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and Kiepert's Map of the Retreat of the Ten Thousand. By JAMEs R. BoISE, Professor in the University of Michigan. 12mo., pp. 268. New York: Appleton & Co. 1864.

A Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges. By ALBERT HARKNEss,

Ph.D., Professor in Brown University. 12mo., pp. 355. New York:

Appleton & Co. 1864. Professor Harkness aims in this work concisely to state underlying principles as well as facts, and to bring his treatment of the entire subject down to the latest results of philological investigation. Typography is skillfully made to aid in the analysis of forms. The Professor's books are the result of ripe scholarship and practical experience as a teacher.

Progressive Lessons in Greek for the use of Beginners. By WILLIAM B. SILBER, A. M., New York Free Academy. 12mo, pp. 79. New York: Appleton & Co. 1864. Professor Silber's little manual is an admirable and easy opening of the mysteries of the Greek language, preparatory and adjusted to the grammars of Sophocles, Hadley, and Crosby. We recommend it to pupil and teacher.

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Love in Marriage. An Historical Study. Lady Rachael Russell. By GUIzot. Translated from the French by MARGUERITE O. STEvKNs. 16mo., pp. 159. New York: Carlton & Porter. 1864. “The demand of the present day is for romances. But why do we not search history for them 7” Such is the language with which the eloquent Christian philosopher and statesman Guizot commences this beautiful leaflet from English history. It is a leaflet which illustrates that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and often richer in true interest and inspiring example. To the ladies of our Church and country let us say, that they have here a portraiture drawn from life, and in a great degree by her own hand, of one of the noblest of her sex, a model which none can study without feeling her own nature ennobled. At the same time the rank, intellect, piety, and sorrows of Lady Russell give a romantic interest to her history. The narrative is constructed by the illustrious author with exquisite skill. Mrs. Stevens's pen has transferred it into the most graceful English. Carlton & Porter have presented it with their best style of typography. It should be in the hands of every woman who aspires to the formation of a noble Christian character.


The Continental Monthly: Devoted to Literature and National Policy. 8vo., pp. 120. New York: J. F. Trow. The Continental in its present hands is an organ for very able discus. sions in national policy, law, literature, and science. It takes large and progressive views of public affairs, and well deserves an extensive circulation. In the September number there is a brief article on the Antiquity of Man, which suggests that the creation of Adam in the first chapter of Genesis is a different creation and long anterior to that of the sec. ond chapter. The former is of a far inferior order; being simply the attainment in the creative series to the supreme type—the “image of God”—but not to the being inspired with the divine immortal breath described in the second chapter. The former earthly specimens of the type are now being exhumed by geologists, and traditions of their existence are still extant in the old mythologies. But the Adam of Eden, the primal type of perfect yet fallible humanity, destined in a wonderful future to be even the shrine of a resident divinity, is but a late attainment in the creative progress. That there is nothing in a fair Scripture exegesis to exclude the belief that the Edenic Adam is a late term in a series of creative progress was affirmed, we believe, by that very original thinker, Professor Tayler Lewis in his work on Mosaic Cosmogony, written before the late geologic developments from which our savans are inferring the antiquity of the human form in creation.

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CARLtoN & PortER have issued : Adventures of a Missionary; or, Rivers of Water in a Dry Place, being an Account of the Introduction of the Gospel of Jesus into South Africa, and of Moffat's Missionary Labors. Eight Illustrations. Large 16mo., pp. 295, purple and gold. A Happy New-Year. Three Illustrations. 18mo., pp. 142. Legends of New England. Four Illustrations. 18mo., pp. 171. Helen Maurice ; or, The Daughter at Home. Six Illustrations. 18mo., pp. 247. The Christmas Bracelet. Three Illustrations. 18mo., pp. 166. Down in a Mine ; or, Buried Alive. Five Illustrations. 18mo., pp. 189. The Weed with an Ill Name. Three Illustrations. 18mo., pp. 194. Archie's Dream. Four Illustrations. 18mo., pp. 140. so." a Mark. A Story for Boys. Four Illustrations. 18mo., pp. 194. Little Fanny and Other Stories. Square 12mo, pp. 108, crimson and gold, Miscellaneous.

The Early Dawn; or, Sketches of Christian Life in England in the Olden Time. By the Author of “Chronicles of the Schönberg-Cotta Family.” With Introduction by Prof. HENRY B. SMITH, D.D., 12mo., pp. 397. New York: M. W. Dodd. 1864. This is a book of singular beauty and interest. The author possesses a rare power of reproducing in imaginative narrative the scenes of past history. And while the reader is charmed by the fascination of the work, the impressions produced possess both a moral and historic value. We specially commend it to our readers, and we doubt not that those who have read it will be anxious to procure the Chronicles of the Schönberg-Cotta Family, noticed in our last Quarterly, a work in which the times of Luther are portrayed by the same hand as the early days of English Christianity are in this.

The Ferry-Boy and the Financier. By a Contributor to the “Atlantic.” Tenth Thousand. 12mo., pp. 332. Boston: Walker, Wise, & Co. 1864.

A popular biography of one of our ablest and purest statesmen, Salmon P. Chase. It should be well read by young America.

A Memoir of Dr. Chalmers. By Rev. Dr. FRANCIS WAYLAND. 12mo, pp. 218. Gould & Lincoln. The moral and intellectual greatness of Chalmers is, we might say, overwhelming to the mind of the ordinary reader. Dr. Wayland draws the portraiture with a master hand.

Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove ; or, Scenes and Incidents of the War in Arkansas. By WILLIAM BAxTER. 24mo., pp. 262. Cincinnati: Poe & Hitchcock. 1864.

Mr. Baxter's sketches from life are vivid, and enable us very clearly to

realize the exciting scenes he describes.

Wisions in Verse; or, Dreams of Creation and Redemption. 12mo., pp. 282. Boston: Lee & Shepherd.

The American Republic in Prophecy. By Rev. GEORGE S. PHILLIPs. 12mo, pp. 236. Cincinnati: Poe & Hitchcock, (for the Author.) 1864.

Carlyle's Frederick the Great. In four volumes. Wol. 4, 12mo, pp. 510. New York: Harper & Brothers.

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The Right or the Wrong of the American War. A Letter to an English Friend. Second Edition. 8vo., pp. 28. New York: A. D. F. Randolph. 1864.

The letter, written apparently by a gentleman of the legal profession, is clear, calm, and forcible. It contains, however, strictures, eminently unjust, upon the original Abolitionists; a set of men who, whatever may have been their faults, saved our country from the restoration of slavery to her ancient universality. The writer is less earnest than we could wish for the entire abolition of that source of all our woes. Deep as is our dissatisfaction with the inefficiency and irresoluteness of Mr. Lincoln, the single fact of his placing himself on the platform of peace only by emancipation renders his re-election absolutely requisite to our future well-being. To those who clamor that the destruction of slavery is not the object of the war, we reply: If the object of our war be to suppress rebellion and restore peace, then its object is to destroy slavery; for these are one and the same thing. While slavery lasts, peace cannot be.

The Trinitarian Faith. A Sermon. By Rev. J. H. Wythe, Powellstreet Methodist Episcopal Church, San Francisco, California.

A Christian Nation's Ordeal. A Fast-day Sermon. By B. H. NADAL, D.D., Pastor of Wesley Chapel, Washington, D. C.

United States Christian Commission for the Army and Navy for 1863. Second Annual Report.

Second Annual Report of the New England Freedman's Aid Society. (Educational Committee.) Boston. Society's Office, 8 Studio Building, Tremont-street.

We are careful to give the address for obtaining copies of this valuable report.

New Plottings in Aid of the Rebel Doctrine of State Sovereignty. Mr. Jay's Second Letter on Dawson's Introduction to the Federalist, exposing its Falsification of the History of the Constitution, its libels on Duane, Jay, Hamilton, etc. New York, 121 Nassau-street.

-----Received too late for notice in this number:

Professor Green's Hebrew Chrestomathy, from John Wiley.
Dewart's Canadian Poets, John Lovell, Montreal.

Greeley's History of the American Rebellion. 8vo., pp. 648. Hartford: Case & Co.

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Alcock, R.: Capital of the Tycoon.... Page 176
Alger: History of the Doctrine of a Future
Life................ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 237
American Presbyterian and Too
view . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

ew 45, 826, 500, 665
— Quarterly Church Review, 144,327,500, 664

— War, Right or Wrong of the . . . . . . . . . . 700
Ansted: Great Stone Book of Nature, The. 171
Anthony, St., etc. (See Saints of the Desert.)

Antipodes, Our .................. ........ 454
Australia, location and size of.. . 455
Discovered and claimed........ . 456
Settled by convicts............ . 457

The commencement of ...; --
The enterprise of Mrs. Chisholm
Its land system, government, etc

Explorations of its interior........... . 465
Its climate, fauna, and agricultural re-
Sources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... .. 474
• Its mineral wealth, etc. 477
Antiquity of Man, The... 41
Fossil human remains. . . . . . . . . . 41
Danish peat and shell mounds.... 42
Swiss lake dwellings .... 43
Alluvial plain of the Nile.. 46
Valley of the Somme. 48
Cave evidence ....... 53
The pre-Adamite man.. 55
Arithmetic ........ 233
Its early rise......... 234
Its system of notation. 235
Older writers ........

Provisional notation..
Other improvements..

Bangs, Nathan, Life of............ ....... 172
|Barnes, W.; Lay Representation Unscrip-
tural, etc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... 355

Baxter: Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove...... 699
Beecher, C. : Redeemer and Redeemed.... 342
— Religious training of Children......... 682
New development in the M. E. Church... 682
Views of Wesley, Fletcher, etc.......... 688
Falling from grace. . . . . . . . . . . . .


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Philosophy in the two kingdoms. . 428
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Broken Columns.............. ... 180

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