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centia, who had been stolen from him away into some of the lower apart in her infancy; and he now felt her ments. At length he came to the loss all the more bitterly, on account bottom of the stairs ; and, after gropof the hopes that had been awakened ing about for some time in the dark, within him by the night-adventure of his hand came in contact with an iron Antonio.

ring, which he pulled, and immediateNext morning Pietro set out on his ly the wall opened, while a flood of journey, accompanied by the faithful purple light flowed in upon him. Berecynth; and Antonio was left Before entering, he examined the door, alone in the great house, every room

and found that it opened by a spring, of which was locked. When night which was touched whenever the ring came, sleep was a stranger to his eyes : was pulled. He closed the door bethat bewildering figure he had caught hind him, and stepped forwards softly a glimpse of, stood for ever before into the chamber. A rich crimson him: its presence had shaken his very carpet covered the floor; heavy hangsoul-yet he now contemplated it with ings of purple silk curtained the winfeelings of delight. He felt that he dows, and scarlet cloth decorated with had lost all power over his thoughts, gold hung around a bed which stood and that images he could not grasp in the apartment. Profound repose were incessantly flitting before his reigned around ; no noise from the fancy.

street could reach that quiet chamber, The nightingale was singing on the the windows of which looked out upon outside of the window ; he looked out, a small garden. With suspended and saw that it was raining hard: ac breath the youth stood in the middle cordingly, he took the bird in, and of the chamber and listened-at length placed it on the top of an old cup. he thought he heard the respiration board. While he was in the act of as if of a person sleeping. With beatstretching forth to put down the cage ing heart he approached the bed, to more securely, the chain broke by see whether any one was in it; and, which the miniature of Crescentia was drawing aside the curtains, what was suspended round his neck, and the his consternation, when he beheld picture, rolling towards the wall, got before him, pale as a corpse, but behind the cupboard. The youth sleeping sweetly, the image of his stooped down to search for the be own beloved Crescentia ! Her bosom loved token; but with all his groping, rose and fell visibly, and a tender he could not recover it from beneath bloom began to suffuse her pale lips, the huge lumbering press. Fate which were stirred by an almost imseemed determined to persecute him perceptible smile. Her hair was in the small as well as in the great dishevelled, and fell in heavy tresses occurrences of his life. He endea- down her shoulders. For a long voured to drag the cupboard from its time Antonio stood entranced; but at place, but found that it was fastened length, driven by a supernatural imto the wall. His impetuosity now pulse, he seized her white hand, and knew no bounds. He seized an old endeavoured to awaken the fair sleeper. iron bar which he found in the ante She uttered a piercing cry; in terror chamber, and laboured with all his he let go her arm, which sunk, as if might to force the press from its posi- wearied, on the cushion. After a time, tion; it at length gave way, and was however, the bands of her charmed torn from its fastenings with a loud sleep gave way, and like clouds, that, crash. By degrees, he so far removed stirred by the light morning wind, it as to be able to insert himself be- rise and sink in wavering wreaths tween it and the wall ; and, on looking among the mountain valleys,

she began down, he beheld his beloved picture. to move--again she relapsed into her It lay on the broad handle of a door trance, and again she strove to draw which opened into the wall. He herself forth out of the captivity of placed the miniature in his bosom, slumber. She raised her arms to her and turned the handle; the door open head, and, the sleeves of her dress ed, and, after he had pushed the old falling back, disclosed tbeir fair

propress somewhat further out of his way, portions ; she folded her hands, and he perceived that it stood at the top again let them drop on the coverlet; of a flight of steps leading down into she lifted up her head, and her neck deep darkness. He commenced the shone fair in the rosy light, but still descent, which appeared as if it wound her eyes were closed, and her hair fell

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in black
braided it back

her eyes was succeeded by hand, and cried and, remolaid" not dead, but with trembling from this Cup entreat you to assist in restoring me to that repose from which I have been such a life as this !”. so unpaturally torn, and which I long to return to with all the longings of Antonio.

She had sunk down in an arm-chair, by this time exhausted. She reposed and Antonio placed himself at her for a while with closed eyes, and then

ringlets over her face; she from the sleep of death. The man

with her long delicate whom I, in my inexperience, worshipfingers; at last she raised herself up- ped as an apostle, is, let me tell you, right, and, heaving a profound sigh, one of the lowest of the spirits of per


dition. To him am indebted for saw him not; she shook her head, and, me, he says—Oh! how I shrank from grasping the gold en tassels that hung him in horror as soon as my eyes, down from the top of the bed, she opened from their death-sleep, recograised herself upon her feet, and stood, nised him! I sleep, I breathe, I live, a tall slender form, surrounded by and the monster promises that


life purple shadows 3 she then advanced a shall continue, provided I will give few steps towards the youth, who gave myself up to him with my whole way as she approached, and, with a heart, and become his bride within the childlike expression of surprise, laying secrecy of these mysterious walls. her hand upon his shoulder, she smiled But oh! Antonio, how heavy each graciously, and said, in a gentle voice, hated word of his falls upon my soul. " Antonio !

All my passionate longings for death The youth, overpowered by a crowd are counteracted by his infernal art. of mixed

emotions-fear, astonish Was it not dreadful for my soul, alment, and delight blending with the ready in its place of rest, and beginprofoundest pity -knew not what to ning to develope new intuitions, to be do-whether

he should rush to em torn back so cruelly from its mansions brace her, fall at her feet, or yield up of repose ?

My body had become his soul in a

passion of tears. That strange to me, and I looked upon it as was the very same tone which he so a hateful thing. Like a slave who often before

heard, and which his had been freed, I came back to fetters heart was never

a ble to resist. “Thou and a dungeon. Assist me, my faith. livest!” he exclaimed, in a voice chok- ful one, assist me to break through swelling feelings of his these accursed spells.”

• How?" cried Antonio ; “ God in The sweet smile which was spread. heaven! what must I endure ? Have ing from her pale lips over her cheeks I again found thee? and canst thou and eyes, suddenly disappeared, and not tarry with us in the land of the

a fixed expression of living? Wilt thou not come and live the deepest and

most unutterable an with thy parents and me ?" Antonio could not sustain her “'Tis impossible,” cried Crescentia, look; he covered his face with his her paleness waxing of a yet more

out, " Art thou a ashen hue. Ah, life!.-who would The apparition came nearer him, from it ?

ever wish for life who had once parted

Thou, my poor Antonio, his arm from before canst not conceive the longing, the

in a soft quivering love, the rapture with which I desire look upon me I am death, and pray for it to come. In neither am I alive. God's bosom I am restored to my pa

rents, and there I love thee and them A fragrant

liquid stood in the with a freer and more enduring love. 3

he handed it to her But alas ! when the thought of our

band; she put it to love and of our youthful years comes her lips, and

swallowed it in slow i Alasi my poor Antonio," solitude here, I hear the well-known

over my present soul-when, in my I borrow earthly strength singing of my nightingale --- what

merely that I may re, veal to you a most hellish deed, and fit across the twilight of my exista

sweet anguish and what dismal joy

Oh, help to rescue me from 6 What can I do for thee ?" asked The powers of the apparition were

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ed by the


spirit ?"

his face,

the saucer yonder,"

Reach me

erystal dish

said she,


bay soul.”


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apparently aroused me could but enter a church, and be pre.

sent when the host is elevated before couch. “ Farewell," cried she, as if all the congregation, methinks in that in a dream ; “forget me not !” She blessed moment I could die with joy." ascended the bed, and laid herself

What is there to prevent me," peacefully down; her hands clasped said Antonio, “ from delivering up the crucifix, and she kissed it with this monster Pietro to the Inquisi. closed eyes; she then motioned her tion?"

lover away, and sunk back in slumber. “ No, you must not think of that,” Antonio gazed upon her as he with. sighed Crescentia in dismay. 6 You drew; he touched the spring in the know him not; he is too powerful; wall, and the invisible door opened ; he would escape, and again spirit me he ascended the narrow winding stairs, away by means of his accursed spells. and, entering his own room, replaced You must go quietly to work, if you the cupboard in its former position, would succeed."

and then, when the nightingale wel. The youth collected his scattered comed him back with her swelling senses, and conversed for a consider notes of woe, he burst into a flood of able time with his formerly affianced tears. He, too, like his own affianced bride. At length her speech grew one, now longed ardently for death; indistinct and her eyes waxed heavy; but mean-while his whole mind was she drank again of the enchanted cup, bent upon delivering her from her and then went to lie down upon her present dreadful condition.


THE DISENCHANTMENT. All the bells in the city were pealthe altar, placed it right over against ing merrily in celebration of the fes. Pietro, and then prostrated himself in tival of Easter. The people were prayer.

The veiled figure stood as thronging towards the Cathedral in if frozen, and those who were near order to keep that holy fast, as well saw its dark eyes burning within the as to behold the renowned Abano in shadow of the veil. Pietro raised vested with his new dignities. The stu himself from his seat, and again sank dents were escorting their illustrious back pale and trembling. The sacred teacher, who moved humbly along music was pealing forth its full symamid the respectful greetings of all phonies when the figure began slowly classes of people—the pride of the city, to unveil itself—its countenance was and the model which all the youth disclosed—and the people recognised strove to imitate. At the door of the with horror the features of the dead Cathedral the crowd drew back in pro. Crescentia. A shudder ran through found reverence to make way for the the whole church ; even those who consecrated Pietro, who, in his pre were farthest off felt their flesh creep late's robes and golden chain, and when they beheld that death pale form with his long beard and silver locks, praying fervently, and turning its resembled an aged emperor or ancient large flashing eyes upon the priests at father of the church.

the altar. The mighty Pietro apA lofty seat had been prepared for peared as if he had been struck dead; him near the altar, in order that the his ghastly features might have been congregation might get a good view taken for those of a corpse, but for of him; and the church being now the violent convulsions which, from filled, the celebration of high mass time to time, agitated his frame. The began. The little priest read the priests now elevated the consecrated lessons of the day-and old and young, host, and the trumpets announced the rich and poor, united with one heart actual presence of our Lord. At that to celebrate the resurrection of our moment the pale apparition, with a Lord, and to console themselves un cry

of joy and an expression of rapder all the trials and troubles of this

ture on her face, stretching forth her world with the hope of a life of eter arms, shouted, “ Hosannah !" so that nal happiness hereafter.

the whole church rang—and then fell The first part of the service was down dead, and lay rigid and motionjust over, when the astonished con less at the feet of the magician. The gregation beheld Antonio leading into music ceased the people rushed to the church a figure shrouded in a thick the spot, with consternation and hor. veil. He led the figure close up to ror depicted on every countenance;

the noblemen
deavouring to

ve yelerable old man whom the scene the terror of his most chamber in his house, while Berecynth, curious

A few days popular agitation had somewhat sub. invited_and so the friends parted. sided, the corpse of Pietro was buried at midnight, out of consecrated ground. public notice, pursued his journey The body of the fair Crescentia was by the most unfrequented paths. One also again solemnly interred. Then evening; about sunset, he found him. determined to leave Padua - Antonio where no habitation of any sort was Settled his affairs there, to retire into for some time in the gathering darka cloister for life; and Alphonso to Proceed to Rome, where a great festi. bell in the distance. He walked forYal was about eommand of the Pope, and to which the sound came, and at length reached

and students were en devil's-mask !" cried they ; “ tear his Comfort and support famulus in pieces! The wretch does

not know what the inside of a church had so, dreadfully agitated, when An-. is like.” Berecynth was seized-his tonio shouted alõud, “ Death and de- cries and entreaties were in vain. Nostruction de

was the man that did thing was heard on all sides but imit/" He then recounted to them the precations and menaces of death. terrible talehe laid bare the hellish “ Carry me before a judge,” cried the art and mag

fical practices of the trem. dwarf," and my innocence will be bling Pietro-he told them of his own made apparent."

The police upon fearful interview with the dead-alive this laid hold of him, and conveyed Crescentia. No sooner had he finished him to prison. The mob thronged than a storm of wrath, curses, and after him. “ Come along !" cried the abhorrence broke forth on all sides jailer, “ I have plenty of chains and against the agonized sinnner; and in fagots in readiness for you, my little the blindness of their fury the people man.” Berecynth endeavoured to had wellnigh torn him in pieces on escape, but the constables kept fast the spot.

56 Away with him," they hold of him. One held him by the cried, “ to the gallows or the rack !" throat, another by the arms, another At this moment the inquisitors ap- by the legs, and a fourth by the head, proached : Pietro raised himself up, in order to make sure of their victim. and his person appearing to dilate, he While all this tumult was going on, struck out furiously around him with and while the people were thus cura giant's strength. He trode up the sing and laughing, his bearers were corpse of Creseen tia, which lay smil driven suddenly asunder-a cravat reing before him

like an image of holi- mained in the hands of one of them, ness_he gazed upon it for a moment, a jacket in the hands of another-the and then,with eyes flashing fire, forced third held a cap, and the fourth a shoe his way through the middle of the - but the dwarf himself was nowhere to The, people gave way before be seen. He could not be said to have

Presence, and he es escaped-he had vanished--the people

streets. Here, how. knew not how. ,

the crowd rallied, and pursued The mob now broke open the manhim with yells and curses. Not being sion of Abano, and found the magician able to overtake him, they pelted him lying dead and drenched in blood

but at length the magi- upon his couch. They plundered the cian, bleeding and dropping with sweat, house, and set on fire all the magical while his teeth eh attered with agony, instruments, books, and other strange reached the threshold of his own door. furniture which it contained ; and now He secreted himself in the inner. the city resounded with nothing but

execrations on the man whom yesterto know what the day all had honoured as the very am

all about, went out bassador of God. Their abhorrence into the street

and encountered the of his unheard-of wickedness was the mob. “ Seize the greater on that ve account.


THE HERMIT'S Cell. afterwards, when the all the neighbouring nations had been

Antonio, desirous of avoiding all bis friend Alphonso, self in a valley among the Apennines, to go

and after seen After wandering about

ness, he heard sound of a hermit's to be celebrated by


caped into the

with stones ;

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full fury of

Antonio, and



a small hut, situated in a thicket, claimed Pietro; “ do you take the which he entered by a wooden bridge hammer-I will carry the hatchet. that had been thrown across a torrent. He is at this moment fast asleep." Here he found an infirm old man, They approached the door ; upon kneeling, in profound devotion, be which Antonio flung it wide open, and fore a crucifix. The old man wel- courageously came forward to concomed the youth kindly, prepared for front his assailants. He had his drawn him a bed of moss in an inner cave, sword in his hand, but was struck mowhich was separated by a door from tionless as a statue when he beheld, at his own cell, and placed before him a some distance before him, nothing but repast of fruits, water, and wine. two infirm old hermits on their knees When Antonio had refreshed himself, at the cross, fervently breathing forth he sat up, enjoying the conversation their prayers. of the monk, who, having been a sol “ Do you want any thing?" asked dier in his younger days, had seen a his entertainer, slowly rising from the good deal of the world, and served ground. in a number of campaigns. Thus it Antonio could not reply for astonishwas near midnight before the youth ment. thought of retiring to rest; and, just “ Wherefore have you your drawn as he was doing so, another frail old sword in your hand ?" asked the frail monk entered the cell to join the her old man; why is your aspect so mit in his nightly devotions.

threatening ?" Antonio had not rested above an Antonio excused himself on the hour, when he wakened suddenly ground that he had been troubled by from his sleep. He thought he heard a dreadful dream, and retired. a noise of voices and wrangling. He He did not, however, attempt to go raised himself up, and listened, until to sleep, so terribly was he agitated he was certain that his senses did not by what had happened. After a time misinform him. The tones also ap- he again heard Berecynth's cracked peared to be familiar to him, so that voice, and Pietro speaking to him in he could not help again asking him- distinct tones. self whether he was not still dream • You see it is vain attempting it," ing. He rose and approached the said the latter; "he is armed, and on door, and put his eye to a chink, his guard, and is not likely to go to through which he could see into the sleep again to-night. next room. And, what was his asto “We must overpower him, hownishment, when he beheld Pietro ever,” returned the fiend; "he has d'Abano—the man whom he consi. recognised us, and, if we do not settle dered dead-speaking in loud wrath- him, our fate is sealed. He will hand his face flushed, and his eyes darting us over to the Inquisition to-morrow fire. Opposite him stood the figure morning, and it won't be tardy in conof the hateful Berecynth.

signing us to the stake.” Your persecutor," cried the lat Antonio again looked through the ter, in a cracked voice—“the man who chink, and again he perceived the two is the cause of all your misery_the

Sword in hand, he dashed pious loving fool, is under the same into the room, but, as before, he found roof with us. He has come to your nothing but two frail old men prostrate very hand to be slaughtered like a on the ground in prayer. Driven tame rabbit, and yet you delay to frantic by the illusion, he seized them strike!"

in his arms, and wrestled with them “ Silence !" exclaimed Pietro; “I violently. They turned upon him in have consulted my familiars, and find despair; at one moment the countethat I cannot prevail against him, for nance seemed to be that of Pietro as yet he has fallen into no sin." at another, that of the hermit- then it

• Then have at him, without mind. zeemed to be the spectre Berecynth's, ing your familiars !” cried the abor. and again that of an infirm old man. tion. 66 Strike him dead with your Amid shrieks and yells, he at last sucown gracious hand, and see how much ceeded in hurling them out of the cell, his youth or his innocence will avail which he bolted fast. Then was heard him! And I must be a miserable from without a sobbing of many voices, second if I do not heartily back you in dying wailings, and dreary shrieks; so honourable a deed."

while a storm passing over at the time, • Let us fall to work, then," ex. filled up the pauses of the concert. At


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