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the Lord in their trouble, le dea 33 Who turneth the floods into Pripormed them out of their distre-sja wilderness, and drietlı up the

toliesent his illan henled watrs-springs. Timing: an! 11 versareu from 31 fruitful land maketh be 1.Bir desirudijon

Ibarren, for the wickedness of I that men roi troreiore them that dwell therein. prisp the Lori iris roodness: 35 Again he maketh the wil wis cachor.. the wonders that hefilemness a standing water, and ..; torilie Chilircil of meu! water-springs of a dry ground.

:) 'I liat tiey wallito S6 And there he setteth the line the sacritice; thks vingry, that they may build them olid tell out his works with gleic a city to dwell in; Ticin!

37 That they may sow their 3 They that go rown to the 21, and plant vineyards, to yield sea in ships, and occupy their them fruits of increase. business in great waters;

3: He blesseih them, so that 21 These men see the works of they multiply exceedingly; and the Lord, anit his wonders in the sultereth not their cattle to de depu).

For at his word the stormy 39 And again, when they are vi!arisetir, which liveth up the minishedand brought low through waves thereof

oppression, through any plague or 20 They are carried up to the trouble ; leaver, and down again to the 10 Though he suffer them 1deep: their soul melteth away be evil-entreated through tyran because of the troule.

and let them wander out of the 27 They reelt) mil fro, anday in the wilderness ; stagger like a truuken wan, and 41 Yet helpeth he the poor at are at Geir vilsel.

of misery, and maketh him house 28 So when they cry unto the Wolds like a block of sheep. Lord in their troubio, be deliver 12 The righteo:is will conside eth b?out of their distress. this, and rejoice; and the mont

09 For he make'h the storm of all wickedness shall be stop to cere, so that the waves there- bed. of are still.

43 (loso is wise, will ponde 39 Then are thev clad, because these things; and they shall they are at rest : and so he bring-derstand the loving-kindness ell them into the haven where the Lord. they would 1.3. 31 O that men would there

EVENING PRAYER. fore praise the Lord for his good

Psalm 103. Paratum cor meuth ness and declare the wonders o God, my heart is ready.

he the men!

and give praise with the be 32 That they ironld exalt bin member that I have. also in the congipation of the

2 Awake, thou lute and har people and praise him in the seat I myself will awake right early of the elders!

3 I will give thanks unto the

Lord, among the people ; I 4 Thushave they rewarded me Al sing praises unto thee amongjevil for good, and hatred for my e nations.

good-will. 4 For thy mercy is greater 5 Set thou an ungodly man to an the heavens, and thy truth be ruler over him, and let Satan acheth unto the clouds. stand at his right hand. 5 Set up thyself, O God, above 6 When sentence is given upon e heavens, and thy glory above him, let him be condemned; and 1 the earth,

let his prayer be turned into sin. 6 That thy beloved may be de 7 Let his days he few, and let rered: let thy right hand save another tüke his ofice. Lem, and hear thou me.

8 Lethis children besatherless, 7 God bath spoken in his holi. and his wife a xvidov. ess; I will rejoice therefore, 9 Let his children be vagad divide Sichem, and mete out bonds, and heg their bread ; let e valley of Succoth.

them seek it also out of desolate 8 Gilead is mine, and Manas-piaces, es is mine ; Ephraim also is the 10 Let the extortioner consume rength of my head;

all that he hath; and let the stran9 Juda is my law-giver; Moab ger spoil his labour. my wash-pot; over Edom will 11 Let there be no man to pity castout my shoe; upon Philistia him, nor to have compassion upon will I triumph.

his fatherless children. 10 Who will lead me into the 12 Lot his posterity be destroytrong city ? and who will bring ed; and in the next generation de into Edomn ?

Det his name be clean put out. 11 Hast not thou forsaken us, 13 Let the wickedjess of his God? and wilt not thou, O God, fathers be had in remembrance in o forth with our hosts? the sight of the Lord, and let not

12 O help us against the ene- the sin of his mother be done away. ny; for vain is the help of man. 14 Let them alway be before

13 Through Gòd we shall do the Lord, that he may root out reat acts; and it is he that shall the memorial of them from off read down our enemies. the earth ; Psalm 109. Dcus laudur,

15 And that, because his mind HOLD not thy tongue, o God was not to do good; but perse:

of my praise ; for the mouth cuted the poor helpless man, that f the ungodly, yea, the mouth of he might slay him that was vescd be deceiiful is opened upon me. at the heart.

2 Andthey havespoken against 16 His delight was in cursing, ne with false tongues; they com- and it shall happen unto him ; rassed me about also with words he loved not blessing, therefore of hatred, and fought against me shall it be far from him.

17 He clothed himself with 3 For the love that I had unto cursing like as with a raiment, hem, lo, they take now my con- and it shall come into his bowels rary part; but I give myseif unto like water, and like oil into his prayer.


vithont a cause. it he urto in as thicjantil I make thine enemies thy Kt.: 4.2 le baile prodhim, and trotstool. S 11.2 girdile that he is ainars » The Lord shall send the rod irode withal.

of thy power out of Sion; be 19 1:i thus harpen from the thou ruler even in the midst Lord unto mine copies, and to among thine enemies. 1.s) tliat speak evil against any 3 In the day of thy power shall 50::!.

thies people offer thee free-will in deal thou with me. Ofotferin:s with an holy worship: Lox! Ciriaccording unto thy he der of thy birth is of the zitie ; fuisiert is thy merry. tomb of the morning.

deliverie, foiI am help 4 The Lord sware, and will 12:* a") poor, and my heart is not repent, Thon art a Priest for womekithin me.

ver after the order of Melchise?Kohence like the sheco Jech. that departeil, and an driven 5 The Lord upon thy right away it!ie grasshopper. band shall wound even kings, in

oy keesole werk through the day of his wrath. fa-iing: try fiesu is died up for 6 lle shall judge among the 1:1'i oi finess.

heathen; he shall fill the places C!!liceune also a reproach with the dead bodies, and smite pitó, theo: they that looked up in sunder the heads over divers On ne silediveir heads. comtries,

... Tip; in:-. O Lord my God; He shall drink of the brook O) :me,

to thy in the way; therefore shall be irry:

lift up his head. 4.) they shall know how

Psalm 111. Confitebor tibi. at ilin is thy hand, and tha: I will give thanks unto the Lord vol, lod, ha i done it.

with my whole heart, secretly 27. Though they curse, yet among the faithful, and in the Dilansthou; and let them be con- congregation. founded that rise up against me ; The works of the Lord are buit let thy serrant rejoice. reat, songht out of all them that

2) Lot mine adversaries he have pleasure therein. clothed vit shame: and let then 3 llis work is worthy to be cover themselves with their own praised and had in honour, and poufusion, as with a cloak. his righteousness endureth for

Os for . I will give great over. Thanks to the Lord with my The merciful and gracious monii, ausil praise hiin among the Lord haib so done his marrellous multitude:

works that they ought to he had 29 For be shall stand at the sia l'emembrance. right hand of the poor, to save his 5 Ile hath giren meat unto soul fro! uprighteons judopu, them that fear bin; he shall eser The twenty-third Day.

be mindful of his covenant. MORNING PRAYER.

6. He hath showed his people Psalin 110. Chirit Bowie us.

the power of his works, that he THE Lord said unto my Lord. hay give them the heritage at

Şit thou on any riglit land, the heathen.

Feth for ever.

The works of his hands are sume away; the desire of the unity and judgment; all his com-godly shall perishı. Lndments are true.

Psalm 113. Laudatt, pucri. 3 They stand fast for ever and PRAISE the Lord, ye servants ; er; and are done in truth and O praise the name of the uity.

Lord. He sent redemption unto his 2 Blessed be the name of the pple; he hath commanded his Lord, from this time forth for enant for ever; holy and re-evermore. rend is his name.

3 The Lord's name is praised, 10 The fear of the Lord is the írom the rising up of the sun, ginning of wisdom ; good un- unto the going down of the rstanding have all they that do same. Preafter; the praise of it en. 4 The Lord is high above all

heathen, and his glory above the Psalı 11%. Beatus vir.

heaveus. LESSED is the man that fear Ō Who is like unto the Lord

oth the Lord; he hath grea: our God, that hath his dwelling Eight in his commandments. so high, and yet bimbleth him2 llis seed shall be mighty upon self to behold the things that are rth; the generation of the fait- in heaven and earth? shall be blessed.

6 He takeiti up the simple out Riches and plenteousness shall of the d: sł, and listeth the poor in his house ; and his righie-lout of the mire ; sness endureth for ever.

7 That he may set him with Unto the godly there arisetta the princes. even with the princes

light in the darkness; he is of his people. Erciful, loving, and ri: l'teous. 8 He maketh the barren wo. 5 A good man is merciful, and man to keep house, and to be a adeth, and will guide his words joyful mother of children. th discretion;

EVENING PRAYER. For be shall never be moved: Psalm 11.1. in citu Isracl.

the righteous shall be had in WTEN Israel ( cain out of Erlasting remembrance.

Eypt, and the house of Ja. He will not be afraid of any cob from among the strange peoI tiilings: for his heart standete sile, 1. and believeth in the Lorii. 2 Juca was his sanctuary, and 3 llis heart is stablished, and Israel his dominion.

not shrink, ulitil be see his 3 The sea saw that, and fled; Eire upon his enemies.

Jordan was driven back. He hath dispersed abroad. 4. The monntains skipped like 1 given to the pour, and his rams, and tlie little hills like kitensress reinzineth for ever;vonny sherp. horn shall be exalted with 5 What aileth thee, Othou

sea, that thou fleddest ? and thou 10. The ungodly shall see it, Jordan, that thou wast driven Hii shull srieve him ; be shall back? ash with his teeth, and con 6 Ye mountains, that ye skip

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ped like l'ams? an:) ye little hills, i 14 The Lord shall increase you lilie young sheep?

more and more, you and your ĩ Tremble thou earth at the children, y l'esence of the Lord; at the pre 15 Ye are the blessed of the Once of the God of Jacob; Lord, who made heaven' and

E il liv terlied the hard rock earth. inn is standing water, and the 16 All the whole heavens are fit sove into a springing well. the Lord's; the earth bath he Pm 115. Non nobis, Duinine.

given to the children of men. TOT unto us, O Lord, not unto 17 The dead praise not thee,

us, but into thy nine give O Lord, neither all they that go the praise ; for thy loving mercy down into silence; anl Tur thy fmith's saki.

18 But we will praise the Lord, Herefore shall the heatlien from this time forth for evermore say, Where is now their God? Praise the Lord.

3 As for our (in.l, he is in lica. ven: he lath done whatsoever

The twenty-fourth Day. pleased him.

MORNING PRAYER. + Their idols are silver and Psalm 116. Dilezi, quonia. sold, even the work of men's I Am well pleased that the Lord 4.

voice 5 Tipy liavr mout/s, and speak prayer; not; eyes have thry, axl see not. ? That he hath inclined li

6 'They have ears, and bear not; car unto me; therefore will I call noses have they, and smell not. upon him as long as I live.

7 They have hands, and han 3 The snares of death comdle not ; feet have they, and walk passed me round about, and the

neither speak they through pains of hell gat hold upon me. their throat.

4 I shall find tronble and her 3 They that make them are viness, and I will call upon the like unto them; and so are all name of the Lord; O Lord

, such as put their trust in them. beseech thee, deliver my soul.

9 But thou, house of Israel, 5 Gracious is the Lorde am trust thou in the Lord; he is their righteous; yea, our God is mer succour and defence.

ciful. 10 Ye house of Aaron, put

6 The Lord preserveth the your trust in the Lord; he is their simple : I was in misery, and te helper and retender.

helped me. il Ye that fear the Lord, pit

7 Turn again then unto the your trust in the Lord ; lie is their rest

, O my soul; for the La helper and defender.

hath reirarded thee. 12 The Lord latlı been inind

8 And why? thou hast delive ful of us, and he sha! bless us ; ed my soul from death, mine ey even he shall bless the house or from tears, and my feet from fa Israel, he shall bless the liouse of ing. Aaron.

I will walk before the Lo 13 He shall bless them that fear in the land of the living. the Lord, both small and great.

10 I believed, and theref


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