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'Supplies Schools of all Grades with Competent Teachers

Assists Teachers in Obtaining Positions

What Our Patrons Say: Cape May City, N. J.-We have elected Miss Coal Valley, Ill.—I have been elected as Fisher, who was recommended by you for the principal of the school at Coal Valley, Ill., and vacant position in our high school and have this think I shall accept. Thank you for your day notified her of our action. S. H. Moore, favors. Alex. Unger, Marietta, Ohio, Aug. 14, Chairman Teachers' Committee, Aug. 7, 1905.

West Stockbridge, Mass. I have received Kewanna, Ind.—I have accepted the position an appointment at West Stockbridge and feel at Kewanna, Ind., for which you recommended very grateful to you for the interest you have me some time ago, and shall leave here Saturmanifested and the assistance you have given day, Aug. Igth, for that place. Thank you for me in securing the position. Elizabeth Vroo- your efforts in my behalf. Paul Weiss, Proviman, Middleburg, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1905.

dence, R. I., Aug. 14, 1905. Stamford, Conn. I have been appointed to Manchester, Vt.--I have accepted the position the position in Betts Academy, for which you at Manchester for which you recommended me. recommended me, and have just written a let- Thank you for the efforts you have made for me. ter of acceptance. I thank you for the assist- Mrs. Alice Walrath, Fort Plain, N. Y., Aug. 14, ance you have given me in securing this position. 1905. Chas. B. Weld, New Haven, Vt., Aug. 7, 1905. Napanoch, N. Y.-I have to-day accepted

Port Leyden, N. Y.-We have hired Miss the principalship of the school at Napanoch Mary B. Garvin, recommended by you and noti and thank you very much for the help which fied her last week. John McHale, Clerk Board you gave me in securing it. I hope I shall be of Education, Aug. 8, 1905.

able to do successful work and reward your Troy Conference Academy, Poultney, Vt. efforts in my behalf. May Hale, Cortland, N. Y., We have engaged your candidate, Miss Lillian Aug. 14, 1905. E. Fisk, for art. In selecting her we passed Staunton Military Academy, Staunton, Va. by Syracuse graduates and women of very suc- Upon your recommendation I have offered cessful experience who were willing to take the Mr. Maloney the position for which you same salary. Rev. C. H. Dunton, Principal, recommended him. Many thanks for your Aug. 8, 1905.

kind attention and most intelligent service Morgantown, W. Va. I have received a which has the writer's heartiest appreciation. telegram from Superintendent Gallup notify- Capt. Wm. H. Kable, Commandant, Aug. 14, 1905. ing me that I have been elected to the position Andalusia, Ill.-I am pleased to say that I for which you recommended me and have have secured a position as teacher through your just wired my acceptance. Thank you for

agency. D. M. Dukeman,' Lancaster, Pa., Aug. your prompt and efficient efforts in my behalf. 15. 1905. Jane M. Chambers, Liverpool, N. Y., Aug. 9, 1905.

Agricultural College, Miss.-I received the Morgantown, W. Va.-Two of your candi following telegram this morning: “You are dates, Miss Watson and Miss Chambers, have appointed at $1,200 salary, beginning Sept. been elected to positions in our school. Supt. 15th." I wired reply as follows: "I accept. Wm. H. Gallup, Aug. 9, 1905.

When shall I report?" V. W. Bragg, GordonsPoultney, Vt.-The position in Troy Con- ville, Va., Aug. 15, 1905. ference Academy has been given to me, and Rutland, Vt.—You will be interested to know I feel very grateful to you for your assistance that we have engaged Mr. Nelson A. Hallauer, Lillian E. Fisk, Morrisville, Vt., Aug. 9, 1905. of Webster, N. Y., one of your candidates, as

Re:rmor Woodland, N.Y.-Please find check teacher of science in our high school. Thank enclosed for my commission. I find my work vou for your prompt attention to our needs. here very pleasant. The camp so far has been H. H. Ross, Chairman Teachers' Committee, Aug. thoroughly a success. I highly appreciate the 15, 1905. work you have done for me. Harry W. Little, Derby, Vt. I have been elected to the position Aug. 10, 1905.

in Derby Academy for which you recommended Trinity Hall, Washington, Pa.-We have me, and have already wired my acceptance. Let selected Mr. E. V. Greenfield, whom you recom me thank you for the unceasing efforts you have mended, for the French and German position. made in my behalf. I shall take pleasure in Thank you for services rendered. Chas. G. recommending your agency to my friends who Eckles, Head Master, Aug. II, 1905.

are teachers. Annie P. Stone, Baltimore, Md. School and college officials in search of instructors should communicate with us

Teachers who wish positions should register at once

ALBANY TEACHERS' AGENCY 81 Chapel Street - - - - - - Albany, N. y.

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Its Resources : $65,224,841,

· · ASSETS Its Strength: $4,828,696, .

SURPLUS on a Three per cent reserve basis, and not padded by withheld dividends. This

company has no tontine, gold bond or deferred dividend schemes. Its Age: Fifty-nine Years

of unexampled prosperity, financial health and normal growth. Its Economy

An average expense of only 9.35 per cent to income, the lowest of any company on

record. Its Dividends, when ?

Paid annually or may accumulate to credit of policy at compound interest without for. feiture, accumulations applying automatically to prevent lapse of policy, ur payable in

cash. Its Dividends Paid: $66,205,797

or 28.44 per cent, the highest average of any company on record. Its Policies Paid : $168,147,691

on life and endowment, cashed and matured policies. Its Members: 70.454, insured for $167,167,515 Its Management: Purely Mutual

All profits to policy holders. During its fifty-nine years' history it has made for its policy holders, above all premiums they have paid $66,819,066, or 28.70 per cent, besides pay

ing all expenses; a result unequaled by Its Policies

Best forms of 1 fe and endowment with annual participation and guaranteed cash and paid up values. Thirty days grace in payment of premiums.

A proposition with valuable information mailed if you will send date of birth to

A. A. DAYTON, Gen'l Agent, Eastern N. Y. S.,




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wick's Fanspel Nejvi....











Any Three$ 1.25

Class No. 2 Any Two $1.50 * Beauty and Health ........

Any three $2.00 Any one with one American Bird Magazine.......$1.00 *Boys and Girls...... .50 | in Class 2 $1.25

| Any Four $2.50

American Boy ........... ... 1.00 * Black Cat.........

American Education ...... 1.00

Any Two with *Everywhere

| Any Two with ........... ne in Class 2 American Inventor....

one of Class I *Housekeeper ...........

........ 1.00

$1.75 $1.50 *McCalls and Pattern.....

American Primary Teacher..... 1.00 Normal Instructor.....

Braun's Iconoclast.......

Any Two with .50 | Any one with one


Two of Class I Poultry Keeper........... .50 in Class 3 $1.50


... 1.00

$2.00 Union Gospel News.... Any one with Correct English...

... 1.00 Vick's Family Magazine.. .50

Any Three with one in Class 4 Farm, Field and Fireside.... World's Events ............... 81.75

one of Class I Four Track News..,..... .. 1.00

$2,25 *For each starred magazine selected Any Two with Garden Magazine......

. 1.00 from the above add 10 cents to club

Any one with one in Class 4 *Good Housekeeping... .. 1.00 price. $2.00

one of Class 3 Harper's Bazaar.....

.. 1.00

$1.75 Class No. 3

Hints for Church Socials..... 1.00

Any Iwo with * American Botanist............$1.001 Any Two

*House Beautiful......

one of Class 3 American Magazine...


Kindergarten Review... $2 00

... 1.00 $2.25 *Bird-Lore............ . 1.00 Little Chronicle...

... 1.50 Any one with Leslie's Monthly..


1.00 Any two with one
Medical Talk...

... 1.00 one of Class 4 Manual Training Magazine...: of Class 2 $2,50

Nature Study Review .........

$2.00 Metropolitan...... .... 1.80 Any one with one

National Magazine....

.. 1.00

Any two with *Perry Magazine...... ... 1.00 of Class 4 82.25

Pearson's Magazine.......... 1.00 Photo American......

one of Class 4

.... 1,00

Any two with one Pathfinder..... School Arts Book......


... 1.00
1.00 of Class 4 $3.00
Sunday School Times.....


.. 1.00 Any one with *Teachers' Monographs....

Any one with one Photo Beacon....

one of Class 5 Teacher's College Record.......

of Class 5 $3.75
Photo Times....

$3.50 Any one with one Physical Culture... *For each starred magazine selected of Class 6 $2.75

1.00 Any Two with

Pictorial Review... from the above add 10 cents to the

one of Class 5

1.00 Any two with one Pilgrim............

$4.00 club price. J of Class 6 $3.50 Popular Educator....

.. 1.00 Any one with Class No. 4

Primary Education.

one of Class 6 Any two $2.50 Primary Plans..

$2.50 Birds and Nature.............$1.50 Any two with one Recreation....... Elementary School Teacher.... 1.50


Any two with

I. of Class 2 $3.00 Etude (for music teacher)...... 1.50

Suburban Life....

one of Class 6 Any two with two Journal of Geography.......... 1.50


School Bulletin... Musician (for music lovers)..... 1.50 of Class 2 $3.50


One of Class No.I

... 1.00 New York Tribune (tri-weekly) 1.50 Any one with one World Today.......


One of Class No.2 School Review......

*Woman's Home Companion... 1.00

One of Class No.3 Searchlight wei:......... 1.50 of Class 5 84 00 Searchlight (weekly)........... 2.00' Any one with one

One of Class No.4 School Science and Mathematics 2.00) of Class 6 $3.00

One of Class No.5

*For each starred magazine selected One of Class No.6 Class No. 5

from the above add 10 cents extra to All Six the club price.

$7.25 Country Life in America (untii. Any two $5.50

Feb. 1, '06.................. 3.00 Anyone with two Educational Review........... 3.00 / of Class 3 84.50 Literary Digest. (w) new....... 3.00 | Anyone with two Outlook (w) new.

... 3.001

of Class 4 $5.00 St. Nicholas..................

w Any Two $3.50 Ainslee's Magazine 3.00

American Education (3 yrs.) 2.00 | Any two with THE BEST AND CHEAPEST COMBINATION Booklover's Magazine...

one of Class 2

... 3.00 Review of Reviews,

Burr McIntosh Monthly..

$4.00 OUR PRICE *Critic......... Cosmopolitan or Success,

2.00 Any two with Woman's Home Companion or

one of Class 3 $2.50

Current Literature

Donohoes Magazine. Harper's Bazaar, or

2.00 $4.25

Education (new)..... American Education | ALL THREE

Any one with Flanagan's Plan Books..

two of Class 4 WORLD'S WORK or HARPER'S MAGA


Independent (weekly)
Journal of Education.....

Any two with with Harper's Bazaar and

with Country Life... $6.35
or North American

one of Class 4

Lippincotts. Success............$3.25



$4.50 Review.......... 7.00 Photo Era... or Scribners. ....... 5.25

Any one with or Century ......... 7.25 Smart Set....

2.50 one of Class 5 or Leslie's Weekly... 5.25



.......... 2.00 or Atlantic Monthly 5.60

*World's Work.... MAGAZINE

......... 3.00 Any two with or Current Literature. 3.75 with Country Calen

*Add 25 cents extra for World's one of Class 5 or Cosmopolitan and dar...

$6,00 Work or Critic. or St. Nicholas...... 6.50 Harper's Bazaar.. 3.25 or Success and

AMERICAN EDUCATION may be added to any or Century Magazine 5.75 | mopolitan........ 5.00

club for 50 cents. BOTH aj

Full Year (MONTHLY)

$2.50 )

(WEEKLY) EVERY NEW SUBSCRIBER who sends at once $1.75 for The Youth's Companion for the

fifty-two weeks of 1906 will receive FREE the nine weekly issues of The Companion for November and December, 1905. The Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Double Numbers. The “Minutemen" Calendar for 1906, in twelve colors and gold.

Class No. 6

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• 3.00



or St. Nichoji: .....$6.00

The Ladies' Home Journal Full Heart? The Saturday Evening Post



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Which Explain Its Emphatic Success

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colo de ALBANY. se oslo

European Plan
Most attractive hotel in New York State
Near State Capitol


AND PLACES OF INTEREST Orchestral Music during Evening Dinner

and after the Theatre H. J. ROCKWELL & SON

Here are a few reasons why you want The FourTRACK News on the reading table in your home. Look them over, think them over-then send for a sample copy and see if you don't think The Four Track News is worth $1.00 a year to yourself and your family.

Its scope is confined to no geographical section; the world is its field.

It instructs.
It entertains.
It's different.
It is a universal favorite.
It is always and forever up-to date.
It is a great help to students in history classes.

There is much in every issue of educational value to every reader.

It is entertaining to the father and mother as well as to the children.

It is eloquent with bright, brief, valuable articles and superb pictures.

Subscriptions, $1.00 a Year; Foreign countries, $1.50;

at News stands, 10 Cents a Copy. A sample copy and our special terms to agents will cost you nothing. Send your address and two references to GEORGE H. DANIELS, Publisher, Room No. 153, 7 Fast

42d St., New York.

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Ono Dollar • Your

Ton Conte . Numbor

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Ring out, 0 bells, ring silver sweet o'er hill and

moor and fell! In mellow echoes, let your chimes their hopeful

story tell. Ring out, ring out, all-jubilant, this joyous, glad

refrain: “A bright new year, a glad new year, hath come

to us again."

Ah, who can say how much of joy within it there

may be Stored up for us who listen now to your sweet

melody? Good-bye, Old Year. Tried, trusty friend, thy

tale at last is told, O New Year, write thou thine for us in lines of

brightest gold

Copyright 1906. New York Education Co.

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