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Dear Editor: Two slight poems of recent print are worth reappearance in brevier in the back part of PoETRY for the benefit of those who missed them at the première. One is by Percy Hammond in the Chicago Tribune, and reads:

The entourage of the American Derby was a bit blowsy. Weeds, long grass, dust and grime and a melancholy prairie landscape. A jaz band played Pretty Baby and My Country, 'Tis of Thee. Most of us sat in our shirt sleeves and drank beer out of bottles.

The other is titled The Elephant, and is by Carmen Cerelli, who is ten years old, going on eleven, and a pupil in a New York grade school where this piece was written in a school competition:

There stands the elephant,
Bold and strong—
There he stands chewing his food.
We are strengthless against his strength.

Carl Sandburg II

Dear PoETRY: I must out with it—my

Heigh-ho, how many songs they write,
The great ones and the small !
Although I sit from noon till night
I cannot read them all.
They write of most important things,
Of wisdom old and new.
But oh, the little words with wings
They are so few—so few



The Helen Haire Levinson Prize of two hundred dollars, and the prize of one hundred dollars offered by another guarantor, will both be continued for our fifth year. Each will be awarded for a poem or group of poems published in PoETRY from October, 1916, to September, 1917. The prize for a lyric poem will not be continued this year. *

The donor of the Levinson Prize requests that no poet shall be considered ineligible because of having previously received it.

Mr. Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, the well-known English poet, has just arrived in this country for a lecture tour under the Pond Lyceum Bureau. His new book of verse, Livelihood (Macmillan Co.) will soon appear.

Mr. Frederic Manning, another English poet, is also familiar to our readers. He is now a private in the trenches, and a book of his verse will soon be publishsd in England.

Mr. Gordon Bottomley and Anna Wickham (Mrs. Hepburn), who appear for the first time in PoETRY, are also English. The former is represented in Georgian Verse, which recently printed his play King Lear’s Wife. Another play is Laodice and Danae (Four Seas Co.); and Elkin Mathews has published his two small pamphlets of verse, Chambers of Imagery. Anna Wickham's first book of verse, The Contemplative Quarry, was published in 1915 by the Poetry Bookshop.

Of the American poets Mr. Ridgely Torrence, of Xenia, Ohio, and New York City, has appeared in PoETRY. Also Mr. Henry B. Fuller of Chicago, whose free-verse satires will soon be published by the Houghton Mifflin Co. Also Mr. Clement Wood, of New York.

Jean Starr Untermeyer (Mrs. Louis U.) of New York, has contributed verse to various magazines, but has not yet published a volume. Ditto Anna Spencer Twitchell (Mrs. D. S. Person), who is a native of Louisville, Ky., and now resident in Colorado Springs. Mr. Travis Hoke, formerly of Chicago, is a mystery as yet to this editor.

BOOKS RECEIVED ORIGINAL WERSE: Sunflowers, by Willard Wattles. A. C. McClurg & Co., Chicago. Harvest Moon, by Josephine Preston Peabody. Houghton Mifflin Co. From the Hidden Way, by James Branch Cabell. Robert M. Mc

Bride, New York.

Verses, by Mathilda Junge. The Roxburgh Pub. Co., Boston.
Dust of the Stars, by Danford Barney. John Lane Co.
Things as They Are, by Berton Braley. Geo. H. Doran Co.
The Great Valley, by Edgar Lee Masters. Macmillan Co.
Responsibilities, by William Butler Yeats. Macmillan Co.
The Quest, by John G. Neihardt. Macmillan Co.
Spoon River Anthology, by Edgar Lee Masters. Illustrated by
Oliver Herford. Macmillan Co.
Fruit Gathering, by Rabindranath Tagore. Macmillan Co.
Stray Birds, by Rabindranath Tagore. Macmillan Co.
The Witchsong, by Ernst Von Wildenbruch. Privately printed,
New York.
Spectra, by Emanuel Morgan and Anne Knish. Mitchell Kennerley.
New Belgian Poems, by Emile Cammaerts; with English trans-
lations by Tita Brand-Cammaerts. John Lane Co.
Something Singing, by Margaret Perry. Sherman, French & Co.
A Hidden Well, by Louis How. Sherman, French & Co.
Geraint of Devon, by Marion Lee Reynolds. Sherman, French & Co.
Cat's Cradle, by H. Stanley Haskins. Sherman, French & Co.
Neighbors of Yesterday, by Jeanne Robert Foster. Sherman,
French & Co.
The Vanished World, by Douglas Duer. Sherman, French & Co.
The Star Fields, by Wiloughby Weaving. B. H. Blackwell, Ox-
ford, Eng.
A Vagabond's Wallet, by S. Reid-Heyman. B. H. Blackwell.
Rhymes of a Red Cross Man, by Robert W. Service. Barse and
Hopkins, New York.
The Great White Wall, by William Rose Benét. Yale Univ. Press,
New Haven, Conn.
Preludes of Poetry and Music, by Irene Curtis. Privately printed.
Audvari’s Ring, by Arthur Peterson. G. P. Putnam's Sons.
Selected Poems of Thomas Hardy. Macmillan Co.
Poems of the Great War, selected by J. W. Cunliffe. Macmillan Co.
Oxford Poetry—1916. B. H. Blackwell, Oxford, Eng.
Songs of Ukrania, Translated by Florence Randal Livesay. E. P.
Dutton & Co.
Pencraft, by William Watson. John Lane Co. -
John Webster and the Elizabethan Drama, by Rupert Brooke. John
Lane Co.
Appreciations of Poetry, by *ś Hearn. Dodd, Mead & Co.


VOL. Ix NO. V.


A Magazine of Verse o

Edited by Harriet Monroe


Along the South Star Trail . - Frank S. Gordon 221
The Tom-tom–Sa-a Narai–On the War-path—Night
In the Desert I-V-Indian Songs . Alice Corbin 232

Listening–Buffalo Dance—Where the Fight Was—The

Neither Spirit nor Bird–Prayer to the Mountain

Spirit . - - - - Mary Austin 239 Spring to the Earth Witch—Chief Capilano Greets His Namesake at Dawn . Constance Lindsay Skinner 242 Poems - - - - Edward Eastaway 247 Old Man—The Word–The Unknown Editorial Comment . - - - - - 251 Aboriginal Poetry I-III—Emile Verhaeren Reviews - 259

Those Brontes—A Book by Lawrence—H. D.'s Vision—
War and Womanhood–Translations

Notes - - - - - - - - 274

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