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him and delivereth them.

The secente Dey. taste, and see how gracious MORNING PRAYER. Eord is : blesaed is the man

Psalm 35. Judica me, Domine. trusteth in him.


thou my cause, O Lord, fear the Lord, ve that are with them that strive with me, aints; for they thiat fear him and fight thou against them that nothing

fight against me. The lions do lack, and suffer 2 Lay hand upon the shield and er; but they who seek the buckler, and stand up to help me.

shall want 110 manner of 3 Bring forth the spear, and that is good.

stop the way against them that 1 Come, ye children, and persecute me: say unto my soul, ken unto me; I will teach, I am thy salvation. the fear of the Lord.

1 Let them be confounded, and What man is he that lustethput to shame, that seek after my e, and would sain see good soul; let them be turned back, ?

and brought to confusion, that (eepthy tongue from evil, and imagine mischief for me. ips, that they speak no guile.. 5 Let them be as the dust be

Eschew evil, and do good ;fore the wind, and the Angel of peace, and ensue it.

the Lord scattering them. The eyes of the Lord are 6 Let their way be dark and the righteous, and his ears slippery, and let the Angel of the -pen unto their prayers. Lord persecute them. 5 The countenance of the 7 For they have privily laid is against then that do evil, their net to destroy me without a of out the remembrance of cause ; yea, even without a cause from the earth.

have they inade a pit for my soul. The righteous cry, and the 3 Let a sudden destruction como

heareth them, and deliver- upon him unawares, and his net nem out of all their troubles that he hath laid privily catch

The Lord is nigh unto them himself; that he may fall into his are of a contrite heart, and own mischief. save such as be of an humble 9 And my soul be joyful in the

Lord; it shall rejoice in his salvaGreat are the troubles ofition. ighteous ; but the Lord deli 10 All my bones shall say, Lord, I him out of all.

uho is šike unto thee, who dellHe keepeth all his bones, verest the poor fronı bim that is at not one of them is bro- too stiong for him; yea, the poor,

and him that is in misery, from But misfortune shall slay the him that spoileth him? dly; and they that hate the 11 False witnesses did rise up: cous shall be desolate. they laid to my charge things that

The Lord delivereth the I knew not. of his servants; and all thier 12 They rewarded me evil for put their trust in him shall good, to the great discomfort of Pe destitute.

oy soul.

13 Nevertheless, when theyı 25 Let them not say in their wore sick, I put on sackcloth, and hearts, There, there, so would bumbled my soul with fasting, we have it; neither let them say, and my prayer shall turn into We have devoured him. mine own bosom.

25 Let them be put to confu14 I behaved myself as though sion and shame together, that it had been my friend or my bro- rejoice at my trouble ; let them ther; I went heavily, as one that be clothed with rebuke and mourneth for his mother. dishonour, that boast themselves

15 But in mine adversity they against me. rejoiced, and gathered themselves 27 Let them be glad and retogether; yea, the very abjects joice, that favour my righteous came together against me una-dealing; yea, let them say alway, wares, making mouths at me, Blessed be the Lord, who bath and ceased not.

pleasure in the prosperity of his 16 With the flatterers were bu- servant. sy mockers, who gnashed upon 28 And as for my tongue, it shall me with their teeth.

be talking of thy righteousness, 17 Lord, how long wilt thou and of thy praise, all the day long. look upon this ? O deliver my Psalm 36. Dixit injustus. soul from the calamities which My heart showeth me the they bring on me, and my dar wickedness of the ungodly, ling from the lions.

that there is no fear of God be. 18 So will I give thee thanks in fore his eyes. the great congregation; I will 2 For he flattereth himself in praise thee among much people. his own sight, until his abomina

19 O let not them that are mine ble sin be found out. enemies triumph over me unyod

3 The words of his mouth aro ly; neither let them wink with unrighteous and full of deceit: their eyes, that hate me without he hath left off to behave himself

wisely, and to do good. 20 And why? their communing 4 He imagineth mischief upon is not for peace; but they ima- his bed, and hath set himself in gine deceitful words against them no good way; neither doth he that are quiet in the land. abhor any thing that is evil.

21 They gaped upon me with 5 Thy mercy, O Lord, reachtheir mouths, and said, Fie on eth unto the heavens, and thy thee, fie on thee, we saw it with faithfulness unto the clouds.

6 Thy righteousness standeth 22 This thou hast seen, O Lord; like the strong mountains: thy hold not thy tongue then; go not judgments are like the great deep. far from me, O Lord.

7 Thou, Lord, shalt save both 23 Awake and stand up to judge man and beast: how excellent is my quarrel; avenge thou my thy mercy, O God: and the chil. cause, my God and my Lord. dren of men shall put their trust

24 Judge me, O Lord my God, under the shadow of thy wings. according to thy righteousness, 8 They shall be satisfied with and let them not iriumph over me. the plenteousness of thy house ;

a cause.

our eyes.


thou shalt give them drinky Wicked doers shall be rooted hy pleasures, as out of the out; and they that patiently abide r.

the Lord, those shall inherit the For with thee is the well of land. and in tlıy light shall we sce 10 let a little while, and the

ungodly shall be clean gone: thou - O continuc forth thy lovin«- shalt look after his place, and he ne'ss into thein that know shall be away. - and thy righteousness unto 11 But the meek-spirited shall e that are true of heart. posieas the earth, and shall be re

O let not the foot of priile freshed in the multitude of peace. e against me; and let not the 12 The ungodly seeketh coun. I of the ungodly cast mesel xigainst the just, and gnasheth

upon him with his teeth. There are they fallen, ali 13 The Lord shall laugh him work wickedness; they are to scorn; for he hath seen that his down, and shall not be able day is coming. and.

11 The ungodly liave drawn out EVENING PRITER. the sword, and have bent their Psalm 37. Noli emulari. bow, to cast down the poor and ET not thyself because of nerdy, and to slay such as are of e ungoilly; neither be thousa right conversation. us against the evil doers : 15 Their sword shall go through For they shall soon be cut their own heart, and their bow

like the grass, and be wi-shail be broken. d even as the green hech. 16 A small thing that the righPut thou thy trust in the teous liath, is better than great - and be doing good: dwell riches of the ungodly ; eland, and verily thou shalt 17 For the arms of the ungodly ..

shall be broken, and the Lord Delight thou in the Lord, and upholdeth the righteous. all give thee thy heart's de 18 The Lord knoweth the days

of the godly; and their inberiCommit thy way unto the lance shall endure for ever.

and put thy trust in him, 19 They shall not be confounded se shall bring it tn pass. in the periioris time; and in the He shall make thy righteous- days of dearth they shall have as clear as the light, and thy enough. ealing as the noon-day. 20. As for the ungodly, they Holil thee still in the Lord. shall perish, and the enemies of vide patiently upon bim: but the Lord shall consume as the fat e not thyself at him whose of lanıbs; yea, even as the smoke Both prosper, against the man shall they consume away. loeth aftcr evil counsels. 21 The ungodly borroweth, and eave off from wrath, and let payeth not agnin; but the righspleasure : fret not thyself, teous is merciful and liberal. Salt thou be moved to do 22 Such as are blessed of God,

shall possess the land ; and they

that are cursed of him, shall be 37 I went by, and lo, he was zooted out.

gone; I sought him, but his place 23 The Lord ordereth a good could no where be found. nan's going, and maketh his way 38 Keep innocency, and take acceptable to himself.

heed unto the thing that is right; 24 Though he fall, he shall not for that shall bring a man peace e cast away; for the Lord up-at the last. soldeth hiin with his hand.

39 As for the transgressors, 25 I have been young, and now they shall perish together; and m old, and yet saw I never the the end of the ungodly is, they Eighteous forsaken, nor bis seed shall be rooted out at the last. egging their bread.

40 But the salvation of the 26 The righteous is ever mer- righteous cometh of the Lord, =iful, and lendeth ; and his seed who is also their strength in the = blessed.

time of trouble. 27 Flee from evil, and do the 41 And the Lord shall stand by hing that is good, and dwell for them, and save them; he shall vermore.

deliver them from the ungodly, 28 For the Lord loveth the and shall save them, because they hing that is right; be forsaketl put their trust in him. got his that be godly, but they are preserved for ever.

The eighth Day:

MORNING PRAYER. 29 The unrighteous shall be Psalın 53. Dondini, ne in furore. punished : as for the seed of the PUT me not to rebuke, O Lord, ngodiy, it shall be rooted out. in thine anger; neither chas

30 Tiie righteous sha!! juherit te: me in thy heavy displeasure: he land, and dwell therein for For thine arrow's stick fast

jin me, and thy hand presseth me 31 The mouth of the righteous sore. 3 exercised in wisdom, and his 3 There is no health in my ngue will be talkingosjudgment. flesh, because of thy displeasure ; 32 The law of his God is in his neither is there any rest in my eart, and his goings shall noi bones, by reason of my sin : Lide.

4 For my wickednesses are 33 The ungodly seeth the righ-gone over my head, and are like eous, and seekéth occasion to a sore burden, too heavy for me ay him.

to bear. 94 The Lord will not leave him 5 Mly wounils stink, and are n his hand, nor conuemm him corrnpt, through my foolishness. then he is judyed.

6 I am brought into so great 85 Hope ihou in the Lord, and trouble and misery, that I go eep his way, and he shall pro- mourning all the day long. note thee, that thou shalt possess

7 Fir my loins are filled with ne land: when the ungodly stall a sore disease, and there is no erish, thou shalt see it. whole part in my body.

36 I myself have seen the un 8 I ain fecble and sore smitten; odly in great power, and flourish- I have roared for the very disquing like a green bay-tree.

letness of my heart.


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14 For I am a stranger is

Lord, thou knoweat all m: 1 2 1 will keep my mouth as it

and my ginaning is not were with a bridle, while the un from thee.

godly is in my sight. My heart panteth, my 3 I held my tongue, and spake ngth hath failed me, and the nothing: I kept silence, yea, tof mine eyesiszoneiroinnin leven from good words; but it 1 My lovers and my neigh-was pain and grief to me. rs did stand looking vision incl 1 My heart was bot within me: able, and my kinsmen stood and while I was th:us inusing the oii.

fire kindled, and at the last I 2 They also that socht after'spake with my tongue : life, laid snares for me ; and! 5 Lord, let me kuow my end

, y that went about to do me and the number of my days

, that -, talked of wickedness, and I may he certified how long I -gined deceit all the day long.!have in live. -3 As for me, I was like a deai 6 Behold, thou hast made my 7, and heard not; and as one days as it were a span long, and

is d!), who doth not open mine age is even as nothing in mouth.

respect of thee; and verily every + 1 became even as a man man living is altogether vanity: E heare:h not, and in wliose 7 For man walketh in a vain Lith are no reproofs. shadow, and disquieteth himself 5 For in thee, O Lord, have in vain; he heapeth up riches

, Et my trust ; thou shalt ans:ver and cannot tell who shall gatber me, O Lord,

my God. them. 6 I have required that they, & And now, Lord, what is my n mine enemies, should not hope? truly my hope is even in mph over me; for when my thee.

slipt, they rejoiced greatly 9 Deliver me from all mine Enst me.

offences, and make me not a re 7 And I truly am set in the buke mto the foolish. que, and my heaviness is ever 10 I became dumb, and oper ny sight:

led not my mouth; for it was thy s For I will confess my wick- doing. ess, and be sorry for my sin. 11 Take thy plague away from 9 But mine enemies lives, andme: I am even consumed by the mighty; and they that hate me means of thy heavy hand. ngfully are many in number. 1. When thou with rebukes. =) They also that reward evii dost chasten man for sin, thou good are against me; because makest his beanty to consume llow the thing that good is. away, like as it were a moth free 1 Forsake me not, O Lord, my ting a garment: every man there? 1; be not thou far from me. fore is but vanity. 2 Haste thee to help me, O 13 Hear my prayer, O. Lord: d, God of my salvation. and with thine ears consider my

Psalm 39. Dici, Custodiam. calling; hold not thy peace aid, I will take heedto my ways, my tears : Liat I offend not in my to:igne.!

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