Rambles Round the Campus

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Sherman, French & Company, 1915 - 101 pagine
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Pagina 21 - Seven years, my lord, have now passed since I waited in your outward rooms, or was repulsed from your door; during which time I have been pushing on my work through difficulties, of which it is useless to complain, and have brought it at last to the verge of publication, without one act of assistance, one word of encouragement, or one smile of favour.
Pagina 53 - Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall: Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King's horses and all the King's men Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty in his place again.
Pagina 3 - BETWEEN the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to lower, Comes a pause in the day's occupations, That is known as the Children's Hour. I hear in the chamber above me The patter of little feet, The sound of a door that is opened, And voices soft and sweet. From my study I see in the lamplight, Descending the broad hall stair, Grave Alice, and laughing Allegra, And Edith with golden hair. A whisper, and then a silence : Yet I know by...
Pagina 18 - Can you look out on the world and see anything except dollars and cents? Can you look into a mud puddle by the wayside and see a clear sky? Can you see anything in the puddle but mud? Can you look into the sky at night and see beyond the stars?
Pagina 96 - An' you sort o' feel a flutter in the region of the heart. You can't look up and meet his eyes ; you don't know what to say, When his hand is on your shoulder in...
Pagina 88 - One little, two little, three little Indians, Four little, five little, six little Indians, Seven little, eight little, nine little Indians, Ten little Indian boys (girls).
Pagina 96 - His hand upon your shoulder in a friendly sort o' way! It makes a man feel curious; it makes the tear drops start. An' you sort o' feel a flutter in the region of the heart; You cant look up and meet his eyes — you don't know what to say When his hand is on your shoulder in a friendly sort o
Pagina 17 - Have you learned how to make friends and keep them ? " Do you know what it is to be a friend yourself? " Can you look an honest man or a pure woman in the eye? " Do you see anything to love in a little child ? " Will a lonely dog follow you in the street ? " Can you be high-minded and happy in the meanest drudgeries of life? " Do you think washing dishes and hoeing corn just as compatible with high thinking as piano playing or golf?
Pagina 19 - No, no, no; said he cut down his apple-tree." " George's apple-tree ? " "No, no; his father's." "Oh!" "He said " "His father said?" "No, no, no; George said, 'Father, I cannot tell a lie. I did it with my little hatchet.
Pagina 17 - Chicago recently told his students he should consider them educated in the best sense of the word when they could say yes to every one of the questions that he should put to them. The following...

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