Dictionary of Quotations (classical)

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S. Sonnenschein & Company, limited, 1906 - 684 pagine
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Pagina 187 - Odi et amo. Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris. Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.
Pagina 224 - QUI fit, Maecenas, ut nemo quam sibi sortem Seu ratio dederit seu fors objecerit ilia Contentus vivat, laudet diversa sequentes ? " O fortunati mercatores !" gravis annis Miles ait multo jam fractus membra labore.
Pagina 21 - Beatus ille, qui procul negotiis, Ut prisca gens mortalium, Paterna rura bobus exercet suis...
Pagina 64 - Parva metu primo ; mox sese attollit in auras, Ingrediturque solo, et caput inter nubila condit...
Pagina 297 - Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori : Mors et fugacem persequitur virum, Nee parcit imbellis juventae 15 Poplitibus timidoque tergo. Virtus, repulsae nescia sordidae, Intaminatis fulget honoribus, Nee sumit aut ponit secures Arbitrio popularis aurae.
Pagina 165 - I do not love thee, Dr. Fell, The reason why I cannot tell, But this alone I know full well, I do not love thee, Dr. Fell."— (Turn Broum.) " Non bene conveniunt nee in una sede morantur Majes tas et amor.
Pagina 260 - If on my theme I rightly think, There are five reasons why men drink: Good wine, a friend, because I 'm dry, Or least I should be by and by, Or any other reason why.
Pagina 199 - Others, belike, with happier grace, From bronze or stone shall call the face, Plead doubtful causes, map the skies. And tell when planets set or rise ; But Roman thou, do thou control The nations far and wide ; Be this thy genius, to impose The rule of peace on vanquished foes, Show pity to the humbled soul, And crush the sons of pride.
Pagina 177 - Who the accuser? Where the evidence? For when the life of man is in debate, No time can be too long, no care too great; Hear all, weigh all with caution, I advise — "Thou sniveller! is a slave a man?" she cries, "He's innocent! be't so: — 'tis my command, My will; let that, sir, for a reason stand.
Pagina 93 - Illi robur et aes triplex Circa pectus erat, qui fragilem truci Commisit pelago ratem Primus...

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