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nouth unto the heaven, and their 34 Whom have I in heaven ongue goeth through the world. but thee? and there is none upon

10 Therefore fall the people earth that I desire in comparison into them, and thereout suck of thee. hey no small advantage. 35 My flesh and my heart fail

11. Tush, say they, how should eth ; but God is the strength of God perceive it? is there know- my heart, and my portion forever, edge in the Most High?

36 For lo, they that forsake 12 Lo, these are the ungodly : thee shall perish; thou hast dehese prosper in the world ; and stroyed all them that commit forThese have riches in possession : nication against thee. and I said, Then liave I cleansed 37 But it is good for me to hold my heart in vain, and washed me fast by God, to put my trust mine hands in innocency. in the Lord God, and to speak of

13 All the day long have I been all thy works in the gates of the punished, and chastened every daughter of Sion. morning.

Psalm 74. U't quid, Deus ? 14 Yea, and I had almost saidO God, wherefore art thou abven as they; but lo, then I should sent from us so long? why is have condemned the generation thy wrath so hot against the sheep of thy children.

of thy pasture? 15 Then thought Ito understand o think upon thy congrega. his; but it was too hard for me, tion, whom thou hast purchased,

16 Until I went into the sanc- and redeemed os old. uary of God: then understood I Think upon the tribe of thine the end of these men;

inheritance, and mount Sion, 17 Namely, how thou dost set wherein thou hast dwelt. Eheminslippery places and castest 4 Lift up thy feet, that thou Ehem down and destroyest them. mayest utterly destroy every ene

18 O how suddenly do they my, which hath done evil in thy sonsume, perish, and come to a sanctuary.

5 Thine adversaries roar in the 19 Yea, even like as a dream midst of thy congregations, and when one awaketh ; so shalt thou set up their banners for tokens. make their image to vanish out of 6 Ile that howed timber afore

out of the thick trees, was known 20 Thus my beart was grieved, to bring it to an excellent work; and it went even through my 7 But row they break down all

the carved work thereof with 21 So foolish was I, and igno- axes and hammers. rant, even as it were a beast be 8 They have set fire upon thy

holy places, and have defiled the 22 Nevertheless, I am alway dwelling-place of thy name, even py thee; for thou hast holden me unto the ground. y my right hand.

9 Yea, they said in their hearts, 33 Thou shalt guide me with Let us make havock of them

alto thy counsel, and after tüat receive gether: Thus have tbey burnt up

all the houses of God in the land.

Fearful end !

he city

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ore thee.

me with glory.

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10 le see not our tokens;thine own cause; remember how there is not one prophet more;fine fuolish man blasphemeth no, not one is there among us, thee daily. that understandeih any more. 21 Forget not the voice of

11 0 (ind, how long shall the thine enemies: the presumption advers.!!y do this dishonour foi them that hate thee increaseta how long shall the enemy blas-lever more and more. phe me thy nampi for ever?

The fifteenth Day. 1. Why withdrauest thou thy

MORNING PRAYER hand? why pluckest thou not thy

Psalm 75. Confitebimur tibi, riglit hand out of thy bosom, to consume the enemy?

UNTO thee, 0 Gød, do 13 For God is my King of old: Ido we give thanks.

give thanks ; yea, unto the the help that is done


2 Thy name also is so nigh; he doeth it himself 1.1 Thou didst divide the sea declare.

and that do thy wondrous works through thy power; thou brakest

3 When I receive the congue the heads of the dragons in the gation, I shall judge according waters.

unto right. 15 Thou smotest the heads of Leviathan in pieces, and gavest the inhabitants thereof: I beze

4 The earth is weak, and all bim to be meat for the people in up the pillars of it. the wilderness.

5 I said unto the fools, Deal not 16 Thou broughtest out fountains, and waters out of the hard Set not up your horn.

so madly;

and to tlie ungodisi rocks; thou driedst up mighty

6 Set not up your horn on high waters.

and speak not with a stiff neck; 17 The day is thine, and the night is thine ; thou hast prepar-ther from the east, nor from the

7 For promotion cometh me ed the light and the sun. 18 Thon hast set all the bor

west, nor yet from the south: ders of the earth; thou hast made he putteth down

8 And why? God is the Judge

one, summer and winter. 19 Remember this, O Lord,

up another.

9 For in the hand of the Lond now the enemy hath rebuked: there is a cup, and the wine is and how the foolish people hath red; it is full mixt, and be.ponte blasphemed thy name.

eth out of the same. 20 O deliver not the soul of thy turtle dove unto the multitude of the ungodly of the earth

10 As for the dregs thereof, the enemies; and forget not the drink them, and suck tliem out congregation of the poor for ever. 2i Look upon the covenant; Jacob, and praise him for every

11 But I will talk of the Godd for all the earth is full of darkness and cruel habitations.

12 All the horns of the ungodly 22 0 let not the simple go away of the righteous shall be exalia

also will I break, and the horn ashamed; but let the poor and needy give praise unto thy name. IN Jury is God known

; bis eine 23 Arise, O God, maintain

is great in Israel.

and setteth

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2 At Salem is his tabernacle, 5 I have considered the days of ed his dwelling in Sion. old, and the years that are past. 3 There brake be the arrows 6 I call to rememhrance my the bow, the shield, the sword, song, and in the night I commune nd the battle.

with mine own heart, and search 4 Thou art of more honour and out my spirits. ight than the hills of the robbers. 7. Will the Lord absent himself 5 The proud are robbed; they for ever; and will he be no more ave slept their sleep; and all the intreated? en whose hands were mighty, 8 Is his mercy clean gone for ave found nothing.

cver; and is his proinise come 6 At thy rebuke, O God of Ja- uiterly to an end for evermore? ob, both the chariot and horse 9 Hath God forgotten to be re fallen.

gracions; and will he shnt up his 7 Thou, even thou art to be loving-kindness in displeasure ? ared; and who may stand in 10 And I said, It is mine own y sight, when thou art angry?iofirmity; hut I will remember 8 Thou didst cause thy judg- the years of the right hand of the Rent to be heard from heaven: Most Highest. he earth trembled, and was still, 11 I will reineinber the works

9 When God arose to judg. of the Lord, and call to mind the hent, and to help all the mucek wonders of old time. pon earth.

12 I will think also of all thy 10 The fierceness of man shall works, and my talking shall be of urn to thy praise, and the fierce. thy doings. ess of them shalt thou refrain. 13 Thy way, O God, is holy:

11 Promise unto the Lord your who is so greai a God as our God? God, and keep it, all ye thai are 14 Thou art the God that doeth ound about him; bring presents wonders, and hast declared thy anto him that ought to be feared. power among the people.

12 He shall refrain the spirit of 15 Thou last mightily deliver. rinces, and is wonderful amonged thy people, even the sons of be kings of the earth. Jacoli and Joseph. Psalm 77. roce mea au Dominican. 16 The waters saw thee, O Will cry unto God with my God, the waters saw thee, and

voice ; even unto God will I were afraid; the depths also were Fry with my voice, and lie ball troubled. zearken

17 The clouds poured out wa. 2. In the time of my trouble Icr, the air thundered, and thine ought the Lord: my sore ran, arrows went abroad. and ceased not in the night-sea 18 The voice of thy thunder was on; my soul refused comfort. heard round about: the lightings

3 When I am in heaviness, I shone upon the ground; the earth will think upon God; when my was moved and shook withal. heart is vexed, I will complain.

19 Thy way is in the sea, and 4 Thou holdest mine eyes wak. thy paths in the great waters, and ng: I am so feeble that I cannot thy foot-sters are not knoin.

20 Thou ledulest thy people


lika clic ep by the hand of Moses 13 Marvellous things did ha in and laron.

the sight of our forefathers, in LESING INUT.R. the land of Egypt, eren in the Taim 78. 14tticos para

field of Zoan. HIFAR my law, om people : li lhe divided the sea; and let

ineline your car's uno licethem go throngh; he made the words of my mouth.

waters to stand on an lean. 2 I will m;"en my mouth in a 15 in the day time also be led parable ; I will dechire hai sen- them with a cloud, and all the tences oi oid,

nizlit through with a light of fire. 3 Which we have heard and 16 He clave the hard rocks in known, übl such as our íathers the wilderness, and gare them hare told us ;

drink thereof, as it had been out 4. That we should not hide of the great depth. them from the children of the 17 He brought waters out of generations to come: but to the stony rock, so that it gusled show the bonour of the Lord, his ont like the rivers. mity and wonderful works that 18 Yet for all this, they sinned he hath done.

more against him, and proroked 5 He made a covenant with the Most Highest in the wilderJacob, and gave Israel a law, ness. which he commander our fore

19 They tempted God in their father's to trach their chiluren. hearts, and required meat for

9 That their posterity night their lust. know it, and the children wlich 20 They spake against God el were yet unborn;

so, saying, Shall God prepare i 7 To the intent that when they table in the wilderness? came up, they might show their 91 IIe smote the stony rock in children the same;

deed. that the water gushed or 8. That they might put their and the streains flowed withal

; trust in God; and not to forget but can be give bread also

, art the works of God, but to kerp provide flesh for his people? his commandments;

22 IVhen the Lord heard this

, 9 And not to be as their fore- he was wroth; so the fire was fathers, a faithless and stubborn kindiril in Jacob, and there cape generation; a generation that set up heavy displeasure against not their lieart aright, and whose Israel ; spirit cleavet! not steadfastly

23 Decanse they believed nat unto Goll;

in God, and put not their trust in 10 Liké as the children of his help. Ephraim ; who being harnessed, 21 So he commanded the clouds and carrying bows, turned them- above, and opened the doors of selves back in the day of battle. Theaven.

11 They kept not the covenant 25 He rained down Mannaalse of God, and would not walk in upon them for to eat, and gave

them food from heaven. 12 But forgat what he had done, and the wonderful works that he for lie sent them meat enough

26 So man did eat angel's food; 27 He caused the east winding

his law;

bad showed for them.

ow under heaven; and through were but flesh, and that they were 5 power he brought in the even a wind that passcth away, uth-west wind.

and cometh not again. 28 He rained flesh upon them 41 Many a time did they prothick as dust, and feathered voke himn in the wilderness, and wls like as the sand of the sea. grieved him in the desert. 29 He let it fall among their 42 They turned back, and nts, even round about their ha- tempted God; and moved the Eation.

Holy One in Israel. 30 So they did eat and were 43 They thought not of his ell filled; for he gave them their hand, and of the day when he vn desire : they were not disap- delivered them from the hand of inted of their lust.

the enemy. 31 But while the meat was yet 44. How he had wrought his their mouths, the heavy wrath miracles in Egypt, and his wonGod came upon them, and slew ders in the field of Znan. e wealthiest of them, yea, and 45 He turned their waters into note down the chosen men that blood, so that they might not ere in Israel.

drink of the rivers. 32 But for all this, they sinved 46 He sent lice among them, t more, and believed not his and devoured them up, and frogs ondrous works.

to destroy them. 33 Therefore their days did be 47 He gave their fruit unto the asume in vanity, and their caterpillar, and their labour unto 2rs in trouble.

the grasshopper. 34 When he slew them, they 48 He destroyed their vines ught him, and turned them with lrail-stones, and their mulIly, and inquired after God. berry trees with the frost. 35 And they remembered that 49 He smote their cattle also d was their strength, and that with hail-stones, and their flocks high God was their Re- with hot thunder-holts.

50 He cast upon them the fu36 Nevertheless, they did but riousness of his wrath, anger, ter him with their nionth, and displeasure, and trouble; and embled with him in their sent evil angels among them. gue.

51 lle made a way to his in7 For their heart was not dignation, and spared not their ole with him, neither continu- scul froin death ; but gave their

they steadfast in his core- life over to the pestilence; nt.

52 And smote all the first-born 8 But he was so merciful, that in Egypt, the most principal and

forgave their misdeeds, and mightiest in the dwellings of troyed them not.

Ham. 9 Yea, many a time turned he 53 But as for his own people, wrath away, and wouid not he led them forth like sheep, and Fer his whole displeasure to carried them in the wilderness

like a flock. 10 For he considered that they! 54 He brought them out safely,


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