South Carolina Scalawags

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University of South Carolina Press, 2006 - 192 pagine
"South Carolina Scalawags delves into the lives of representative white Republicans, exploring their backgrounds, political attitudes and actions, and post-Reconstruction fates. For cooperating with the freedmen and northern immigrants, many scalawags suffered criticism, ostracism, and even physical attack. Rubin contends that a resentment of the old ruling class planters who had dominated the state and led it into war motivated scalawags to align themselves elsewhere after the conflict. The Republicans succeeded in creating a much more representative and responsive government than the state had seen before or would see for generations. During its heyday the party began to attract wealthier white citizens, many of whom were moderates favoring cooperations between open-minded Democrats and responsible Republicans.".

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Informazioni sull'autore (2006)

Hyman Rubin III is an associate professor of history at Columbia College in Columbia, South Carolina.

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