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Announcement of Awards

The prize of one hundred dollars, offered by a guarantor for a poem or group of poems, is awarded to


for his Arizona Poems, published in the March number. Mr. Fletcher is a cosmopolite whose residence is difficult to state. As a child he lived in Little Rock, Arkansas; he studied at Harvard, but left before graduation to travel abroad; and since the war began he has lived chiefly in Boston. At present he is sojourning in London, where he recently married a young English lady. The last of our three prizes has given the jury the most trouble of all, their first votes scattering through five or six of the year's twelve numbers. In this emergency the members fell back upon the simplest definition of a lyric, and remembered the prize-donor's stipulation that, in case of doubt, the prize should be awarded to a poet comparatively young and unknown. Therefore: The prize of one hundred dollars, offered by Mrs. Julius Rosenwald, of Chicago, for a lyric poem, is awarded to


of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for one or more poems of the group, Foot-notes, published in the January number. The jury is divided as to the particular poem to be honored, numbers III, IV and VII being favored. Miss Lee was graduated in 1913 from the University of Mississippi, and, on removing to the newer state, she took

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a post-graduate course at the University of Oklahoma. She made her first public appearance as a poet with Foot-notes. Certain poems published this year by previous prizewinners deserve special mention, in the opinion of the jury: the Poems of W. B. Yeats (February); The Great Hunt and Our Prayer of Thanks, by Carl Sandburg (October); King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, by Vachel Lindsay (June); Summer Dawn, by Constance Lindsay Skinner (January); and Three Travellers Watch a Sunrise, by Wallace Stevens (July). Besides these, the following poems receive honorable mention: Baldur, by Allen Upward (May). 1777, by Amy Lowell (August). Epigrams, by Rabindranath Tagore (September). Sunrise on Rydal Water, by John Drinkwater (December). A Breton Night, by Ernest Rhys (April). Refugees, by Grace Hazard Conkling (November). Love-lyric, by Max Michelson (May). Conversation Galante, by T. S. Eliot (September). Images, by Richard Aldington (October). Strange Meetings, by Harold Monro (September). Charcoals, by Maxwell Bodenheim (November). Sacrifice, by Frederic Manning (July). Sonnets, by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (March). Songs, by Sara Teasdale (October). Cross Patch, by Horace Holley (April). Eastland Waters, by Agnes Lee (February).

Announcement of Awards

In Summer, by Clara Shanafelt (June).
On Waking, by Joseph Campbell (March).
The Lace-maker of Ypres, by G. Tucker Bispham (Febru-
Make No Vows, by Grace Fallow Norton (December).


An imaginary conversation between two lady poets on the plains of Arizona, after perusing each other's manuscripts.

Said Mina Loy to Muna Lee,
“I wish your style appealed to me.”
“Yours gives me anything but joy!”
Said Muna Lee to Mina Loy.


Mr. Robert Frost, of Franconia, N. H., is well known as the author of A Boy's Will and North of Boston. His publishers, Henry Holt & Co., will issue his new book of poems before Christmas.

Mr. Arthur Davison Ficke, of Davenport, Iowa, is also well known, his more recent books of verse being Twelve Japanese Painters (R. F. Seymour Co.), Sonnets of a Portrait Painter and The Man on the Hill-top (Kennerley). January is the date set for Mr. Ficke's new book, An April Elegy and Other Poems.

Florence Randal Livesay (Mrs. Fred L.) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is also familiar to readers of PoETRY. A book of her Ruthenian translations—or adaptations—will soon appear.

Dr. William Carlos Williams, a young physician of Rutherford, N. J., has been published in PoETRY since its first year. He is represented in the first imagist anthology, Des Imagistes.


Mothers and Men, by Harold Trowbridge Pulsifer. Houghton
Mifflin Co.

Greek Wayfarers and Other Poems, by Edwina Stanton Babcock.

G. P. Putman's Sons.
The Book of Winifred Maynard. G. P. Putman's Sons.
La Première Aventure Céleste de M. Antipyrime, par Tristan Tzara.
The Son of Merope and Other Poems, by Antoinette de Coursey
Patterson. H. W. Fisher & Co., Philadelphia.
Polyclitus and Other Poems, by Rowland Thirlmere. Elkin Math-
ews, London.
Twelve Occupations, by Jean De Bosschère. Elkin Mathews.
Riders of the Stars, by Henry Herbert Knibbs. Houghton Mifflin Co.
After Hours, by Wm. Frederick Feld. Loyola Univ. Press, Chicago.
The Two Worlds, by Sherard Vines. B. H. Blackwell, Oxford.
The Iron Age, by Frank Betts. B. H. Blackwell.
The Burning Wheel, by Aldous Huxley. B. H. Blackwell.
The Glory of Toil, by Edna Dean Proctor. Houghton Mifflin Co.
The Pime-Tree—with an Introductory Causerie on the Japanese
Theatre, by M. C. Marcus. Duffield & Co.
The New Morn—English Diplomacy and the Triple Entente: a
Phantasmagoria in One Act, by Barrie Americanus Neutralis.
Open Court Pub. Co., Chicago.
The Tidings Brought to Mary, by Paul Claudel: translated from
the French by Louise Morgan Sill. Yale Univ. Press.
King Saint Olaf, by Gustav Melby. Richard G. Badger.
Modulations and A Spray of Olive, by Stanhope Bayley. Elkin

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