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of it are secured against forfeiture, in the hands of him who hath already fulfilled the terms of the grant, and finished the work which was given him to do :--who, as he died to purchase those blessings, so he ever liveth to dispense them :- ONE who by nature is God as well as man; and in whom, as the Word incarnate, and Mediator of the covenant, it hath pleased the Father that all fulness should dwell, for. enriching, to the utmost capacity of created beings, all the members of that body whereof he is the head.

But what are the blessings of this wellordered covenant ?-Let your own necessities dictate the answer. -Say, my brethren, what do


need ? Is it the pardon of fin? Look back to the 14th verfe of this chapter :--" In Christ we “ have redemption through his blood, even “ the forgiveness of sins.” " He hath " made peace by the blood of his cross," as we read verse 2oth; . and “ the blood of « Jesus cleanseth from all fin.” " made fin for us, who knew no sin, that we " might be made the righteousness of God in

“ him."

66 He was

given to the Son to have life in himself.” And in this fame epistle where my text lies, Christ is expressly styled our life ; and the life of the believer is said to be bid, or treafured

up, with Christ in God. Coloff. iii. 3, 4. “ Ye are dead," saith the Apostle ; dead to Adam, and the corrupted perishing life you derived from him ; dead to a present world, and the things on earth, which are no longer the objects of your affection. Thus are ye dead; but being raised with Christ to the things that are above, to a new life, and manner of living, “ your life is hid with " Chrift in God:-and when he who is our “ life shall appear, then shall

then fhall ye-also appear « with him in glory."

Here we are again led into a subject, to which no language is adequate, but fuch

unspeakable words”, as Paul heard in paradise, “ which it is not lawful for a man “ to utter.

:: Should I attempt to enlarge upon it, I am afraid that I should only “ darken counsel

by words without knowledge.” What hath already been said upon that fulness which dwelleth in Christ, may suffice to


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convince you, that “his riches are unsearch6 able,” and that nothing is wanting which sinners can either need or wish to possess. In him, as you have heard, they have both righteousness and strength: Righteousness for the guilty, complete' and everlasting righteousness; for " by him all who be“ lieve are justified from all things:"—And strength for the weak,-nay life for the dead ; with this peculiar advantage, that it is not left to their own keeping, but still refides in him who is the head of the body, and is imparted to them as his members, by that Spirit which is the indissoluble bond of their union; “ for he that is joined to the « Lord is one spirit.” Accordingly he says, “ Because I live, ye shall live also.”

And this was the foundation of that parting promise to his disciples, “I go to prepare a “ place for you : and if I go


prepare a i place for you,

I will come again and re« ceive you unto myself, that, where I am, « there ye may be also.”. -This would lead me to speak of that high perfection at which the life they at present receive from him shall arrive in the heavenly world, when VOL. II. H


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the body itfelf, which, by an irreversible decree, is condemned to return to the dust as it was, shall be raised again by the power and fpirit of the Redeemer, and fashioned like unto his own glorious body, in that day when he, who once suffered to bear their fins,

“ shall appear the second time without 6 sin unto salvation."

But I must not detain you any longer from the proper business of the day.

I have done what I could to render Christ precious to your souls : I have led you to view him in his essential dignity, as the Creator of all things ;-in his relation to believers, as the head of the body ;-and as possessing all fulness in that important character.

And here I would gladly expoftulate with those to whom these things of the Spirit I have been talking of appear foolishness, and in whom the God of this world hath so far blinded their minds, that they see no beauty in this Saviour for which they fhould defire him.-O that the hour might now come, in which every dead soul in this assembly should “ hear the voice of the Son of God, " and live.” May he who at first_commanded the light to shine out of darkness, while we speak in his name, shine into their hcarts, to give them the light of the knowledge of his glory in the face of Jesus Christ, that in this glass, beholding the glory of the Lord, as the God of love, their darkness may be dispelled, their enmity subdued, and they be changed into the same image, from glory to glory, by his all-conquering Spirit.

But my chief concern at present is with the living members of Christ: For you a table is once more covered in the wilderness, for strengthening you to proceed in your journey to the Canaan that is above. This is one of the channels which your living head hath appointed for conveying his life to the members of his body. The ordinance itself affords you the strongest ground of hope : it is a representation of that facri. fice which Christ offered upon the cross: and he who loved you so well as to give his life for you, is certainly willing to impart

“ If while ye were enemies, ye were reconciled to God by the death of

as his

life to you.

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