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extensive additions have been made. The revising editors have kept constantly in mind the original design, which gave prominence to matters of historical and political interest. Though in pursuance of the original design the orations are arranged in chronological order, yet, by the fuller annotation of Roscius and the Catilines, care has been taken to enable teachers to begin with either, according to their judgment or habit.

"The admirable historical and political work of the late Professor W. F. Allen has not been reduced, but collected into introductory chapters for convenience of continued reading and reference. The grammatical discussions have been much increased, the revisers having found, by instructive experience, that in order to profit by a book the pupil must be able to read it, and for this a knowledge of the usages of the language is indispensable.

"The treatment of the orations rhetorically and logically has been very much extended, with the hope of making the book more useful, not only for the study of Latin, but also for the study of rhetorical composition generally. The very numerous illustrations have not been inserted merely to make a picture book, but to give the pupil some sense of the reality of the orations as a part of history. Teachers and others who take a more intelligent interest in these ancient memorials, will find much explanatory and critical comment in the numbered list of illustrations. A very large increase of introductory matter has seemed desirable in view of the growing interest in the study of the history of civilization."

The editors have enjoyed the scholarly coöperation of Mr. M. Grant Daniell, to whom they are indebted for many valuable suggestions.


April, 1902.





I. To Atticus. Att. (Ad Atticum) 2. 10

II. To Atticus.

Att. 2. 21

III. To his Family.

IV. To Atticus.

V. To Lentulus.

VI. To M. Marius.

Fam. 7. I

VII. To Ancharius.

Fam. 13. 40

VIII. To Trebatius.

Fam. 7. 10

IX. To Marcellus.

Fam. 15. 11.

X. To his Family.

Fam. 16. 11

XI. To his Family.

Fam. 14. 14

XII. Pompey to Cicero. Att. 8. 11. c. XIII. To Pompey. Att. 8. II. D

XIV. Cæsar to Cicero. Att. 10. 8. B

XV. To Sulpicius. Fam. 4. I.

XVI. To Terentia.

Fam. 14. 10

XVII. To Terentia.

Fam. 14. 23

XVIII. To Furfanius.

Fam. 6. 9

XIX. To Dolabella.

XX. To Cassius.

XXI. To Cæsius.

Fam. (Ad Familiares) 14. I

Att. 3. 27

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Fam. 1.6.

Fam. 9. 14

Fam. 12. 2.
Fam. 13. 51

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