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BOOKS RECEIVED ORIGINAL VERSE : Songs Out of School, by H. H. Bashford. Houghton Mifflin Co. Sea Garden: Imagist Poems, by “H. D.” Houghton Mifflin Co. Lace o' me Life, by Ella Giles Ruddy. Privately printed. From the Limbo of Forgotten Things, by Mary Stuart Tyson. Sherman, French & Co. Perses, by Hillaire Belloc. Laurence Gomme, New York. Ballads Patriotic and Romantic, by Clinton Scollard. Laurence Gomme. Chinese Lyrics, by Pai Ta-shun. Charles Scribner's Sons. Nine Poems From a l'aletudinarium, by Donald Evans. Nicholas L. Brown, Philadelphia. l'ie de Bordeaux, by Pitts Sanborn. Nicholas L. Brown. The Singer, by J. T. Gorham Press. Mystery, or The Lady of the Casino, by David F. Taylor. Gorham Press. Pilgrimage, by Eric Shepherd. Longmans, Green & Co., London. City Dust, by Jane Burr. Frank Shay, New York. Contacts, by T. W. Earp. B. H. Blackwell, Oxford, Eng. Bohemian Glass, by E. L. Duff. B. H. Blackwell. Thursday's Child, by E. Rendall. B. H. Blackwell The Omega, by Edward Shillito. B. H. Blackwell. The Jig of Forslin, by Conrad Aiken. Four Seas Co., Boston. Thoughts from Oregon to Greet a Friend, by Kathleen MacNeal Durham. Privately printed. Irish Mag, by Earl Wayland Bowman. Privately printed. The Blood of Rachel and Other Poems, by Cotton Noe. John P. Morton & Co., Louisville, Ky. Miscellaneous Poems, by Michael Strange. Mitchell Kennerley. Rhymes—Vol. II, by John Halifax. Privately printed. Verses, by Mary Wright Plummer. Privately printed. Rune and Ramm, by George M. P. Baird. Aldine Press, Pittsburgh. When Little Thoughts Go Rhyming, by Elizabeth Knobel. Rand McNally & Co., Chicago. Sonnets: 1913-1916, by Wheaton Hale Brewer. Privately printed. Livelihood, by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. Macmillan Co. Sonnets of Protest, by Isabelle Howe Fiske. Privately printed. Minnesota, by Ambrose Leo McGreevy. Jones & Kroeger, Winona, Minn.

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City Pastorals I-XI . - - - - Helen Hoyt 277
Country Rhymes I-IV . - - - Orrick Johns 285
A Blue Valentine—The Thorn . - Joyce Kilmer 289
A Nun . - - - - - - Odell Shepard 292
What the Orderly Dog Saw. Ford Madox Hueffer 293
What the Civilian Saw . - Violet Hunt Hueffer 295
Winds of March I-XII - - - Max Michelson 296
Lacquer Prints I-XVII . - - - Amy Lowell 302
Editorial Comment . - - - - - - 308
Hard Times Indeed—Things to be Done
Reviews . 315

Yale Discovers Blake—Claudel in English—Cathay Again
–Other Books of Verse

Our Contemporaries–Correspondence—Notes . - 328

Copyright 1917 by Harriet Monroe. All rights reserved.



Published monthly by Ralph Fletcher Seymour, 1025 Fine Arts Building, Chicago.
Entered as second-class matter at Postoffice, Chicago.



Oett NO. VI

MARCH, 1917



ğAN a poem say my heart § While I stand still apart? # I myself would be the song, # I myself would be the rhyme, &= <&l Moving delicately along; And my steps would make the time, And the stanzas be my rest.

What can I say with the words of my lips?
Oh, let me speak from my toes' tips
Of my treasure and zest!

Dancing, I can tell every sweet—
Slow and soft, soft and fleet.
Dancing, I can tell every ill,
All my inmost wish fulfil;
All my sorrowing I can heal.


Oh, to reveal
With the bending of my head,
With the curving of my hand,
What no poem has ever said,
What no words could understand!
Things for a book too sad, too gay,
The verses of my feet would say;
Telling sorrow, telling delight
Into the very marrow of men's sight.


I have found a seat
At the foot of a tree,
All complete,
Made for me.
Smelling sweet
With the needles of pine.
I sit very fine
In the hollow here
Of my root-woven chair.


Why are you gay, little tree,
That you dance on the hillside?—
Holding out your delicate skirt,

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