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are never so corrupt, vile, and polluted in themselves, yet are they reconciled to, and justified in the sight of God, by his personal righteousness imputed unto them, and not from a work of grace or regeneration in the creature ; therefore no wonder at your vehement cries against a state of perfect separation from sin, as being a dangerous doctrine, who preach acceptance with the holy God, whilst in an unholy state. You generally scoff at revelation as being ceased; most of you also abetting God to have ordained a remnant absolutely to salvation, and consequently making sin as well as torment unavoidably necessary to the major part; whereby the glorious God of mercy is represented more infamously unjust than the worst of men; doctrines of devils indeed, and grounds of all looseness and ranterism; and the pleaders, and fighters for liberty of conscience when oppressed, are the greatest oppressors when in power, not minding the end of God's loving kindness. Because of your wanton neglect is your day darkened, and your sun set, and grovelling you are in beggarly elements, imitations, and shadows of the heavenly good things, relating to the dispensation of the second covenant ; hoping by your many duties to be heard, and find acceptance, whilst very strangers to the covering of God's fpirit, and ignorant of him (whom to know is life eternal) from the revelation of his eternal spirit, and operation of his mighty power, but from the conceivings and apprehensions of other men, and books well reputed; whereby God's grace and light have lost their office of leading and teaching, and thus true counsel becomes darkened, the fountain shut, the book sealed, and you in this state strangers unto God, so that you perish for want of sound knowledge: for I declare and testify on the behalf of God's everlasting way to life, and against you all, that you are yet in the man's spirit, which works not God's will and righteousness, being found helpers of the mighty against that pure and unchangeable principle of light, grace and life, in which God only did, does, and will reveal and manifeft himself unto the sons and daughters of men, for which cause you are yet in your ups and downs, tossed to and fro, not knowing the “rock “ of ages, and foundation of many generations, which “ is that only holy seed, wherein the duties and per« formances of all nations only can be blessed, and from whence proceeds that pure, righteous, and immortal birth, to whom is the promise of an everlasting inheritance; but are sticking in your own imaginations, and patching out a peace unto yourselves from your duties, performances, and the imitations of weak times and seasons in some perishing observations, that no way relate to the nature of the “pure fpiri« tual and internal kingdom of peace, righteousness, “ and joy in the Holy Ghosto:” therefore well may I say, as was said of old, “Wo unto thee Capernaum, «' which art exalted unto heaven; for if the mighty « works that have been done in thee, had been done “ in Tyre, Sidon, or Sodom, they would have re


pented in dust and ashes, and would have remained unto this day.”

Wherefore, o ye zealous professors, who in the fpirit of a man are striving to comprehend the mystery of God, unless ye repent and believe in “ that light, « wherewith Christ hath enlightened every man?” that you may attain to the true discerning of the spirit and nature, in which you live and worship, that fo you may come to witness the work and will of God, « it " shall be more tolerable for them, in the day that “ God shall judge the secrets of men, by Jesus Christ; " God will make them of the synagogue of Satan, “ who say they are Christians, and are not'.”

Therefore unto you, princes, priests, and people, whether papists or protestants, or any other separated way, that are in your idolatry, superstition, carnal ordinances, and will-worship; whose faith in, and fear towards God, are grounded on other mens apprehenfions, persuasions and precepts, and not from the teach

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ing of God's Holy Spirit or grace; to you all am I constrained to found forth and proclaim, that unto us, the most despised, afficted and forsaken, by all the families of the earth, is a child born, “unto us a fon " is given, we call 'him wonderful, counsellor, the

mighty God, the everlasting father, the prince of “ peace; of the increase of whose government, there « shall be no end”: this is he the prophet ftiles, “ a

light unto the gentiles, and for salvation unto the ends

of the earth; unto whom John Baptist bore this certain record, “ that he was the true light which en

lighteneth every man that cometh into the world';' who also gave this testimony of himself, that “who

foever followed him should not abide in darkness, “ but have the light of life, and the blood of Jesus “ (saith the beloved disciple) cleanseth us from all « finu.

« This is the second Adam, the quickening spirit, « the Lord from heaven, the new and spiritual man, “ the heavenly bread, the true vine; the Aesh and “ blood that was given for the life of the world; the “ second covenant; the law written in the heart and

spirit, put in the inward parts; the way in which " the fool cannot err; the truth, before deceit was; « the life that's hid in God, eternal in the heavens,

glorified before the world began; the power, the « wisdorn, the righteousness of God; the plant of “ renown; the royal feed that bruiseth the serpent's “ head; in short, that grace which hath appeared un“ to all men, teaching them to deny all ungodliness “ and worldly lufts, and to live godlikely and soberly “ in this present world".” He stands at the door of every heart, and knocks, if by any means he may be heard and have admittance, whereby God's promise may be fulfilled, that God will dwell with men; and

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my testimony is, that a remnant have obeyed this heavenly voice, and now walk in this pure light, in which God Almighty is known to tabernacle with them *: therefore, in the fear of God eternal, do I cry aloud unto you all, who are wandering in the by-paths of mens inventions, traditions and precepts, to empty your hearts and minds of those unprofitable guests, that better entertainment than a manger may be had to receive this Lord of glory; the mighty prophet, all must hear or die, “who searcheth the heart, trieth the “ reins, and is able to tell you all that ever you didy:”

this is the Quakers Christ, and Son of the living God, whom we are not ashamed to confess before men, as that glorious light, which since we have believed and walked in, according to our distinct measures, we have not only received a perfect discovery of all the will-worships, pollutions, and vain fashions, or cuftoms that have been brought forth by, and stand in the dark, luftful, and apostatized nature; but as we have continued in an holy watchfulness, to observe and obey its righteous dictates; God's mighty power we have and do experience to subdue and redeem therefrom; yea, that fpiritual blood is sensibly felt, to “ sprinkle and cleanse the conscience from dead << works."

And to you all must I declare, that by no other way did I ever receive the knowledge of the least evil, or ability to conquer it, than in this universal light, who is given for a captain and a leader out of all the bypaths and petty persuasions of men, through judgment that purifies, and the red sea of troubles, trials, and afflictions, unto the rest which is pure and undefiled : " this is God's beloved Son, hear ye him ;” for I proclaim, another way there is not to eternal life and peace, than this everlasting gospel which now is preached; for the time is come that the angel of his presence is flying through the midst of heaven, having

* Rev. xxi, 3. y Deut. xviii. 18, 19, 20. Jer. xvii. 10. John z Heb. ix. 14. Chap. X. 22.

iv. 29.

this ancient gospel to preach to them that dwell upon the earth, and are in their earthly nature, wisdom, and worship, “ crying with a loud voice, Fear God, “ and give glory to him, for the hour of his judgment is come.” therefore away, away with all

your own ways, works and worships, that are grounded upon mens command, and fallible apprehensions, whose breath is in their nostrils; and no more do homage according to such prescriptions, but fear and dread the living Lord God of heaven and earth: “ for if the

righteous scarcely be saved, where thall the ungodly “ and finner appear? but wo, anguish, tribulation “ and sorrow shall come upon every soul that remains " in fin."

Therefore be warned, ye dark and idolatrous Papists, ye superstitious and loose Protestants, ye zealous, yet carnal professors, to come out of all your own ways, works, worships, nature, spirit and practice: in filence and fear to wait in this glorious light which God Almighty has displayed, and raised us contemned Quakers to walk in, and testify of, in these laft ages; that by believing therein, and circumspectly adhering thereto, you may come to experience the rising of that eternal power which overcomes and removes tranfgression, that hath so long separated between you and your God; hereby shall you receive found judgment and heavenly wisdom.

This will not destroy, but fulfil the scriptures of truth, and so shall you know the baptism that is from above, and eat the heavenly bread, and drink the spiritual wine at Christ's table, in his kingdom, which the faints of old saw the coming of before they tasted of death; “ for the kingdom of God is withino: here all old things, covenants, signs, ordinances, and whatever perisheth with the using, shall be done away; and the everlasting unchangeable substance witnessed; and no more shall you profess religion, or perform worship from the imagining and transgressing nature,

· Rev. xiv. 6, 7. b 1 Pet. iv, 18.

c Luke xvii. 20, 21.


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