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when discoursed upon at all, to be examined thoroughly on all sides, by a serious study of the Whole Scripture, and by taking care that the Explication be consistent with it self in every part.

I have, according to the Weight and Dignity of the Subject, considered it throughout as carefully and distinctly as I was able; and desire only,that the Reader,when he begins the Book,would peruse it Ali, and consider seriously every Part, and compare the Whole of what is here said, with other Whole Schemes, before he passes his judgment upon it.


solutely, by way of 'Eminence and Supremacy.

pag. 7

SECT. III. The Pasages wherein He is stiled God with fome peculiar high Titles, Epithets, or Attributes ; which, tho' Most of them indeed not incommunicable, yet in the New Testament are generally, if not always, by way of Supreme Eminency ascribed to the Person of the Father only.

50 SE C T. IV. The Passages wherein it is declared, that All

Prayers and Praises ought primarily to be offered to Him, and that every thing ought to be directed ultimately to His Honour and Glory.


[blocks in formation]

Of the SON of GOD.

SECT. I. The Pasages of the New Testament, wherein He is stiled, God.

pag. 84


of those done by our Lord himself; and as the Conducter of Christ himself, in the Principal Actions of his Life here upon Earth.

pag. 197

SE C T. II. The Passages wherein He is declared to be the

Inspirer of the Prophets and Apostles, and the Directer and Teacher of the Apostles in the whole work of their Ministry.


SE C T. III. The Pasages wherein He is declared to be the

Sanctifier of all Hearts, and the Comforter and Supporter of good men in the Practise of their Duty:

207 SECT. IV. The Pasages wherein are contained the Other

Highest Expressions concerning Him in the New Testament.

213 SECT, V. The Passages, wherein is declared what Ho

nour and Worship is due to Him; and how his good Motions ought diligently to be obeyed, and not resisted.



• VI. The Pasages wherein it is declared that He is


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