bloodshed, as your own histories plainly manifeft. Who gave life to these things but the devil, “ who was a murderer from the begins ning ?" L 2


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