The History of Rome, Volume 1

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Taylor, Walton, and Maberly ... and sold by Deightons, Cambridge; and Parker, Oxford., 1851

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Pagina 325 - But all, however different in rank and consequence, were entitled to paternal protection from the patron : he was bound to relieve their distress, to appear for them in court, to expound the law to them, civil and pontifical. On the other hand, the clients were obliged to be heartily dutiful and obedient to their patron, to promote his honour, to pay his mulcts and fines, to aid him jointly with the members of his house in bearing...
Pagina 222 - They grew up, along with her twelve sons, on the Palatine hill, in straw huts which they built for themselves; that of Romulus was preserved by continual repairs, as a sacred relic, down to the time of Nero. They were the stoutest of the shepherd lads, fought bravely against wild beasts and robbers, maintaining their right against everyone by their might, and turning might into right.
Pagina 220 - Procas, king of Alba, left two sons. Numitor, the elder, being weak and spiritless, suffered Amulius to wrest the government from him, and reduce him to his father's private estates. In the enjoyment of these he lived rich, and, as he desired nothing more, secure : but the usurper dreaded the claims that might be set up by heirs of a different character. He had Numitor's son murdered, and appointed his daughter, Silvia, one of the Vestal virgins.
Pagina 258 - These poems, out of which, what we call the history of the Roman kings, was resolved into a prose narrative, were different from the nenia...
Pagina 222 - ... them. Their wantonness engaged them in disputes with the shepherds of the wealthy Numitor, who fed their flocks on mount Aventine: so that here, as in the story of Evander and Cacus, we find the quarrel between the Palatine and the Aventine in the tales of the remotest times. Remus was taken by a stratagem of these shepherds, and dragged to Alba as a robber. A secret foreboding, the remembrance of his grandsons, awakened by the story of the two brothers, kept Numitor from pronouncing a hasty...
Pagina 109 - Tuscans, who lookt upon them as their ancestors, and prided themselves upon them, — even the tempting mystery of a language utterly unknown, — all this has made the moderns pay more attention to them, than to any other of the Italian tribes; and the Etruscans at this day are incomparably more renowned and honoured, than they were in the time of Livy.
Pagina 201 - JSneas, that what is elicited respecting the historical character of the one, must be, in great measure, true of the other. On this point Niebuhr observes, " I am not bringing forward an hypothesis, but the plain result of unprejudiced observation, when I remark that Lavinium, as its name implies, was the seat of congress for the Latins, who were also called Lavines, as Panionium was that of the lonians in Asia.
Pagina 440 - Cicero, representing this allowance as an institution of the first L. Tarquinius, is, that its origin was prior to the establishment of the commonalty as an estate ; and if restricted to those among the ruling burghers, who, though equal to their fellows in rank, were inferior in fortune, it was neither unfair nor arrogant.
Pagina xxvii - ... and of the laws — the ideal perfection of fortitude realized in the citizens and in the state — all these qualities unquestionably excite a feeling of reverence, which cannot be equally awakened by the contemplation of any other people. Theirs was no state of unnatural constraint, such as existed under the laws of Sparta, where, in the opinion of other Greeks, the contempt of death was natural, because death burst an intolerable yoke : it was a system, on the contrary, which fostered a rich...

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