A General Collection of Voyages and Travels from the Discovery of America to Commencement of the Nineteenth Century, Volume 18

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R. Phillips & Company, 1809

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Pagina 265 - His fall was destined to a barren strand, A petty fortress, and a dubious hand ; He left the name, at which the world grew pale, To point a moral, or adorn a tale.
Pagina 12 - JEtna, is the first object that calls your attention. It is marked out by a circle of snow and ice, which extends on all sides to the distance of about eight miles. In the centre of this circle, the great crater of the...
Pagina 303 - Happiness. I profess myself a Citizen of the World, totally unfettered by the little mean distinctions of Climate or of Country, which diminish the benevolence of the Heart and set bounds to Philanthropy. Before this War began I had at an early time of Life, withdrawn from the Sea service, in favor of "calm contemplation and Poetic ease.
Pagina 9 - After incredible labour and fatigue, but at the same time mixed with a great deal of pleasure, we arrived before dawn at the ruins of an ancient structure, called II Torre del Filosofo...
Pagina 15 - Ev'n the rough rocks with tender myrtle bloom, And trodden weeds send out a rich perfume. Bear me, some god, to Baia's gentle seats, Or cover me in Umbria's green retreats ; Where western gales eternally reside, And all the seasons lavish all their pride : Blossoms, and fruits, and flowers together rise, And the whole year in gay confusion lies.
Pagina 12 - Volcano, with their smoking summits, appear under your feet; and you look down on the whole of Sicily as on a map ; and can trace every river through all its windings from its source to its mouth. The view is absolutely boundless on every side; nor is there any one object within the circle of vision to interrupt it; so that the sight is every where lost in the immensity : and I am persuaded it is only from the imperfection of our organs, that the coasts of Africa, and even of Greece, are not discovered,...
Pagina 11 - Creator, appears in the east, and with his plastic ray completes the mighty scene. All appears enchantment; and it is with difficulty we can believe we are still on earth. The senses, unaccustomed to...
Pagina 11 - This point or pinnacle, raised on the brink of a bottomless gulf, as old as the world, often discharging rivers of fire, and throwing out burning rocks, with a noise that shakes the whole island. Add to this, the unbounded extent of the prospect, comprehending the greatest diversity and the most beautiful scenery in nature ; with the rising sun, advancing in the east, to illuminate the wondrous scene.
Pagina 9 - The ascent for some time was not steep, and as the surface of the snow sunk a little, we had tolerable good footing ; but as it soon began to grow steeper, we found our labour greatly...
Pagina 10 - But here description must ever fall short ; for no imagination has dared to form an idea of so glorious and so magnificent a scene. — Neither is there on the surface of this globe, any one point that unites so many awful and sublime objects. — The immense elevation from the surface of the earth, drawn as it were to a single point, without any...

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