Darstellungen aus der Sittengeschichte Roms in der Zeit von August bis zum aAusgang der Antonine, Volume 2

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S. Hirzel, 1889

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Pagina 274 - For the ordering of the ground within the great hedge, I leave it to variety of device; advising, nevertheless, that whatsoever form you cast it into first, it be not too busy, or full of work : wherein I, for my part, do not like images cut out in juniper or other garden stuff; they be for children.
Pagina 235 - And here a while the Muse, High hovering o'er the broad cerulean scene, Sees Caledonia, in romantic view: Her airy mountains, from the waving main, Invested with a keen diffusive sky, Breathing the soul acute; her forests huge...
Pagina 284 - And love-dejected eyes. Sudden he starts, Shook from his tender trance, and, restless, runs To glimmering shades and sympathetic glooms, Where the dun umbrage o'er the falling stream, Romantic, hangs...
Pagina 523 - Si tamen aut velocitate equorum aut hominum arte traherentur, esset ratio non nulla : nunc favent panno, pannum amant, et si in ipso cursu medioque certamine...
Pagina 591 - Le capitule de Vesontio (Mém. lus à la Sorbonne. Archéol. 1869 p. 53): Les ruines (de l'a.) ont été noyées, il est vrai, dans l'un des bastions construits par Vauban ; mais nous en avons des images (Prost Hist, de Besançon, mscr. 2 desseins des Arènes); et le nom de notre rue d'Arènes en conserve la mémoire.
Pagina 552 - Fights compared with which a boxing match is a refined and humane spectacle were among the favourite diversions of a large part of the town. Multitudes assembled to see gladiators hack each other to pieces with deadly weapons, and shouted with delight when one of the combatants lost a finger or an eye.
Pagina 605 - L'arène, qui est maintenant cultivée, avait 50 pas de long sur 32 de large. Des espèces de contreforts appuyaient la muraille d'enceinte, qui mesurait environ 320 pas de circonférence. Colonia Suffetula (Sbéitla). Guérin, i, p. 383.
Pagina 283 - I have seen in y' most confragose cataracts of the Alpes, the river gliding between them at an extraordinary depth. Here we went searching for diamonds, and to the Hot Wells at its foote.
Pagina 601 - Voy. A. 46 p. 58) a vu les débris d'une grande ville ancienne, de superbes portiques bien alignés, des colonnes de marbre, des palais encore debout, un amphithéâtre de 150 pas de diamètre, dont 10 rangs sont intacts, le tout en grosses pierres de taille.
Pagina 283 - Tis a squalid den made in the rock, crown'd yet with venerable oakes and looking on a goodly streame, so as, were it improv'd as it might be, 'twere capable of being made a most romantiq and pleasant place.

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