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The Collect.

earth, hath so wisely and mercifully ordered the course of this world, that his judgments are ofGRANT, we beseech thee, Al- ten sent as fatherly corrections to mighty God, that we, who for us; and if, with due submission our evil deeds do worthily deserve and resignation to his holy will to be punished, by the comfort of we receive the same, they will thy grace may mercifully be re-work together for our good. lieved; through our Lord and It is your part and duty, thereSaviour Jesus Christ. Amen. fore, to humble yourself under O God, who sparest when we the mighty hand of God, to acdeserve punishment, and in knowledge the righteousness of thy wrath rememberest mercy; his judgments, and to endeavour, we humbly beseech thee, of thy that, by his grace, this present goodness to comfort and succour visitation may lead you to a sinall those who are under reproach cere and hearty repentance. and misery in the house of bond- The way and means thereto is, age; correct them not in thine to examine your life and converanger, neither chasten them in sation by the rule of God's comthy sore displeasure. Give them mandments; and whereinsoever a right understanding of them-you shall perceive yourself to have selves, and of thy threats and pro-offended either by will, word, or mises; that they may neither cast deed, there to bewail your own away their confidence in thee, nor sinfulness, and to confess yourself place it any where but in thee. to Almighty God, with full purRelieve the distressed, protect the pose of amendment of life. And


Then the Minister shall say,
Let us pray.

Wherefore we come to you in

O Lord, we beseech thee, mer-the bowels of compassion; and,

cifully hear our prayers, and being desirous that you should spare all those who confess their avoid presumption on the one sins unto thee; that they, whose hand, and despair on the other, consciences by sin are accused, shall plainly lay before you the by thy merciful pardon may be wretchedness of your condition, absolved, through Christ our and declare how far you ought to Lord. Amen. depend on the mercies of God, O God, whose mercy is everlast- and the merits of our Saviour. ing, and power infinite; look Considerthen seriously with yourdown with pity and compassion self, in all appearance the time of upon the sufferings of this thy ser-your dissolution draweth near; vant; and whether thou visitest your sins have laid fast hold upon


horting him to a particular Confession this time of adversity, and support of the sin for which he is condemned under the terrors which encom and upon Confession, he shall instruct

bim what satisfaction ought to be made pass him; set before his eyes the to those whom he has offended thereby things he hath done in the body, and if he knoweth any combinations in which have justly provoked thee oui vickedness, or any evil practices design


ed against others, let him be admonished to anger; and forasmuch as his to the utmost of his power to discover continuance appeareth to be short and prevent them. amongst us, quicken him so much After his Confession, the Minister shall the more by thy grace and boly declare to him the pardoning mercy of God God, in the Form which is used in the

you thi



After which shall be said the Collect

Spirit; that he, being converted
and reconciled unto thee, before
thy judgments have cut him off
from the earth, may at the hour

ngalle Holy Jesus, who of thine in- of his death depart in peace, and

finite goodness, didst accept be received into thine everlast

ou have cross;sion of a sinner on the ing kingdom, through Jesus Christ

open thine eye of mercy our Lord. Amen.

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Our power

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upon this thy servant, who devenly sireth pardon and forgiveness, sake, andth though in his latest hour he turn

Adding this:

Saviour of the world, who by thy cross and precious blood the dreth unto thee. Renew in him hast redeemed us, save us and help whatsoever hath been decayed by us, we humbly beseech thee, O beloved the fraud and malice of the devil, Lord.

Christian or by his own carnal will and frail-T Then the Minister, standing, shall say, dgment of hess. Consider bis coutrition; ac-IN the midst of life we are in crimes cept his repentance; and foras- death Of whom may we seek and be in much as he putteth his full trust for succour, but of thee, O Lord, being readonly in thy mercy, impute not who for our sins art justly dissuch as unto him his former sins, but pleased?

excepting strengthen him with thy blessed Yet, O Lord God most holy, O ced you ever S Spirit; and when thou art pleased Lord most mighty, O holy and take him hence, take him unto most merciful Saviour, deliver us ying, yel kashy favour: This we beg through not into the bitter pains of eterhout it your thy merits, O Lord, our Saviournal death.

ough this

ect. And and our Redeemer. Amen.

deavour and

Thon knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts: Shut not thy Father of mercies and God of merciful ears to our prayers; but

Then the Minister shall say,

temper and n entire depenfor

So may you all comfort; we fly unto thee spare us, Lord, most holy, O God

or succour in behalf of this thy most mighty, O holy and merciercies of Godservant, who is now under the ful Saviour, thou most worthy of our Saroentence of condemnation. The Judge eternal, suffer us not, at r Jesus Christ Jay of his calamity is at hand, and our last hour, for any pains of rning his Fath ho go down into the pit. Blessed

the Minister he

is accounted as one of those death to fall from thee.
17 Then the Minister shall say,

cles of the Cred

od, e. And tid, remember thy mercies;HE Almighty God, who is a


this I

Kupon his infirmities; hear the most strong tower to all those 1 steadis nice of his complaint; give him, who put their trust in him; to shall the Ministe beseech thee, patience in thiswhom all things in heaven, in

he repeat him tra

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