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Vile slander is their chief delight; v tongue, by envy mov’d, and spite, )eceitful tales does hourly spread: Thou dost with hateful scandals wound y brother, and with lies confound The offspring of thy inother's bed. These things didst thou, whom still I strove 'o gain with silence, and with love, 'ill thou didst wickedly surroise, at I was such a one as thou; : I’H reprove and shame thee now, ind set thy sins before thine eyes. Mark this, ye wicked fools, lest I all my bolts of vengeance fly, Whilst mone shall dare your cause to OW n : Who praises me, due honour gives; i to the man that justly lives, Iy strong salvation shall be shown. PSALM LI. [o mercy, Lord', on me, As thou wert ever kind; me, oppress'd with loads of guilt, 'hy wonted mercy find. Wash off my foul offence, ind cleanse me from my sim; ' [ confess my crime, and see [ow great my guilt has been. gainst thee, Lord, alone, nd only in thy sight, We transgress'd ; and, though condeinm’d, [ust own thy judgment right. n guilt each part was form'd fall this sinful frame; guilt I was conceiv'd, and born he heir of sin and shame. et thou, whose searching eye oes inward truth, require, ecret didst with wisdem's laws y tender soul inspire. "ith hyssop purge me, Lord, no so I clean shall be ; all with suow in whiteness vie, Then purisy’d by thee. ake me to hear with joy hy kind forgiving voice; 1 so the bomes which thou hast broke ay with fresh strength rejoice. 131ot out my crying sins, or me in anger view : ate in me a heart that's clean, upright mind renew. PART II. Withdraw not thou thy help, or cast me from thy sight; let thy holy spirit take severlasting flight. The joy thy favour gives, it me again obtain;

And thy free Spirit's firm support
My fainting soul sustain.
13 So I thy righteous ways
To sinners will impart;
Whilst ony advice shall wicked mer
To thy just laws convert.
14 My guilt of blood remove,
My Saviour, and my God;
And my glad tongue shall loudly tell
Thy acts abroad.
15 Do thou unlock my lips,
With sorrow clos'd and shame;
So shall my mouth thy wondrous praise
To all the world proclaim.
16 Could sacrifice atome,
Whole flocks and herds should die;
But on such off rings thou disdain'st
To cast a gracious eye.
17 A broken spirit is
By God most highly priz'd ; 7
By him a broken contrite heart
Shall never be despisod.
13 Let Sion favour find,
Of thy good will assur’d ;
And thy own city flourish long,
By lofty walls secur'd.
19 The just shall them attend,
And pleasing tribute pay;
And sacrifice of choicest kind
Upon thy altar lay.

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9 So shall my soul, with praise, O God, Extol thy wondrous love; And on thy name with patience wait; For this thy saints approve. PSALM LIII. HE wicked fools must sure suppose That God is but a name; This gross mistake their practice shows, Since virtue all disclaim. 2 the Lord look’d down from heav'n's high tow'r, The sons of men to view: To see if any own’d his pow'r, Or truth or justice knew. 3 But all, he saw, were backward gone, Degen rate grown and base; None for religion card, not one Of all the sinful race. 4. But are those workers of deceit So dull and senseless grown, That they like bread my people eat, And God’s just pow'r disown 5 Their causeless fear shall strangely grow ; And they, despisod of God, shall soon be foil'd; his hand shall throw Their shatter'd bones abroad. 6 Would he his saving pow'r employ To break our servile band, ioud shouts of universal joy Should echo through the land. PSALM LIV. ORD, save me, forthy gorious name, And in thy strength appear, To judge my cause; accept my pray’r, And to my words give ear. 3Merestrangers, whom Inever wrong’d, To ruin me design'd;

And cruel men, that fear no God,

Against my soul combin'd. 4, 5 But, God takes part with all my friends, And he's the surest guard; The God of truth shall give my foes Their falsehood's due reward; 6 While I my grateful off rings bring, And sacrifice with joy; And in his praise my time to come Delightfully employ. 7. From dreadful danger and distress The Lord hath set me free; Through him shall I of all my foes The just destruction see. PSALM LV. IVE ear, thou Judge of all the earth, And listen when I pray; Nor from thy humble suppliant turn Thy glorious face away. 2 Attend to this my sad complaint, And hear my grievous moans; While I my mournful case declare, With artless sighs and groans.

- -

3 Hark how the foe insults aloud.
How fierce oppressors rage!
Whose sland’rous tongues, with wrat
ful hate,
Against my same engage.
4, 5 My heart is rack'd with pain; I.
With deadly frights distress'd,
With fear and trembling compos:
With horror quite oppress'd,
6 How often wish'd I then, that I
The dove's swift wings could get
That I might take my speedy flight
And seek a safe retreat.
7, 8 Then would I wander far so
And in wild deserts stray,
Till all this furious storm were spent
This tempest past away.

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12 To thee, O God, my vows are due ; To thee I’ll render praise. 13 Thou hast retriev'd my soul fromy death; And thou wilt still secure The life thou hast so oft preserv'd, And make my footsteps sure: 14 And thus protected by thy pow'r, I may this life enjoy; And in the service of my God My lengthen'd days employ. PSALM LVII. HY mercy, Lord, to me extend; . On thy protection I depend; And to thy wing for shelter haste, Till this outrageous storm is pass'd. 2 To thy tribunal, Lord, I fly, Thou sov’reign Judge, and God most high, Who Wors hast for me begun, And wilt not leave thy work undone. 3 From heav'n protect me by thine arm, Amd shame all those who seek my harm; To my relief thy mercy send, And truth, on which my hopes depend. 4 For I with savage men converse, Like hungry lions wild and fierce; With men whose teeth are spears, their words Envenom'd darts and two-edg’d swords. 5 Be thou, O God, exalted high ; And, as thy glory fills the sky, So let it be om earth display’d, Till thou art here, as there, obey'd. 6 To take me they their net prepard, And had almost my soul ensmar'd; But fell themselves, by just decree, Into the pit they made for me. 7 O God, my heart is six’d, 'tis bent, Its thankful tribute to present; And, with my heart, my voice I'll raise To thee, my God, in songs of praise: 8 Awake, my glory; harp and lute, No longer let your strings be mute; And I, my tuneful part to take, Will with the early dawn awake. 9 Thy praises, Lord, I will resound To all the list'ming nations round; 10 Thy mercy highest heav'n transcends; Thy truth beyond the clouds extends. 11 Be thou, O God, exalted high; And, as thy glory fills the sky, So let it be on earth display’d, Till thou art here, as there, obey'd. PSALM LVIII. PEAK, O ye judges of the earth, If just your sentence be; Or must not innocence appeal To heav'n from your decree ? 2 Your wicked hearts and judgments are Alike by malice sway’d ;

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Your griping hands, by weighty bribes, To violence betray’d. 5 To virtue strangels, srom the womb Their infant steps went wrong; They prattled slander, and in lies Employ'd their lisping tongue. 4. No serpent of parch’d Afric's breed Does ranker poison to ar; The drows v adder will as soon Unlock his sullen ear. Unmov’d by good advice, and deaf As adders they remain ; Trom whom the so.ilful charmer's voice Cam no attention gain. 6 I'efeat, O God, their threatoning rage, And timely break their pow'r, Tisarm these growling lions' jaws, E’er practis'd to devour. 7 Let now their insolence, at height, Like ebbing tides be spent: Their shiver'd darts deceive their aim, When they their bow have bent. 8 Like snails let them dissolve to slime; Like hasty births, become Unworthy to behold the sun, And dead within the womb. 9 E'er thorns can make the flesh-pots boil, Tempestuous wrath shall come From God, and snatch them hence alive To their eternal doom. 10 The righteous shall rejoice to see Their crimes with vengeance meet; And saints in persecutor's blood Shall dip their harmless feet. 11 Transgressors then with grief shali see Just men rewards obtain : And own a God, whose justice will The guilty earth arraign. PSALM Li X. ELIVER me, O Lord, my God, From all my spiteful foes; In my defence oppose thy pow'r To theirs, who me oppose. 2 Preserve me from a wicked race, Who make a trade of ill; Protect me from remorseless men, Who seek my blood to spill. 3 They lie in wait, and mighty pow'rs Against my life combine, Implacable; yet, Lord, thou know'st, For no offence of mine. 4 In haste they run about, and watch My guiltless life to take; Look down, O Lord, on my distress, And to my help awake. 5 Thou, Lord of Tsosts, and Israel's God, Their heathem rage suppress; Role. Vengeance take on those t 2 stubbornly transgress. #.o.o.o.eset my house, growling dogs they meet';


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8 So shall I ever sing thy praise, Thy mame for ever bless; Devote my prosporous days to pay The vows of my distress. PSALM LXII. M% soul for help on God relies; From him alone my safety flows; My Rock, my Health, that strength supplies, To bear the shock of all my foes. 3 How long will ye contrive my fall, Which will but hasten on your own? You'll totter like a bending wall, Or fence of uncemented stone. 4 To make my envy'd honours less, They strive with lies, their chief delight; For they, though with their mouths they bless, In private curse with inward spite. 5, 6 But thou, my soul, on God rely; On him alone thy trust repose: My Rock and Health will strength supply To bear the shock of all my foes. 7 God does his saving health dispense, And flowing blessings daily send: ` He is my fortress and defence; { in him my soul shall still depend. 8 In him, ye people, always trust; Before his throne pour out your nearts; For God, the merciful and just, His timely aid to us imparts. 9 The vulgar sickle are and frail; The great dissemble and betray; And, laid in Truth’s impartial scale, The lightest things will both outweigh. 10 Then trust not in oppressive ways; By spoil and rapine grow not vain; Nor let your hearts, if wealth increase, Be set too much upon your gain. 11 For God has oft his will express'd, And I this truth have fully known; To be of boundless pow'r possess'd Belongs, of right, to God alone. 12 Though mercy is his darling grace, In which he chiefly takcs delight; Yet will he all the human race According to their works requite. § l?SALM LXIII. GOD, my gracious God, to thee My morning pray'rs shall offer'd be: For tied my thirsty soul does pant: My fainting flesh implores thy grace Within this dry and barren place, Where I refreshing waters want. 2 O! to my longing eyes, once more That view of glorious pow'r restore, Which thy majestic house displays:

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