Infaltion Tax: The Implications of the COVID-19 Debts for Personal Finance

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Pete Comley, 15 mag 2020 - 15 pagine
The COVID-19 pandemic is not only significantly impacting our lives now but may continue to do so for a long time. The purpose of this book, based on a white paper published in May 2020, is to discuss its potential impact on inflation and what this might mean for personal finances. Governments are currently shouldering the major cost of COVID-19, but it may be ordinary people who bear the long-term burden, if inflation then takes off.

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Informazioni sull'autore (2020)

Pete Comley is a private investor and entrepreneur.

His first book, Monkey with a Pin (2012) exposed how most private investors’ returns are much worse in real life than the theoretical returns promoted by the finance industry.

More recently he has specialised in inflation and is the author of Inflation Tax – The Plan To Deal With The Debts (2013) and Inflation Matters (2016). He has been a regular commentator on inflation on the radio. 

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