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His children, like young olive plants,

PSALM CXXXI. Alout his table spring. 4 Who fears the Lord shall prosper O Lord, I am not proud of heart, thus;

Nor my aspiring thoughts employ Him Sion's God sha:l bless,

In things for me too high. . 5 And grant him all his days to see 12 With infant innocence thou know'st Jerusalem's success.

I have myself demean'd; tille shall live on, till heirs from him Descend with vast increase;

Composed to quiet, like a babe

That from the breast is wean'd. Much bless'din his own prosp'rous state, 13 Like nie let Israel hope in God, And more in Israel's peace.

His aid alone implore;

Both now and ever trust in him,
FROM my youth up, may Israel say, Who lives for evermore

Reduced me ost to heavy straits,

But never quite prevail'd. LET DavidLeonora constant place. 3 They oft have plough'd my patient back

Let all the sorrows he eridured With furrows deep and long;

Be ever in thy mind. 4 But our just God has broke their chaius, 2 Remember what a solemn oath And rescued us from wrong.

To thre, his Lord, he swore; 5 Defeat, confusion, shameful rout Ilow to the mighty God he row'd, Be still the doom of those,

Whom Jacob's sons adore; Their righteous doom, who Sion hate, 13, 4 I will not go into my house, And Sion's God oppose.

Nor to my bed ascend; 6 Like com upon our houses' tops, No soft repose shall close my eyes Untimely let them fade,

Nor sleep my eye-lids bend; : Which too much heat, and want of root, 5 Till for the Lord's design'd abode llas blasted in the blade:

I mark the destined ground; 7 Which in his arms no reaper takes,

Till I a decent place of rest But unregarded leaves;

For Jacob's God have found. No binder thinks it worth his pains 6 Th’ appointed place, with shouts of To fold it into shcaves.

jov, 8 No traveller that passes by

At Eplırata we found, Vouchsafes a minute's stop,

And made the woods and neighbring To give it one kind look, or crave

fields licaven's blessing on the crop.

Our glad applause resound.

17 O with due reverence let us then F : FYROM lowest depths of woe

To his abode repair;

And, prostrate at his foot-stool falling 2 Lord, hear my supplicating voice,

Pour out our humble prayer. And graciously reply:

8 Arise, O Lord, and now possess 3 Shouldst thou severely judge, Thy constant place of rest; Who can the trial bear?

Be that, not only with thy ark, 4 But thou forgiv'st, sest we despond, But with thy presence, blest.

And quite renounce thy fear. 9, 10 Clothe thou thy priests with righe 5 My soul with patience waits

teousness, For thee, the living Lord;

Make thou thy saints rejoice; My hopes are on thy promise built, And, for thy servant David's sake, Thy never-failing word.

Ilear thy Anointed's voice. 6 My longing cyes look out

(11 God sware to David in his trith, For thy enlivening ray,

Nor shall his oath be vain, More duly than the morning watch, One of thy offspring after thee; To spy the dawning day.

Upon tby throne shall reign: 7 Let Israel trust in God,

12 And if thy seed my covinant keep No bounds his mercy knows;

And to my laws submit, The plenteous source and spring from Their children too upon thy throne whence

For evermore shall sit. Eternal succour flows;

13, 14 For Sion does, in Gods. 8 Wbose friendly streams to us

teem, Supplies in want convey;

All other seats excelj A healing spring, a spring to cleanse,

Ilis place of everlasting rest And wash our guilt away:

Where he desires to

5, 16 Her store, says he, I will increase, 6 For he, with unresisted strength, Her poor with plenty bless;

Performs his sov'reign will, er saints shall shout for joy, her priests In heaven and earth, and watery stores My saving health confess.

That earth's deep caverns fill. 7 There David's power shall long re- 7 He raises vapours from the ground, main

Which, poised in liquid air, In bis successive line,

Fall down at last in showers, through ind my anointed servant there

which Shall with fresh lustre shine.

Ilis dreadful lightnings glare. 8 The faces of his vanqnish'd foes 8 He from his store-house brings the Confusion shall o'erspread;

winds; Vbilst, with confirm'd success, his crown And he, with vengeful hand, Shall flourish on his head.

The first-born slew of man and beast,

Through Egypt's mourning land.

9 He dreadful signs and wonders show'd OW vast must their advantage be,

Through stubborn Egypt's coasts;

Nor Pharaoh could his plagues escape, Vho live like brethren, and consent

Nor all his num'rous hosts. In offices of love!

10, 11 'Twas he that various nations True love is like that precious oil,

smote, Which, pour'd on Aaron's head, And mighty kings suppress'd; an down bis beard, and o'er his robes

Sihon and Og, and all besides, Its costly moisture shed.

Who Canaan's land possess'd. Tis like refreshing dew, which does

12, 13 Their land upon his chosen race On Hermon's top distil ;

He firmly did entail; r like the early drops that fall

For which his fame shall always last, On Sion's fruitful hill.

His praise shall never fail. For Sion is the chosen scat,

14 For God skall soon his people's cause Where the Almighty King

With pitying eyes survey; he promised blessing bas ordain'd, Repent him of his wrath, and turn And life's eternal spring.

His kindled rage away.

15 Those idols, whose false worship PSALM CXXXIV.


O'er all the hcathen lands, Upon his solemn state

Are made of silver and of gold, hat in his temple, night by night,

The work of human hands. With humble reverence wait: 116, 17 They move not their fictitious 3 Within his house lift up your hands, tongues, And bless his holy name:

Nor see wiih polish'd eyes; rom Sion bless thy Israel, Lord,

Their counterfeited ears are deal, Who earth and heaven didst frame. No breath their mouth supplies.

18 As senseless as themselves are they PSALM CXXXV.

That all their skill apply Praise the Lord with one consent, To make them, or in dangerous times And magnify his name;

On them for aid rely. et all the servants of ile Lord

19 Their just returns of thanks to God His worthy praise proclaim.

Let grateful Israel pay;
Praise hire all ye that in his house Nor let the priests of Aaron's race
Attend with constant care ;

To bless the Lord delay:
Vith those that to his cutmost couris 20 Their sense of his unbounded love
With humble zeal repair.

Let Levi's house express;. For this our truest interest is,

And let all those who fear the Lord, Glad hymus of praise to sing;

His name for ever bless. nd with loud songs to bless his name, 21 Let all with thanks his wondrous A most delightful thing.

works · For God his own peculiar choice In Sion's courts proclaim; T'he sons of Jacob makes;

Let them in Salem, where he dwells, nd Israel's offspring for bis own Exalt his holy nam. Most valued treasure takes.

PSALM CXXXVI. That God is great, we often have

TGod iber muighty Lord By glad experience found;

Your joyful thanks repeat; on seen how he, with wondrous power, To bim due praise afford, Above all gods is crown'd.

1. As good as he is great:

3 Epos Girdy Weservants

, that attend


$ Thry all thy wondrous ways, O Lord, 15 Thine eyes my substance did survey,

With cheerful songs shall bless; Whilst yet a lifeless mass it lay, And all thy glorious acts record, In secret low exactly wrought, Thy an tul power confess.

Ere from its dark inclosure brought. For God, although enthroned on high, 16 Thou didst the shapeless embryo see,

Does thence the poor respect; Its parts were register'd by thee; The proud iar vit his scornful eye Thou saw'st the daily growth they tookią. Beholds with just neglect.

Form'd by the model of thy book. - Though I with troubles ain oppress'd, 17 Let ine acknowledge too, O God, He shall my soes disarm,

That since this maze of life I trod, Relieve my soul when most distress'd, Thy thoughts of love to me surmount

And keep me safe from harm. The power of numbers to recount. 3 The Lord, whose mercies ever last, 18 Far sooner could I reckoni o'er Shall iix my happy state;

The sands upon the ocean's shore; And mindful of his favours past, Each moru revising what I've done, Shall his own work complete. I find th' account but new begun. PSALM OXXXIX.

19 The wicked thou shalt slay, o God: TH0; Lord, by strictest search hast Depart from me, ye men of blood,

20 Whose tongues heaven's Majesty My rising up and lying down;

profane, Vy secret thoughts are known to thee, And take th’Almighty's name in vain. Known long before conceived by nie. 21 Lord, hate not I their impious crew, Thine eye my bed and path survsys,

Who thee with enmity pursue? My public haunts and private ways;

And does not grief my


oppress, Thou know'st what fiis my lips would When reprobates thy laws transgress? vent,

22 Who practise enmity to thee My yet unutter'd words'intent. Shall utmost hatred have from me; 5 Surroundled by thy power I stand; Such men I utterly detest, On every side I find thy hana :

As if they were my foes profest. O skill, for human reach too high! 23, 24 Search, try, O God, my thoughts Coo dazzling bright for mortal eye!

and heart, O could I so perfidious be,

If mischief lurk in any part; To ihink of once deserting thee,

Correct me where I go astray, Vhere, Lord, could I thy in îụence sbun? And guide me in thy perfect way. Or whither from thy presence run?

PSALM CXL. If up to heaven I take ny flight, i'is there thou dwell'st, enthroned in

f down to bell's infernal plains,

Of treacherous intent;
Tis there Almighty vengeance reigns. 2 And from the sons of violence,

If I the morning's wings could gain, On open mischief bent.
und ily beyond the western main, |3 Their slandering tongue the serpent's
D Thy swifter hand would first arrive,

sting and there arrest thy fugitive.

In sharpness does exceed; 1 Or, should I try to shun thy sight Between their lips the gall of asps Feneath the sable wing of nigbt; And adder's venom breed. ne glance from thee, one piercing ray, 4 Preserve me, Lord, from wicked bands, Vould kiudle darkness into day.

Nor leave my soul forlorn, 2 The veil of night is no disguise, A prey to sons of violence, o screen from thy all-searching eves; Who have my ruin sworn. hrough midnight shades thou findst 5 Thc proud for me havelaid their snare, thy way,

An spread their wily net; _s in the blazing noon of day. With traps and gins, where'er I move, 3 Thou know'st the texture of my I find my steps beset. heart,

6 Butthus environ'd with distress, Iy reins, and every vital part;

Thou art my God, I said j
Cach single thread in nature's loom, Lord, hear my supplicating voice,
By thee was cover' in the womb.

'That calls to thee for aid. 4 I'll praise thee, from whose hands 1 7 O Lord, the God whose saving care,

strength work of such a curious frame;

Kind succour did convey, The wonders thou in me hast shown, And cover'd my advent'rous bead y soul with grateful joy must own.

In battle's doubtful day;

PRESERYE me, Lord, from crafty

8 Permit not their unjust designs

To answer their desire;

God, with mournful voice,
Lest thủy, encourage by success,
To bolilor crimes a pire.

2 Made him the umpire of my cause, 9 Lei first iheir clicts the sad effects My wrongs before him laid. Gf their injustire ourn;

3 Thon didst my steps direct, The blast of their clom'd breath When my grieved soul despair'd; Upon themselies return.

For where I thought to walk secure 10 Lei them wolkindle first the flame, They had their traps prepared. It sritica become;

4 I look’l, but found no friend The it the digg'l for me be made To own' me in distress; Tier .bin untimely tomb.

All refuge fail'd, no man youchsäfed 11 Though slander's breath may raise a His pity or redress, storin,

5 To God at last I pray'd; It ouickly will decay;

Thou, Lord, my refuge art, Their rage does but the torrent swell, My portion in the land of life, That bears themselves away.

Till life itself depart. 12 God will assert the poor man's cause, 6 Reduced to greatest straits, And speedy succour give:

To thee I make my moan; The just shall celebrate his praise, O save me from oppressing foes, And in his presence live.

For me too powerful grown.

7 That I may praise thy name, PSALM CXLI.

My soul from prison bring;

Whilst of thy kind regard to mo To thee; o Lord, my cries ascend,

Assembled saints shall sing. And with accustom'd pity hear

PSALM CXLIII: The accents of my grief. 2 Instead of offerings, let my prayer , ma Like morning incense rise;

Thy wonted audience lend; My lifted hand supply the place In thy accustom'd faith and truth Of evening sacrifice.

A gracious answer send. 3 From hasty language curb my tongue, 2 Nor at thy strict tribunal bring And let a constant guard

Thy servant to be try'd; Still keep the portal of my lips For in thy sight no living man With wary silence barr d.

Can e'er be justified. 4 From wicked men's designs and deeds 3 The spiteful

foe pursues my life My heart and hands restrain;

Whose comforts all are fled; Nor let me in the booty share

He drives me into caves as dark of their unrighteous gain.

As mansions of the dead. 5 Let upright men reprove my faults, 4 My spirit therefore is o'erwhelm'd And I shall think them kind;

And ginks within my breast; Like balm that heals a wounded head, My mournful heart grows desolate, I their reproof shall find;

With heavy woes opprest. And, in return, my fervant prayer 5 I call to mind the days of old, I shall for them address,

And wonders thou hast wrought When thay are tempted and reduced, My former dangers and escapes Like me, to sore distress.

Employ my musing thought. 6 When skulking in Engedi's rock, 6 To thee my hands in bumble pray I to their chief's appeal,

I fervently stretch out; If one reproachful word I spoke, My soul for thy refreshment thirsts, When I had power to kill.

Like land oppressid.with drought things Yet us they persecute to death; 7 Hear me with speed; my spirit fa Our scatter'd ruins lie

Thy face no longer bide, Asthick as froin the hewer's axe Lest | become forlorn, like them The sever's splinters fly.

That in the grave reside. 8 But, Lord, to thee I still direct 8 Thy kindness early let me heat My supplicating eyes;

Whose trust on thee depends; o leave not destitute my soul,

Teach me the way where I should go Whose trust on thee relies.

My soul to thee ascends, 9 Do thou preserve me from the snares 9 Do thou, O Lord, from all my foes! That wicked lands have laid;

l'reserve and set me free Let tben in their own nets be caugst,

A safe retreat against their rage While my escape is made.

My soul implores from thee

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