Seeking Understanding: The Stob Lectures, 1986-1998

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Calvin College
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 19 set 2001 - 550 pagine
The Stob Lectures, sponsored annually by Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, have drawn some of today's most celebrated Christian thinkers in the fields of ethics, apologetics, and philosophical theology. This volume collects under one cover each of the Stob Lectures delivered from 1986 to 1998.

Comprised of thirteen learned, relevant, and well-crafted addresses, Seeking Understanding presents a diverse range of significant topics, illumined in engaging ways by the scholars who know them best. Lewis B. Smedes's inaugural lecture examines the subject of commitment. James M. Gustafson follows with a look at moral discourse,while Peter Kreeft speaks on immortality. Alvin Plantinga explores the nature of Christian scholarship, and Marty E. Marty surveys the denominational landscape. Allen D. Verhey probes key issues in medical ethics, while Nicholas P. Wolterstorff compares neo-Calvinism and "Yale theology." Other lectures feature Dewey J. Hoitenga Jr. on happiness, John Feikens on conflict, George I. Mavrodes on philosophy, Arthur F. Holmes on Christian education, and J. Harold Ellens on dysfunction. Eleanore Stump rounds out the volume with an insightful discussion of the problem of evil.

Illustrative of the same depth of thinking, scholarly passion, and clarity of expression that characterized the work of the man whom these lectures honor, Henry J. Stob, Seeking Understanding is both a valuable omnibus and a superb introduction to a rich and influential tradition of Christian scholarship.

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The Making and Keeping of Commitments
Prophetic Narrative Ethical and Policy
Two Arguments from the Heart for Immortality
The Twin Pillars of Christian Scholarship
Denominations Near Centurys End
Prayer Scripture and Medical Ethics
What New Haven and Grand Rapids Have to Say to Each Other
Happiness Goal or Gift? Two Lectures on the Relationship between Knowledge Goodness and Happiness in Plato and Calvin
Its Resolution and the Completion of Creation
Can a Philosopher Find Happiness in a Haunted House?
The Soul of the Christian University
The Problem of Human Dysfunction
Faith and the Problem of Evil

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