Humbugs of New-York: Being a Remonstrance Against Popular Delusion; Whether in Science, Philosophy, Or Religion

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J.S. Taylor, 1838 - 267 pagine

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Pagina 240 - God is gathering, and will continue to gather his sons from afar, and his daughters from the ends of the earth...
Pagina 154 - rule of practice," which is, "as ye would that others should do unto you, do ye even so to them...
Pagina 252 - Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. 24 Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.
Pagina 54 - ... fanaticism, and the sensual irritation without which the visionary science has not even a fact. I cannot enter into the details of the miserable and disgusting circumstances which followed. Excess of villainy brought the whole affair before a court of justice, and the Prussian public. It was clear, that what was to become the living witness of their guilt, had met with foul play, and the enraged father preferred against the professor an accusation of a crime which is next to murder, or rather,...
Pagina 147 - ... them to be as wrong as they are charged with being. Whether it is more sinful to dance, when one does it from very joyous ness of spirit, or to be angry because another has danced, is a question which, it seems to me, is not very difficult to decide, especially in the light of that law which says, " He that is angry with his brother without a cause, is a murderer.
Pagina 54 - I was shortly after* wards in that capital, for it had been kept alive by a judicial investigation on a criminal charge preferred against Dr W , the actor in the affair, the great apostle of the doctrine in Prussia, and, moreover, a professor in the university. The unfortunate victim was a young lady of very respectable family. She had been led, by curiosity, to visit the apartments in which the doctor performs the magnetical process on a number of patients, in presence of each other ; and it is...
Pagina 147 - Thou shalt not commit adultery : but I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her, hath committed adultery already with her in his heart.
Pagina 103 - With the same accuracy is the kind of pain to be noted, and he always carefully records the expressions by which the kind of pain is the most strictly designated. All the circumstances under which any complaint arises or disappears, increases or diminishes; whether in motion or at rest, in certain situations and postures, whether by warmth or cold, in the open air or in a room, by light, by noises, by talking or thinking, eating or drinking, touch or pressure, emotions of the mind or mental exertions...
Pagina 54 - To the poor girl, conviction and ruin came together ; a miscreant could find little difficulty in abusing the mental imbecility which must always accompany such voluptuous fanaticism, and the sensual irritation without which the visionary science has not even a fact.
Pagina 237 - If there be a willing mind, it is accepted according to that which a man hath, and not according to that which he hath not'.

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