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they could not answer him again in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ

. to these things. And he put forth a The Gospel. St. Matt. xxii. 34. parable to those who were bidden. WHEN .the

Pharisees had when he marked how they chose heard that Jesus had put the out the chief rooms; saying unto Sadducees to silence, they were them, When thou art bidden of gathered together. Then one of any man to a wedding, sit not them, who was a lawyer, asked down in the highest room, lest a him a question, tempting him, and more honourable man than thon saying, Master, which is the great be bidden of him; and lie that commandinent in the law ? Jesus bade thee and him come and say said unto him, Thou shalt love the to thee, Give this man place; Lord thy God with all thy heart

, and thou begin with shame to and with all thy soul, and with all take the lowest room. But when thy mind: This is the first and thou art bidden, go and sit down great commandment. And the in the lowest room ; that when he second is like unto it, Thou shall that bade thee cometh, he may say love thy neighbour as thyself

. On unto thee, Friend, go up higher : these two commandments hang then shalt thou have worship in all the law and the prophets

, the presence of them that sit at while the Pharisees were gathermeat with thee. For whosoeversed together, Jesus asked them, exalteth himself

, shall be abased; saying, What think ye of Christ! and he that huinbleth himself, whose son is he? They say unto shall be exalted.

him, The son of David. He salth The eighteenth Sunday after in spirit call him Lord, saying

, ----- unto them, How then doth David Trinity.

The Lord said unto my Lord, sit The Collect.

thou on my right hand, till I make LORD, we beseech thee, grant thine enemies thy footstool? I

thy people grace to withstand David then call hin Lord, how is the teinptations of the world, the he his son ? And no man was able flesh, and the devil; and with to answer him a word, neither pure hearts and minds to follow durst any man, from that day forth, thee, the only God, through Je- ask him any more questions. sus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Epistle. 1 Cor. i. 4. The nineteenth Sunday after I Thank God always on

Trinity. your behalf , for the grace of

The Collect. God which is given you by Jesus O God, forasmuch as without Christ; that in every thing ye are thee we are not able to please enriched by him, in all utterance, thee; mercifully grant that thy and in all knowledge ; even as Holy Spirit may in all things dithe testimony of Christ was con- rect and rule our hearts, through firmed in you. So that ye come Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. behind in no gist; waiting for the The Epistle. Ephes. iv. 17. coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. THIS I say therefore, and testify the end, that ye may be blameless forth walk not as other Gentiles

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walk, in the vanity of their mind; The Gospel. St. Matt. ix. 1. having the understanding darken: JESUS entered into a ship, and ed, being alienated f} 3m the life of passed over, and came into his God, through the ignorance that own city. And behold, they is in them, because of the blind. brought to him a man sick of the ness of their heart: who, being palsy, lying on a bed. And Jesus, past feeling, have given them- seeing their faith, said unto the selves: over unto lasciviousness, sick of the palsy, Son, be of good to work all uncleanness with cheer, thy sins be forgiven thee. greediness. But ye have not so and behold, certain of the scribes learned Christ; if so be that ye said within themselves, This man have heard him, and have been blasphemeth. And Jesus, knowtaught by bim, as the truth is in ing their thoughts, said, WhereJesus : That ye put off, concern- fore think ye evil in your hearts ? ing the former conversation, the For whether is easier to say, Thy old man, which is corrupt accord- sins be forgiven thee? or to say, ing to the deceitful lust; and be Arise, and walk? But that ye may renewed in the spirit of your know that the Son of man hath mirid: and that ye put on the new power on earth to forgive sins, man, which after God is created (then saith he to the sick of the in righteousness and true boli- palsy) Arise, take up thy bed, neos. Wherefore putting away and go unto thine house. And lying, speak every man truth he arose, and departed to his with his neighbour : for we are house. But when the multitude members one of another. Be ye saw it, they marvelled, and glo. angry, and sin not: let not the rified God, who had given such sun go down upon your wrath : power unto men. neither give place to the devil. Let him that stole, steal no more;

The twentieth Sunday after but rather let him labour, work

Trinity. ing with his hands the thing

The Collect. which is good, that he may have Almighty and most merciful to give to him that needeth. Let God, of thy bountiful goodno.corrupt communication proness keep us, we beseech thee, ceed out of your mouth, but that from all things that may hurt us; which is good to the use of edify. that we, being ready both in body ing, that it may minister grace and soul, may.cheerfully accomunto the hearers. And grieve not plish those things which thou the Holy Spirit of God, whereby commandest, through Jesus Christ ye are sealed unto the day of re-four Lord. Amen. demption. Let all bitterness, and The Epistle. Ephes. v. 15. -wrath, and anger, and clamour, SEE then that ye walk circum. and evil-speaking, be put away spectly, not as fools, but as from you, with all malice. And wise, redeeming the time, bebe ye kind one to another, ten- cause the days are evil. Whereder-hearted, forgiving one ano- fore be not unwise, but underther, even as God for Christ's standing what the will of the Lord sake bąth forgiven you. is. And be not drunk with wine,


wherein is excess: but be filled how camest thou in hither, not with the Spirit; speaking to your having a wedding garment? And selves in psalms and hymns and he was speethless. Then said the spiritual songs, singing and mak- king to the servants, Bind him ing melody in your heart to the hand and foot, and take him Lord; giving thanks always for all away, and cast him into outer things unto God and the Father, darkness: there shall be weeping in the name of our Lord Jesus and gnashing of teeth. For many Christ; submitting yourselves one arc called, but few are chosen. to another in the fear of God.

The Gospel. St. Matt. xxii, 1. The twenty-first Sunday after JESUS said, The kingdom of

Trinity. heaven is like unto a certain

The Cllect. king, who made a marriage for GRANT, we beseech thee, mers his son; and sent forth his ser ciful Lord, to thy faithful vants to call them that were bid-people, pardon and peace; that den to the wedding: and they they may be cleansed from all would not come. Again, he sent their sins, and serve thee with a forth other servants, saying, Tell quiet mind, through Jesus Christ them who are bidden, Behold, lour Lord. Amen. have prepared my dinner: my The Epistle. Ephes. vi, 10. oxen and my fatlings are killed, My brethren, be strong in the and all things are ready: come Lord, and in the power of unto the marriage. But they made his might. Put on the whole ar light of it, and went their ways, mour of God, that ye may be able one to his farm, another to his mer- to stand against the wiles of ': chandise: and the remnant took devil. For we wrestle not against his servants, and entreated them flesh and blood, but against prin. spitefully, and slew them. But cipalities, against powers, against when the king heard thereof, he the rulers of the darkness of this was wroth: and be sent forth his world, against spiritual wickedarmies, and destroyed those mur-ness in high places. Wherefore derers, and burnt up their city. take unto you the whole armour Then saith he to his servants, The of God, that ye may be able to wedding is ready, but they who withstand in the evil day, and were bidden were not worthy, having done all, to stand. StandGo ye therefore into the high- therefore, having your loins girt ways, and as many as ye shall about with truth; and having on find, bid to the marriage. So the breast-plate of righteousness; those servants went out into the and your feet shod with the pre... highways, and gathered together paration of the gospel of

peace; all, as many as they found, both above all, taking the shield of bad and good: and the wedding faith, wherewith ye shall be able was furnished with guests. And to quench all the fiery darts of the when the king came in to see the wicked. And take the helmet of guests, he saw there a man who salvation, and the sword of the had not on a wedding garment. Spirit, which is the word of God: And he saith unto him, Friend, praying always with all prayer.

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TWENTY-SECOND SUNDAY AFTER TRUM and supplication in the Spirit, and continual godliness; that, througu watching thereunto with all per- thy protection, it may be free from severance, and supplication for all adversities, and devoutly given all saints; and for me, that utter- to serve thee in good works, to ance may be given unto me, that the glory of thy name, through I may open my mouth boldly, to Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. maké known the mystery of the The Epistle. Phil. i. 3. gospel; for which I am an ambas- I Thank my God upon every sador in bonds: that therein I may

remenbrance of you (always speak boldly as I ought to speak. in every prayer of mine for you The Gospel. St. John, iv. 46. all making request with joy) for

man, whose son was sick at from the first day until now; being Capernaum. When he heard that confident of this very thing, that Jesus was come out of Judea into he who hath begun a good work Galilee," he went unto him, and in you, will perform it until the besought him, that he would come day of Jesus Christ; even as it is down and heal his son; for he was meet for me to think this of you at the point of death. Then said all, because I have you in iny Jesus unto him, Except ye see heart, inasmuch as both in my signs and wonders, ye will not be- bonds, and in the defence and lieve. The nobleman said unto confirmation of the Gospel, ye all him, Sir; come down ere my child are partakers of my grace. For die. Jesus saith unto him, Go thy God is my record, how greatly ! way, thy son liveth. And the man long after you all in the bowels of believed the word that Jesus had Jesus Christ. And this I pray, that spoken unto him, and he went your love may abound yet more his way. And as he was now go and more in knowledge, and in ing down, his servants met him, all judgment: That ye may apand told him, saying, Thy son liv. prove things that are excellent, eth. Then inquired he of them that ye may be sincere, and with the bour when he began to out offence till the day of Christ; amend : and they said unto him, being filled with the fruits of righYesterday, at the seventh hour, teousness, which are by Jesus

he fever left him. So the father Christ, unto the glory and praise new that it was at the same of God. our in the which Jesus said unto The Gospel. St. Matt. xviii. 21.

im. They son liveth; and himself PETER said unto Jesus, Lord, belieyed, and his whole house. how oft shall my brother sin This is again the second miracle against me, and I forgive him? hat Jesus did, when he was come till seven times? Jesus saith unto out of Judea into Galilee. him, I say not unto thee, until

seven times : but until seventy The twenty-second Sunday after times seven. Therefore is the Trinity.

kingdom of heaven likened unto .: The Collect.

a certain kirig, who would take LORD, we beseech thee to keep account of bis servants. And

thy household the Church in when he had begun to reckon, one


ENTY-THIRD SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY. was brought unto him, who owed liness; be ready, we beseech thee, him ten thousand talents. But to hear the devout prayers of thy forasmuch as he had not to pay, Church; and grant that those his lord commanded him to be things which we ask faithfully, we sold, and his wife and children, may obtain effectually, through and all that he had, and payment Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. to be made. The servant there The Epistle. Phil. iii: 17,9 fore fell down and worshipped BRETHREN, be followers tohim, saying, Lord, have patience gether of me, and mark them with me, and I will pay thee all. who walk so, as ye have us for an Then the lord of that servant was ensample. (For many walk, of moved with compassion, and loos-whom I have told you often, and ed him, and forgave him the debt. now tell you even weeping, that But the same servant went out, they are the enemies of the cross and found one of his fellow-ser- of Christ; whose end is destrucvants, who owed him an hundredjtion, whose god is their belly, and pence; and he laid hands on him, whose glory is in their shame, and took him by the throat, say- who mind earthly things.). For ing, Pay me that thou owest. our conversation is in heaven, And his fellow-servant fell down from whence also we look for the at his feet, and besought him, say. Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ; ing, Have patience with me, and who shall change our vile body. I will pay thee all. And he would that it may be fashioned like unto not; but went and cast him into his glorious body, according to the prison, till he should pay the debt. working, whereby he is able even So when his fellow-servants saw to subdue all things unto himself. what was done, they were very The Gospel. St. Matt. xxii. 15. their lord all that was done. Then THEN went the Pharisees, ani,

took counsel how they might bis lord, after that he had called entangle him in his talki And him, said unto him, O thou wick- they sent out unto him their dised servant, I forgave thee all that ciples, with the Herodians, say debt, because thou desiredst me:ing, Master, we know that thou shouldest not thou also have had art true, and teachest the way of compassion on thy fellow-servant, God in truth, neither carest thou even as I had pity on thee? And for any man: for thou regardest his lord was wroth, and delivered not the person of men. Tell us, him to the tormentors, till be therefore, what thinkest thou? Is should pay all that was due unto him. So likewise shall my heaven. it lawful to give tribute unto Cæ

sar, or not? But Jesus perceived ly Father do also unto you, if ye, iheir wickedness, and said, Wby from your hearts, forgive not eve-temptye me, ye hypocrites? Show ry one his brother their trespasses. me the tribute-money. And they The twenty-third Sunday after brought unto him a penny. And Trinity.

he saith unto them, Whose is this The Collect.

image and superscription 2: They O God, our refuge and strength, say unto him, Cæsar's... Then

who art the author of all god- saith be unto them, Render there

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